Third quarter: Broncos 20, Raiders 3



Den_Knowshon Moreno 7-yard run (Matt Prater kicks PAT), 10:57


— Denver was at the Oakland 27 following a 23-yard third down pass from Kyle Orton to Brandon Marshall and a 5-yard run by Knowshon Moreno, threatening to put the game out of reach.

The Raiders gave up a first down on a pass interference penalty on Chris Johnson _ with Jabar Gaffney asking for and receiving a late flag.

Denver has rushed for 189 yards in three quarters and and could put both Correll Buckhalter (91 yards) and Knowshon Moreno (89) over 100.

— Gerard Warren stripped Buckhalter with Mike Mitchell recovering to give the Raiders a first-and-goal at the 16 and get off the deck.

McFadden squandered the gift with his third fumble, this one recovered by Brian Dawkins at the 6-yard line.

— The Raiders got as far as the Denver 45 with the help of a fourth-down offsides penalty on the Broncos, but their passing game failed them again.

Russell misfired toward Zach Miller on first down, McFadden was stacked up for no gain on a toss sweep to the right on second down, and Russell as sacked on third-and-10 despite having ample time to throw.

— Moreno capped an 80-yard, eight-play drive with his TD run, a drive in which the Raiders needed to set the tone and instead got pushed around.

Buckhalter had a 23-yard run and the Raiders contributed to their own demise when Richard Seymour drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty, pushing Ryan Clady back and then continuing to mix it up well after the whistle.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Mike Mitchell will have a better career than D-Mac and Russell.

    D-Mac sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has he ever broke more than one tackle on a run? And he is now averaging more than 1 fumble per game.

    I’d rather have Fargas.

  • Has D-mac ever had a run where you said, “That’s why he was the #4 pick”?

    Nothing close to that moment.

  • DarthPirate

    McFadden is pathetic.

  • It’s official — McFadden is McStinko.

  • Terrapin

    These LBs are a joke. They are non-existent …doing nada all game! Denver is running all over them.

  • IndianaRaider


  • Scottish Raider

    At least Kiff and the Vols won yesterday.

  • Mcfumble is a wuss

  • Terrapin

    There’s nothing wrong with Russell. Those 2 picks were bad no calls by the refs (at least 1 of them, the pick route on DHB).

    DMC’s fumble killed us. Put the nail in the coffin.

    The LBs are pathetic. You can’t expect the Dline/Corners/Safeties to make ALL the stops! (Dline has being doing much either though)

  • IndianaRaider

    How did this team go from the first game of greatness to two weeks of pee wee league style of playing? This team should have easily been 3-0 and caught a luckly star last week to make it 1-2.

  • Scottish Raider

    Cable: Resign.

    Herrera: Reach for the revolver.

    Gannon: Stop laughing.

    Kiffin: Please stop laughing.

    Davis: Just die, baby.

  • CJ Legend 34

    Man I hate to say it but this is really not a good team, bottom line.

    Our offense is terrible. The Lions are playing better than we are this year. At least the lost there first couple of games to respectable teams.

  • Nice call by Cable in the first quarter. We got the goalline stop, crowd is hyped……..and he calls two straight passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raider91

    Tim Tebow? Sam Bradford? anyone?

  • Ok we need 3 td’s… Pfft!!!

  • CJ Legend 34

    Man this is a bad Rader team.

    They are continuing the legacy all right.

    DMAC and Russel are terrible.


  • Russell, D-Mac and DHB

    The anti-triplets.

    I have more confidence in Russell than the other two.

  • jhill

    Ok, Lefty …

    I just think a lot of you guys are setting yourselves up for an even bigger disappointment if you simply think that changing the QB makes this team any different.

    We still have McFadden fumbling away the MNF game, and this game. We still have a DC isn’t looking much different that Ryan. We still have a rookie WR who you want to give all the excuses in the world for.

    Forcing it into double coverage? LOL, there are only 3 receivers out in the pattern. Miller is doubled, and the other 2 guys are rookie WRs!

    This is too funny! Bring on Gradkowski!

    Heck, let’s go for a high draft pick!

  • DarthPirate

    Screw McFadden. What a pathetic player.

  • Dmac2008

    This team is terrible… Russell is a BUST no BS.

  • ragin

    Damn these linebackers suck

  • lefty12

    quit blaming Cable.he coaches a supposedly professional team.are you people saying he shouldn’t call passing plays?he tried to run and your great RB,McFumble,put the ball on the ground 3 times.this isn’t high school were you can just run every down,you have to be able to pass the ball.

  • At the #4 pick McFadden is a bust!

  • Who wants to buy my JR Jersey? It’s new! 1/2 price!

  • Raider Fan in NYC

    theyre saying booo-urns. This game/team/coaching staff/owner is an embarassment.

  • Dmac2008

    This team is terrible. Russell is a bust. End of story.

  • JerrymcdWoman flings drink at police escorting man from stadium. She’s rewarded with handcuffs. Who throws away 10-dollar beers?



  • JB


    Russell 10/16 61 yds. 2 int Call me JaAwful.

  • IndianaRaider

    How much longer will they go until they pull Russell? You can’t seriously put the season on the line with this crap much longer.

  • GalacticGus

    mcfadden sucks

    if this keeps up.. we need a new Qb and Gruden.. shoot bring Gannon out of retirement

  • ragin

    I can’t take this anymore….it’s painful

  • McFadden sux!

  • same ol ish!! 🙁

  • ragin

    High school offense….

  • raider91

    Promote Rankin, McFadden to practice squad.

  • jhill

    So you like those 2 running plays Cable called right there Lefty?

    Gimme a break!

    This guy is clearly a puppet for the vertical offense and 4 man line, man to man, pressure defense. Both Al Davis staples. We do not have the All Pro players to play this way, but Cable be damned if he doesn’t go down trying.

  • ragin

    Freakin embarassing

  • Raider Fan in NYC

    broncos L
    texans L
    Giants L
    Eagles L
    Jets L
    Chargers L
    Chiefs W
    Bengals L
    Cowboys L
    Steelers L
    Redskins W
    Broncos L
    Browns W
    Ravens L

    3-13, Well Id say draft bradford but not sure we could afford to and he’d just end up being a bust with 4 coaches in 3 years and a horribly run franchise.

  • Nice block Bush…..way to help out

  • raiderindavalley

    boooooo im out peace

  • Ryan

    Are they yelling BOOOO or BRUUUCE?

  • El Tato

    Why every first round we have suck? We pick every year in the top-10 and we can’t select a Pro Bowl caliber player.

    JaMarcus suck, McFadden is average at best, DHB has 1 catch in 3 games, less than 50 yards receiving in 7 NFL games counting pre-season, Huff average at best, Gallery is a journeyman, Fabe Washington, Derrick Gibson, Napoleon Harris, Janikowski,…

    Only Asomugha and he needed 4 years to play well.

  • MaximusRaiderus

    Garcia sux BUT HE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

  • ragin

    I think I saw mike walsh in the coaches box…

  • raider91


  • JB

    Move DMac to WR permanently. He can’t run effectively between the tackles. He goes down at first touch. Let him be our Brandon Stokley – Slot receiver. Our RB should be Bush, Fargas & Rankin, assuming someone else doesn’t claim him off waivers.

    JaBeefRoll should be put back on the shelf to age more. He’s definitely been served before his time. Our offense, primarily due to JaBeefRoll’s inability to grasp that many concepts, is plain vanilla and totally predictable. Our running game isn’t because they don’t respect our ability to pass. They just stack the box and put the game in JaBeefRoll’s hands where he promptly throws it away. I feel for the Defense. They ought to take Russell out & give him a blanket party. Maybe he would then give a crap.

  • tazZraider

    cable is really startin to piss me off even more. how the bleedin hell does bush only get 4 carries in the game while dmc keeps fumblin? and why does he choose to run the ball now when we should’ve been runnin earlier? hes a joke with his terrible playcalling and you can’t be balanced with the passin o non existent and us not runnin the ball. SUPER MAD RITE NOW!!

  • elguapo2010

    That sack of Jamarcus on the raiders 3 yard line was the most hilarious thing I have seen in my life. That Fatso couldn’t even move.