Joseph released again


William Joseph was sent packing to make room for Richard Seymour for the second time in a week.

Joseph was brought back when the Raiders got a roster exemption for Seymour, who didn’t report until Saturday. The Raiders needed to make room on the roster to activate Seymour tonight against San Diego.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Richochet

    Seymour: “I always liked the Raiders. No…really…you can ask my mom!!”

    Classic, lol.

  • Plunketthead

    Suzy Kolber!!!

  • raiderkoolaid

    Not surprised but I thought they might cut a WR instead because of Seymour’s lack of prep time.

  • OAKlifer


    Does anybody remember the site to watch the Raider games?? it floated around it was like adtv or something

  • Chris in NY

    I kind of wish they kept Joseph around. He looked real good in preseason. Don’t see the sense in only keeping 3 DTs.