Familiar faces among cuts


A few names to keep in mind as some NFL teams begin whittling away at their rosters (the Raiders are no doubt doing it as well, but usually hold on to all information until the last possible second and beyond):

OLB Bruce Davis_Cut by the Steelers, Davis was a third-round draft pick in 2008 who had more than 25 sacks in his junior and senior years at UCLA. His dad happens to be former Raiders offensive tackle Bruce Davis (1979-87). Al Davis has signed legacies before (Grant Irons, son of Gerald Irons, Kevin Smith, son of Charlie Smith).

C Melvin Fowler_Cut by Arizona, Fowler visited the Raiders around the same time as Charlie Frye and before Samson Satele was acquired by trade from Miami. Chris Morris was the surprise starter against Seattle, Satele is struggling and John Wade has missed considerable time with a stinger.

OT Damion McIntosh_Cut by Kansas City, McIntosh, once-upon-a-time, agreed on a contract with the Raiders. Before it was announced, he took a physical _ and failed. McIntosh signed with Miami, where he passed the physical, and has started 74 games in the last four seasons. He has 111 career starts.

C-G Sean Mahan_Cut by Tampa Bay, the National Football Post reports he will visit the Raiders. Mahan can play center or guard. He had no starts in 15 games with the Bucs last year, but started 16 games for Pittsburgh in 2007. He started Tampa Bay’s first two preseason games before being cut.

The Post Thursday night also reported a possible visit and signing from DL Alfonso Boone.

Guessing they’ll pass on Andrew Walter, cut by the Patriots.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • He is 6’2 265.

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    Right now the odds are 4 to 1 for Cable

  • kvnbntly

    another trevor scott then

  • Get anyone!!!!

    Cut & sign!
    Cut & sign!

  • Plunketthead

    Marley Its the same one you joined. We need some more players. They wont let me open it up to anyone so we need to fill it here.

  • Plunketthead

    We are up to 6 of 12.
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  • RaiderNsuede

    If we get Maurice Evans what DE u wanna release?

  • RaiderNsuede

    What up? Im trying to get in on that League!


    How about This let’s trade Fargus and pick up some quality D-line or let’s let our scrubs go and pick up some of that d-line action the Giants are letting loss!Them released players are better then our starters!!Then Lets take it back and put in alittle twin back formations McFadden and Bush swinging right to left and every which way!! Then put out wide 4 to 5 wideouts at a time!! 2 step drop for a crap shout of a line and his “great are” should equal something Uncommon to us Winning games!!! I have been playing and coaching football my whole life, It doesn’t much but a smarter game plan then the same one we have been running for six years to change. Changing the players but not the way we play the game does not equal new resolutes!!

  • kvnbntly

    i d like to answer that question intelligently however the only game i’ve been able to watch this season is the sehawks game local cable provider doestn’t include nfl network. and my girlfreind was being a tard the whole seahowk game.
    been looking for youtube vids or something on the guy this is a pretty promising sounding article though

  • Yep PFT is reporting Garcia cut!

  • riraider

    You stupid Raider fans…Richard Seymour for a #1 in 2011
    Patriots are doing hand stands & cartwheels right now…

    It will be a Top 3 pick!!

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  • riraider

    What happened to the educated Raider fans back in the early 70’s & early 80’s?..The current oakland base are some of the dumbest fans in the entire NFL.
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