Broncos 23, Raiders 3



Den_Matt Prater 23-yard field goal, 11:57


— Broncos take over on downs with 3:22 left. Going downstairs.

— Raiders take over at own 24 with 5:28 to play and 112 yards of total offense. You know what the fans had to say about that.

Russell runs 15 yards for a first down and gets some cheers. Then . . . false start, Erik Pears.

— Raiders take over at own 20 and go three-and-out, three incompletions, Russell getting more off target as game goes on. Afraid one last-ditch drive won’t do it here.

Raiders take over with 8:13 after forcing Denver’s first punt of the game. Boos greet Russell and the offense.

— Broncos take possession at the 49 and start the long process of running out the clock. They go three-and-out with two incomplete passes.

— Fights breaking out in the stands, fans led away in cuffs. They won’t have to watch. Raiders drive ends with Russell being sacked with Elvis Dumervill coming hard up the middle.

— Broncos drove 88-yards in 16 plays before settling for an 23-yard Prater field goal. The Raiders are giving way too much ground, doing well enough near the end zone to keep the score from getting even worse.

The 16-play drive took 8:08 off the clock, allowing the defense to stay on the field in the heat while Russell and the offense stay cold on the sideline.

Broncos have outrushed the Raiders 196-63 with 11:57 left in the game.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    raideralex99 Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 7:38 pm
    Start Gradkowski … he threw 2 passes and wow he completed 2 passes.
    Those of you clowns who are making excuses for JR grow a brain.
    Today Jones could not run against the Titans defense BUT Sanchez came through with some nice throws and won the game. What has JaMarcus done … he makes the whole team looks bad and I bet the defense it tried of it and they are giving up and I can’t blame them with JR at QB. What’s the point 3 and out and we’re back on the field. Seriously JR is too dumb to play QB … he has no ideal how to read a defense.
    If its to that pointof playing Gratkowski…the season is OVER! Take a look at that guys history. What makes you think watching a Sunday afternoon game with that marginal player at QB would be worthwhile.

    They have to live with Russell. That’s the ONLY choice. If Russell can’t get it….the Raiders have to go sign Rex Grossman or JP Losman and hope they can reignite something with them.

    Frye and Gradkowski is not worth watching at all!!!!

  • Random Drug Tester

    Janormus Russell is no picnic to watch either!

  • 23 run attempts, 3 of them Russell, which means we called 20 running plays. Our strength is our running game, and we run the ball 20 times. Cable loves the run, pounded the rock two weeks straight. And you guys want me to believe it was his idea to put the game in Russell’s hands? Al Davis sure has left his mark this week, hasn’t he? First by unnecessarily making a mountain out of a mole hill with Gannon, then by tinkering with the game plan. Al is a cancer. A cancer, a cancer, a cancer.

  • Charlie

    I have seen way to many QB’s flourish after being given up on. JR is a raw talent but he has made plays in the past.

    My guess is that Cable has overestimated the talent on his Oline and as a result has designed an offensive scheme that is not effective.

    We will need to scale back and focus on what we did towards the end of last season.
    The Oline dicates what we can and can not do on offense.
    Yes the QB and the skill guys are factors but everything starts with the line.

  • Dude


    To say Denver is a bad team makes you look so stupid its almost funny. They are 3-0. They play good D. They run the ball. They have a competent QB. Are they a good team? Ehh..prob not. But a bad one? No way. Whats wrong with you?

  • SnB…

    I agree with you about Russell. They have to stick with Russell this season if they have any hope of getting a return on their investment in him.

    However, I believe this will be Russell’s last year as a starter for Oakland.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Random Drug Tester,

    Yeah, Russell is not very good right now. But still, his potential is better than Frye and Gratkowski.

    Part of the reason we are in this mess is glorifying marginal football players like Frye and Gradkowski.

    You are not going to win with those guys either and they have no upside.

    Practically speaking….you have to roll with Russell for this year..boom or BUST. Playing those other guys is like playing Vince Evans or Donald Hollas.

    I am being very practical as I sober up.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Dude Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    To say Denver is a bad team makes you look so stupid its almost funny. They are 3-0. They play good D. They run the ball. They have a competent QB. Are they a good team? Ehh..prob not. But a bad one? No way. Whats wrong with you?
    Fine Dude. You win!

  • Random Drug Tester

    first QB since Sonny Jurgensen to have cellulite…and I’m only guessing that Sonny had some cuz he was so big (and old)

  • Random Drug Tester

    We need…

    1) a MLB
    2) a RT
    3) a DT

    Then a QB who completes 50% of his passes on a “bad” day.

    And Michael Bush to be the #1 RB.

    Wouldn’t mind trashing the ZBS either…only lousy Olinemen can play it.

  • 4evaRaider

    just in case “anyone”missed it

    4evaRaider Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 7:19 pm
    Of course the ultimate scorn or joy will always be directed at Big Al,as should be because…

    Some in here astound me with all the vitriol.Dont they understand that Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders Organization are one and the same.

    In the recent fiasco with Gannon some are saying Al is a hypocrite by saying Gannon is being “dis-loyal” after the org gave him a chance 2 become what was always there,a fierce crazed competitor but he been around a long time.Anyway,4 Big Al’s comment about said disloyalty now some are saying Big Al is a hypocrite because they say he was dis-loyal 2 Wayne Valley.There could be NOTHING further from the truth…
    I’m totally with Brien on this one…If the suckass aint rockin it right TAKE IT.Valley wore the Oakland Raiders Org. on his pinkie-finger,like a pinkie-ring,some sort of bling 2 show off 2 the world how incredibly bright fate has shone down on him.Sure he earned it ,but in another field other than foot-ball.
    Well Al Davis was and still is an X’s and O’s guy.Al Davis knew that 2 make da Raiders everything he thought they could be,he had 2 take it.It’s not the statement Big Al was dis-loyal 2 Valley,BigAl’s loyalty was 2 The Oakland Raiders Org.If you were standing in the way no matter who you were,you were gonna get moved out of the way.Big Al knew he had to eat it,breath it,live it and BECOME ONE with da Raiders and Valley wasnt up 2 it.Big Al was NEVER dis-loyal 2 Valley,he had 1 loyalty and dat was da Raiders.The ends justify the means in this one.Al Davis saw what he had 2do and BY GAWD HE DID IT.And guess what??? the 50 years da Raiders been playing,about 40 of those years we always had a chance.40 years out of 50 years…I will take that EVERY time.Would’ve won more but the in-accurate rec….the tuck and countless other BS.The people who say Big Al is a hypocrite have no understanding the colossal undertaking Al took on.

    Al Davis was NEVER dis-loyal 2 Valley.Al Davis did the world a favor just by his vision.Anybody that cant see forest through the trees says Big Al is this and that whenin actuality Al Davis and da Oakland Raiders ORG.is one and the same…dis-Al,dis-da Raiders.They’re not joined at the hip,they’re joined at the life.AND all this time AL Davis was and still is right.40 years outta 50 years SAYS SO

  • new englandraider

    i agree dmac has poor footing every home game. has anyone told him oakland is below sea level. he is constantly slipping. dont try to make an adjustment dmac, just keep on slipping. gd fool

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    MTraidernation Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    does it make anyone else angry we could have joe flacco, trent edwards or andrew walter throwing balls to calvin johnson?? those three guys are roughly the same QB as jruss, and we coulda had two of em!! PLUS a #1 WR in johnson.
    Not really. Because its deeper than draft picks. Its the way the Raiders are running themselves. Those other guys would be going through the same stuff with our antique offense and DMAC in the backfield slipping, sliding and fumbling all over the place. Not to mention the coaching changes and everything else.

    This team hasn’t developed its own QB in over 30 yrs….Something else is deeply wrong here!

  • Al Davis’s new name is CANCER. Cancer Davis. I will never all him Al, or certainly not the hideous “Mr. Davis”, ever again. Cancer Davis. Fitting.

  • Thec07

    Reading these blog entries is way better than TV….


    trade russell for vince young if they’ll fall for it

    i’d rather have a head case than an all out bust


    AL DAVIS HATES US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bombs4ya

    can somebody say blitz !
    nice to hear c.johnson keep it real and talk about the play calling ! when the jackasses marched down the field on their first possesion, then the next blitzing should have came to mind . can’t brlieve that sucker kyle horton came in our house and beat us . but when you have all day to throw……

    another observation…
    we are s’posed to be a run first team yet even in the preseason we were passing more then running and it seems like our o-line are’nt opening the holes 4 our backs to hve huge gains and set the tempo during the game.



    It’s sticking.

  • new englandraider

    lmfao lockomotive

  • Random Drug Tester

    if they fall for it lol

    (my getting posts through word-press percentage is par with Janormus’s completion rate)





  • Random Drug Tester

    If I was of the same opinion as MR, I would say that Al Davis is calling the config on this server…it’s worse than lousy.

  • new englandraider

    we need to throw some wr screens

  • Sir Dennis Eeatin-Hog

    I can understand after a 3-fumble game the hate going on for DMac, but why the lovefest for Bush? Many of you are calling for Bush to get 25 carries … really? Through 3 games, DMAC is averaging 13.6 carries per game while Bush is averaging 9.0, and both backs are averaging 2 receptions per game … seems to me the workload has been fairly even with a slight edge to DMAC.

    No question, 4 fumbles (2 lost) in 3 games is unaccapetable. But until DMAC is averaging 22-25 touches a game, the Raiders offense will continue to struggle to score. Bush is a nice back, but he is not a gamebreaker. DMAC must correct the fumblitis, but he ran hard and well today (15 yards on one carry, 10 on another, 5 on another, 5 on another, 4 or on another). Two of his fumbles cost him another 8 yards, so he gained a total of 53 yards on 12 carries not counting the lost yardage on fumbles.

    Didn’t DMAC break a tackle on a swing pass out of the backfield and pick up a first-down on a nice 7-yard gain? Didn’t he run physically in the red zone on consecutive plays before the lost fumble?

    I think JR has shown he is a bust. DMAC had a bad game, but he is no bust. And Bush certainly has not proven to be a more effective RB than McFadden.



  • MTraidernation

    you know what else REALLY pisses me off?? when all the al backers say ” NO ONE wants to win more than al davis.” REALLY?! well, he doesn’t want to win THAT badly. if he did he’d probably consider changing his circa-1976 defense AND build a new stadium. REAL winners do whatever it takes to get to the next level. winners are progressive and proactive. al davis will never change, and thus, our raiders will continue to be a bottom feeder.

    al davis is like a really fat guy who really wants to lose weight but refuses to stop eating mcdonald’s. he’s completely insane!!

    i’m with rich gannon. let’s blow it up, and start over.

  • MTraidernation

    has anyone seen the movie v for vendetta?? al davis is the chancellor from the movie.

    we need a revolution!!

    remember, remember the 5th of november…

  • bombs4ya

    cable’s offense is becoming predictable, we need an offensive coordinator. we needs a real qb coach paul hackett sucks. russell has alot to learn. haven’t gave up on him yet but if we don’t get help for him h’s this close to being another marc wilson or jay scheoder, we have to force his hand make him accountable make this sucker look at pictures and talk to coaches on the sideline. make him work .

  • bombs4ya

    let’s not forget we are a work in progress imagine if we did’t have seymore. hopefully we wn’t drive him away and get a stud dt in the draft. a stud mlb , couple of o-linemen and a good veteran qb or another qb period . damn it’s week 3 and already talking draft…. not good but keepin it real

    just in case one of these lines miss
    these bombs just
    keep coming at ya !

  • drray

    My prescription for short term improvement (things that can actually be changed) : team needs to get everyone to do iyengar yoga every morning and to take megadoses of fish oil at night: plus no more binge drinking

  • odogg

    life long raider fan that has had enough not a raider fan until al davis is dead will be back when the coach’s will actually be able to coach with modern schemes THE GAME HAS PASSED YOU BY MR.DAVIS LET THE COACH’S COACH THEIR STYLE LET THEM USE THE PERSONEL IN A WAY THAT’LL BENEFIT THE TEAM NFL PLAYERS ARE TO GOOD NOW,PLAYERS CAN NOT BE DOMINATED MAN TO MAN LIKE YOU SEEM TO THINK!

  • doriangray

    who else wanted j russ to get hurt when he scrambled late ?

  • doriangray

    the o line has played well all season. dont need studs on o line i believe, well maybe left tackle. def . left tackle. dis team is a good quarterback and a bad azz safety & a possession reciever away from being super bowl good.

  • djohnnyg

    That fumble on the six yard line by D-Mac looked like he’s being paid off to take a dive. Why did he let it go? It looked like he did it on purpose.

    Why are we supposed to accept the premise that the Raiders players are supposed to take soooooooo long to develop? Flacco, Ryan, Sanchez? D-Mac isn’t even the best player coming out of his own backfield at Arkansas. I’d take Felix Jones straight up any freakin’ day and twice on Sunday.

    It’s only week 3 but it already feels like the season is over. You get the vibe that the team has already quit.

    I’m so sick of constantly losing, and losing and losing and losing.

    I have lost all hope for the Raiders EVER.

    You can’t win with an 80 yr. old dumbass as your head coach and general manager. A smart 80 yr. old…maybe…but not this delusional has been.

    I’m sick of all the talk about greatness, and “we’re gonna win” garbage. Dammit let’s start doing it for God’s sake and quit this constant drubbing.

    All this good talent and it’s always wasted because of that psychopath who runs everything.

    I’ve lost all faith in Al Davis. ‘just win baby’???? Okay…then start doing it and quit talking about the distant past.

    Al is just looking sillier and sillier (if that’s possible). He should realize that he is the one ruining his own legacy that he tries to protect so much.

    If I could, I would cease being a fan of this freaking joke of a franchise. It is just a drab, lifeless, waste of football with no hope whatsoever of getting better.

    Now I agree with the media. I used to hate the media for the joking they would send the Raiders way, but you know what? I agree with every one of them, because this franchise is the biggest waste of talent in sports and is being led by a psychopathic, senile, LOSER. And he IS a loser becuz all his franchise does is LOSE, and I really have had enough.

  • chucka1122

    It is almost time to consider a change at QB. JRuss is so inaccurate, it is hard to watch. The 0-line cannot hold their blocks, and what I said about DHB is all coming out before your very eyes. DHB is so raw, he should not be in the game. His hands are like bricks, he cannot catch the ball. Murphy has outplayed DHB 10 fold.
    It is frustrating to watch the Raiders leave the running game. DMac fumbles 3 times, all I can say is what a poor performance in front of the home crowd…

    Go Raiders…

  • lwshooter

    Is it bad that I was hoping that the Broncos would take JRUSS out. I would rather lose with a second string QB that to see all that money wasted on someone that can’t even command respect. By the way it wouldn’t hurt getting a season receiver out there to show these punks what real football is all about. Is Harrison still available? I remember the old raiders used to always pick up the haz benz, on their way out players to build a team with, UMMMM Plunket?

  • wswalnutraider

    I was at the raider game and JR was booeed the entire game. At one point the entire stadium (only 45000, embarrasing) chanted Russell Sucks!! F that thief, taking all our money like that and not producing s$$t. Yea OUR money, WE buy the gear and tickets!! If he starts next week I am dumping the raiders for the rest of the year. Hayward Bey is probably also gonna be a bust, but I’ll give him a few more chances..