First quarter: Broncos 10, Raiders 0



Den _ Brandon Marshall 2-yard pass from Kyle Orton (Matt Prater kicks PAT), 2:07

Den_Prater 48-yard field goal, :00


— The Raiders held the Broncos following JaMarcus Russell’s second interception, forcing a 48-yard field goal attempt by Prater which was good.

— The Raiders got a first down on a 15-yard run by Darren McFadden, a minor bit of momentum which was crushed when Russell threw a pass well over the head of Darrius Heyward-Bey and into the arms of Andre Goodman, who returned it 30 yards.

Very heavy booing. Assuming it’s directed at Russell instead of offense in general. Raiders defense will wear out at this pace.

— Russell’s deep third-down pass out of his own end zone is intercepted by Renldo Hill after Darrius Heyward-Bey gets his feet tangled with a defender. Officials say no foul by rule.

— The interception _ not Russell’s fault, really _ sets up a short-field 23-yard touchdown drive with Orton finding Marshall in the end zone for a touchdown. Marshall brushed off Kirk Morrison, found an open area and Orton found him for the touchdown.

— Following the Raiders three-and-out, the Broncos drove to the Raiders 1-yard line and were rejected on a goal line stand, with Jordan being stuffed on fourth-and-goal. Orton completed all three of his passes for 39 yards. Buckhalter had 19 yards rushing, Moreno 12.

— As the Raiders introduced their defense (a good idea, considering the greeting the offense might have received), there appeared to only slightly fewer fans than in your garden variety preseason game.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Random Drug Tester

    Morrison isn’t helping us either

  • Raiders look really lost right now on defense. They have no answer for guys coming across the middle.

  • jhill

    See …

    It’s not that hard!

    Find a way to get a mismatch on the LBs and take that mismatch all the way down the field!

    Where is the play calling that is getting DMac, DHB, and Murphy matched up against a LB or a S?

    Let me just put it this way, if you were calling the plays, would we be seeing the same thing?

    At this point, I am all for Gradkowski or Frye because at least we MIGHT get all this down the field crap out of here!

  • Kush

    Russell sucks. He must go.

  • raiderindavalley

    holland sucks as a returner

  • Terrapin

    JHill – Those picks were neither DHB or JRs fault. The refs blow the calls. He got tripped on the 1st and a defender picked off his route on the 2nd. Both no calls and ended up as t.o.s

  • Raiders need the Rod Woodson 100 yard pick

  • Bundyism

    The Raiders do not Blitz.. and the team picks them apart with crossing routes.. and RB dumps in the flats it has happened every week…

  • 3rd and goal

  • There’s your blitz

  • Random Drug Tester

    interception – fumble – QB sack please

  • 13-3 Denver

    Russell spots them 7 or it would be 6-3

  • Huff huff huff

  • RaidingTexas

    Take away another completion from Russell. LOL

  • elguapo2010

    that dude clearly had his foot one the line! I’m not Stevie Wonder! lol!

  • jhill

    Why can’t we get our playmakers the ball quickly and let them do damage after the catch?

    Why does the THROW have to be 20-40 yds every time?

    Where are the body blows? Why all the hay makers?!?!?!?

  • No urgency from Raiders so now they have to try a long FG if the review goes their way.

  • Fans are booooooooing as teams leave the field

  • jhill


    JRuss has 4 incompletions …


    Lawton dropped one ball, and 2 DHB plays that were either on DHB or the refs.

    Yet JRuss is the problem?

    How about this vaunted defense looking like last years D?


  • RaiderSam

    Yeah, its not looking good for next week, either. After the McFadden turnover, Buckhalter goes for 7 yds, and the defense isnt getting any motivation….2007-08 offense all over again.

  • RaiderSam

    Starting to think that Garcia release wasnt good….