Halftime: Broncos 13, Raiders 3



Oak_Sebastian Janikowski 48-yard field goal, 6:37

Den_Matt Prater 21-yard field goal, 1:09


— The Raiders lost a shot at a 61-yard field goal attempt at the end of the half when replay officials ruled (correctly, it appears) that Zach Miller had one foot on the sideline when he caught a 28-yard pass from JaMarcus Russell.

— Denver drove 76 yards but had to settle for Prater’s 21-yard field goal when Michael Huff broke up a thrid-and-goal pass to Eddie Royal at the goal line.

The Broncos had a first down at the 3, but Richard Seymour stuffed Knowshon Moreno for no gain on first down, with Kyle Orton throwing incomplete to Peyton Hills with Tyron Branch in coverage on second down.

Leading up to the stand, the Raiders were far too forgiving in the middle, with Jabar Gaffney catching 15- and 14-yard passes from Orton.

— Russell had completions of 18 yards to Louis Murphy for a first down and a 12-yard pass to Zach Miller on third-and-16 which was enough to set up Janikowski for a 48-yard field goal.

Raiders did some good things with the run, but lost momentum when a McFadden fumble resulted in a six-yard loss, with Miller recovering.

— Jonathan Holland stuffed at his own 14-yard line. Offensive booed as it takes the field.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • boooooo

  • lefty12

    hey Jerry,as a reporter and supposedly neutral observer,why didn’t you mention the illegal contact on DHB on the 2nd int.?

  • JT

    Stop blaming the refs

    Acept responsibility for a bad raider team, mostly at the QB position…

    They should go back to running the ball, where is the vaunted zone blocking system…

  • elguapo2010

    Jamarcus is a bust!

  • Raiders4eve

    JR sucks, Huff, Murphy, Dmc, Bush, are lookin good, we need Grow or frye in this game otherwise another high pick can I start saying draft coy Mcoy

  • Terrapin

    I know many here are upset but that score should be 3-3 or Raiders up.

    The refs really screwed DHB on some calls. And its making both him and JR look bad.

  • raideralex99

    Seriously people … how long can JaMarcus last?

  • Lions get the win despite Campbell throwing for 340 yards and 2 scores. Had a pick as well though.


    dhb and russell look really bad hope japoatroast can step it up.

    why are we throwing on 1st down after a couple of good runs that interception should not have been available to denver until 3rd down.

    stupid jabigmac

  • steveandblack

    what a joke… Raiders better come out swinging in the 2nd half

  • Terrapin

    I don’t think DHB literally stopped his route at all …he made a leaping attempt at the ball.

    But it was clear as day the defender made illegal contact and stopped his momentum coming out the break. I believe its all related. JR already was releasing the ball and DHB couldn’t get to it as a result.



    The refs are making JR look bad?!
    He’s been doing that all by himself.
    Since the two picks he’s been better but the play calling is limited to what he can do and that hurts us as well.

  • Richochet

    ugly..just butt ugly.
    Russell is toast. His body language shows it. His play shows it. His demeanor shows it.
    Bey? 2 1/2 games, 1 catch. Will have been paid 1,200,000 by manana AM. do the math.
    Cable? I have seen tree stumps that have shown more promise, and certainly appear brighter.
    Defense is getting shredded to the tune of almost 200 yds by the half.
    McFumble? Well…TWO fumbles, lol. And one run for 15 yds..and SIX MORE RUNS FOR SIX YARDS.

    Wait. It’s not ALL negative.

    Seems to be a smashing day near the bay 🙂

  • The Seahawks jerseys are the ugliest things I have ever seen.

  • jhill

    So I guess we can disect Russell’s FOUR incompletions.

    1 drop by Lawton.

    1 incompetion to Miller who didn’t get his foot down.

    And 2 passes thrown to DHB that were picked.

    The first pass that was picked, DHB was clearly bumped and fell to the ground.

    The second pass that was picked, DHB came out of the route and sat down. Terrapin argues that DHB was picked. JRuss led him coming out of a cut, and he stopped.

    Lefty, you really didn’t come with the are you watching the game cliche, did you?

  • JT

    Rusell get ready to be named a bust around all the NFL only not in this raider nation blog, where a lot of fans still suppport Rusell at Qb…

  • neilb

    Raider75…..you haven’t seen the Newcastle Utd away shirt have you ?

  • BDAtlanta

    We have to get Mitchell more snaps!!!!

  • Jerrys hating on mcfumble on twitter


    Man, I watched the last quarter of the GB/Niners game.
    On the last drive Favre takes ’em 80 yards with no time outs and that last pass!!

  • Richochet

    Terrapin Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 2:42 pm
    I know many here are upset but that score should be 3-3 or Raiders up.

    The refs really screwed DHB on some calls. And its making both him and JR look bad.
    Dude, grab a lollipop, and quit drinking the kool aid.

    At what point to you face the obvious?
    At what point do you cut your losses?

    When drafting, you draft what you hope will turn out to be a star.
    Drafting isn’t a science. Sometimes you get a star, sometimes you get the “black hole” (pun intended 😉 )
    In this case, you got the abyss, looking up at the black hole.

    Just wave goodbye. JR’s ship has sailed, and it appears he’s rudderless.

  • # neilb Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Raider75…..you haven’t seen the Newcastle Utd away shirt have you ?

    I guess not. I know I’m almost blind from the few clips at the half from Seattle. That and those Russell picks have given me a massive headache. lol

  • tazZraider

    hey yall that int by russell you say dhb tripped? It don’t matter he threw it into double cov. and we should ran it. just disgusting so far and we need a huge revival in the 2nd half.

  • Shawnraiders81

    1) The defense is the only thing keeping us in the game.

    2) JaMarcus sucks, not smart, can’t change a play = to simple of an offense. If we had a pro bowl QB we win AFC west hands down.

    Al Davis should beg Rich Gannon out of the booth, I don’t care how mad the old man is. Gannon will be better than Russell when he is 85 years old.

  • Terrapin

    These LBs suck.

  • neilb

    England…….with less than 2 mins on the clock ! Watched most of it …great game.

  • neilb

    I’ll bet Roch wished he stayed in Canada.

  • Richochet

    steveandblack Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 2:45 pm
    what a joke… Raiders better come out swinging in the 2nd half
    they probably will..
    strike one..strike two…STRIKE THREE…YOU’RE OUTTA THERE!!.

    oh wait..this isn’t baseball.

    No wonder JR keeps confusing the “swing away” with “give it away”

  • elguapo2010

    Dear Al,

    Please put grass on the infield turf, it looks ridicoulous.

  • Raider Fan in NYC

    why does every route run by our completely inexperienced receiver corp go beyond 15 years? what happened to outs, slants, button hooks?

  • neilb
  • hey I just lost the game?? any1 got a link

  • thanx judge

  • Raiders come out looking like they have made no adjustments on Defense.

  • Shawnraiders81

    Dear Al,

    Please treat great players good aka……

    1) Rich Gannon.

    2) Marcus Allen.

    3) Tim Brown.

  • tazZraider

    cowher next year and new d coordinator.i don’t care play calling by cable is terrible and irks me and marshall sucks at play calling. they stayin away from aso and c.johnson and attacking the middle. we should be takin advantage but no.

  • Florida Pete

    keep running it…

  • RaidingTexas

    Seymour is now an official Raider.

  • elguapo2010

    screw the Raiders it’s all about the Raiderettes!

  • The Judge
  • raideralex99

    Are we up 10,001 excuses for JaMarcus.

  • Shawnraiders81

    We suck again…….

    Common denominator = Al Davis & John Hererra.

  • RaidingTexas

    I’m outta here. Still some daylight left. No reason to waste it indoors watching this crap.

  • The Judge

    Now we cannot stop the run

  • jhill

    The play calling is limited to what he can do?


    All JRuss can do is drop back and throw the ball 15-20 yds down the field?

    Cable trust him to read a deep route, but not a short crossing or slant route?

    Give me a F’n break!

    Cable is clueless!

    DHB is a long way away!

    McFumble is KILLING US! MNF and now again!

    This offense is a mess!

  • BDAtlanta

    Farve will be tired out by November. Dude has no stamina left.

  • JT

    Al Davis
    You Sir, are done for the year.

  • raiderindavalley

    well were done for today

  • Terrapin

    LBs ..where are they?

  • JT

    The Broncos will cover the spread, they went from being a underdog +2, to a favorite -2.

    Smart money was on Oakland, so I took the broncos and will now collect my earnings.