Third quarter: Broncos 20, Raiders 3



Den_Knowshon Moreno 7-yard run (Matt Prater kicks PAT), 10:57


— Denver was at the Oakland 27 following a 23-yard third down pass from Kyle Orton to Brandon Marshall and a 5-yard run by Knowshon Moreno, threatening to put the game out of reach.

The Raiders gave up a first down on a pass interference penalty on Chris Johnson _ with Jabar Gaffney asking for and receiving a late flag.

Denver has rushed for 189 yards in three quarters and and could put both Correll Buckhalter (91 yards) and Knowshon Moreno (89) over 100.

— Gerard Warren stripped Buckhalter with Mike Mitchell recovering to give the Raiders a first-and-goal at the 16 and get off the deck.

McFadden squandered the gift with his third fumble, this one recovered by Brian Dawkins at the 6-yard line.

— The Raiders got as far as the Denver 45 with the help of a fourth-down offsides penalty on the Broncos, but their passing game failed them again.

Russell misfired toward Zach Miller on first down, McFadden was stacked up for no gain on a toss sweep to the right on second down, and Russell as sacked on third-and-10 despite having ample time to throw.

— Moreno capped an 80-yard, eight-play drive with his TD run, a drive in which the Raiders needed to set the tone and instead got pushed around.

Buckhalter had a 23-yard run and the Raiders contributed to their own demise when Richard Seymour drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty, pushing Ryan Clady back and then continuing to mix it up well after the whistle.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • sup Vegas?………… arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Im so disappointed with this team

  • ragin

    Damn glad i didnt go to this game…

  • 3 fumbles on 11 carries, LOL!!!

    Over a fumble a game for his career.

    Start Bush, Fargas and Rankin as a backup, and D-Mac return KO’s and be a 3rd down back. He is not an everydown back, the sooner Cable realizes it the better.

  • Raider Fan in NYC

    El tato, its bc our franchise lacks continuity and our owner undermines coaches. How do you expect young players to develop in an environment like that? These guys aren’t all this bad but they come in they lose they see how things are run and they become jaded and stop caring.

  • 408,

    What’s happening brother!!! This is fun isn’t it??

    The D deserves better. That goalline stand was great, and than an int….argghhhhh

  • Dmac2008

    Russell is a bust..

  • Dakota

    ur boy mcfumble blows a$$….

  • raideralex99

    It amazes me that all the top QBs picked in the last 2 years are 10X better than JaMarcus … wow even Stafford won with a crappy team. Sanchez 3-0, Flacco 3-0. At some point JaMarcus has to make something out of nothing and this clown can’t do anything.

    PLEASE stop with the Cable bad playcalling … your fricken QB still can’t learn the whole playbook after 3 years.

  • Less than 4 yards an attempt, lol!!!!

    Way to stretch the field, I’m sure DHB did a great job again pulling over the safery, lol

  • Vegas

    got smashed in fantasy by RaiderMight and then this BS… Thank goodness 4 Patron…

  • Scottish Raider

    Vegas, Cable is a puppet. He doesn’t make the decisions. Davis drafts the players. Davis signs the FAs. Davis names the starters. Davis calls the plays. Cable is just the sap who takes the abuse. The Raiders will only return to respectability when Davis goes. And I don’t care whether he sells, retires or dies. Just as long as he goes…and soon.

  • Terrapin

    Some of Cables calls are to protect the defense. He has to keep the O on the field longer so you get a few runs. But now it doesn’t matter.


    Russell is 10/16 for 65 yards and two picks.
    That makes it hard for the running game.
    The plays that Cable is calling are dictated by what Russell can play-until he masters the playbook.
    We should live so long.

  • Dmac20

    this is embarassing… I don’t care how much you pay a man, because at the end of the day you pay these players to win. I say sit russel and start bush. All players on this team earn a check, so if they can help play them. Gradkowski and bush.

  • MaximusRaiderus

    NOBODY LIKES # 2!!!!!!!!!! ITS A FLUSSIE!!!!!!

  • lefty12

    some of you can keep your blinders on,but we have the WORST QB in the NFL.we have a bust at RB,although his fumbling problem can be fixed.the sad part is when they were both drafted,they were considered wise picks.

  • Crimedog

    How much does Russell make this year? When is his guaranteed money going to run out?


    When it comes to our defense in this game, they are worn out-they were last week with Russell’s nine three and outs with five in a row and they are again this week.
    The presence of Russell is handicapping the offense and the defense.

  • Retire_AD

    Did I hear the fans chanting “Russell Sucks”?

  • Scottish Raider

    Al Davis: Talent Spotter?

    2006: Michael Huff – Bust (despite last week)
    2007: JaMarcus Russell – Bust
    2008: Darren McFadden – Bust
    2009: Darrius Heywood-Bey – Certain Bust

    Al Davis: The worst GM in NFL history.

  • even good teams cant win with 5 turnovers


    The quarterbacks on the bench are only average but average would be a freaking relief right now.
    Sit him down and let someone else play.

  • Ryan

    I give Russell one more chance when Chaz gets back. If Russell can’t step up with his other security blanket, then Russell needs to sit down the rest of the year.


    Six Losing Seasons, WORKIN ON 7


    Yes you heard the fans chanting Russell sucks and I was chanting it right along with ’em.

  • olskoolraiderfan

    Russel doesn’t care – he got 30 million guaranteed money – what does he care about being a decent QB. He’s robbing the Raiders.

    We deserve every loss…

  • ragin

    man i tried to defend russell but crap us crap….he sux

  • jhill

    The ENTIRE offense is a mess!

    2 Rookie WRs! DHB is NOT getting it done. Make excuses for him if you want, but Britt, Harvin, and plenty of other rookie WRs are doing WAY more. Heck, even Murphy!

    Oline! Henderson and Gallery are probably the 2 guys who could start for another team. Pears, Morris, Carlisle, and Green should all be backups or out of the league.

    Scheme! 2 and 3 receiver routes where both WRs go 10 plus yds down the field and th TE is doubled.

    QB! No leadership or recognition to AUDIBLE to slant or crossing routes. Just bad play all around!

    RB issues! Bush should clearly be starting and getting 20-25 carries a game. McFadden is not getting it done!

    The ENTIRE offense is a joke and that is on Cable!

    I bet you McDaniels would use McFadden, Bush, and Russell completely different that what we are seeing today.

    Outcoached, AGAIN !!!!!!

  • Raider Fan in NYC

    Trade for david carr from the Giants. He is a game manager which is a massive upgrade at this point, he is also relatively young and looked good this preseason.

  • lefty12

    2nd half-Russell3for 8 for 1 yd.i hear you Jhill,he isn’t a problem.open your eyes!!!!

  • ragin

    blow up the house!

  • JB

    According to the Red Zone commentator “Russell not safe for television viewing. I guess he knows what we know. He’s JaAwfull.

  • tazZraider

    russell and cable lost us the game. don’t care what nobody says.

  • JB

    Get Walter back. He played better that Russell is right now and he had no line, receivers or RB’s. Say what you want about Walter but he did have a strong accurate arm. And, he was bright enough to learn all of the playbook.

    Gannon made the observation that Russells audible aren’t they are fake calls. that probably because he’s not allowed yet to call real changes.

    JaDumbSchit is a dagger is the a$$ of progress.

  • olskoolraiderfan

    Where are all the Russell lovers at?

  • I hope Al can hear the boos…..


  • IndianaRaider

    Bring back Andrew Walter, at least he was accurate, lol

  • ragin

    Damn he got up!

  • elguapo2010

    raiders half 29 yards of total offense in the 2nd half. Nice! Thats awesome! Outstanding!

  • ragin

    Again he got up! Damn

  • give fargas D-mac carries

  • lefty12

    how long will we have to put up with clown?who will ever buy a ticket to see the fat blob play?Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pdr

    Shane Lechler: 190 NET yards punting.

    Jamarcus Russell: 67 TOTAL yards passing.

    Jarmarcus needs to be benched.

  • I Love McClown

    Russell makes me miss McClown. At least he had heart.

  • ragin

    These linebackers look like mamas boys….need some criminals in there

  • I don’t quit watching Raider games too often but this is one of them. MCFADDEN IS A BUST!

  • bigblu

    This was painful to watch..living in canada we Raider fans get few Games ..I like the idea of getting ” Chucky” back !