Cable press briefing transcript


A transcript of Thursday night’s press briefing with coach Tom Cable:

Cable: Guys who did not practice: Schilens (foot) and Fargas (hamstring) really the only two guys who did not do anything today. One guy did not finish, Nick Miller, has a little touch of shin splint. Khalif Barnes (ankle) did more, still limited, but did more. Ekejiba (shoulder), Morrison (elbow), Asomugha (wrist) did everything today.

Q: Miller able to go Monday?

Cable: It looks like it. Just something that just came up in just one leg so … It’s not a bad deal.

Q: And he’ll return kickoffs?

Cable: Yes.

Q: Who is the backup kickoff returner?

Cable: Johnnie (Lee Higgins).

Q: What is Fargas’ status after another day off?

Cable: I think tomorrow, if he can go tomorrow, then I think we can talk about it. But right now I don’t want to do anything to chance that because we’re going to need that guy.

Q: Who is your starting running back?

Cable: Our starting running back will be Darren McFadden.

Q: Why?

Cable: I just think for everything that he is in terms of being multiple, running the football, catching the football. He’s shown a high level of consistency all through camp and certainly brings some explosiveness like we’re trying to build with this offense.

Q: Is being a starter not such a big deal here because you’ll use all three backs?

Cable: Yeah it’s probably not your typical deal where he’s going to go 25 times, something like that, but he’ll get the bulk of them for sure.

Q: How was practice tonight at the Coliseum?

Cable: It was great. Tonight was, obviously the purpose was to get ’em out there and practice as the same time as Monday night. Got everything done. It was really kind of a review for us of what a typical Wednesday would be in terms of the base plan and all that. Work kicking game, a couple of situations but it was very good, very good.

Q: What time do players have to be back tomorrow?

Cable: We’ll be back normal time, so practice will be 12:30 tomorrow.

Q: You passed so much in preseason, have run in practice, will running come back to you in a real game?

Cable: Yeah, the thing, you notice how we’re trying to build this team offensively is to get where it can be more explosive points, and that means throwing the football, and you’ve got to throw the football to score points, and will we ever get away from the run? No, but the bottom line is we had a purpose behind the preseason and I think we’ve accomplished that, what I want to see, as I mentioned the other day, as I mentioned a couple of days ago just a little more solid protection in terms of the pocket, being strong.

Q: Have to cut anyone to add William Joseph?

Cable: We did not. Under the current circumstances we were granted an exemption. The (Seymour) issue, I have nothing new to report on that. But in the meantime, this was granted to us so we could get ready.

Q: Have you sent Richard a letter or do you plan to do so?

Cable: I don’t have any knowledge of that right now. I’ve heard something about that. But I have no knowledge of that right now.

Q: Has the five-day letter been discussed?

Cable: No, no. It has been nothing more than just trying to get some of these details worked out, that’s it.

Q: Have you talked to Richard since Monday?

Cable: I have, but not in the last 24 hours.

Q: He still wants to be here?

Cable: Yes.

Q: Does Joseph protect you either way?

Cable: Certainly he does, yes.

Q: Who will start at right defensive end?

Cable: Trevor Scott.

Q: How long is the exemption for?

Cable: I don’t know that.

Q: What’s the timetable on Schilens?

Cable: He is coming along really really well right now. I think he’ll start to move around a little bit next week. We’ll see as we get into the Kansas City week where he’s at. I would say doubtful for that game but soon after we should be pretty close.

Q: Possibility of player coming in this late and playing Monday?

Cable: I don’t want … enough about that.

Q: Tomlinson says last three games vs. Raiders have been tougher for him. Doing anything different?

Cable: When you look back at those games we were able to stay in, keep the defense off the field, keep them fresher if you will. And I thought we played with a little more intensity and violence on defense. I’ve gone back and looked at those so I can understand what he’s getting at.

Q: How do you defend two backs with different styles (Tomlinson and Sproles)?

Cable: In some ways they’re different and in some ways they’re not. They’re both exceptional runners. They probably use one throwing the ball a little more than the other but in terms of difference, they don’t change the style of run play and that sort of thing they’re doing with both of them. Probably a little less difference than you would first look at it. So I think you have your plan and you go to it.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer