Halftime: Chiefs 3, Raiders 3


Notes from my living room (working from home today):

— Raiders look nothing like spirited team which played Chargers Monday, but result is the same. They’re tied at halftime.

— Horrendous first-half by JaMarcus Russell that could have been much worse if Brandon Flowers had held interception for a potential Chiefs touchdown. He’s 3-for-12 and 15-for-42 in two games, and his detractors are looking on point.

— Chiefs in two-minute drill and Gerard Warren gets a 15-yard facemask penalty. Later, Chris Johnson gets an illegal contact foul for a first down as Chiefs get to the 9 with 14 seconds left.

Raiders fortunate Chiefs butcher final possession, allowing clock to run out.

— Russell misses wide-open Louis Murphy, throws it behind him. Nearly has telegraphed pass picked by Flowers for touchdown. Flowers drops it.

— Raiders defense forces punt following field goal by Sebastian Janikowski _ nice pressure from Matt Shaughnessy forces Cassel incompletion.

— Raiders surrender on third-and-15 (following Murphy penalty for illegal motion) and run a draw to set up 48-yard Seabass field goal.

It’s 12 plays, 58 yards and at least some signs of life. Two poor Russell throws into red zone. First misses Murphy on post, second leads Darrius Heyward-Bey out of bounds inside the 5.

— Darren McFadden brought down on outside _ could have been big play _ following third-and-10 pass from Russell. He’s got to break that tackle. Illegal motion negates play anyway.

— Raiders get a break _ Chiefs pick up PI flag, but find illegal contact on other side of the field on Brandon Carr for first down.

— Darrius Heyward-Bey breaks through for first reception, 19-yard pass from Russell.

— With 9:55 left in the half, Russell completes his first pass for an 8-yard gain (Louis Murphy) and a first down.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Sad part is some of us don’t understand that you can’t run the ball if you have no passing threat.

  • JB

    I can see that we all are at a loss for words. JR’s inability to progress is leaving everyone speachless. It’s all been said already. Screw you JR, you are the total joke!

  • armond

    lefty is right chris johson aint tacklin himself or gettin shoestringed. atleats we hurtin mofos. dmc better shape up now. that d needs to get more s n outs as well.

  • armond

    jruss gotta have a 4th qtr 2 remember t win this game. we shoould be up by 20 right now.


    d is getting tired

  • ottocrat

    After KC scores this TD, I wanna see Bruce!…yeah, that’ll happen.

  • McFadden ain’t playing on Tenn…he is playing in Oakland…not much he can do about that….

  • Nnamdi rules.

  • ottocrat


  • Ghost2Post

    This guy is on FIRE!
    Go Huff

  • See? Art Shell was right!

  • OAKlifer

    free mike huff!!!

  • raiderdre

    Huff is the only one playing!

  • Brien Just Rules

    Wow Huff is been on 4 turnovers this year. He leads the league lol. I’m eating fried crow right now

  • steveandblack

    holy shyt, Huff is on fire!

  • HOLY SCHIT!!!!!!

  • Okay, here we go: up the middle, up the middle, overthrow, punt. Ready, break!

  • armond

    michael huff is BALLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! remember it took aso his 4th year to be what he is now. 2006 8 ints and i td. huff 3 sofar. hey russell u need to step it up now. dmc and bush miller 2.

  • Timmah

    wooow huff is starting to look like an actual first rounder

  • JB

    77 total yards! You’ve got to be kidding. We can’t afford to keep playing JR.

    That away Huff. Playing like a pro at last. Now only if JR learn how to do it.

  • 4evaRaider



    who would of ever thought i would say


  • lefty12

    so if he was in Tenn. he wouldn’t get finger tackled?

  • Ghost2Post

    Well we have 2 more years before Jamarcus shows some fruit


    The defense is getting tired because Russell is Mr 3 and out.

    GO HUFF!!!
    He finally figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve been saying it all along, Michael Huff is the greatest player picked in the 2006 draft.



  • raiderzride4free

    my god, the offensive play is just god aweful

  • RaiderNationPA

    The defense is bound to break eventually. Is this 2006?