Final: Raiders 13, Chiefs 10


Notes from my living room:

— Hurry up, get on the plane and go home before someone takes this one away.

— Raiders force four-and-out on Chiefs last-ditch drive. Fittingly, it’s Michael Huff which breaks up a fourth-down play.

— Darren McFadden takes pitch to his left for a touchdown, Raiders lead 13-10 with 1:07 to play.

— Russell makes clutch throw _ bullet to Todd Watkins for 28 yards to the 14-yard line. with 1:20 to play.

Third-and-10, Cornell Green, as he is wont to do, tries to get a head start vs. possible KC blitz and gets false start. Third-and-15 from the 42.

— Gallery out, in locker room. Morris to LG, Satele to center

— Raiders get to the KC 37 on screen right from Russell to McFadden. They’ve got a chance to steal one.

— Chiefs miscues keeping Raiders in it _ personal foul for hitting Russell late keeps drive alive.Raiders at Chiefs 48.

— With Nnamdi Asomugha and Hiram Eugene fading with dehydration and cramps from being on the field all game, Matt Cassel predictably hits Dwayne Bowe over Stanford Routt for 29-yard touchdown with 2:45 to play.

— Raiders get a first down _ nothing else. Russell pass batted down. He’s 3-for-17, 15-for-47 for the season.

— Javon Walker muffs punt return attempt, luckily, Mike Mitchell recovers. Hard to be more lucky to be leading than Raiders are with nine minutes to play.

— John Bowie subbed for Asomugha on a third-and-5. Asomugha’s having a terrific game _ if he’s hurt, so are the Raiders.

— Eight possessions, six three-and-outs. Nice.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • gilbert

    post 145,dont see it that way,the DEFENSE won the game,with JRUSS coming thru late in the game,period!Seems this could be a weekly thing,the guy just gels late in games. ps,remember when Snake thru SEVEN INTERCEPTIONS in ONE game in KC,A TOUGH place to play! RAIDERS!!!!

  • steveandblack

    omg that was not a late hit on Rivers. give me a break

  • Richard Bentley

    Hey, Gilbert,

    That works only if you’re down by one score. If KC was not as bad as they are, they would have been up by four touchdowns. Try coming back in under two minutes with that one. You can’t expect even a great defense to stay on the field as long as the Raiders did and keep the score down to 10, if they play a good team.

  • rebraider

    The ‘D’ gets the game ball as well as credit for the win.
    JR needs to stop playing rocket man. He needs to think about his actions too.
    SeaBass made his check today.
    Raider Cool Raider ‘D’

  • djohnnyg

    Dakota said: “Thank you KC….that penalty won us the game…thank you!”

    After seeing a lot of your posts, It doesn’t seem like you are even a fan. They win the game and all you can do is still say how bad Raiders suck.

    Objectively, everyone says how much of a ‘joke’ Raiders are, hahahahahahha, but….this is a team that has won 3 of their last 4 regular season NFL games, and it canbe argued that they got robbed on winning their last 4 straight. Regardless if they got robbed they basically dominated the team picked by many “experts”$ to be the AFC Super Bowl reps.

    Past six years blah, blah, blah. How does a team that “sucks” and is such a joke win 3 of 4 reg. season games.

    You said ‘we’ as if you are a fan, but seeing your posts you are anything but.

  • djohnnyg

    If you look back at the Raider glory days of the past, they won more than a few ‘ugly’ games with bad stats etc.

    Chiefs offense kicked butt last week against Ravens, and what did they do this week?

    Raiders still have not given up a 100 yd. rusher yet.

    There is a lot of good to come from today for crying out loud.

  • PrideNPoise

    That had to be the ugliest win in Raiders history. Now that we’ve got irrefutable evidence that Russell does indeed SUCK it’s time to sit his big butt on the pine and start Gradkowski. The running game was crap (save Mcfadden’s TD), Green was up to his usual tricks AND we lost Gallery… Holy smokes. At least Huff has resurrected his career – just in the nick of time. I have to say, I was disgusted by this mess after getting our hopes up post SD… A win is a win but at this rate we’ll be 1-15… Arrrrgh!

  • manassamauler

    where is realmaddenraider’s sorry ass? MR “predicted” a raider loss, and so did norcobob. couple of fake raider fans.pussies. Norco said oaklands D would choke in the 4th quarter! where are u two pussies at now?

  • manassamauler

    Russel was ERRATIC with his throws.. The offense sucked for most of the game.Defense played great. We have the defense to win some games, defense keeps the game close, but JR needs to be able to complete passes to open receivers, at a minimum. Great QBs can hit receivers when they’re Not open.

  • pointdexter

    yup the raiders are superbowl bound!
    Jamarcus for president! There’s more scoring at a a soccer game.

    The game was as exciting as watching two blind men fight in a boxing match! Raiders and chiefs are both a joke!! lol!!

  • TownRaider510

    We are a work in progress..gotta go through these growing pains..we chipping away at something HUGE that’s in store for us..Just be patient and see.

  • Frank YoooooooLLL

    Just got into town and saw game on delay, Im glad we won. Now is it me or does it seem like our running plays take forever to develope as far as Jamarcus getting the ball to the running backs?

    Free Dakota
    Free Huey

  • raider rampage

    still no RMR? no norco?
    hopefully those guys dont come back….

  • stvvon

    J. Russell didn’t look as good as I think he should at this point in his carrear. He had a bad game, mabe this is just a one time deal, but he missed alot of easy throws for a Pro QB. I really hope he picks it up.

  • stvvon

    Game ball to Huff. Looks like he is turring the corner. He is the guy who won the game, he really stepped up.

  • encinitasraider

    as bad a JRUSS was today he came through when we needed him. I really think they should play him in a 2 minute offense with 4 wide to start the first quarter.

  • raideralex99

    WOW … all you JaMarcus lovers are you REALLY Raider fans?
    This guy is the WORST starting QB in the NFL … even the 4 rookie QBs drafted in the last 2 years are further ahead then JR.
    You guys are clueless … I have never seen so many brainless football fans as I have on this site.

  • silvernblack209

    J rock, was poor all day.. true.. look at this though, if he comes out on fire.. .and finishes, and our defense doesn’t fall apart, we can have big big leads and win by big margins, he will rise, the good QB always lead their teams under adversity late to win.

  • encinitasraider

    Raideralex99..i dont think you know what your talkin about….JRUSS numbers last year where right behind Flaco. He has brought us back from behind two weeks in a row. This was his worst game but we won because he stepped up. How many games last year did he have good numbers but we lost? 5 or 6…..
    Rivers throws for 400+ and the Dolts lose. So what do you care about Stats or our QB that can have a real bad game on the road but drive the team for the game winner in the last 2 minutes. The only people who are clueless are the ones that call themselves Raider fans but boo JRUSS at home games. I have season tickets at i always tell those people to STFU……JRUSS has to be our QB for the future of the Raiders.
    Rothersburger has bad numbers but in close game he is clutch. JRUSS is going down that road. He is clutch in 2009.

  • Tatumluvr

    Brien Just Rules Says:
    September 20th, 2009 at 1:23 pm
    Yes yes yes yes. Who wants to meet the General next week in Oakland. I’ll be there and so will Norco Bob!!!!

    I will be there for the Denver game…so I want to meet the Raider haters/lovers? lol