NFL Network: Hanson talked to police


The NFL Network’s JasonLaCanfora is reporting Randy Hanson has talked to Napa police and named coach Tom Cable as the man who threw the punch.

Attorney John McGuinn, who represents Hanson, called it a “textbook case of felony assault” but didn’t know if and when charges would be filed.

When Cable was asked if he had talked to law enforcement last week, he said he had not.

The Napa police department has not updated its Aug. 21 report on the matter, which occurred Aug. 5 at the Napa Marriott during training camp.

The NFL is waiting for the Napa investigation to run its course before determining if there will be discipline forthcoming from the league.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • raiderkoolaid

    Was simple vanilla defense the reason that Denver consistently ran the ball for 5+ yards on first down with basic running plays? I don’t know what the problem was, but the defense didn’t pick up the offense by stopping the other team and getting the ball back to give the offense opportunities, and the offense didn’t pick up the defense by sustaining drives and giving the defense time to regroup. Russel played very poorly, but so did the rest of the team.

  • Raiders4eve

    I think Cowboys will lose this season they r missing a playmaker just like we do oh wait even if we had one we don’t have Tony Romo

  • Terrapin


  • raiderkoolaid

    If this case goes to trial it probably won’t be till after the season. The wheels of justice turn very slowly.

  • priesttj

    I know this will be met with rage and ire but to give up on Russell at thispoint isdown right retarded. He is struggling and he is no where near what I expect him to eventually be. But this is normal for a young QB. His problems amplified by the fact that he doesn’t have an experienced WR to rely on in difficult situatins. If he had a A Boldin and CJ or Calvin Johnson or even our own Chaz Schilens. He would at least hae someone experienced enough to provide him with a consistent target. Cable says his imrvement has been extreme (why else would he make call like the endzone throw) andhis confidence in him in diffifcult situations is very evident. When they get consistent reliable play around him (running game) and sure handed great playersmaking plays(not fumbling) he will get much better.

    I’ve said it many times and I still believe it even more now. By midseason this passing game will start to gel. We’re 3 games in with 5 to go.

  • Raiders4eve

    I don’t know why the media hates Romo, dude is smart can scramble plays similar to McNAbb who also chokes in December, I will JR for any starting QB in this league now including bucs Josh Johnson, JR is a joke

  • Mistabrown

    Priest your “inside” information is so riveting I can hardly contain myself…please give us more, without you this blog would just be avg.


  • Raiders4eve

    I take that back trade JR for anyone except Delhome n his 20 mill guarantee

  • Terrapin

    Let me say a few things here:

    1. Where did you all hear about the DBs seeking advice from Hanson?

    2. DMC fumbles should never be excused. He has absolutely killed momentum drives. (But I know this can be fixed – see Tiki). You can even argue that his fumbles have lost us games; you just don’t know how events would’ve transpired if he did not cough it up repeatedly in the most inopportune times.

    3. A lot of you just don’t know jack. You want to fire the whole team? Cut everybody? Get back to reality! You have a young QB in his sophomore year, 2 rookie WRs and a TE thats completely bracketed out of the game. So expect struggles. Just hope that Schilens can get up to speed quick off injury and lives up to the hype.

    4. The team (and the fans) have no choice but to stick it out with Russell all season. The backups won’t get it done – period! You ever seen Gradkowski and Frye lead a team to the promise land?

    5. Cable has to call shorter routes and the WRs have to get open.

    6. The LBs stink.

    (Replace Green as soon as you can. This guy gets penalized every darn game).

  • Mistabrown

    Raiders4eve didnt you hear priest? This offense is going to be “unstoppable” by mid season when we start to gel!

  • Terrapin

    And what exactly did Chris Johnson say on the radio?

    (In all honesty, this “antiquated” system sure looked good Monday night vs the Chargers …maybe its just the players playing the game?)

    And this is the 2nd/3rd week in a row I’ve heard Cable mumble about not making adjustments (on defense). Mine eyes are on YOU Marshall.

  • ragin

    Priest is on it, Russell will make you all jump on the bandwagon and priest and I will be laughing…

  • Raiders4eve

    Priest I would agree with u except I think u are an idealist in real life a person who sees the glass half full. Reality JR is the worst qb in this league, if Gradkowtzki starts he would never have 39.8 qb rating after three games, JR got his money n doesn’t care abt success for god sake if he at least showed some emotions I would say he is trying his best. I think this guy is partying drinking hella beers every night getting with the women n most probably laughing at Al Davis for his generousity.

    Personally, I used to play soccer, I wasn’t the best but I was definitely in shape that’s how I measure a guy who loves the game vs a guy who doesn’t.

  • jhill

    Cable can just make it so much easier on everyone, and that is what is disappointing. Where is that dynamic rookie TE we saw all pre season? Why not play to the QBs 1 strength and get another TE on the field? 2 TE set with Bush in the backfield. Get DMac 15-20 touches a game, with half of those coming to him as a receiver.

    Make a F’ing adjustment!

  • priesttj

    SistaBrown, the antagonist who love to pontificate gloom and doom. No one said anything about “unstoppable” I said it would start to gel, big difference. Unstoppable IMO is 2 years away. All I’m talking about is a competent offense that has some direction. Hopefully by years end will have what you might term an explosive offense. Meaning from 5-10 plays per game over 15 yards. But that will come as the young WR’s stop taking their licks and start dishing some out.

    DHB will be a beast by this time next year he and Murphy and Chaz will be a very difficult trio. But it has to stat with Cable running the football and I don’t mean once ina while he has to stick with it through thick and thin………..period. Right now he’s Sybil. Please understand and establish who you are…………period

    Right now WE ARE A RUNNING TEAM……………….period

  • priesttj

    What you think and reality may be two differnt things………….but your opinion is duely noted.

    We’ll talk again at midseason OK!

  • Raiders4eve

    Wow on the excuses oh we r a young team with young offense n young wrs n young rbs n young minds lol, this is football, age doesn’t matter. Someone answer me this, why is JR not in shape? If he really cares abt football why is he hitting the gym instead of wasting all the offseason drinking partying n u knw what with all dat money. U guys r dreaming if u think JR will be a good qb, can someone tell me another QB out of shape, Culpepper was in shape this year that’s a person who I can compare him to JR physically.

  • Raiders4eve

    In this league QB wins games, u either have a winner or a loser, we got a loser. The Bears was a good team having good defense, special teams n running game the year they went to the superbowl what they were missing was a QB, let me remember how fun was the Bears that year the only exciting thing was Devin Hester who scored tons of pts, my point is we don’t have a good defense or special teams to bail out a bad QB, u can have a good QB n bad defense n win but u can’t have a bad QB n win. Therefore, we will never win unless we change our QB or we get a real defense that’s my forever prediction

  • Mistabrown

    Priest you have used unstoppable repeatedly not tonight but many times. Yah DHB will be a beast! What gives you that impression his 1 catches this year ?

    Why do you have to resort to name calling tj ? Am I that much under your skin or are you just a sensitive little man ?

    Every year you make bold predictions about this guy or that guy being a beast, the law of averages have to be in your favor eventually right ?

  • Mistabrown

    We are not a running team. We are not a passing team. We are a rudderless ship. We cant impose our will on anybody. JaMeatloaf will never exploit 8/9 in the box and thats why the running game is stalled!

    WAKEUP tj you been watching football for 40 years you cant be this dumb…take off your blinders and put the koolaid down..

  • priesttj

    Post it Sista, I’ve never used the term, ZMiller did.

  • 504 Raider

    When I saw the last article Title Cable said we on the brink of getting this thing going, I almost fell out my chair.

    Next headline will read: Cable suspended 4 games for violating the League’s Substance Abuse policy.

    Cable needs a piss test after making statements like that.

    JaMarcus problem is he don’t care to study. Every time Brees leaves the field after a TD or TO or punt, he goes straight to the bench to look at the faxes from upstairs. Always looking for how the defense lined up and what went wrong or right. Our QB just goes over there, gives a teammate a dirty look and reaches for his beanie.

  • Raiders4eve

    JR is similar to Ryan Leaf in stats only difference I think Leaf cared abt looking good while JR thinks it don’t matter how y’ll think, I making money y’ll making nothing, matter fact y’ll jsut jealous of me cuz I m young n I m ballIng, y’ll just haters. That’s what I think he believes, everytime he talks I feel he is disrespecting my intelligence. I m still waiting why is our QB fat out of shape if he cares abt being a winner?

  • # Mistabrown Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Tazz, just to be fair and honest. I dont think SnB said Im a Browns fan because of my name. I said in Feb/2008 the Browns should pretty good in 2009. Oakglen took that and ran, started calling me a Browns fan and SnB followed Oakglen down an idiotic path.

    What would POSSIBLY make any of you think this guy is a Raider fan?? He claims to go to games, but doesn’t know what happened on the field. Notice how he has not said ONE THING, about the game?? All he does is fight with other Raider fans and humiliate himself. + he glosses the Browns. Eff yourself brown fan. Don’t fall for his garbage.

  • They benched Brady Quinn mista browns fan. Your browns lost 34-3. Your Browns are 0-3. Your Browns suck dik just like you.

  • Mistabrown

    Priest if we are a running team why didnt we hang 200 yards and 2 td’s on KC on the ground alone?

    Hmmmmmm ?

  • jhill


    I have to say I am just not seeing what you are seeing. The scheme is outdated man! It will not work consistently.

    The talent is there in key spots, but it is just NOT being used right. 1st and goal from the 1 yd line, and we see back to back PA pass plays?

    All these vertical routes out of the shotgun instead of 2 TE sets and smashmouth football?

    Very little pressure on the QBs due to very little blitzing?

    There are going to be some games where JR puts it together and looks the part. We’ve seen it before. But there will not be ANY QB that is puts a string of wins together running the bed and breakfast offense. It’s just not goin to happen.

    Where are the quick slants? And I don’t mean 1 time per game?

    Where are the WRs lined up on the same side running patterns off of each other?

    Has there been ANYTHING from the WRs across the middle quickly to give them a chance to run after the catch?

    That is why I am for benching Russell. If we get the big arm QB out of there, then MAYBE, just MAYBE we can see a realistic playbook!

  • Mistabrown



    You are like a little kid that lost his blanket.

  • See you never talk about the game. How did the 2nd half begin mista browns fan??

  • jhill

    Because Cable insists on running the I formation with Oneal, who is NOT healthy. Our most effective running plays have been out of the single back sets. Not even close. But we just can’t get a steady dose of it. We just keep mixing in the PA deep throw to prove a point. Just dumb!

  • Mistabrown

    How do you even come in here after calling Russell a “bonafide” Qb. Stomping your feet and calling people names like a 10 yr old that forgot to take his ritalin ?

  • jhill

    So WTF is Hackett doing while JR is sitting there on the bench?

    Sometimes they will flash to the sidelines and we see Gradkowski, Frye, and Hackett right there on the bench with him. You guys are saying that is not the case normally, well I again say WTF is Hackett doing?

  • Why don’t you talk about the game Browns fan?? I asked you a simple question about the game and you are the one calling names. You can’t discuss the game can you?? You didn’t see the game did you?? No I didn’t think so. You saw the Browns game tho, didn’t you?? You are a lying POS. Always have been always will be. What happened with the coin flip mista browns fan?? Who called what??

  • Mistabrown

    Oakglen, you asked how the second half started and I told you.

    lol….you’re a moron x 10000000

  • See, he can’t talk about the game. All he can talk about is buying chicken nachos. What a lying POS. Case closed. But how bout dat Brady Quinn mistabrowns fan!!!

  • Mistabrown Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    At 1:18 left in the 2nd quarter I head to the beer line. I also bought a hat because I didnt sit in my normal seats and the sun was killin me. The hat was 35.00.

    What was it a Cleveland Browns hat??

  • jhill, I completely agree about Oren O’Neal. He is NOT the same guy he was before he got hurt. Luke Lawton, the other FB, dropped an easy completion in the lst half, so he doesn’t seem to be much of an option.

  • Kirk

    We have the worst quarterback, the worst owner, and the worst coach in the league.

  • Mistabrown

    Oakglen, you ask a question and when you get the answer you call someone a lying POS….lmao

  • No I just never met someone leave their seats for 45 minutes in the middle of a game just to go buy a hat. I guess you couldn’t buy one after the game.

  • jhill

    The ONE time we ran a reverse, it worked, didn’t it?

    The ONE time we ran that fake dive pitch outside to DMac, it worked, right? Oh yeah, the time we ran it last year worked out pretty well last year too.

    I wonder how a WR screen to JLH or Murphy would look?

  • Mistabrown

    I said I left my seat with 1:18 to go in the 2nd quarter. I was hoping to be back by kickoff….can U read ?


  • jhill

    Just give me ONE good reason why DMac AND Bush are not on the field at the same time, ALL the time?

    Just ONE reason ?????

  • jhill

    That’s limited thinking Oak …

    Bush and DMac were on the field together for the first play of the SD game and it worked quite well. Send Dmac in motion to the slot or to the outside in a 2 TE set. Plenty of ways to use the both of them without Bush being a FB.

  • alisgod

    No Oak,

    With us struggling so much on the O, they can easily put McFadden in the slot. On the game vs SD, that’s what they did on the first play. Now teams have to account for both of them.

  • Bush would have to be the FB and he does NOT want to play FB. He has made that clear, and you can’t blame him.

  • Well look at the bright side mista browns fan: at least you got a brand new shiny Cleveland Browns hat out of the deal!! roflmao

  • Thank you AIG. McFadden was flanked in the last game. They have been moving him around while Bush is on the field.

  • Is Plunkethead still blaming Jon Gruden for us losing yesterday? Or have you guys finally turned him in?

  • Mistabrown