NFL Network: Hanson talked to police


The NFL Network’s JasonLaCanfora is reporting Randy Hanson has talked to Napa police and named coach Tom Cable as the man who threw the punch.

Attorney John McGuinn, who represents Hanson, called it a “textbook case of felony assault” but didn’t know if and when charges would be filed.

When Cable was asked if he had talked to law enforcement last week, he said he had not.

The Napa police department has not updated its Aug. 21 report on the matter, which occurred Aug. 5 at the Napa Marriott during training camp.

The NFL is waiting for the Napa investigation to run its course before determining if there will be discipline forthcoming from the league.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Jhill I can’t disagree with post #203. The problem is you have to get the new guys up to speed as quickly as possible. You cannot rely on throwing those quick hitches over and over again. I think that is why we are seeing 9-10 guys up. Until Jamarcus can prove he can hit guys consistently down the field, those screens and short passes and runs are not going to be very effective.

  • jhill

    McFadden was flanked ???


    Bottom line is that Bush and McFadden should be on the field together. Figure out a way to get it done, especially since Cable spent all this time getting him ready as a WR.

    Both Bush and McFadden have been solid blocking, so put them in motion, and them have them crack back. Bush should get about 20 carries a game, and DMac should get 10-15 touches with half of those coming on bubble screens, swing passes, and crossing patterns over the middle out of the slot.

  • JT

    JT Says:

    Is another QB bust brought to you by Al Davis football, in the lines of

    Jay Schroeder
    Jeff George
    Mark Wilson
    Kerry Collins
    Aaron Brooks

    The man cant spot talent at the QB, thats it, deal with it

    Only time he has had succes is with non-Davis qbs


    JT Says:

    The 3 amigos, the 3 busts

    JaWalrus (fat and lost at sea)
    McFumble (runs 3 yards and slips or fumbles)

    JT Says:

    Al Davis & Herrera
    may intimidate and shup up the players & coaches
    but they cant intimidate the Raider Nation

    Lets keep booing Rusell at the black hole

  • jhill Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    McFadden was flanked ???
    they certainly have had him flanked a few times.

  • Oakglenn, on both of Russell’s INTs yesterday, they had deep coverage over the top. So how can they have possibly stacked the box on those plays and taken away the short field? There’s no such thing as a defense that takes away the short and long pass, at least not in today’s NFL. Maybe like the ’85 Bears. Every defense today leaves a weakness in either the short or long pass game. Regardless of what they were putting in the box, they seemed to have coverage deep, which means they’re playing the pass, which means we should have have been calling short pass plays. Nothing has changed. You still have to crawl before you walk in the NFL passing game. You’ve got to succeed with the short passing game before you get a window to take a shot.

  • Dmac20

    wheres this chris johnson interview on the raiders? I wanna hear it. But yea the raiders should run a 3-4 also, they have all the tools to do it. T kelly had his best years at de we have seymour, put warren in the middle with trevor scott coming off the edge like D.ware and merriman with the speed and rush ability along with t.howard coming off the edge rushing with his speed, brown, and kirk in the middle,our secondary speaks for itself. Yea the game has evolved and al needs to allow change. It reminds me of the mac vs. pc commercials, yea back in the day pc was this ish when this whole thing started but now technology has advanced and the pc is just old and slow no. Mac vs pc theres no competition. We’re the pc thats why we can’r compete on sundays.

  • jhill

    Now we are seeing 9-10 man fronts?

    I thought 8-9 was pretty funny.

    Next thing you guys are going to tell me is that they are not even covering the WRs, LOL. Wait a minute, I think you just said that Oak with that 10 man front.

    Too funny!

    Fact of the matter is KC and Denver stopped us with a normal 7 man front. Dawkins, the SS, was in coverage all day.

    8, 9, and 10 man fronts? LMFAO!

  • DMac, we are the PC. And the kool aid drinkers in here are the old nerd in the commercials.

  • jhill

    The 2nd S is NOT playing up on the line. In the KC and Denver games, the SS was providing over the top help on Miller for the LB. Both Ss played back.

    Oren ONeal is not making plays, and we are not doing a consistent job of blocking the 3-4 when we run out of the I formation.

  • I don’t have the Denver tape so I can’t comment. I can certainly go pull up the SD tape and go over where they had 9 guys up. I think at one point I counted 10 guys up. If you want me to find it I will. Obviously you don’t play that defense on every snap but they had a ton of guys up.

    MR on the two INT’s Russell threw yesterday, I can break both those down pretty completely because they both happened right in front of me. As I said about the lst one, that was a CLASSIC Bobby Bowden Florida State call, where they air the ball out looking for either a big play or PI. If it doesn’t work it’s like a punt. The big mistake on that play was Russell threw into double coverage, and when DHB fell down, that was an easy play for the defense to make, and set up a fairly big return which was a problem.
    On either the next INT or a deep incompletion to Murphy, Bailey the corner, popped Murphy 15 yards down the field. The entire play was a timing pattern and the ball was launched before Murphy had even made his break. When Bailey hit him, to the casual observer it looked like Russells pass was incredibly inaccurate. What happened was the WR was illegally chucked waay down field, and Russell remarked about it in the presser. Bottom line is rookie WR’s are not going to get calls against All Pro defenders. Ain’t gonna happen. You can’t cry about it, you just have to learn from it. If you weren’t watching Murphy get chucked off the route, Russell’s pass would have looked awful.

  • priesttj

    Jhill, justw wait and seee if I’m right or wrong. Those plays are there and they were therelast year and we won with them.

    As for slants we run slants all the time, and I know for sure that Al Davis hates slants. but we run them. Problem is that the players we have at WR right now aren’t great at it.

    But we MUST run the Football right now if we want some degree of consistency. Cable know this but he let’s himself be pressured away from it. Until he sticks with it we will struggle offensively………..period

  • jhill

    Yeah, you might need to pull up that SD tape Oak.

    1st play of the 2nd half, Williams blows up Morris and and stops DMac in the backfield. 7 man front, one of our guys got beat. SD just played much better in the 3rd qtr, and JRuss helped them a lot.

  • Dude


    You can spin it however you like. Bottom line_ This offense is Shell/Walsh Part II. Its Al Davis’s archaic philosophy and d-coordinators will eat it up every time. This is not an NFL scheme. Its only gonna get worse too. Russell can not beat teams and they know it. There will be a fluke every now and again, but at the end of the day this offense and team are going nowhere. When this team plays a decent D, it will be ugly. The Raiders couldnt do squat against KC then Philly comes in with a banged up o-line, a back up QB, a rookie backup at RB and WR and just lights them up. Thats all the evidence I need.

  • jhill

    Do you guys realize what you are saying?

    8 and 9 man fronts?

    DHB, Murphy, and Miller are in every pattern, and Miller and DHB constantly have 2 guys around them.

    Simple math guys!

  • Dmac20

    Priest imma tell you right now this season is cookies. You can see it in the players eyes after the game, they no longer believe they can win and look of a team that is lost. the defense gave up after jamarcus’s second int/ macfaddens fumble. They have no heart and their spirits are easily broken. Look at how after the sd game they came out and played like ish and responded with this debacle. and Now the rats coming out threatining to send cable to the slammer, players speaking out against the scheme, the whole rich gannon ban… Smh theres a dark cloud over this organization and is stormin down sh.. ontop of our heads. If you’re a fan of any oakland sports team you don’t have to shoot yourself because these teams are already killin us themselves. I mean here we are three weks into the season and the coach still questions work ethic, and film study wtf? You get paid millions to play a kids game and you can’t look at film? I can’t stand watchin chick flicks wit my girl but I do jus for the pu**y, and i repeat pu**y, and you mean to tell me you can’t watch game film for 60 fn million dollars???!! smh. I tawked bad about gannon i’m sorry now cus he was right blow up everythang, with the bomb tied to al’s mouth.

  • If I were defending the Raiders I would have 9 guys up and make Jamarcus beat me. The late drive against KC I think he did it against a 2 deep. Jamming the box with defenders and making him hit the right guy is a great way to mess with him, and until he consistently can isolate and hit his outside receivers, he is going to be in trouble.

  • playcalling also suck when you have a struggling QB and are suppose tb be a running team why freaking start throwing out of your endzone?

  • jhill Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Do you guys realize what you are saying?

    If you send two or three guys in on a blitz, chances are you are going to have guys running down the field uncovered. That’s the problem with a blitzing defense.

  • Dude

    Tony Bruno had a great line on Russell tonight….

    “The worst part about Jamarcus Russell is he doesnt think he is playing bad, he really thinks hes playing well.”

  • NoMoreFargas

    I love the theory that every young player gets better some guys never get it they just stink . I thought DHB came from a pro-style O and he would just immediately come in and help, he has to show something this year although Jerry Rice wouldn’t look good with jruss.

  • Dude

    The wheels are about to completely fall off this ride because Cable is GOING to get arrested. When that happens its all over but the shoutin.

  • jhill

    If you were defending the Raiders?

    WTF is that ?!?!!?

    I hope the DCs out there are listening to you, and take the double off of Miller, and the over the top coverage off DHB and Murphy.

    I think your defense just might be what the vertical offense is looking for.

    Something tells me they will just stick with doubling Miller, and keep the over the top coverage. It’s been working to a tee so far. WRs are not open, and neither is the TE.

  • The point you are making is the WR’s are not open, or if they are, Russell is missing them. Once Russell starts hitting those singled up receivers, and he will, that defense is toast. Basically I am calling for a similar style of defense with 2 guys up in the box pass defending and the outside receivers singled up. That put another 7 guys up after Russell and the backs. That’s one of the defenses Ron Rivera was running.

  • Dude

    Funny how on both picks DHB had 2 guys right near him. Single covg? Pffft. Dont know what the F your talkn about as per usual.

  • Dude

    Yep, Russell has REALLY shown he can hit the open reciever.

  • I wonder if Herrera is blaming Rich Gannon for this loss, probably.

    Yeah, I’ll miss Al, sure, but that’s life. I just wished he had groomed somebody, Amy?

  • The NEWS


    We have a QB that isn’t ready for the NFL yet. We’re starting a WR in Bey that has no business in the starting lineup. We’re starting a guy at RB that has butter fingers and falls down with a swipe at the ankles.

    Cable. Grow a pair! You can do it. Stand up for yourself and the team. Tell Davis he’s loonie to think that Bey should be starting. Tell him Russell isn’t ready for the NFL yet. Tell him that Bush should be the starter and our bruiser out there. Come on, just look in the mirror and recite to yourself….”I think I can..I think I can..I think I can”

  • The NEWS

    KoolKell Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 10:48 pm
    I wonder if Herrera is blaming Rich Gannon for this loss, probably.

    You better believe he is. Herrera (read: “Davis”) made an issue out of nothing with Gannon when he should be worried about the product on the field. What a joke!

    What did Gannon say, btw, that was any different from observations being made by thousands of fans anyway. Heck, Tollner wasn’t exactly praising Russell in his interview.

  • Oakglenn, the game’s free on NFL.com until tomorrow. New thing they’re doing to give back with the economy and everything for blacked out games. That’s how I watched it. Both INT’s were against deep coverage. I don’t know how many they had in the box either of those plays but one way or another they were in deep coverage. They were giving us the short pass, Oakglenn, as every team has done, every game, since Gruden left.

    p.s., you may have to do some backdoor searching on google to find the game on nfl.com. It’s hard to find it on their website. Obviously, they’re trying to make it a pain in the ass, and the quality of the stream sucks. but you can see everything going on.

  • And what about Gannon taking the high road? He didn’t talk about the incident with Herrera and the Raiders once in the broadcast. Just called the game as if nothing happened, and as he always would. Gannon is all class. Can’t say the same about Herrera and Davis, two delusional, wannabe mobsters with their priorities a ssed backward.

  • priesttj

    I’m watching the game online and it is obvious t m tjat Russell sply got not help fom his recievers. That pass to ZMiller at the half was a perfect pass and he just never got his feet down in bounds. DMC ‘s first catch he slips an the fumbles. The short check downs to could’ve gined mor yardage. The int’s he threw to DHB IMO both were DHB getting knocked off his route and th ball was actually thrown quite well both times. When DHB understands how to run routes so as to get open better that wont happen. he isstrong enough and big enough totake those bumps nd finish the route bu n bot plays he stumbles. As a result it’ an int. against Russell. If that’s Chaz Schilens I have to believe that on both occasions those are huge plays in Russells favor.

    DMC essentially stops 3 productive drives with fumbles one he loses which was our final chance to get in the game. That is just youth being youthful.

    They don’t call them growing pains for nothing. This team has a ton of potential but it probably wont be realized this year.

  • Kell, some kool aid drinkers were blaming Gruden for yesterday’s loss earlier this afternoon. Never mind blaming Gannon. It’s unreal. Used to think it was just a harmless hobby, getting behind the team and everything. These guys are honestly scaring me now, like the right wing birthers.

  • Watching the first defensive series right now. They don’t even look awake. Nothing like the intense defense I saw in the previous two weeks. Could they have perhaps had a bad week of practice due to the Davis/Gannon distraction?

  • priesttj

    It seems to me everyhing Russell did was undoneby way of penalty, fumble, bad route and lck of execution.

    And yet all I ever heard from Rich Gannon was that Russell was struggling with his accuracy. What a crock!! he just didn’t force the ball down field into coverage he threw a ton of short passes that went no where. Screens, flat routes and circle routes that went no where.

    In my mind the QB go zero help, we couldn’t run and we couldn’t get open. While Orton had a tremendous running game and experienced WR’s to help him out and all he did was throw a bunch of short passes that conistently picked up 1st downs (because didn’t or couldn’t make adjustments early). And that was your game.

    We are just way too young and inexperienced to be consistent.

  • Culebra

    I’m hoping for Russell to get injured at this point…to hell in a hand basket but hey,

  • priesttj

    I want Russell as the QB for this team for the next 15 years just get him some help………………………period

    But that’s just me….

    Kyle Orton got 208 yards rushing Russel got 50, Kyle Orton got excellent playcalling and Russell got no execution and bunch of fumbles.

  • priesttj

    Early in the game e forced a couple trying to make play, after that he took care of the ball. Most everythinh was short to intermediate. Which tells me they played a deep zone and took away the deep ball ball and we didn’t adjust to run the football. No one was open downfield and our backs can’t make anybody miss. If we screen to DC he trips and fumbles. MBush worked well on screens but then we’d have a penalty.

    It as jus a very unfortunate game that you just lt go and move on. We definitly need much more from that running game to open up some throwing lanes.

    Football is very simple if you execute Sunday we couldn’t execute and Denver had outstanding execution so you take your hat of to them but YOU have to get much better. We just didn’t show up……………period

  • GalacticGus

    maybe they did not have Hanson’s imput in the week’s preparation for the Denver offense.
    shoot, if he is a genius like some say, and I have read that somewhere before, I wonder how he would fare calling defensive plays.

    We had some tough breaks on offense. We don’t turn the ball over after that goal line stand, the game could have been much closer.

    I was always drinking the kool aid on the Cable bandwagon. If Cable is one day replaced by an experienced HC such as Gruden, I think if he really has passion for the Raiders as he claims, he will accept a demotion as offensive line/assistant head coach in the likes of Callahan’s position when he and Gruden ran the show. I don’t know who would hire him as head if he can’t turn the Raiders around, so he might as well take it.

    I think if this Hanson guy knows what he is doing, he should be allowed to climb the ranks in the coaching staff after the Organization realizes its to their benefit and not allow one coach with too much power susceptible to an ego trip to deprive the Raiders of a good resource because of that power ego trip.
    Let the fiery Gruden be the mediator if all coaching staff is retained and not overhauled.
    of course, Gruden at this point is far fetched… but nothing is impossible.

  • Priest, it was the fumbles, particularly that one late in the second quarter on our drive that otherwise looked good beforehand, those two forced deep balls by Russell that got picked, which I partly blame on playcalling, and our defense looking like they were half asleep. I’m guessing this can be in part attributed to vanilla scheme, but I’m not overlooking the distraction Davis created during the week by banning Gannon and turning a small thing into a fiasco, probably resulting in a week of poor practicing, and making the whole team sluggish. Same old shizzel, priest. Al Davis must retire, period.

  • GalacticGus

    I think Cable is more of a players’ coach in contrast Gruden, while Gruden may be more of a Coach’s coach than Cable. A cohesive Coaching staff will set the example and tone for the players.
    If Gruden comes in, We can revert to a hybrid west coast/ verticle game along with a hybrid power running and zbs.

    For now, I am still pulling for Russell, the rest of the team, and the current coaching staff to turn this thing around in 09′ so we don’t have to even think of changes in the future.

  • Gruden coming back would be awesome, GG. He only failed in Tampa because he was trying to stay true to their defensive culture while putting his offense second priority. He should have just lit a match to Dungy’s D and just built the offensive team he really wanted to build. Look at all of the drafting they did for defense, the fact that he kept Monte Kiffin. Tampa was a defensive team right up to his end, and he’s an offensive head coach with complete control. There were rumors at the end of last year that he wanted to come back, because he knew the Tampa thing was going downhill. But Al would just ruin it, anyway.

  • king and crenshaw

    In Tom Cable’s press conference he said that there was a 90-10 thing going on with the team where 90% of the team had mastered the playbook and concepts and 10% had not. Then he went on to say that Jamarcus was a part of the 10% that had not mastered the playbook. How can that be? JRuss has been in the system for 3 years, taken all the first team snaps fo 2 years, and started 20+ games. WTF?!?!?

    JRuss is a extremely gifted athlete, and he is very young, but understanding the playbook and it’s concepts does not require years of experience, it does however require dedication, study, and commitment to your craft.

    JRuss’s 38.7 QB Rating through the first 3 games of the season screams that the commitment is not there.

    This is not good….

  • Maybe if Al hired a stripper to read the playbook out loud for JaMarcus he could learn it?

  • GalacticGus

    MR, you are right on about the play calling. That first interception changed the whole game. I am not saying we would have won, but it would have been much closer and perhaps provided the opportunity for late game heroics.
    Instead of trying to throw a 20 yard strike, the offense was better off taking its chances on trying to bulldoze its way to the ten (with Bush)if not the first down so that we can either sustain the drive and keep our defense off the field, or give Lechler room so he can hit a booming 60 yarder. It was an unnecessary gamble. As much as DHB is hailed as a good blocking WR, he should be used to his strengths in those critical situations while the offense lines up in some kind of power formation or double Tight end set. If we throw on on 3rd down after gaining a sizable chunk of yards, meyers or miller on a short gainer could be higher percentage since Meyers proved to be a capable receiver and the defense does not just zero in on one tight end like they did in KC.
    Mcfaddy has proved that he is better off being used on draws, screens, pitches, sweeps to the outside and being split out wide. Bush should be the starter and power back with Fargas as the hard hitting closer at the end of games.

  • GalacticGus

    MR, the way Gruden was defending the Raiders on the NFL network on draft day, you know he is a Raider at heart despite of Ol’ Al shipping him away. If Gruden is an upgrade over Cable, then Cable as an offensive line/ assistant Head Coach is an upgrade over Callahan. Cable has that passion and is good with the players. The veterans took us to the superbowl that 2002 year, not Callahan. Callahan’s positive impact was being even keeled after the four game skid and not changing things much… which was to the detriment of the Super bowl game plan against Chucky. That was the ultimate mistake, forcing the throws on a pass happy offense instead of using Wheatley in the power running game and catch them off guard.
    what do you think of the Hanson incident? Are the players reaching out to him? Is he being shoved aside as if he is a mad scientist who is really on to something and has the respect of the hard working players?

  • GalacticGus

    sometimes, it can be as easy doing a pump fake on a double TE set and throwing em were they aint and having an understanding with all receivers that they may have to make a short dive on a comeback or out route for a completion and not even worry much about getting hit because they caught the ball going low on the ground. its easier than baseball, where they say, hit it where they ain’t, which is more dependent on chance than a two player communication and execution. I wish I had a video of the spectacular diving catches I make playing, qb to WR diving catches. I know its a whole different animal when you have 200 lbs ready to hit you, but thats where being on the same page with your qb comes in place…. so that if you do get hit, you have already secured the ball, and you might even get a late hit penalty or PI. but with the Raiders, that would be hard to come by, that is why you have to strive and go the EXTRA MILE!!!! to avoid the close calls and make this a game of feet, and not inches.

  • This is where the Raiders usually pack it in and go on a long losing streak and go into the tank all the way.

    I still believe there is hope. We just have to fight!

    Yeah JaMarcus sucks, but he could get better.

    Yeah McFumble coughed up the ball, but he can fix that.

    Yeah the D got run over, but they were on the field all day and demoralized by the lack of production by the O.

    ALL of these things COULD turn around quick with focus and effort! COME ON!!!!!!!

  • Sit DHB and play Jivin’ JAVON WALKER! The dude has got to be able to get something going!

  • andrew33

    Word is the league will pusnish the Raiders by forcing them to give Cable a contract extension.