Why Seymour will end up a Raider


The New England Patriots say its a deal and that Richard Seymour was traded to the Raiders.

Three separate sources say the deal went out on the NFL wire, meaning it was approved by the league, and that Seymour counts as a member of the Raiders on the 53-man roster. On the same day, the Raiders terminated the contract of William Joseph to make room.

All that awaits is a physical.

So why would Raiders coach Tom Cable say the Raiders were “attempting” to make a deal to acquire Seymour and say the only issues are between Seymour and the Patriots?

I’ve long since given up trying to figure out how the Raiders come up with their company line. In this case, I doubt it will matter much.

At some point within the next few days, simple economics will come into play and Seymour will report to the Raiders as a somewhat surprised but willing professional planning on giving his best.

Seymour has been with the Patriots for eight years and has family there. It’s his home. He’s got children to consider in terms of pulling the out of school and relocating to the opposite coast. Even if you’re a millionaire, it’s a shock to the system, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the swing of the pendulum from the NFL’s best organization over the past six years to the worst.

But because of the money involved, $3.7 million this year and the potential for huge money down the line in the form of a new contract, refusing to accept the trade could have dire financial consequences. And that brings him right back to his family, with the only sensible solution being to show up in Oakland, help turn around the NFL’s worst rushing defense and further enhance his status as one of the best defensive linemen of his era.

Neither Seymour nor anyone involved with him is talking on the record. Agent Eugene Parker could not be reached for comment through e-mails or phone messages. The notion being floated by sources who don’t want to be an on the record is that Seymour was stunned by the trade, and the best guess is he’ll get over it and get on with his career.

That Al Davis would make a deal of this magnitude without having an agreement in place with Seymour isn’t surprising.

First, Davis figures Seymour, once he gets used to the idea, will love the idea of being a Raider. He is convinced every player wants to wear silver and black. Players themselves are often fascinated with Davis. If he gets an extended period of time to talk with Seymour, that may be all it will take to get him in uniform.

Second, Davis is very good at keeping the players he wants to keep. Almost no one saw the Raiders keeping both Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler, but Davis opened up his checkbook and did both.

The Raiders have leverage in the form of a franchise tag, which they can utilize with Seymour until they strike a deal as they did with Asomugha.

Seymour isn’t the first reluctant Raider. In 1998, the Raiders traded with the New Orleans Saints for cornerback Eric Allen, planning to pair him with top draft pick Charles Woodson.

Allen wanted no part of coming to the Raiders. He’d heard enough horror stories about a 1997 season that would fit in nicely with any or all of the last six years in terms of dysfunction and disaster.

He came anyway, of course. Allen wasn’t ready to walk away from the sport he loved. Conversations with defensive coordinator Willie Shaw, who had been a Saints assistant, and coach Jon Gruden helped convince him to report.

The difference, of course, is that Allen was acquired in the offseason. The Raiders could be patient and let Allen come to his senses.

With the Seymour deal struck eight days before the opener, the process will be condensed, but common sense and economics still apply.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Florida Pete

    Noshadowking Says:

    too much…

    i’m not listening to anyone who thinks the Raiders might get into the postseason as a wild card…

    teams that make it as a wild card have 10-6, 11-5, sometimes 12-4 records…

    if we get to the post-season, it’s because we won the division…

  • RaiderRetribution

    Our primary goal is to win the AFC West.

    It is simpler to win our division than to win a wild-card spot. The Raiders have more control over winning their division due to the fact we play six games within.

    Our primary focus must be to defeat the SanDiego Chargers on MNF.

    We play 3 Division games in only thirteen days, Sept 14-27.

    last year we were 2-4 in the division, we were swept at home by all three, SD-KC-Den, we were swept by SD
    we beat KC & Den on the road.

    hypotheticaly a team loses twice to the same division opponent and that team finishes 7-7 besides sweeping you, the losing team has to finish 10-4 aside from being swept to win the division out right.

    The Raiders must give it all they have the next three games especiaaly versus SD & with Mr. Seymour being teamed up with Mr. Nnamdi Asomugha & Co. we can stop the run, we can stop LT or Sproles, and we will defeat the Chargers.

  • 360RAIDER

    We’ve waited a long ass time for a DL like this guy. King Al is making it happen again for us all. The good times are coming guys, make no mistake. BTW, who cares what Rodney Harrison is saying? the guy was always and always will be a punkass,with the dolts and the pats! ITS ON this Monday dudes, Remember how we used to be on MNF!? This team will play their hearts out and it will kick asss!! long live oakland…

  • ivansraiders2009

    Seymour is tainted goods and I really do not see him remaining in Oakland. I think that he will eventually come, but this is a 1-year rental. He doesn’t want to be here and these reports will only make it worse when he arrives. The media will fry him when he comes and this will make it worse for him. Seymour needs to clean this up fast.

  • RaiderSam

    “The raiders are only going to get 3-5 years out of Seymour so more trades need to be made this year or next to solidify the defense. I would say good players need to be drafted but we usually dont seem to draft players who make an impact right away. Having said that everyone said Nmadi was a reach and now even the idiots on bspn are saying he is the best cornerback in the league so their is a method to the madness.”

    Thats an understatement. Al has overspent, but the real problem lies in the inability to draft legacy players and building them around players like Seymour. thats why its been dysfunctional, because Pro Bowl traded player couldnt get anybody worth a damn around him with this current team. The coaching scheme didnt fit any of the players (largely 2nd tier or fast special team/journeymen, not starters). I ve seen enough missed tackles to know that they will still need a linebacker, hard hitting safety (unless mitchell is the real deal) and run stuffing DT, then A SCHEME THAT ACTUALLY USES THESE pieces. sigh.

  • Cuda

    Thanks Jerry. Love reading your insight and input.