Gannon’s response

Here’s how Rich Gannon responded to the Raiders saying he was no longer welcome in Alameda and their unsuccessful attempt to have him removed from the broadcast booth:

“Let me just say this. I tried to take the high road on that situation,” Gannon said on his Sirius Satellite Radio show. “It was unfortunate and it is what it is. I will say this: I really feel like the organization should care less about who is broadcasting the games and more about the product on the field and putting people in the stands. I think that’s the bottom line. I wish, certainly, the Raiders well. But it is frustrating to watch the team right now.”

What a grouch. The guy couldn’t find a single positive thing to say about that 23-3 loss to Denver.

Of course, if Gannon and CBS wish to avoid the whole situation in the future, they’ll make sure he doesn’t do any more Raiders games.

The fact that Gannon couldn’t catch a flight and missed the production meeting Saturday is a hint maybe the Raiders are getting their way on this through John Herrera’s public appeal. When has Gannon ever been late for anything?


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • priesttj

    Losing Louis Rankin was an unfortunate risk we had to take. Because of the lack of any ST’s talent. That kid is a real talent IMO if he gets the chance up there someone will lose their job.

    Rankin IMO was the most skilled runner we had aside from Bush and trust me MBush is a very skilled runner with twice the moves of DMC eventhough he’s 30 lbs. heavier. If yu watch Denver’s runner the aren’t burners like DMC but they are very skilled. And they gave us hell and will continue to do so to every team they play.

    Moreno is everything that DMC isn’t he can jump cut, has great vision in the hole and runs behind his pads. Moreno is a very instinctive runner with top teir skills.

  • priesttj

    Post #546 boy! talk about old news…….

    Got anything recent?

  • JB

    # Raider-DEE Says:
    September 29th, 2009 at 11:29 pm


    Ap is not a big guy either man….

    Ap will only last 5yrs…watch… he never runs outta bounds…that will catch up with him as well!!

    He takes a lotta hits!!
    You are probably right. But te major difference between AP & DMac is that AP is a real NFL RB. DMac is NOT a banger and that’s what is needed in an NFL RB.

    Todd Christensen was not a great RB. But, he was converted to TE and became a real force. DMac can contribute and excel at the slot WR position. We need to stop trying to make him something he isn’t. College defenses are not like NFL defenses. He’s now in the big leagues and yes there is a BIG difference. He will NOT be successful as a RB.

  • armond

    i wouldve given marshall the middle all day just by angling myself to the middle but playin up more so he doesnt get the chance to dance at the los. make the slot guy make a quick decision to get to the middle or break his route to the sideline. you then can be in a position to jump the route quicker or be at a spot to pop the wr as soon as he gets the ball. it would also allow u to get physical with the guy right away.

  • armond

    u guys underestimate dmc too much. he still has time to grow. fargas couldnt break a tackle to save his life and his vision is still questioned by some now. fargas runs with more authority than he ever did. dmc stiil gets more ypc than reggie tho he tries to out run his opponents. he may be trying to do too much since the offense is struggling. his fumbling bothers me more than anythingelse. lets not act like bush has set the world on fire. he got stuffed alot last year in between the kc and tampa games last year. dmc will hold up and he has better running skills than u give him credit for. we just disagree but he is going to have to step, it up they all do.

  • armond

    kelly is a waste of space right now. he provides nothing in the middle. no impact plays on back to back downs. no game changing plays to speak of. u dont even notice him out there half the time. we are soft in the middle outside of our safties. my dream scenario next year is to get either peppers or kampman outsside and put seymour in the middle. pickup brandon spikes and get an athletic run stuffer in the draft within the first 3 picks.

  • priesttj

    Armond DMC has the ability to be great if he works at it and understands the nuances of running out of the I, he used to running out of the Wildcat which is a gimmick. Running out of the I takes a lot of toughness and when he gets hit he gets jarred and shaken. I saw it at Arkansas he must run very low to deliver the blow due to thefact that he’s cut so high.

    I’m ot at all saying he can do it, I’m saying he doesn’t do it. He has got to learn to cut and lean so he doesn’t take such vicious hits. And his arms are long and lean which allows the ball to be exposed more than what is normal. If you look at DHB he is actually biult better than DMC for running the football.

    He has to change an aweful lot to ever be great.

  • armond

    hey priest i will give u this one. if anyone wanted to give us a 1rst rounder for dmc im good with that if it meant us getting jahvid best. id take best over dmc in a heartbeat. i believe he will be better than chris johnson. bush and best would make a better tandem cuz jahvid doesnt need to touch the ball as much as dmc and he can do everything he can do. he is also a better open field runner.

  • Nnamdi21

    Could Jeff Garcia be BACK IN BLACK?


    With Davis, you never know.

    I agree, Jamarcus is likely it.

  • R8rAgentBen

    Gannon is right on with his assessments. He is a supportive but realistic person when it comes to dealing with the Raiders. He’s simply saying what we all are thinking. This has less to do with Gannon and everything to do with our team.

    Owners like Al Davis are like diapers: they should be changed often and for the same reason.

  • dogen

    Whats your issue? Gannon is right on time and since when was it NOT ok to criticize a team during a broadcast.

    The guys on Sportscenter flat out laugh at the Raiders. Give me a break.

    Al Davis is like some whining, moody teenager throwing a tandrum. Get a life you old moron, concentrate on your loser team!

  • weaselbit

    Not that Russel doesn’t bite, but I just looked and Denver has #1 defense in NFL.

  • weaselbit

    Garcia will just hurt his calf again and lay there like a soccer player hoping for his yellow card,
    Or whatever color it is.

  • RAIDER76

    Look we are building a team. Sometimes you gamble when you take a QB,REC,RB,and as well as every other draft pick. Al took a gamble with Jamarcus needless to say another was taken with Darious(REC). Jamarcus will be a bust unless the RAIDERS staff put their foot in his ass. HE has always been so big to where he didn’t have to work that hard such as work ethic. They said they had to “simplify the playbook” for Russel. Do you think that other teams simplified their playbook for Rothlesburger, Mannings,or Brady. Not at all, in fact they knew what it took to “fight right” to win a game and be a good QB.I doubt that they had to simplify the playbook for Gannon. He knew that he had to work hard to be a good/starting QB. So he knew first hand what it takes. He knew because he was a backup, and backups need to study the playbook in and out.Look at Romo he was a backup and he worked hard to get to where he is at.However now that he is there he has gotten lazy and now doesn’t work as hard and it shows in his performance. Jamarcus had to work hard in college because in college it is a cutthroat business,either you learn to win or you don’t play.

  • RAIDER76

    Gannon can give his opinion on the RAIDERS because he has earned the right. If you can’t be criticized how will you improve. Everyone takes criticizing as a bad thing. Who hasn’t got a bad grade in their life. Its to make an improvement on what your doing wrong, and right now we are doing alot of things wrong.We need to stop treating these premadonnas like their the golden boys and teach them to eat a huge piece of “hubmle pie”.Then they can look on how to improve instead of thinking “oh I’m great and it will just happen”.Quit whining you nancy little girls because if you were so good then why hasn’t it happened yet. Huff knew that he had to work harder this year or he might be traded or cut. and his hard work paid off.

  • Raiderfreddddddd

    Hey, back in ’44 and ’45, when an infamous Bavarian Corporal didn’t like his generals’ advice, he would have them take poison pills, thus shutting them up forever.

    Al Davis has his own Storm Troopers in guys like Mr. Sunshine, John Herrera, who is the “public bad guy” persona to squash even the hint of a negative comment from any public, free speech forum or media person.

    When guys like Gannon — guys who know what really goes on behind the scenes at Paranoia Central — speak the hard truth, what else can Herrera do but badmouth him? That’s what he’s paid to do. Conversely, the Raider sponsored radio and TV schills have to side-step sticky subjects such as: why a team with an offensive line that can’t pass block pins it’s first round picks on fleet wide receivers who can’t catch and strong armed quarterbacks who can’t hit a moving target in a 1960’s-era vertical offense.

    Does anyone out there expect ANYTHING different so long as Heir Al is calling all the shots from his Alameda bunker?

  • halster

    Let’s face it Gannon was a great QB for the Raiders. All this BS now is Al channeling his walker. Al has surrounded himself with puppets that can only
    spout the company(Al’s) line. As the Titanic (Raiders) slip below the waves, the
    fans need to wake up! If you spend your hardearned dollars or valuable time
    on this sh-t the blame rests with you. Al is in a bad spot at the moment.
    Calling all vampire killers! Bring stakes! Stop the madness. Vince Lombardi
    couldn’t turn this around! Until Al is out or dead(Keep your garlic handy)
    nothing, I repeat nothing will change. The only Raider wins will be seen on best of DVD’s from the 70’s and 80’s. Love the comments, but really take your frustrations out on ticket sales and quit buying the merchandise. Quit supporting Al!!!!!!!!

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