Lots of speculation Seymour won’t show


Without any attributed sourcing, there are rumors floating suggesting Richard Seymour may not report to the Raiders.

Open locker room is in a little more than a half hour, with a practice to follow, so we’ll reserve judgement until some hard information surfaces. Have a message in to Eugene Parker, Seymour’s agent, which I don’t expect to be returned.

If Seymour doesn’t show, Profootballtalk.com outlines the procedure for putting him on the reserve/left squad list which could end his season.

Raiders players apparently are curious. Linebacker Thomas Howard via Twitter message, asked ESPN’s Adam Schefter, “What have you heard about our trade with the Patriots? What’s the latest word?”

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • 4evaRaider

    he’ll show,just show him the $$$$$$$$

    have a nice day-off NATION!!!

  • The players don’t know anything. Thomas Howard just Tweeted Adam Schefter asking him if he had any info on the Seymour trade.

    “Mr53 @Adam_Schefter What have you heard about our trade with the Patriots? What’s the latest word?”

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    what up my brotha?

  • Great scoop J mac what else have you poached lately?

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    Got out on the water yesterday, it was sweet. The typical morons were hating on me, probably just jealousy. Although Brien called me Christopher Cross which I thought was hilarious…

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    This place is clearly MR’s life.

    Nothing like a killer fresh fish fry! Do the Captain pose in my honor, I wish I could join you. Sounds like you are enjoying your holiday to the fullest!

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  • Seymour could eventually get “five-day letter”
    Posted by Mike Florio on September 7, 2009 1:08 PM ET
    We posed earlier today the question of whether defensive lineman Richard Seymour will report to the Raiders after the trade that sent him from New England for a first-round pick in 2011.

    NFL spokesman Michael Signora has outlined for us the procedure that would apply, if Seymour stays away.

    The precise protocol is determined by the terms of the trade. “Traditionally the first condition is that the trade is contingent upon the player or players reporting and passing a physical,” Signora said.

    If the player doesn’t report, the two teams can try to come up with a new agreement, or the trade could be called off.

    The only leverage that can be exerted against the player is the dreaded “five-day letter,” a precursor to placement on the reserve/left squad list.

    “The club sends a letter to the player warning him that, in five days, the club has the right to place him on the reserve/left squad list,” Signora said. “It explains to him that if they do place him in that category, he cannot play again this season, etc. After sending that letter and the expiration of the five-day period, the club does not have to place the player on the reserve/left squad list, but it may do so.”

    If the trade conditions the transaction on Seymour reporting, the Pats would be the team sending the five-day letter. If the Pats and the Raiders re-work the deal, the Raiders could in theory acquire Seymour’s rights without Seymour actually reporting, just as the Buccaneers did a couple of years ago with quarterback Jake Plummer.

    The Raiders and the Patriots could hinge the precise compensation for the trade on whether Seymour reports to Oakland, and whether he lands on the reserve/left club list.

    Once on the reserve/left club list, Seymour would be unable to play for anyone in 2009, and his contract would toll by a full year, with his salary of roughly $3.7 million applicable in 2010, if he decides at that point to show up.

    So, basically, this thing could go in a lot of different directions if, as some think, Seymour will refuse to play for the Raiders.

  • JediRaider

    Dam*, after i spend all this time singing his praises.

    # JediRaider Says:
    September 7th, 2009 at 11:00 am

    This is a good deal for us for a variety of reasons, but primarily because of the timing. This is JR’s third year in the league, typically the break-out season for young QB’s and we are stacked at all the skill positions on offense and our oline is good enough to be a top 5-10 rushing team and will be better in pass pro once Barnes replaces Green on the right side.

    If our offense is predicated on running the ball so we can go vertical with play action, we need more offensive plays per game which means we have to stop other teams from running against us and limiting our possessions.

    For the first time in years I witnessed the left side of the line being held vs. the run thanks to Greg Ellis. Many of you know I did not like Burgess because he could not hold the POA and simply tried to speed rush his way to sacks on all but the most obvious running downs which is why I wanted him gone or moved to 3-4 OLB (surprise, surprise that’s what he’s doing in NE).

    Remember that an offensive line’s job is to “get movement” – the reason behind that is if you can move defenders and spread them out, the RB will have big holes – and the LB will have to make tackles in space (if he can even cover all that space. Now that we have Seymour, our two bookends will hold the POA on each side which will clog up the middle by squeezing those gaps so our LB’s don’t have to make tackles in running lanes that are the size of freeways (one reason why most of Morrison’s tackles are so far down the field is that he can’t shoot a gap because the hole is too big, he has to wait for the play to come to him, break down, and react – our DE’s have been so bad it’s like watching punt return coverage – you have to give up some yards otherwise the returner is going to run right past you.

    Now, with Seymour and Ellis, two PROBOWL DE’s that can stop the run and hold the POA, the running lanes will be compressed, the LB’s will be able to attack the line of scrimmage and shoot the gaps, and our DT’s should make more plays because their gap assignments won’t be the size of the grand canyon. I remain concerned about Gerard Warren’s ability to hold up his end of the bargain and not get pushed around, but in all fairness he is a natural three technique and the Raider DE’s have not helped him at all overcoming double teams and taking some of that pressure off. If Warren can be just an average undertackle/nose tackle in this scheme, which he should be with his size and the presence of two probowlers, our run D problems are solved.

    Make no mistake, this isn’t all because of Seymour, but rather Seymour and Ellis –

  • Keep in mind this is all specualtion based on nothing. Seymour has yet to say anything, to anybody. This is just the media jumping at any chance to pile on the Raiders, as usual.

  • PassTheCheetos

    Id be suprised if he doesnt show. You got to believe Al Davis is offering him a monster contract. The guys won three superbowls on a very good team. If he helped Oakland turn around their fortunes and ultimately won a superbowl with us, I would say thats a bigger accomplishment than winning three superbowls for the Patriots.

  • Raider-DEE

    That idiot doesn’t weant to play foe a losing team!! He’s acting like a little fairy!!

    CANCEL the trade AL!!

    Why would any one want this PUNK NOW the Raiders??

  • Raider-DEE

    Where does the guy reside???

    Maybe he prefers to play closer to home!! The Patriots should send his big baby ass there!! Fricken mommas boy!! This is not the first time he acts like this!! Patriot fans know how he always threatens to hold out until he settles contract problems!! F’ Seymour!!

  • It is a little unsettling that Seymour has the same agent as Michael Craptree, Eugene Parker. He is notorious for having his clients hold out.

  • MR must be sleeping off his 15 hour marathon sh1t session from yesterday. It’s hard work to be such an asshole.

  • Raider-DEE

    MR is a BIG time A-hole!

    Idont want hear that idiots take on anything!

  • All I know is if MR had the stones to say the things he says here to someone’s face, he would have no more teeth. Talk about an internet tough guy, this dude takes the cake. He talks a big game hiding behind his keyboard, completely disrespecting my dead mothers memory because he lost an argument. Fact is if he talked to me that way to my face, none of you would ever hear from him again. He is just a scared little boy that can’t speak his mind in real life so acts tough on a blog.

    What a LOSER.

  • Seymore is harsing my buzz. Or should i say the fact that he hasnt shown up yet is a buzz kill. Any way my buzz is harshed

  • Canadian Raider

    Hello to fellow raiders. Raider fans who bash this trade are clueless. Having success in football fantasy pooles heres what Seymour brings this years. First if you were to take a choice this year between drafting DHB or trading him for Seymour what would u do. To me Seymour by a mile, that being said to me he is worth this year 7th than DHB. Secondly he is coming off a 8 sack year leader on Pats and is going into a final year of current contract. He will play his heart out. Third he still has 4 good years left. fourth 2011 first pick will be my prediction around 16. so Al still hase plenty of time to get more draft picks. Caculating how many first round players are a bust in the entire NFL is amazing the number is huge. I would take 3 second round picks over one 16 first round. Trust me guys I do my homework on every team in the NFL and there players, reason hobby and I play in 12 Fantasy football leauges. It doesnt make me a expert but I do my homework on players. Seymour is a class act. A quiet leader on the field but makes players around him better. Pats are going to miss him huge. That team this year will have to win games high scoring that D is brutal just watch how many points they allow. If Brady goes down Walter will be destroyed he stinks. Finally the problem I have with this years team. Cables play calling is terrible, reason I watched every exibition game this year and if you watch them slowly the opposing D no where the play is going. Our team needs a offensive co-ordinator. Other moves I would make is yank Russel if he loses first to games and either trade or waive Fargas. He plays hard but always runs into crowded areas, he stinks. This years runnbacks in my book are DMac Rankin then Bush.

  • los raiders de don rober

    If Seymour refuses to play for Oakland, despite a huge contract (perhaps Haynesworth numbers?) from Al who knows there will be no salary cap in the near future, where does that leave Al?: Randy Moss lost interest, Sapp has repeatedly burned Al on the media, DeAngelo was a huge miss, Kiffin was a melodrama, DHB & Mitchell have dissapointed, Cable is KO-ing other coaches…any positives on the GM front?

  • Richochet

    Terrapin Says:
    September 7th, 2009 at 10:33 am
    Richochet Says:
    September 7th, 2009 at 9:51 am


    Be objective here. You are talking about 2 totally different situations.

    One player was the FIRST player picked in the draft and is a QUARTERBACK (not to mention it was well known that he would not play much IF ANY in his 1st year). He sets the pace – he is the highest paid. I don’t need to explain this. (And the dispute didn’t have to do with money, but something about the ‘claw-back’ the Raiders would be entitled to if he screwed up ala Adam Packman Jones as I recall. This was a big deal at the time b/c some team got screwed out of doe. So AD sets the trend here again).

    Richochet: Set the trend? lol..some label it as something different. What no one can dispute is that little hitch pretty much cost Russell a full year of developing..lost the chance at getting his feet wet in 4 consecutive preseason games, not to mention all of preseason practice..so..in essence..Russell got what? 8 mil? 10 mil? to sit, and basically be non-productive?

    What’s funny is Al then proceeded to sign “Off field mayhem of disaster” Javon Walker, while making JR sign that says he won’t pull a Javon Walker/Pacman?
    Irony at it’s best, wouldn’t you say?

    The other player is a WR with a SLOTTED PICK – meaning its standard practice (unless you are a QB taken in the 1st round) that you will get more than the player selected below you and less than the player selected above you.

    Yet this moron either wants more or at least the same coin as a WR taken 3 spots ahead of him!! 9 teams had the opportunity to pick him and they ALL PASSED!

    Richochet: And history teaches you what, exactly?
    That the chances are, IMO, a dozen or more teams will totally TORCH their first round pick.
    Yes, Crabtree was past on, because of his injury, and not being at combine, which happens.
    You will find NOTHING about Crabtree being a diva/prima donna, etc in college, or anywhere. Mancini’s comments mean squat..what matters is those who know him, and Singletary’s.
    Now back to your comment..if you look at what players contracts were, you’ll see they aren’t in line, at all. Saw an article the other day where there were a few who made more, per year, than players drafted before them.

    Like I said before, Singletary was a second round draft pick.
    He stated “I’m holding out for first round money. I should have been drafted in the first round. I’m the best.”
    He was.
    And he got what he wanted.

    And obviously that was a long time ago…

    And yes, next year? They’ll be another Crabtree.

    Oh..and the rookie salary cap? WON’T EVER HAPPEN..ever.

  • los raiders de don rober

    Bernard Pollard (S) got cut by the Chiefs. yo! Al. go get yourself a real safety for once!

  • Raider-DEE

    If it was over money…….. His agent could have said he wanted a long term contract before he plays w/ the raiders. I dont believe he wants to play here!!

    Thats pretty much it….

    We have becom the Clippers of the NFL!!

    God HELP US!!!

  • Raider-DEE

    I thought it was a good trade at first……

    But now i must, admit im having second thoughts!!!

    The guy has not said anything!!

    That cant be GOOD!! He wants nothing to do with Oakland,,,,IMO!

  • Terrapin

    Money talks. BS walks.

  • Raider-DEE

    I say cancel the trade…

    If he doesn’t want to play for the Raiders and gets all this kind of crazy money…. It will show with his performance on the field!!

    We will have anothe Randy Moss or Fat ASS SAPP on our hands all over again!!

  • Glutten for Punishment

    if AD pays him haynsworth $ ill help out the nation and blow his head off with my 45

  • 504 Raider

    Lets not pass judgement until we hear from Al or Richard. All I’m thinking about now is Ellis, Warren, Kelly and Seymour across that D-Line.

  • Terrapin

    Please stop the non-sense! Don’t get all riled up over these “IFS”. Everyone was just shocked by the trade and their fairy tale NE Pattsies …now they’re trying to rationalize things for themselves.

    All you all should know is the deal has been consummated. Cable said they were getting things in order for his arrival – so in other words ..they’re expecting him. Jeanette Thompson reported he was to be in yesterday after practice. The Patriots have already confirmed the deal and moved on.

    All this other crap is just speculation thats allowed to to ramped b/c the Raiders never address it or focus on the BS from reporters.

  • Terrapin

    I mean really – how many more times can the press put you guys through the ringer? How many times have you been on this rodeo?

    Get a grip

  • Raider-DEE


    You guyz are right!!

    We’ll wait n’ see what happens…

    But I did have a feeling something like this might happen!!

    But I could be wrong!! I hope I am!

  • Raider-DEE

    Hey terapin, how did your terps do against CAL???

  • 504 Raider

    Where’s RaiderRon? I think it was he who was talking noise about Washington handling LSU week before last. See when LSU was trying to run out the clock in the 4th and Les Miles kept dialing up pass plays with a 19 yr old QB. Les Miles has grapefruits. Just like that year he went 4-4 on 4th down in 4th quarter against Florida in Death Valley year before last.

  • 504 Raider

    Would be something if BYU comes down here and have a letdown against Tulane this Saturday.

  • sirblitzalot

    This is the typical Raider M.O. Every time something good happens, a bolder of salt falls on our collective head. Schll’s spectacular debut; breaks a foot. Raider season starts on the upbeat, Coach commits felony. Coach states he is keeping in “in house” and “not going to affect our team” Cloud over the rest of the preseason and Raiders look like crap rest of preseason. Now this, “Oh, Seymor the Savior is coming to Oakland!” Great! but wait there’s a problem. So Fn typical Raiders. Pollard is available! but he won’t play here! 🙁 :”'(

  • riraider

    Hey STUPID Raider fans NO one wants to come to the Raiders!!!..Al Davis has destroyed this one proud franchise

    GET A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!