It was Gannon all along


So we finally know what has been wrong with the Raiders all these years.

It was Rich Gannon, of course.

The same Gannon who led the Raiders to three consecutive AFC West titles and a conference championship.

As reported by David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Raiders responded to Gannon’s brutal honesty regarding his former team by attempting to ban him from a Saturday production meeting with players and coaches.

UPDATE: The Associated Press is reporting the Raiders have backed off on the attempt to ban Gannon from the production meeting.

And when we say the Raiders, we mean one Raider.

Senior executive John Herrera was the source quoted in the story, but this was an Al Davis move. Herrera doesn’t have the authority to do this on his own, and Davis, whose old school code of loyalty is everything, surely feels Gannon is a traitor. I talked to Herrera and he stood behind all the quotes in the Chronicle story added that Gannon had been critical as recently as two weeks ago on a local radio station.

(Here is a link to a transcription of an interview Gannon did with KTHK in Sacramento on Sept. 8).

“Everything he said was negative, even saying that he liked coming out here but it was hard to watch,” Herrera said. “He was a journeyman quarterback when he came here, we gave him an opportunity, then he retires and all he does is attack us.”

He said Gannon has talked of “blowing up the building” and starting over and considered the quotes “incendiary” in a post-9/11 world.

Personally, I can’t recall Gannon saying anything like that, but Herrera assured me they exist and have been “documented.” Without even getting in to the paranoia that goes in to having someone keep a running file of all the mean things said about the organization, I’m speechless at the notion that if Gannon did say these things, that they were taken literally.

I asked Herrera if his comments were coming straight from Davis and his response was, “I think we’re done here.”

Production meetings are often on Friday, but there was no sign of Gannon at the facility today.

After Tom Cable wrapped up his press briefing today he asked me if I’d seen Gannon. I wonder if he even knew Gannon had been silver and blacklisted. May have even wanted to thank Gannon for saying what a great job he was doing as head coach.

That’s right. Included in Gannon’s most recent assessment on the Raiders was an endorsement of Cable.

Here was Gannon’s take his Sirius Satellite radio show on the job Cable is doing with the Raiders:

“I give Tom Cable a lot of credit, not a little bit of credit, a lot of credit. He knows exactly what he has in terms of his personnel and he is not going to try to beat you throwing the ball 35 or 40 times. He understands the strength of that football team right now, and last year as well, without question is not the play of the quarterback, it’s the three running backs he has in Darren McFadden, Justin Fargas and Michael Bush.

“And that, combined with the fact that they have an offensive line that was really bad a year ago in terms of pass protection, and with a young quarterback and with inexperience at the wide receivers, he’d be crazy not to run the football.

So I tip my hat to Tom Cable and what he’s been able to accomplish the first two weeks of the season. They are a better football team defensively, they can run the ball, and that has to be the M.O. as they head down the road the next six or eight weeks until JaMarcus can come along, until their young receivers can develop.

“But I think guys like Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour, their ability to stop the run, something they didn’t do a very good job of a year ago, that has to be the strength of this football team. Tom Cable knows what he has and he’s done a good job the first two weeks in making sure that’s a point of emphasis.”

Take a look at Gannon’s breakdown of Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, as well as the one by passing game coordinator Ted Tollner, and both men make a lot of the same points.

Herrera repeated the belief that Gannon was trying to deflect blame from his poor Super Bowl, when he threw five interceptions.

That would indicate the blame for the Super Bowl loss rests squarely with Gannon, coming during a week where the Raiders have maintained the failures of the Oakland passing game are a collective effort, and not simply the fault of Russell.

Years ago, Jon Gruden told a reporter a story about how Gannon, angered that he couldn’t get in the building early enough to get started on the day’s work, would throw pebbles at his window so he could get in the building early.

Looks like he’ll need more than a pebble this time around.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • My take: Gannon, like Gruden, was nothing before Al found him and gave him a chance to be an MVP and a CBS broadcaster.

    I whole heartedly agree that Gannon is trying to deflect the blame for his odious performance in the SB. The league MVP throws 5 INTS?! Because of a lax organization? What an ungrateful idiot.

  • Raider Joe

    No, Gannon wasn’t solely responsible for the Super Bowl loss. He had plenty of help from Bill Callahan.I appreciate what Gannon did for us, but if you watched that Super Bowl and think he wasn’t responsible in a major way, you are a fool. Rich Gannon realized every NFL players dream of making it to the Super Bowl, and when he got there, he choked.Big time.Gannon folded under the pressure of the biggest game in all of professional sports.There is bno argument on that point.None.No shame, John Elway choked in the Super Bowl and got blown out 55-10 and he’s in the Hall of Fame.Peyton Manning always choked in the big game until they won the Super Bowl.Marty Schottenheimer couldn’t win the big game. But if a guy throws 5 interceptions in any game, you can’t ignore his role in the loss. I am disappointed in Gannon attacking the Raiders regularly.He’s not as bile spewing as Warren Sapp, but bad enough.

  • stvvon

    Constructive criticism is good at this point, the Raiders are not that good, They will be, but for now, what Rich Gannon put out their is true. I think he cares about the Raiders…hell I agree with him and I really think the Raiders will get better. The Raiders better be more critical of themselves than Mr. Gannon,or us “the Fans” after all, they know their weaknesses better than anyone.
    Oh Yea…I wanna see the Raiders kill the Broncos this weekend.
    Go Raiders

  • weaselbit

    Biggest choke job ever in a Super bowl.
    I mean, they knew our plays, but he was throwing right into Bucs’ hands.

  • weaselbit

    As I recall he had 6 interceptions all year.

    Then 5 in the Super Bowl.

  • I don’t like this crap.

    I have no problem with Rich Gannon, he earned my respect and it will stay that way, if not for the tuck game and Siragusa landing on top of him, we would have won a SB with him.

    I’m guessing we don’t know the whole story here, we never do when it comes to Al Davis, but whatever it was, the Raiders need to stop going public with this nonsense, I’m a hadcore fan and a Davis “loyalist” and even I don’t like it.

  • MTraidernation

    as far as i’m concerned, rich gannon is the best raider quarterback in the last two decades, and he can say whatever he wants about the raiders(MOST of its true;truth hurts). who cares. the raiders as a whole organization-top to bottom- have sucked for the better part of a decade now, so i think MOST of his jabs are warranted. there is a difference between being critical and being disrespectful. gannon’s just calling it as he sees it.

    if al davis had a shred of rationality left, he’d make gannon a consultant AND listen to everything rich has to say. that’s why the raiders were so good when he and gruden were at the wheel; no BS!!

    john herrera is a puppet/tool/meathead/pet

  • It just seems so amateur-hourish, Bush-league to go after a broadcaster BEFORE the game.

    Go out and win, and than take a few pot shots at him. Don’t create this negative BS 2 days before the game. I don’t see the benefit to the organization by doing this.

    What if CBS obliged and removed Gannon from the booth? Do you think the replacement anchor would just zip his lip and spew all positive’s of the Raiders?? Yeah right!!! The guy would look at it as his opportunity to make a name and would bag on the team even worse, IMO.

  • I watche the opener the other day, and it calmed off the ledge in regards to Jamarcus. In the opener he seemed fired up, yelled at himself and teammates, made some plays, and I totally forget about him on the lead block on the reverse (should do that more often).

    He needs to show that type of emotion weekly. He was like shell-shocked for 57 minutes in KC, no emotion.

  • So what are you folks in the Bay or Valley not going to the game going to do? Greg Papa and Flores on the dial? Go to Fresno? Find a bar with a Fresno/Chico feed?

    Just curious.

  • lefty12

    Gannon is a jerk.he was a jerk when he was given the opportunity to play here and he is a jerk today.he was a perfect fit for Chuckie’s Off.-weak armed dink and dunk QB.he played with great talent around him.most decent QBs would have had success on the Raider teams he lead.his ego is soooo great,he can’t accept the fact he was mainly responsible for the SB lose,so he attacks the organization that finally gave him a huge opportunity.

  • Lucky_Raider Chris

    any coincidence that the raider game is blacked out locally AND gannon is doing the game. I’ve been skeptical at how these raiders games have been sold old. I can easily see the raiders by the 5K tickets available at each of these games… And I can easily see he raiders NOT doing that for this game b/c of gannon… Ridiculous… what about the local fans?? Oh yeah,Big Al doesn’t care much, does he? It is what it is.

  • Bob Marley nailed it (157). That’s pretty much exactly how I feel about the whole stupid thing. But the thing is, I can kind of understand where Al’s coming from. With a few notable exceptions (Marcus, Beuerlein, a handful of others), he loves his players and treats them extremely well. It has to gall him no end when guys like Gannon and Sapp, as soon as they leave, put on a network blazer, grab a microphone and start talking about what a garbage organization the Raiders are. But still, like I say, I wish he would just bite his tongue.

  • Crow

    This team is such an embarrassment. Gannon may have been speaking figuratively, but literally blowing up the building doesn’t sound like such a bad idea either.

  • MTraidernation

    it’s so funny how some “fans” will jump ship on a guy who is arguably the best raider player over the last ten years, just for speaking his mind AND, more accurately,speaking the truth. let’s not forget who got rid of gruden, and in turn pretty much got rid of gannon. kinda like taking the engine out of a ferrari, and replacing it with 4-cylinder. how many games have we won since then??

    am i missing something?? have the raiders been good since gannon left? baffles me why ANY raider fan would talk trash on gannon. who’s next? tim brown? he hasn’t exactly been very kind when speaking of the raiders OR al davis.

    i guarantee you, if the raiders win 7-8-9 games this year, and jamarcus plays well, rich gannon will be the first to give praise.

  • MTraidernation

    also, if gannon didn’t care about the raiders, he’d do the same thing that ALL espn analysts do. he’d snicker, joke, roll his eyes, and ridicule anytime the raiders were mentioned. i don’t believe for a second gannon doesn’t care about the organization. while some may think he’s bashing the team, most rational, sane, lucid people understand he’s offering sharp, yet truthful critisism. when i read gannon’s remarks, i didn’t disagree with ONE thing he said. does that make me less of a fan??

    like i said, if he didn’t care, he wouldn’t say a word. how many time s has he critiqued the detroit lions?? exactly…who cares.

  • lefty12

    what the Raiders are doing is petty and wrong,but Gannon is wrong also.he was interviewed on the radio.the person doing the interview tried to change the topic more than once and noodle arm kept on attacking the team.he was never a real Raider,just one of the many mercenaries who was given a last chance to stay in the league.he wouldn’t have done squat if it wasn’t for Gruden.Rich Gannon is a punk-plain and simple.

  • alisgod

    Lucky, you are dead on in post 163. I dont doubt it at all that the Raiders let this game get blacked out because of Gannon. I wonder if CBS lost money due to sponsorship from local businesses when the game is blacked out.

    We all know Herrera is a tool but please dont tell let yourself be fooled by the Gannon and Kitten’s fake “I do care for this org in the public media”. Most of you drank the Kitten coolaid presser until he was exposed. Please dont do the same for Gannon. 2 weeks ago he was blasting us on khtk for lack of leadership and now he is praising us. What a fake.

  • alisgod


    Wait a minute. If Gannon said we had a horrible structure from top to bottom then how does he explain that the very same structure allowed him to become a journeyman qb to a league mvp, trip to SB, and a huge contract holdout extension?

    he can’t have it both ways. Either it works or it doesnt.

  • Richard Bentley

    All this petty and vindictive nonsense over someone voicing his opinion. This is the one great fault of the Raiders organization. And I live and die with the Raiders. I don’t suppose for a moment they’ll change until Al steps down. And as much as I admire the man, that is really his weakness.

  • Lucky_Raider Chris

    The last 15 yrs, the only years the raiders played ABOVE .500, meaning at least 9 or more wins were the 3 Gannon years.

    And the Raiders throw him under the bus.

    Narcistic owner, big ego.

    Quite sad the Al Davis doesn’t have relationships with Howie Long, Marcus Allen, Tim Brown, and now Rich Gannon.

    Very Sad.

  • alisgod


    here on the east coast, the media is starting to criticize the Pats for their lack of D and passrush resulting from the loss of Seymour. Only 2 weeks ago, they were praising how lopsided this trade was and now they are all turning on the Pats.

    Good points on Gannon being surrounded by great talents. In 2002, we had the following.

    1. The best O line in the league period! Gannon had all the time in the world.
    2. Rice, Brown, Porter and Garner…arguably the best catching set group that year.

    Everyone seems to put way too much credit to Gannon.

  • BAG

    How about speaking the truth just alittle in some of your post. Rich Gannon is not arguably the best Raider anything over any years. Rich Gannon was nothing more than a journeyman QB that lucked up on being signed by a solid Raider team that was on the brink of getting a lot better through free agency. Where was all of Gannon’s greatness in Washington, Minnesota, or even KC? Gannon was past his prime when we signed him, but we surrounded him with great veteran players many also past their prime.

    Gannon also wasn’t got rid of he sustained a severe career ending neck injury. No need to cry for Gannon Big Al paid Gannon very well. Also, Big AL didn’t get rid of Gruden. Gruden wanted to get paid and Big AL wasn’t willing to pay him the amount he wanted. Tampa was willing and they paid him and them some. You say you don’t like that Big AL traded Gruden for 2 first round picks and some cash, but I bet you love Nnmadi. Gannon wanted a job with the media so he’s doing what he has to do. The media doesn’t like Big AL, thus the media doesn’t like the Raiders. Gannon is a media hack.

    Stop being a blind media hack. Listening and following eveything they report as truth when you know different. The Seymour situation is a perfect example. The media ripped Big AL and the Raiders about this trade. When Seymour finally spoke at the press conference you found out the complete truth and that the media lied. Did the media report or print an apology for getting the story wrong? Of course not. They just went on to the next negative story they could find or think up about the Raiders. Raider fans stop being media hacks.

  • MTraidernation

    what is a “true raider”??

    isn’t the mantra “just win baby” or “commitment to excellence”

    who was the the last raider QB to win 12 games, to go to the super bowl, to win an AFC championship, to be MVP, to go to a pro bowl, to be a pro bowl MVP,to be compared to steve young AND joe montana by a future HOF WR, to break his neck on a scramble, trying to score a TD. commitment to excellence, indeed. a true raider.

    i’ll be shocked/floored if jamarcus russell accomplishes ONE of those things!!

    this is the first time in the history of the franchise they’ve been truly bad. instead of being so stubborn and sensitive, maybe big al should looking for answers and maybe, just maybe listen to the man that last made him look like a genius: rich gannon.

  • MTraidernation

    i’d much rather be a blind “media hack” than a blind “al davis hack”.

    poor al davis, the media hates him so much. i can’t believe they bash an owner whose team has lost 70+ games in the last six years. they should throw him a parade, and give him ANOTHER HOF induction.

    and yes, i love, LOVE asomugha, but i would’ve much preferred another 2-3 years of gruden-gannon. besides, we could’ve gotten nnamdi in the 2nd or 3rd round anyway.

    ps..the signing of kerry collins wasn’t an endorsement of rich gannon, so ya, al did get rid of gannon.

  • BAG


    So true. Gannon get’s way to much credit. Sure he was a very solid QB for us, but he had his faults as well. If Gannon really wanted a job with the Raiders he would have gotten one in some capacity. I mean hey, if Zack Crockett can get a job with the Raiders I’m sure Rich Gannon could.

    But that’s not what Gannon wanted. Gannon want’s to shine and be in the spotlight running his mouth. Remember sportsbroadcasting is still entertainment. Gannon is employed with the media to do as he is told and entertain. If everyone else in the media is ripping the Raiders and have been for decades did you really expect Rich Gannon to take a stand and not be negative when it comes to the Raiders? The Redskins haven’t won a Super Bowl or been in a Super Bowl in many years. Do you hear Gannon ripping the Redskins? When was the last time either the Vikings or the Chiefs were in a Super Bowl? Or won it? Do hear Gannon ripping either of these teams? The Raiders have won three Super Bowls and were last in the Super Bowl in 2002, but they deserve to be ripped by Rich Gannon?

  • SR Raider

    Look no further. This kind of BS is precisely what is wrong with Al & the Raiders. Organizational paranoia.

  • MTraidernation

    why on earth would gannon want a job with THESE raiders, or the raiders of the last 3-4 years. so he could work with great minds like lane kiffin or tom walsh? why climb aboard a sinking ship??

    you say sports broadcasting is entertainment, you’re right. the reason gannon doesn’t rip those teams?? they don’t matter nearly as much as the raiders do. the raiders ARE the NFL, they’re in the fabric. the media has to keep the raiders afloat. they’re marketable, they’re the “bad guys”, the antagonist. and, you’re right,gannon’s just doing his job. the NFL is better when the raiders are a part of the landscape, especially better when they’re winning games. al davis SHOULD be above this and realize this is merely a former player being critical of his former team, no more, no less. instead, he tries to ban him from the building. nice.

  • lefty12

    Gannon is throwing the Raiders under the bus,not the other way around.last year he had to be reprimanded by the network for the comments he was making towards the Raiders.
    you can support Gannon all you wish,but don’t say because you do only you are a sane,lucid,rational person-you just make yourself look like a narrow-minded fool.actually,no sane,rational person would call Gannon a great player-he was far from it.he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

  • DocsRaiders

    Gannon is preaching the truth and Senile Al doesn’t like it….Guess the truth hurts!

  • BAG

    Once again speak alittle truth in your post….self proclaimed media hack. Nice group your associating yourself with. Last year the Detriot Lions went 0-16 for the season, yet the media still proclaimed the Raiders as the worst team in the NFL. Yeah, that’s deserving.

    Again, no-one including your number one Raider-hate target got rid of Rich Gannon. Gannon sustained a career ending neck injury. Afterwards Gannon retired on his own and continued to collect checks from Big AL. Kerry Collins was brought in to be a veteran back-up just in case Gannon went down, again. Well, the last time Gannon went down he wasn’t able to return and the starting QB job went to the back-up Kerry Collins. Again, Big AL picking up Kerry Collins to play back-up QB had nothing to do with Rich Gannon getting hurt and retiring.

    Lastly, it’s interesting that your crystal ball gives you hindsight information like Nnmadi would have been available in the 2nd and 3rd round, to bad these type of day late, dollar short predictions can never be proven.

  • MTraidernation

    you misunderstood me lefty12….

    you’re not the one lacking sanity, rationality, OR lucidity.

    someone on Mt Davis is , though.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    Huff bought nnamdi a benz because he had 2 picks last week and if he goes to the pro bowl he’s going to buy him a house

  • Terrapin

    Yeah. There’s something else going on that we don’t know. But who care’s about this mini soap opera anyway. Broncos tomorrow!

    Just imagine. If they win tomorrow the Raiders would’ve been so-so close to being 3-0 and the clear lead in the AFC West. That would’ve set the stage. Oh well.

    You know …not to bring this back up …but I found it interesting …looking back at Jam’s numbers vs KC last year and they were equally horrific – both games – 35.3%, 35.7% completion percentage. Interesting. Could be that its just KC?

  • Mistabrown

    Gannon could have been talking about the roster or the coaching staff, or both! Im pretty sure he didnt mean to blow up the building. Nothing wrong with his comments coming off the heels of the Kiffin chaos. There was also no reason for the Network to bow to AL’s ridiculous request.

    # Crow Says:
    September 26th, 2009 at 10:33 am

    This team is such an embarrassment. Gannon may have been speaking figuratively, but literally blowing up the building doesn’t sound like such a bad idea either.

  • lefty12

    MT-that could very well be true.i can’t agree with the pettiness shown by the Raiders in many instances,but unfortunately,it may be the older one gets,the more petty they become.

  • BAG

    Why would Gannon want to work for the Raiders? Many former Raider players are empolyed and continue to seek employment with the Raiders whether it was this year, last year or 3, 4, or 10 years ago. Hey don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. The Raiders take care of their own. Family baby!

    Why climb aboard a sinking ship? To help get it afloat. If he truly bleeds Silver and Black why would he not want to help get things back to where they should be? And fully agree with you about the Raiders being the NFL, and that the NFL is better when the Raiders are good. However, that stuff about the media keeping the Raiders afloat is just plain wrong. If the media could completely ignore the Raiders they would. The Raiders are a thorn in the side of the media. Why you ask? A portion of the short list includes: the Raiders give very little if any information or access to the media. The Raiders still have closed practices to the media. The Raiders still don’t allow the media full access to all the coaches and players like basically all the other teams in the NFL.

    Again, this is just a portion of the short list of why the media hates Big AL and the Raiders.

  • Terrapin

    Maybe Jam doesn’t like red… HA!

  • RaidingTexas

    Best thing Jerry said:

    “Without even getting in to the paranoia that goes in to having someone keep a running file of all the mean things said about the organization . . .”

    This has to be the most dysfunctional organization on the planet. Maybe Gannon is not as loyal as the Raiders would like him to be, but the stuff coming out of headquarters is just ludicrous. You can’t operate this way and think that you’re creating a winning culture.

  • MTraidernation

    if you think al davis brought in kerry collins (a prototypical al davis qb, mind you) to back up rich gannon, you have either suffered major head trauma or you need to lower your dosage to 8 bong rips a day.

    as far as being a ‘”self proclaimed” media hack, try re-reading my post AND keep in mind words have meaning. given the CHOICE of being embedded with the “raider-hating” media or being in al davis’ inner circle of puppets and “yes” men, then yes, sign me up for the former. even though the thought of being part of either is undesirable, at best.

    ps..i hope this site ISN’T part of this massive, churning, media machine you speak of, because then you’d look ignorant and hypocritical.

  • raiderkoolaid

    If Gannon commented about their strengths and weaknesses on the field, his comments would be in the bounds of his job as a commentator. Instead he will make a comment about what happens on the field and then go on to elaborate about how it is a symptom of the dysfunction of the entire organization. Even if is is true that The Raiders have made organizational mistakes that have contributed heavily to their lack of success on the field for the last six years, to criticize them for their personal character instead of the actual tactical and personnel decisions is beyond the scope of what his job is. I never hear Jerry Jones or Daniel Snyder, or any other team or management group criticized in similar manner.

    To say that The Raiders have made mistakes in their decision over coaches, players, and even tactic over the last six years goes without even saying. To simply blast them as being inept and incapable makes it an even more difficult job for a team that, if anyone hasn’t noticed, has change direction over the last three year and gone to a program of building with young players. This team is on the cusp of being very good. The keystone is the development of the quarterback, and the team is being patient in giving him every chance, although I suspect that by the end of this year if the hasn’t been clear signs of that patient paying off then they will be looking for another option.

  • Terrapin

    The mediots are the mediots. And they wonder why the Raider fan base completely ignores them or feed them plenty of venom.

    Good point. Detriot goes winless yet the Raiders get all the ‘worse team in history’ bs.

    When I first heard the new of Seymour I couldn’t believe it – absolutely stunned and excited – I knew this was a big big big big B.I.G. deal for us! But all you heard from the mediots is how much the Raiders got screwed.

    They are who they are. I bunch of hatin, lame brain, mediots

  • Raider Dell

    The news of Raider Nation never stops, good or bad, always bad.

    It’s great to see new comments from people who I’ve never have read before. Stick around and join us in this blog and don’t just stop on bye to blame Davis, we have guys in here do that constantly, so you will feel at home.

    I know the older Raider Nation will remember the constant criticisim from the media, it has not changed. To the younger Raider Nation, this is how it was before you were even Raider Men.

    Today with the internet, cable which is 24/7 and a continuous news cycle, only news that can be negative will be repeated.

    The news has not changed, some of you older Raider Men a long time have to remember, this news is no different than 20 years ago, just more of the news.

    Do you remember, how Davis controlled Madden, we watered down the Coliseum before games, we had a microphone in the visitors dressing room, the criminal element was Atkinson, Tatum,(this was before the Stingley hit) the balls had Helium in them when Ray Guy punted, Tooz was a bust and they laughed at Davis for picking him up, Stabler was to be traded every year because, he didn’t have a strong arm to go verticle. I can go on, the media is what it is, I get up everyday and it has not changed, just more of it.

    My take on Gannon is this, his critique of the Raiders is his opinion, yet his choice of words could have been less dramatic, with words like “blow it up” and his blame only on Davis. The players still throw, tackle and run, Davis does none of those.

    Davis has blame, we have had 6 losing seasons, we hold the NFL record for most double digit losses for 6 seasons consecutively.

    The media doesn’t care if we win or lose, just the story to have news is and always will be negative about the Raiders as long as AL Davis is the show.

  • MTraidernation


    i’m all for getting the ship afloat. although, as long as the current captain of said ship maintains control, the ship will surely sink.

    not all of media hates al davis, most are fascinated by him. again, don’t confuse critisism as disrespect.

  • BAG

    Truth. Let there be truth. Kerry Colins may have been the prototypical QB that Big AL may like, but this was not the case in 2004. In the game against Tampa Bay (2004 season) Rich Gannon was hit by Derrick Brooks and injured his neck. Kerry Collins was Rich Gannon’s back-up. If Rich Gannon had not sustaned the neck injury Kerry Collins would not have started.

    Gannon went down the year prior in 2003 due to a shoulder injury. Big AL sured that up the following year by picking up Kerry Collins to back-up Gannon. Me a life long Raider fan, if posting on a Raider blog makes me ignorant and hypocritical in your eyes, then so be it!! Stop the Raider-hate…

  • BAG

    No need to soft shoe the media hate. It is what it is. There’s very few if any media types that like Big AL and even fewer that will give him credit for anything or than being the worst owner in the NFL history. Constructive critisism is always welcome, but unyielding, crafted, premeditated critisism is disrespectful.

    Critisism like, “Blow it up!” “The Raiders are the worst team in the NFL.” etc. is not constructive. It’s disrespect. And it’s meant as disrespect as the media hacks laugh as they say it.

    Raider Dell provided a much broader and better perspective to this whole argument in his post #194. Great post Raider Dell.

  • # 408RAIDER Says:
    September 26th, 2009 at 7:22 am

    Big al is too sensitive


    Here, here.

  • riraider

    Jerry, why do a story on this when you & David white & all the rest of the bayarea reporters knowt he truth.You sound like a complete idiot when you try to get opinions from the Raiders especially the Brown noser John herrera?

    Please Jerry & the rest write something intriguing
    for once

  • riraider

    Geez the Raider fans on here are really to stupid to
    process any thought?..Please if you haven’t finished the 7th grade in elementary don’t blog on here.

  • DKnight007

    lefty12 Says:
    September 26th, 2009 at 10:21 am
    Gannon is a jerk.he was a jerk when he was given the opportunity to play here and he is a jerk today.he was a perfect fit for Chuckie’s Off.-weak armed dink and dunk QB.he played with great talent around him.most decent QBs would have had success on the Raider teams he lead.his ego is soooo great,he can’t accept the fact he was mainly responsible for the SB lose,so he attacks the organization that finally gave him a huge opportunity.

    ^^^^^^^Utter bullcrap is what you are spewing…..the main men responsible for the SB loss was Al Davis by trading Chuckie….and moron Callahan not changing the game plan to attack Tampas weaknesses and not realizing that Chuckie would be 3 steps ahead of him.

    You must be John Herrera fan?? haha