Saints 45, Raiders 7



NO_Skyler Green 10-yard touchdown pass from Joey Harrington (Garrett Hartley kicks PAT), 8:25

Oak_Jonathan Holland 43-yard pass from Jeff Garcia (Sebastian Janikowski kicks PAT), 6:06


— Saints take over at 45 on downs with 2:41 to play. Going to head downstairs, wrap it up for now.

— The Raiders broke through when Holland scored from 43 yards away with the help of a couple of missed Saints tackles, as Garcia directed a four-play, 60-yard drive as the game descended into garbage time.

— Joey Harrington finished a 76yard drive in 13 plays with a 10-yard scoring pass to Skyler Green against Jerome Boyd.

New Orleans has 487 yards of total offense and a 45-0 lead.

— The Raiders possession ends on fourth-and-12 when Garcia throws incomplete to Murphy in theend zone.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DarthPirate

    Now that JaMarcus Russell is improving, it’s a good thing we upgraded our lines and middle linebacker spot so we can finally win some games!

    Oh wait.

    We’re just going to squander Russell’s improvement year after year.

  • Today was a rope-a-dope. They really don’t want anyone to know how good they are until they unleash the beast in the regular season.

  • El Dirty



  • steveandblack

    Hearing that Neal got cut was pretty surprising. The Raiders need that type of veteran presence. Not to mention Lo blocked for more than one Pro Bowl running back.

  • DarthPirate

    Lol we can only hope. I realize we probably won’t play so vanilla in the regular season, but I think it’s safe to say that the D will be a problem.
    Raider75 Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Today was a rope-a-dope. They really don’t want anyone to know how good they are until they unleash the beast in the regular season.

  • I hope you guys recognize sarcasm.

  • Terrapin

    I guess I’m not so down on the DHB pick b/c I realize that the most important thing for this franchise right now is the maturation of JR. More important than the defense. And you must surround him with talent- must. Skipping out on that can cause far greater harm than skipping out on a DT here or a LB there.

    Peyton Manning – surrounded by 1st round talent. And other organizations have sought to do the same thing when they drafted a QB that high. You have to get him the pieces or else you’re doomed for another 6yrs.

    Once JR gets off the ground – which it looks like he is well on his way. Then I’ll join the frantic calls for defense in the 1st round. But I’m sure the Raiders already recognize that JR is on his way and so they’ll begin to shift the focus to defense.

  • That defense looked awful. No pride, no emotion, and no leadership.

    Nnamdi may lead in his skills and work ethic, but the Raiders have no one to grab a facemask of a teammate and get in their face.

    They need a real leader on the defense to instill some pride in these guys.

  • omniscience

    Lets look at it like hey last year and the one before we thought looks like we can make playoffs and nothing now we dont exspect much but they come out firing on all cylinders… its a thought

  • omniscience

    hopefully Ellis and Nami step up

  • Terrapin

    You guys must have forgotten just how bad this offense once was.

  • omniscience

    Someone metioned ran the ball only 6 times 1st half wont happen in real game Passing was being worked on i belief looked ok considering the circumstances Miller looked in form Murphy showed some good hustle

  • DrDeath

    Nnamdi21 You hit the nail on the head..

    Until AD quits calling the shots, this team is destined to a “Commitment to Excrement!” Just Play, Baby….