Postgame wrap


News and notes from the Raiders’ 45-7 loss to the New Orleans Saints Saturday at the Coliseum:

— Tom Cable said the Raiders didn’t have any zip, Jon Alston said there was a lack of enthusiasm and the stats said the Raiders barely showed up at all.

New Orleans had 31 first downs (14 rushing, 14 passing, three by penalty), the Raiders had 9.

New Orleans had 536 yards of total offense (304 passing, 232 rushign) and the Raiders had 289 (237 passing, 52 rushing).

New Orleans was 8-for-16 on third down conversions, the Raiders were 1-for-10.

New Orleans was 4-for-4 on fourth down conversions, the Raiders were 1-for-3.

New Orleans ran 83 plays and had the ball for 39:27, the Raiders had it for 47 snaps and 20:33.

— The official attendance (tickets sold) was 32,585. The amount of people who actually showed up was considerably less, and many were booing after the Saints scored on the second of their three effortless drives to open the game.

— Repeat to yourself, “It was only a preseason game.” Otherwise, the game had the distinct aroma of some of the Raiders worst home field performances of recent years. At least that’s what it says in my Web exclusive column.

— Game circumstance would have made it difficult for the Raiders to run, but Cable indicated the plan was to pass anyway. He is determined to upgrade the passing attack, and it appears to have worked to some extent.

The quesiton whether they can suddenly revert to being an upper eschelon running team after working so hard on passing during pracitce and preseason games. Cable said the Raiders are doing enough in their running periods in practice to stay sharp for Week 1 of the regular season.

“I stated numerous times we really need to get this passing game to a level that will give us some balance where we can score points,” Cable said. “We just continue to want to work at that. I believe it’s the right thing to do.”

— Wide receiver Louis Murphy was targeted seven times and caught three passes for 84 yards, but had two drops and a fumble _ the fumble coming after a 38-yard gain from Russell into New Orleans territory.

“Aw, man, it was my worst game ever,” Murphy said. “Two drops, a big-time fumble, costly when we tried to come back and give a spark to the offense. I take that responsibility. The NFL is faster and the DBs are right on you so you have to work on tucking the ball away.”

— Darrius Heyward-Bey, the first-round pick and also a rookie starter, caught a 12-yard slant on the first play from scrimmage and was blanked afteward even though he played into the third quarter.

— Wide receiver Javon Walker estimates he got in about “six or seven” snaps. He was never the target of a pass as the Raiders are easing him back in slowly. When asked if he was disappointed he didn’t play more, Walker said, “A little bit, you know just to get into the grove. Obviously it’s kind of hard to keep yourself motivated, keep yourself warm, but I’ll take what I can get and let them make a decision from there.”

— Wide receiver Jonathan Holland scored the Raiders’ only touchdown on a 43-yard catch and run from Jeff Garcia and plans on putting it behind him to concentrate on his roster battle with Nick Miller and Todd Watkins.

“As a football player you never become complacent,” Holland said. “You don’t want to be like that. I feel like next week, starting Monday, I still gotta go out there and prove myself. So I don’t want to settle for what happened today, or for what happened at practice. I want to keep getting better.”

— Safety Hiram Eugene didn’t start after missing a few days of practice and was a late arrival Devery Henderson’s 40-yard touchdown reception from Drew Brees.

— Other than holding on to the ball too long and coughing up the ball on a sack-fumble, Russell continued to show growth as a young quarterback.

“I didn’t really see too much of what you would you say poor decision making,” Cable said. “I thought he was pretty much right on.”

Russell’s fumble came on a play which Cable thought he should have checked down to a back rather than wait for Zach Miller to come free in the end zone. It was reminisicent of last season, where fumbles (Russell lost seven of them) were a bigger issue than interceptions.

— Terdell Sands never got into a game in which the Saints had 83 snaps. Cable said he’s been bypassed on the depth chart. Could be they simply don’t want Sands to be hurt because he they’re planning on cutting him during the opening cut down to 75 on Tuesday.

— Desmond Bryant, the undrafted rookie out of Harvard, had the Raiders’ lone sack and seems assured a spot on the 53-man roster.

— “Like I just told them, don’t let that game define us, but certainlygoing into it you want to put an effort out there that kind of sets you up for the rest of the road here. Disappointing. Very disappointing, is the only way to put it. We’ll go back to work and see if we can freshen up and get this team where it should be,” Cable, when asked what he told the team after the game.

— There wasn’t a lot of explanation from defenders as to what happened. Most said they were embarrassed, need to pay attention to detail and have to play better. It was hard to conclude anything other than 2009 could be more of the same with regard to the Raiders defense.

Getting cut up by Brees is one thing. That’s going to happen to a lot of teams. But the Saints’ ability to run the ball with ease suggests they’re not close to curing what ails them in that area.

— After going from 14 penalties in the preseason opener to seven against San Francisco, the Raiders were back up to 10 against the Saints for 89 yards.

— Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha sustained a chip fracture of his left wrist that Cable said is not an issue in terms of missing game time. Others who didn’t finish included CB-KR Justin Miller (turf toe), S Michael Huff (strained quad) and S Rashad Baker (stinger).


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • priesttj

    You know I could almost excuse it if some of you weren’t so freakin’ arrogant about it. like you actually know what the hell you’re talking about.

    Half the guy’s this dumbell named don’t play Warren position. and he has the nerve to remind me that White was a DE. The position Warren plays is 1technigue and the coaches obviously think he’s good at it. While Kelly plays the 3 This preseason they’ve been a little inconsistent as a tandem but our run defense is struggling for many reasons other than those two.

  • encinitasraider

    Here is a Depth roster of our DLINE…
    Who should go?
    DE—Jay Richardson,Greg Ellis,Derrick Gray,Matt Shaughnessy,Greyson Gunheim,Trevor Scott
    DT–Tommy Kelly,William Joseph,Ryan Boschetti,Joe Cohen
    Gerard Warren,Terdell Sands,Desmond Bryant.

  • Teabag

    LOL … oh this is grand… I am being called an idiot… Because of my pretty painfully obvious stated truth that Justin Tuck is better than Gerard Warren….

    Well… let’s consider this… Justin Tuck is the man who made Michael Strahan forgettable… In the same breath, he is ALSO a guy who is used interchangeably at DE/DT.. And plays it seamlessly..

    This is a concept that the Raiders have tried and FAILED almost .ummmmmmmmmmm… 1000 times…. Look no further than Tommy Kelly.. hahahahhah

    he is the most recent…

    then we have to go WAYYYYYYYY back to 2007 to see it tried to be done with Tyler Brayton….


    then we have to go SOOOOOO FAR back to 2006 to see it tried with…….. Warren Sapp….

    Yea, AL sure got the recipe down pack… TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER TJ!!!!!!!

    lmfao…. you are such a tool and a foolish old man…. You need to retire and just be happy you can watch some guys bust their heads in on Sunday for your viewing pleasure at your advanced age.

  • Kirk

    Bryant needs to be a defensive end. We need to stop the rush.

  • priesttj

    Teabag, you are clueless……period that’s exactly what I’m talking about. This fool doesn’t even know that Warren drops in the zoneblitz occasionally.

    Do you know why? this idiot doesn’t even know that we zoneblitz. Just like most in here…running their freakin’ mouths without a freakin’ clue.

    I’m upset and tired and hate this site

    So I better say Adios!

    Just believe this most don’t have a clue what they are talking about they’re just in here to piss and moan……………..period

  • Teabag

    NEWS FLASH FOR TJ — WARREN HAS PLAYED 1 – 3 technique in both Cleveland AND Denver…

    there is only ONE reason why Warren is playing the 1-technique in Oakland and thats because Al PAID TOMMY KELLY 50 MILLION (!!!!!!) to pay the 3 tech…

    So this continue to be the scenario until his contract expires because we all know how Al hangs on to his mistakes until the last shred of hope is gone and the man has to eat yet another horrible transaction that further runs his team into the ground….

    John Bowie anybody???? Anybody care to guess why he is still on this team?? lolololol..

    I bet it has NOTHING to do with the Randy Moss pick huh?

  • Charlie

    We have won with guys like Kinlaw, Rowe and Coleman at DT.
    You do not have to be a superstar but you do have to show up.

    Warren was deemed expendable by the Browns and the Broncos.
    Sands was undrafted and waived by the Chefs.
    Those two guys represent $8 mil a year in salary.
    Then Mr Davis listens to blowhard Sapp and overpays for Kelly.

    Now that Burgess is gone DT is the last spot where we are grossly over paying for very little production.
    Kelly will get this year and then we will do what we did with Walker or cut him. Sands and Warren have got to go. We are better off with hungry castoffs than over paid ones.

  • LTR

    Anybody know if that nightmare from yesterdy is going to be replayed today

  • Terrapin

    Priest – On that sweep right with DMC, Miller never held …he couldn’t even grab his man! He and Murphy missed their blocks. Murphy was the closest to holding but even that was very suspect as it didn’t even stop the defenders momentum. He tugged “a lil” jersey as I recall. I think the ref was calling it on him just by the way Murphy moved on the play …that’s probably why he got the call …and mistakenly called Millers #. But the defender had no chance of touching DMC.

    Its hard to see on TV but if you replay it and locate Miller – he’s right next to Murphy on the block – and you see both of them missed the blocks and the hold call was not really a hold at all.

    And one of the calls on Routt was complete BS. Routt got the call b/c he never turned; but he didn’t even touch the guy till the ball arrived …and I mean it was barely even a touch!

    Now the offense had there fair share of problems; but the defense just was worst. They caused the overwhelming part of their own misery. The offense lent a small but noticeable hand.

  • Terrapin

    Priest #437 I understand that there aren’t many DTs in the league that are as good as Warren. That’s why I say he’s ‘very’ serviceable. My problem with Warren is that he doesn’t bring it all the time it seems like. He just disappears sometimes – non factor in games.

    They need someone more consistent and makes plays damn near every game. That won’t come around easily so Warren will have to do.

    And I question if he truly should be playing over Center or in Kelly’s position? But I’m on the couch for a reason I suppose.

  • Terrapin

    Kelly is much more stout the Warren and can handle the double much better. Sometimes when Warren gets doubled he’s on skates. (Still that brings into question the LBs ..if Warren’s getting doubled and the RB is running in that lane where’s the LBs?).

  • Nnamdi21

    459. “we all know how Al hangs on to his mistakes until the last shred of hope is gone”


    DeAngelo Hall, Gibril Wilson, Randy Moss, ect ect. Shouldn’t you be “tea bagging” somebody?

  • Nnamdi21

    464. Exactly. LBs are constantly out of position, taking bad angles and biting on play fakes.

    Need to fill fools!!!

  • priesttj

    T’pin I agree with everyone of the penalties you delineated. Warren is what he is, no one is saying he’s a great player because he’s not. But this sucks crap is crazy. This defense will rise and fall based on Kelly’s play inside Warren is doing what the coaches want. Now if we can get this kid Bryant going fpor real. Then we may really have something. I’m not at all as upset about this NO game as most because of what I saw. We have the talent to play the run we just have to do it………………period.

    They need to play the right groups though.


  • Nnamdi21

    Raider may do it in the regular season, but man, they needed to blitz Brees more.

    He sat back and picked the, apart. You’re already getting toasted, might as well bring the frikkin heat.

    Oh well, lotta hopefuls and scrubs populating the field on D yesterday in case anyone noticed or watched the game. Still, what a mess…


  • Nnamdi21

    Preist j you still on here?

  • Charlie

    At $5 mil a year Warren better show up and handle double teams.

    He is an overpaid cast off. We are better with hungry cast offs until we can actually draft some lineman in the first and second round of the draft.

    How many ass kickings do you guys need to see?

    Sands is gone and do not be surprised if Warren is as well.

  • Plunketthead = andrews mom

    As much as I hate Putzhead, I hope he lights the Mules up. Game is about to start. They just showed some gal wearing a diaper, a cutler jersey, a pacifier and a bonnet.
    She looked good too, but I am almost blind in one eye and I cant see out of then other.

  • priesttj

    Nnamdi21, we blitzed Brees and he killed us. Blitzing a QB as smart as Brees is a scary proposition for any DC. He’s just tooo smart reading it and hitting the right target on the money. He is a brilliant field general. When you face that guy you have to get a little lucky but you’re much better off if you can pressure him with your front4 especially in his face and we couldn’t. So you take your whippin’ and move on………..simple as that.

  • Charlie

    You guys are missing the point about the Linebackers.

    Ray Lewis threatened to retire if the Ravems did not fix their DT problem and they drafted Ngata in round one.

    Morrison is our leading tackler last year and fans still think he is a prime reason our run defense stinks.

    Run defense and a pass rush all start with the Dline.
    The Giants bring pressure with four. A blitz turns it into a jail break.

    If we blitz a guy like Brees he would still be throwing TDs today. The blitz is only a wrinkle. It can not be the only way you can pressure the QB.
    Sadly with the Raiders our Dline under performs and is overpaid.

  • Nnamdi21

    He was killing us anyways Priest. I’d at least like to have crushed his ass a few times!

  • Charlie


    Looks like you read my mind.

  • Nnamdi21

    473. Blitz works like hell for Philly and “Blitzburgh” though doesn’t it?

    Agreed. Our guys are under performers plain and simple. That comes from coaching and the man up stairs. Win your battles or fuk off. Terdell…

  • Plunketthead = andrews mom

    Clady looks huge and cuts block like a big dog.

  • no desire

  • Charlie


    Read what I said.

    The blitz works in other places because they can pressure with only their front four.

    When we do it we have a higher probability of getting picked up in max protect.
    Our Dline stinks.

    Why do you think LT has so many all purpose yards against the Raiders?

  • Norco Bob

    Denver clearly better then theraiders,..so raiders and kc battle for 4th place,..Im betting kc takes 3rd place.

  • Kush

    As if LT wasn’t enough, now we got Darren Sproles to worry about as well.

  • Norco Bob

    kush you worried bout san diego?…forget it, that games already over.


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  • Norco Bob

    station,…f-u,..asking for articles from these numb shulls?…how desperate.

  • OAKlifer

    WOW we looked horrilbe thtas an understaement……

    At least there is a sivler linning two live FFL DRAFTS tonight for the nation members!!!! One is in a half an hour!!!!

  • priesttj

    Nnamdi, we needed to keep the ball away from him and we couldn’t and we couldn’t score. Sure we could’ve hit him a few times. In fact I like your idea to smack him around a bit. But we needed to occupy the ball and win time of possesion we couldn’t do crap. We just gave it back to him over and over again. To blitz on top of that would’ve been a track meet.

    But yeah Nnamdi I like your idea.

  • Nnamdi21


    No worries Norco, I’m sure they weren’t refering to YOU!

  • Norco Bob

    raidernationstation,..heres my article for you to publish… RUSSELL SUCKS. Thats it,..feel free to publish it.

  • This team lacks the desire to win

  • OAKlifer

    FFL DRAFT STARTS IN 10 MINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Norco Bob

    buttholes with no life have a reason to live in 10 minutes!!!

  • Nnamdi21


    12 of 18.

    What games have you been watching? Russell looks like he’s improving.

    In fact he’d have been 15 of 18 if not for bone head plays by Louis Murphy you dolt!


    How can a K-unt like Noroc get thru and post when I keep getting “Slow down!” Fuk U word press.


    Tell the o fix this fukin site!!!!

  • That’s not true Bob you have had a reason to live all day today and you are clearly the biggest butthole with no life in here.

  • OAKlifer

    Hey bob whats the happs bro chill man I would rather have a reason to watchfootball if we gonna lose 45 to 7 every other week besides I wouls be willing to bet money I spend less time winning a FFL Champ then you do on this blog!!!!

    5 MINS!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Bob would have played but dial up dsnt work for the live draft……

  • Glad I turned the game off midway thru 2nd, qtr. Saw all I needed to by then.

    PATHETIC…Is the only the only word that comes to mind..

  • Nnamdi21

    489. No sh-it. How fukin embarassing for us the fans. You’d think they’d man up, but noooo! They’ll just sit ontheir fukin azzes and “collect the check!” as fat azz Warren Sapp used to say…

    Sickening. Fuk U Raiders. Get fired the fuk UP!!!!

  • Norco Bob

    oaklifer you have dial up?…lol…sucks to be you…loser.

  • OAKlifer

    lol……P.S. ….

    HE(BOB) would have played but dial up dsnt work for the live draft……

  • Norco Bob

    think i had dial up, ten years ago…lifer you should try high speed, dsl,..get an air card like me…then you and your draft league can have a great time.

  • Norco Bob

    the raiders should try high speed, speed this year up and get it over with…because they suck, like oaklifer.

  • Narcotics Bob,

    How was you & Briens Tailgate yesterday? 😉

  • armond

    sorry priest but justin tuck is better than warren. id take him all day over 61. its true that the lbs arent doing their job. if kelly is getting doubled and warren is 2 then where the hell is the lbs 2 attack these ball carriers? its a team wide problem but the dline is the biggest part of it. u dont see us push the lines back enuff but the pass rushing is more concerning. this is supposed to be a better rush unit and they were useless.

  • armond

    we cant keep asking these guys to change their attitude we need to change them. the environment is bad cuz weve got some guys who dont need to be here. u get some fresh motivatted guys to perform here and youll see a better effort.