Schilens to the rescue _ next week


If all goes according to plan, Chaz Schilens hopes to return to face the Houston Texans on Oct. 4, approximately six weeks after breaking a bone in his left foot while running a pass pattern during training camp.

“Myself, I’d probably like to push it a little faster than it should be,” Schilens said. “But they’ve done a good, kind of making sure that I’m where I need to be at and taking the right time and the proper right steps to make sure that I don’t hurt it again.”

Schilens had developed a chemistry with JaMarcus Russell that hasn’t been replaced by another wide receiver. He caught all five passes thrown his way in the preseason opener against Dallas (for 52 yards) in a little over a quarter and put together more good practices than any skill position player until the time of his injury.

Schilens said expects that connection to remain six weeks later.

“Shoot, once I get my legs back and everything’s good, and run a couple routes, I’m sure after a couple days I’ll be right back to where I need to be at,” Schilens said. “It might take a few practices, but I don’t see anything being a real problem. I’ve stayed watching the offense, and I’ve been studying, paying attention as well as I can, so I really don’t feel like I should have too much of a dropoff.”

In the Raiders scheme, Schilens plays the “Z” receiver as does Louis Murphy, with Darrius Heyward-Bey as the “X.”

Murphy has six catches for 113 yards and a touchdown, Heyward-Bey one reception for 17 yards.

Regardless of letters of the alphabet, Schilens figures the most productive receivers will play.

“They’ll put the best guys out there. I really don’t know,” Schilens said. “Louis is a great player, he deserves to be out there. So we’ll see. Don’t really know. Feel like the best receivers will be out there, though.”

Schilens started his career as an “X” before moving to a “Z” when his rookie season started.

“I can do enough to be effective at both,” Schilens said.

Murphy said he didn’t think changing sides would be a big deal.

“Our offense is a concept offense,” Murphy said. “It wouldn’t be a big deal to change positions. I’ll leave that to the coaches and how they want to handle it. However the coaches want to go about it when Schilens gets back.”

Passing game coordinator Ted Tollner said the positons are interchangable enough so getting the most productive receivers on the field shouldn’t be a problem.

“It’s very easy, and to ask one of them to do more than one position – like we’ve already asked Louis to start being the inside guy on our three wide-receiver package so that he can flip from an outside, strong, flanker ‘Z’ position to an inside, what we call a ‘Zebra’ slot position,” Tollner said. “ And again, you’ve got to be careful how much you give a rookie because then they overload and they’re not productive, because they don’t know what to do. That issue is a good one. We have to figure out a way to make sure the best players get on the field.”

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Schilens should be the Z and Murphy the Y DHB the X

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    Schilens won’t be 100 percent next week. there is no way he’ll start against the Texans if he’s not even able to run yet. he got the boot off like 4 days ago, right?

    Russell needs to improve his game, with or without Chaz. I don’t expect him to contribute much until after the bye week. Let’s hope they don’t rush him on the field too quickly, which results in a more devastating injury.

    Russell needs to spend some time after practice with Heyward-Bey, Murphy, Watkins and even Walker. If timing and chemistry is the biggest reason Russell was garbage in the first 2 games this year, he needs to “put the work in” as Cable suggests. Show some friggin leadership. Whether he likes it or not, he’s the face of the franchise and this team is basically on his shoulders. the coaching, o-line, defense and special teams are all doing thier part. where is the pass offense? this is not a conservative offense like Kiffin & Knapp wanted. we have plenty of chances to take shots down the field. accuracy has been the problem.


    tollner also said

    “There isn’t time to spend all day out here on footwork. Paul gets five minutes on that now, where he was getting a couple of hours before.”

    3rd year in the league number one over all pick they shouldnt even need to think about footwork. man jawalruss ticks me off.

    that said we will beat the donkeys goooooooooo raidaz

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    Has anyone ever seen him actually take control of his offense.

    “don’t worry guys we got this”
    “come one guys this team can’t hang with us”

    That kinda stuff? I know we can’t hear in the huddle but you can still see the QBs in the league handle themselves like that and I don’t see it from Russel.

    If he can put together a couple of break out games its going to be good for him I just hope that he can get to that point.

  • Interesting the Raiders let Tollner speak. I thought he and Hackett had become mutes.



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    #17 Amen, brother.

    Schilens and Murphy and Miller with Bush in the backfield.

    Lots of great targets for Jamarcus to miss!

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    Schilens and Murphy deserve to start. Murphy as the X and Chaz as the Z.

    Maybe when 3 are out there, DHB can be the X,Murphy the slot receiver and Schilens the Z.

    JLH should be the 4th receiver and run short routes he can turn in big gains with his speed.