Holland promoted, will return kickoffs


The Raiders will sign Jonathan Holland to their 53-man roster and he will replace Louis Rankin on kickoff returns against Denver, coach Tom Cable said following practice Friday.

Wide receiver Johnnie Lee Higgins made it through practice without limitations, is listed as probable, and will return punts.

No word on who will be released to make room for Holland, a former receiver who will have a role as an extra defensive back.

One candidate is Rankin, who the Raiders could return to the practice squad should he clear waivers. With Cable already saying Justin Fargas will be active, Rankin would likely be inactive anyway.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Rack o lamb (hey we all know you’re really Ann Killion) you seem a little testy today. Baby going after the teat a little hard or what?

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    Dogg…my cousin ran the high and dry at the marina B4 he went 2 prison 4 what-eles …dealing in stolen boat-motors.

    But yeah I talk 2 a lot of sailors,used 2,and when they came back from a GOOD SAIL their eye’s would be the size of grape-fruits.They always say WHAT A RUSH.

    But yeah LOTS-O-WORK they always said

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    What people don’t understand about sailing is that it is not all fun and games, kicking back and relaxing. It can be a killer workout and an awesome experience with a crew of buddies and/or family. We have had many adventures. Sailing is a lot like life, it’s often more about the journey than the destination itself.

    On the flip side I am still considering buying my friend’s 1998 22′ Pleasure Cruiser for those days when I don’t feel like working. The Seadoo’s just aren’t big or powerful enough!

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    It seems as though you cant get any satisfaction from watching your beloved Raiders winning, so you pull what you can from the illadvised dellussions that this team is actually gonna win. Its all excellent dialogue though. LMAO 🙂 Richochet, baby, you be you son. No one can take that away!!!!

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    #36 re: cutting Justin Millr

    I believe the answer would be because his running is limited with his Turf Toe injury. It usually takes quite awhile for someone to recover from it. A good example is DMac. It took him the rest of the year to get better.

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    Sailing is for real men and has been for thousands of years.
    Once upon a time I had a hobiecat. It was a pain in the butt the entire time I owned it except for those few times on the water when the wind was just right.

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    We should hook up at a tailgate at the stadium.

    Oh that’s right. You’re Mike Lambardi and you hate the Raiders.

    My bad.

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    So do you guys think Namdi will be given the freedom to shadow Marshall this weekend?

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    thats funny Dogg!!!

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