Live Raiders chat on Thursday, noon


Join Jerry McDonald for our weekly Raiders live chat on Thursday at noon PDT before the Raiders play their final preseason game at Seattle Thursday night.

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Jon Becker

  • Richochet

    I’m sorry, Texguy, but who are you?

    Are you under the impression you can just jump into the fray, and inquire as to answers to other posters previous questions?

    And why would you think that?

    Back to my initial comment..who are you?

  • Richochet

    Interesting poll on another site I post on, discussing the Raiders of today…(I know, I felt a pang as well)

    on Raiderfans:

    Poll on what the posters on the board felt about Al the Bard, as owner.

    View Poll Results: Is Al a good owner in this day and age?
    Yes 41 19.81%
    No 166 80.19%

    Dang..that’s pretty much what I’ve been saying, isn’t it?

    4 out of 5 actual Raider fans think the NFL has past Al by..that it’s time he be put out to pasture..that he take his depends and his metamusil and hit a recliner at the cabana.

    Of course, they’re always those few, who desperately cling onto the notion that Al “still has it”..like a few here.

    80%? Pretty clear cut on how Raider fans feel about Al, wouldn’t you say?

  • Richochet, To answer YOUR question, I am a guy from Texas. Pretty hard to figure out huh? I read this blog daily and post occasionally. Speaking of jumping intro the fray….. You didn’t start posting here until about the time that training camp started.

    So, now it’s time for you to answer your smacs question…….
    The question is: What is your favorite team?