Marshall’s plan wasn’t prevent


Tom Cable called it a “prevent mode,” but defensive coordinator John Marshall said the final drive in a 24-20 loss to the San Diego Chargers was not a “prevent” defense.

“Absolutely not. No, no, no, no. We knew we couldn’t,” Marshall said Thursday following practice. “And the players knew they couldn’t. But they just softened the underneath part of the coverage and eventually it hurt us.”

The Raiders were rushing with four men and dropping linebackers into coverage and simply played too soft, Marshall said, failing to make tackles and keep Chargers players from going out of bounds.

“Hell, it’s on me,” Marshall said. “They needed to have a better understanding of what the situation was.”

More news, notes and quotes:

— Remember when Thomas Howard said during training camp that the Raiders were going to blitz because he could see it in Marshall’s eyes?

Marshall said the Raiders called five blitzes against San Diego. One was negated by penalty and two came on San Diego running plays. He admitted he’s not much of “pressure” coordinator, anyway, just like every other coordinator who has worked for Al Davis.

“I know there are some pressure coaches,” Marshall said. “That’s what they do. That’s their scheme, pressure. If you don’t have to pressure and you’ve got the coverage people and the upfront people to do it, then why, other than a change up, why put yourself in that position where somebody could get a big play?”

Given a do-over, Marshall said he wouldn’t be of a mind to dial up a few blitzes on San Diego’s last drive.

“I’d have to say no right now, even looking back on it,” Marshall said. “I would have done some things differently that I won’t mention to you in that last drive. But up until that time we felt pretty confident.”

— Marshall said Richard Seymour’s presence elevated the performance of the entire defense, and cited the five-time Pro Bowler’s bookwork and professionalism in getting ready for the game.

“It’s not like Richard came in here, and we drew it on the board and he went and made a sandwich and went to bed,” Marshall said. “He didn’t. He studied. He and (defensive line coach Dwaine Board) spent probably, oh, I’d say, six seven hours between the two days they were in watching film, and he did a lot of film watching on his own.”

— Guessing the legion of armchair defensive coordinators want no part of Nnamdi Asomugha as a future defensive coordinator. This was his response when asked if the “prevent mode” referred to by Cable against San Diego was a mistake:

“No, no, no, that’s what was needed. Our underneath coverage, maybe we got a little further deep than we probably should have, but, no, that’s how we needed to play in that situation.”

Asomugha said the touchdown surrendered to Vincent Jackson came with a good fake and a back-shoulder fade, noting, “We thought Stan (Stanford Routt) was going to get a hand on it, I guess it was just outside of him.”

— Justin Fargas is back at practice and said he was ready for any role the Raiders had in store for him. Michael Bush isn’t sure as well. All he knows for sure is Darren McFadden is the lead back.

“I heard in the press conference earlier there’s only two primary backs or something, “Bush said. “You never know what will happen. It’s like when I had to wait my turn last year. I don’t know if I have to take a step back and let him get back in or what. I’ll just play it by ear and go with the punches.”

— Defensive end Richard Seymour credited his coaches and teammates for getting him in the right position during the loss to San Diego.

“The coaching staff got me ready to play in less than 48 hours and even while we were on the field, my teammates helped me get lined up, told me where I was supposed to do, what I was supposed to do,” Seymour said. “I have to get adjusted to the terminology that we have here . . . I still have a lot to learn but I’m eager to do it.”

He said he didn’t worry about any stories about what life with the Raiders would be like.

“I try not to judge a situation before I come into it,” Seymour said. “That’s just like when I watch a movie. Somebody says it’s bad, you may like it. I just came into the situation and like I said, I had a lot of issues bigger than football at that time but the guys have been made my transition very easy.”

— With Johnnie Lee Higgins out of practice again, it appears Hiram Eugene will return punts for the first time in the NFL. He said he last returned punts at Louisiana Tech.

“I always joke around with (coach Cable) about returning punts or kickoffs,” Eugene said. “Now I get the opportunity. I’ve got to step up and show what I can do.”

— Defensive end Greg Ellis was limited in pracitce with a sore shoulder but will play, Cable said. Wide receivers Chaz Schilens (broken metacarpal) and Nick Miller (broken bone below shin) are out and did not practice.l

— The way the bandwagon is rolling, you’d think the Raiders actually beat the Chargers instead of the other way around.

Even Marty Schottenheimer doesn’t give the Chiefs much of a chance Sunday.

“I’m also going with the Raiders. Right now there’s just too much that has to get done with Kansas City for them to be able to compete even with the Raiders,” Schottenheimer said on Sirius Satellite Radio.“ I think the Raiders gave evidence the other night that maybe they’ve got some positive things going for them.”

Rich Gannon, not one to hold his tongue regarding his former team, agreed with Schottenheimer.

“I think newly acquired Richard Seymour will continue to have an impact once again and I think the difference in this game is going to be Oakland’s ability to run the football,” Gannon said. “I think that will be the difference. I’m going to take the Raiders on the road.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • raiderkoolaid

    Why do people want to take a snapshot in time and make an all time lasting judgment by it. JaMarcus did some good things Monday night but he did struggle getting the ball to his WR’s. I would be willing to bet that he would not have had nearly as much problem with that if Schilens had been healthy. As Murphy and DHB get better so will Russel. Russel had three pretty good games in a row in his last three games that counted, and then he had one in which his stats weren’t that good, although the stats do not tell how many drops he had and how many times the rookies may have not run the correct pattern. I think by the end of the year we will have a good idea of just what JaMarcus is as a QB. He wasn’t real good Monday, but would have been much better without the drops.

  • Now that that unpleasantness has departed. funny how missed-a-brain only comes on to denegrate the team and fight and argue. What a sad, sad, misguided POS. But I get humor out of ridiculing him.

  • raiderz4o8

    all you people need to get over this freakin last game its in the past 24-20 is the result talking about it, is not gonna change the results we have a game this week lets talk about that game

  • Dude


    Thanks for proving my point. Idiot

  • raiderkoolaid

    I am not saying this to trash Russel, but if we had Rich Gannon at his best with this team right now, they would be very tough to beet.

  • RaiderLen

    Mista, Have it anyway You like.

    I’m not suffering one way or the other.

    How old was our most recent “good / successfull” QB when he came to the Raiders?

    I’m guessing it was much older than 25.

    Have fun Hating.

    Best Regards,


    PS…The End.

  • Dud isn’t there some trusting elderly woman ordering a small coffee on here social security money that you can steal from??

  • Marshall’s another Davis shill just happy to have a job. I love how he first says it wasn’t a prevent. Then he says the linebackers played too soft (which is a prevent. When you have the secondary and the linebackers playing soft…THAT’S a prevent! No wonder this guy’s working for the Raiders…). Then, he blames himself. That’s usually how you can tell someone’s either full of it, or doesn’t know what they’re talking about. When they change their story 3 times within a minute.

  • RaiderLen

    Real Maden Raider…

    I didn’t read your entire post.

    I saw “shill” and understood that you mean conspiracy.

    It is a conspiracy. But for reasons that you’re not willing to acknowledge.

    Google… Conspiracy…there’s lots of places to ogle things much more important than AL Davis and the Raiders.

  • Please tell me you’re not driving anywhere tonight, Len.

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    Pretty Pathetic..

    Snoop Doggy Dogg……Now acts like he’s been a Steeler fan all his life….

    Whatta Idiot….

    Gave up on the Raiders I guess….

    Ice Cube seems to be hangin in there though!!

    He’s doing a documentary on the Raiders!! Still a Die Hard Raider fan!!

  • Raider-DEE


    I cant wait for a Raider win…..

    Its the only time you will not hear MR put DOWN Al Davis and the coaching staff…….

    Matter of fact…He wont even mention them.

    The guy really is a loser…Should get a life!!

  • dave r

    the linebackrs were so far away from the line of scrimmage i could have handed them a beer it wasnt soft it was pathetic

  • bstallion510

    I think we played excellent the first 3 1/2 quarters. That last San Diego drive killed us. Needed to have a linebacker or two spying the quarterback. With his speed and atheletic ability, Thomas Howard would have been perfect for that job. Overall though, the “D” is better. Once Richard Seymour gets acclimated to how we do things over here, we’ll be a force to be reckoned with. We need to bring just a little bit more pressure though. Offense still needs some work. Jamarcus really needs to spend extra time working on his accuracy. I also think he should use his size and abilty to scramble more often. I think it’ll add another demension to his game and to our offense. The recievers are still youngsters so some games they’re gonna struggle but once we get Chaz Schilins that unit will be better. We need to also give Myers a bigger role in the offense. K.C. won’t be ready for us on Sunday. I think the Daygo game left a bad taste in our mouths and they’re ready to “let loose”! K.C is gonna feel the wrath! The runningbacks should have a monster game! All three of them!!! Hang in there “Nation”, we’re getting there!