Raiders can send Broncos reeling

We interrupt the latest sideshow and return to regularly scheduled programming, finding the Raiders with a chance to send their division rivals into a tailspin.

Check out the Broncos schedule after they play the Raiders Sunday. Dallas, New England, at San Diego, at Baltimore, Pittsburgh, at Washington, San Diego and the New York Giants in a row before they visit the Chiefs.

Hard to see Denver winning more than two of those games unless Josh McDaniels is really on to something after a tumultuous offseason.

The Raiders will have none of that in mind as they face the Broncos. It’s how Tom Cable has approached things since taking over in the worst circumstances possible last season and why Gannon-gate amounts to nothing when it comes to what happens at the Coliseum.

“Don’t worry so much about the opponent, who they are and how they do things,” Cable said. “Let the emotion of the rivarly with the Denver Broncos handle that for you, but the focus as a football player, as a football team, is on us. Better execution. Sharper focus. More attention to detail. Us, us, us, us. That’s it.”

The Broncos come in with a 2-0 record, but closer inspection finds a fluke win in Week 1 against Cincinnati and a one-sided win in Week 2 over a Cleveland team that could easily be headed down a road to 3-13.

Figure the Raiders defense ought to be able to hold its own against a conservative offense led by Kyle Orton, who is charged with taking care of the ball and distributing it smartly and without a great deal of risk.

The Broncos have retained quite a bit of their zone blocking technique, but the truth is that other than last season’s Week 1 Monday night face plant, Oakland would have beaten Denver in three of the last four games had it not been for a Sebastian Janikowski off-the-upright special in 2007 and has beaten the Broncos decisively twice.

The Raiders’ biggest challenges seem fairly apparent _ do something positive in the passing game other than on the last drive of the game, and successfully block a Broncos defense that has changed its personality in a 3-4 defense under the direction of Mike Nolan.

On the first score, JaMarcus Russell’s passing struggles have been sufficiently scrutinized and analyzed. He can’t continue to pass at a 35.2 percent clip and there’s really no reason to believe he will. He was over 60 percent in the last seven games of 2008. He couldn’t have forgotten how to pass overnight. He’s going to come out of it to some degree.

If Russell does sharpen things up today, the shift from Robert Gallery to Erik Pears at left guard will be an area of concern. Gallery and left tackle Mario Henderson have operated side-by-side for enough games and enough practices to understand each other. Henderson knows when Gallery will be there if he allows his man to get inside. Nolan has placed Elvis Dumervill, a 5-foot-11 barrel of a pass rusher, on both sides as an outside linebacker, and can either go after Cornell Green or the suddenly weakened left side.

The Broncos have not been shy about bringing blitzers, and that includes veteran free safety Brian Dawkins.

All of which would make it incumbent on the Raiders to stay balanced (57 rushes, 56 passes through two games), avoid falling behind and get good games out of their kickers, who were nothing short of spectacular a week ago.

Could be a prime opportunity for Darren McFadden to get loose on a screen with defenders already committed to the rush, or for Michael Bush to do the same, smaller defenders scattering like bowling pins.

Beat the Broncos, and longterm its not hard to imagine them heading into Week 13 at 4-7.

Kansas City has lost 25 of its last 27 games.

After the opener, the Raiders are convinced they can beat San Diego and even Norv Turner is telling people his team isn’t all that.

It’s the AFC West.

Anything is possible.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Stuff happened this a.m., had to fix my water heater at the crack of dawn.

    Just made a double bloody mary, just a splash of V8 for color…lol

    Let’s put a beat down on the rented Mules today!!

  • AZ Raider2

    Absolutley not MR. Just that I respect your points, and have my own points that (by your responses) have gone without any credit from you. I cannot have a debate with someone who is as unmovable as you in regards to your stance on my opinions. It is nothing personal, and only Richochet gets a “shut up” from me….


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    sapp started there he will be gone in a year or two and im glad hes a moron who cant even form proper sentences.

  • http://CableBumaye 909RaiderLifer

    Tell you what, that Sanchez kid is looking pretty good for the NYJ’s, aside from the fumble and the near intercept, he’s doin good…..

    Old grey-beard Collins is slinging it well also…

  • http://RAIDERS Oakglenn

    GAME DAY!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU ALL IN THE STADIUM. EXPECT TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • http://www.car.org KoolKell

    Mike Singletary has put his mark on the 49ers. Very tough minded-team.

  • raiderkoolaid

    Is this the day that Detroit wins a game? I would like to see Daniel Snyder’s reaction if they do.

  • AZ Raider2

    Never said I didnt like you MR. YOU read that comment again and show me where I bashed you. I only pointed out my respect for alot of your intellegent posts and added my own. Then you follow it up with a gangload of unitellegent attacks. your not making a point for yourself here. Im not looking for people to hate here. It seems as tho you might be looking for a verbal confrontation. that wasnt my intent.

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  • AZ Raider2

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 11:35 am
    AZraider, I’m serious. Are you a woman?

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 11:33 am
    I don’t want to be a girl, Earl. That’s why you don’t see me addressing people directly, then telling them to let it go when they respond, like this girl AZRaider did today.


    Looks pretty direct to me MR. You talk of contadictions all the time as being negative… Who’s lost it more convincingly, you or Al?

  • http://none The Real MaddenRaider

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  • AZ Raider2

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 11:44 am
    I don’t care if people here think I’m a juvenile. This is one of the most juvenile blogs on the internet, anyway. Just doing as the romans do.


    Spoken like a true advocate of repetition in failure. A Kiffin goo-roo for sure. Keep the negative negative, the rich rich and the poor poor. LOL, and all the political hogwash you spew in here has been erased by you own comments. Im out…

    Just win baby!




  • http://none The Real MaddenRaider

    AZRaider, I thought you were going to let it go? One last “last word”, huh? Drama queen.

    And, I agree, we will be 9-7.

  • RaiderRobG

    248. RMR is an important person here. You know? It’s just not a family gathering unless your retarded cousin is present. Way to represent RMR!

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