Injuries and roster cuts


As the Raiders work on cutting their roster to 53, they must sort out the physical condition of their injured players and determine the best course of action.

If it’s a player who was on the bubble anyway, they might simply be “waived injured” and receive a parting gift of some cash for their troubles.

If it’s someone like wide receiver Chaz Schilens, who won’t be ready for the opener but is being counted on not long after, it’s not an issue at all.

Anyone placed on injured reserve is done for the season. The Raiders have no players eligible for reserve/PUP, which is only for those who came into training camp injured and never came off training camp PUP.

The following were injured Raiders players as they played their last game against Seattle:

— Schilens. Nothing to discuss here.

— RB Louis Rankin. Cable said after the game he didn’t finish because of an ankle injury. Reporters saw him with his knee being iced. If the injury is serious enough, he stays a Raider by being placed on I.R. but can’t play this year, nor can he attend meetings or practice with the team. If healthy enough, Rankin can be cut and brought back to the practice squad, but would be available to teams wanting to claim him for the 53-man roster.

— RB Justin Fargas, hamstring. Couldn’t have faced Seattle had it been a regular season game, but coach Tom Cable says the opener is not an issue. If there was any thought of trading Fargas, however, the hamstring complicates things. How much would you give up for a running back with a history of collisions and a bad hamstring?

— S Michael Huff, quad. Don’t know if it’s a bruise or a strain because it’s never been specified. But Huff has missed time of late and would seem to be out of the running to challenge Hiram Eugene at free safety. Could be the Raiders are still a year away from giving up on Huff, because frankly, there doesn’t appear to be anyone on the roster seizing the moment to push him off.

— S Mike Mitchell, hamstring. Supposedly will be on the field this week. Had things come along very slowly, or if he had a serious setback, an Arman Shields situation could have developed. The Raiders didn’t think Shields was that badly injured last year, but put him on I.R. anyway. As it turned out, Shields was never ready.

— T Khalif Barnes, broken ankle. Should be back by Week 2 or 3. The Raiders have no viable replacement until then if Mario Henderson goes down.

— C John Wade stinger. Hasn’t practiced exactly once since the Dallas game, then was out again the next day. Don’t be surprised if the Raiders are watching the cut list for centers.

— LB Kirk Morrison, elbow. Insists he’ll be ready for the opener, which is exactly what you’d expect him to do. Cable seems to think he’ll be ready as well. Doesn’t appear as if a trade or position switch to strong side linebacker is in the works.

— LB Isaiah Ekejiuba, shoulder. Has had shoulder issues before, so Raiders simply shut him down for the preseason. After being made the highest paid pure special teams player in the league during the offseason, his job is secure.

— S Rashad Baker, stinger. Baker is a player Cable likes because he performed well toward the end of the season and particularly in the last two wins, games that earned the coach his job. Davis isn’t quite as enamored, as evidenced by the fact the Raiders made no attempt to sign Baker when he became a free agent. He’s already had a concussion and a stinger since being cut by Philadelphia.

— Here’s a link to a story by Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post, a former Packers excecutive, on players who suddenly become “injured” at cutdown time.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 860Todd Christensen

    Scotty, Kiff bites the T-Bone! Woof!

  • 4evaRaider

    why does it do that???

  • Fuk Kiffin

  • RaiderNsuede

    Against Western Kentucky

  • Scottish Raider

    Cable sucks, Al Davis dribbles. Kiffin gets it done.

  • Brien the General

    # Scottish Raider Says:
    September 5th, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Just in case you Davis-apologists forgot what the Raiders’ future could have looked like:

    Tennessee beat Western Kentucky 63-7 at Neyland Stadium earlier today.

    Go Kiff!!

    Fuk outta here with that BS. Your skirt is on too tight as you play the bagpipes

  • Plunketthead

    We are back down to 5 of 12
    Need to fill up before noon tomorrow

    League name = scarys raiders
    password = bestyearever

  • Brien the General

    Ooooooooooooh Kiffin at a superior university in a superior conference beats on WKU. My god get ready SEC for the Vols lol.

    You Kiffin lovers are pathetic. That punk didnt have any respect and gave up on the team before week 1. Fuk him and fuk you too

  • Brien…

    yes we are that desperate… who’s gonna play C??

  • 4evaRaider

    we’ll see what kitten can do Sept.19th in gainesville

  • Brien I could go to the farm and get 400lb pile of cow chit and it would out preform Turd Sands

    So yeah I do think that any warm body (even the excrement from other teams)is an upgrade over that POS.

  • lefty12

    Brien-i admit we have better RBs than Fargas,but i still like him.if the whole team played the game the way he does,we wouldn’t have double digit loses for the last 6 yrs.

  • Brien the General

    408…….either Satele or Morris. As long as it aint Grove I’m happy

  • Later Nation gotta do dad stuff!!!

  • RaiderNsuede

    Biggs: Bears announce final cuts

    The Bears will keep 11 defensive backs and 10 linemen in hopes that attrition doesn’t affect a unit that has been slipping since an appearance in Super Bowl XLI three years ago. What remans to be seen is how many of those 21 players will dress on Sundays when the team is only going to be playing eight or nine from the position groups at a time.

    Veteran cornerback Rod Hood was cut loose just three days after the team signed him and the Bears will go with six cornerbacks: Zack Bowman, Corey Graham, Trumaine McBride, rookie D.J. Moore, Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher. Cut were Rudy Burgess, Marcus Hamilton and Woodny Turenne. The five safeties to stick are rookie Al Afalava, Josh Bullocks, Danieal Manning, Kevin Payne and Craig Steltz as Dahna Deleston (hamstring) was placed on injured reserve. Tillman was promoted from the physically unable to perform list to the active roster.

    On the line, end Henry Melton, a fourth-round pick, was placed on injured reserve with what was thought to be a minor ankle injury. It marks the third time in four seasons the club has started the season by placing at least one draft pick on IR. The Bears released ends Ervin Baldwin and Joe Clermond. Linebackers Marcus Freeman, a fifth-round pick, Kevin Malast and Mike Rivera were cut. The Bears will try to sign Baldwin back to the practice squad if he clears waivers.

    For the first time in the Jerry Angelo era, the team will begin the season with two quarterbacks as Brett Basanez was let go. He could return on the practice squad. The team will also have just four backs—Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, Garrett Wolfe and fullback Jason McKie. The Bears kept four tight ends with Michael Gaines and Kellen Davis sticking as backups to Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark.

    Wide receivers Brandon Rideau and Eric Peterman were released. The club let go offensive linemen Dan Buenning, Johan Asiata, Cody Balogh and Donovan Raiola, meaning seventh-round pick Lance Louis stays

    Rod Hood as a CB?

  • Scottish Raider

    Kiffin will haunt this franchise for years. You Davis-lovers may hate him now but he will make UT real power again. I guess the ghost of Wayne Valley won’t be the only thing keeping Dribbler Davis awake at night.

  • Who would win in a fight….Coach Cable or LeGarrette Blount?

    I am going to be Don King and see if I can get an exclusive pay per view on HBO to promote the LeGarrette Blount and Coach Cable prize fight.

    Right now the odds are 4 to 1 for Cable

  • Brien the General

    # lefty12 Says:
    September 5th, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Brien-i admit we have better RBs than Fargas,but i still like him.if the whole team played the game the way he does,we wouldn’t have double digit loses for the last 6 yrs.

    Maybe so but we have had slackers here for a while. Farglass still lacks talent……….severely. Let’s stop fooling ourselves

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    Garcia Cut!!!

  • Brien the General

    LaGarrette Blount<————–rules. Sign him now Al

  • lefty12

    phuck Lance,he doesn’t work here anymore,but i have to admit the 3rd or 4th place finish he’ll have this year in the SEC East will really haunt us.lol

  • Scottish Raider

    Dragging us away from matters Kifin-related, the 49er cut two useful young OLine prospects in Alex Boone and Matt Spanos today. Not sure they should make our 53 but we need some decent linemen prospects in our Practice Squad.

  • Brien the General

    No way Garbage-cia cut? Stop playing!

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    Sorry JR haters…

  • 860Todd Christensen

    Scotty, you have always had such timely and constructive posts! Are you having your way with a bottle of single malt this evening? lol

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    PFT football talk reporting it…

  • thanks O. think they let Davis go because he had health issues.

    damn, was wondering where C Doug Legursky landed after going undrafted last year(at 6-2 325, 4.8 40, strong as an ox, four year starter and team captain at Marshall). the fuggin squeelers…how is this guy not getting drafted, and lands with them out of all places?

    they got three centers with AQ Shipley now and still keep him which tells me something. he is talented and they gonna make him work somewhere down the line. fuggin squeelers. the team I “hate” most

  • Brien the General

    Scottish, you are a grade A bitch. Wayne Valley was a fucking loser and had no balls to make the franchise a winner like Al Davis. al’s power move was the best thing for the franchise.

    Now go and lick Kiffin’s clit some more you punk

  • Brien the General


    MR’s pussy is hurt now

  • Brien the General

    Oh my god I think there is a god

    Idiot fags like MR and Skip Bayless are hurt. Jump start the offense? HAHAHAHAHA

  • RaiderNsuede
  • Scottish Raider

    Brien, Kiffin has achieved more in one game for UT than Cable achieved in one miserable season with Idaho.

    Wayne Valley was a good and honourable man. He will be revenged.

    Lane Kiffin is going to be a great football coach. He will have his revenge.

    Al Davis is like Shylock in The Merchant of Venice – his past will catch up with him and it will destroy him. Borrowed time, Baby.

  • Brien the General

    Beating WKU is an accomplishment and not stopping the Broncos and Bucs isnt?

    I think Cable is a dummy but the team loves him.

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    Guess Mark Scherleth is having a tiny slice of humble pie. How’s garcia’s going to start by week 5 when he cant find a job?

  • Scottish Raider

    I really like Tom Cable but he is a dummy and the team showed their love in their performance against the Saints. They quit and twittered.

    Kiffin is no saint. He did some stupid things whilst HC of the Raiders. I will never forgive him for blowing O’Neal’s knee in that farce against the Cards. But…Kiffin had a plan, he had a Bellichick-like determination and he had the ability to make the Raiders great again. Sacking Kiffin will rank as Davis’ biggest mistake.

  • RaiderNsuede

    Biggs: Giants announce final cuts

    he New York Giants got down to the magic number of 53 and one of the ways they did so was by trading tight end Michael Matthews to the New England Patriots in exchange for a conditional draft pick.

    As was reported earlier, veteran wide receiver and Super Bowl hero David Tyree had his contract terminated. Defensive tackle Jay Alford was placed on injured reserve following knee surgery, and the club reached an injury settlement with fellow tackle Jeremy Clark, who had an ankle injury.

    The players waived were quarterbacks Andre’ Woodson and Rhett Bomar; running back Allen Patrick; fullback Dwayne Wright; offensive linemen Terrence Pennington, Orrin Thompson and Cliff Louis; wide receiver Shaun Bodiford; defensive linemen Maurice Evans, Tommie Hill, Robert Henderson and Anthony Bryant; linebacker Kenny Ingram; cornerback DeAndre Wright; and safeties Travonti Johsnon, Vince Anderson and Sha’reff Rashad.

    Linebacker Michael Boley was moved to the reserve list as he begins his one-game suspension.

  • Scottish Raider

    According to the Chronicle, Terdell Sands and Ryan Boschetti just got cut.

  • Brien the General

    Kiffin will not win running that WCO in the SEC Scotty boy! Those southern hicks are gonna destroy that crap. just you watch

  • Scottish Raider

    Time will tell, Brien, time will tell.

  • RaiderNsuede
  • Ha ha ha garcia is gone. Bite it jr haters.