Bowie/Moss is Davis’ mistake


Here’s the deal on John Bowie, the cornerback no longer on the 53-man roster in order to make room for kickoff return specialist Justin Miller.

Bowie was waived/injured, which means if he clears waivers, he goes on the Raiders’ injured reserve list. NFL Network and National Football Post analyst Mike Lombardi, with no lack of delight, added to his NFL Network report that Bowie’s contract had been “terminated.”

Actually, Bowie does not have enough service to have his contract “terminated” and is subject to waivers.

Once he clears waivers, Bowie will go on I.R. and then can either remain there or the two parties can reach an injury settlement, allowing him to be a free agent.

Bottom line is he’s probably done as a Raider unless they want to keep around to save face.

Take a stroll on NFL.com through the draft history and check out selections from the fourth round on and it’s pretty clear finding anything approaching Moss is the equivalent of hitting the lottery and getting instant retirement.

Among the post-Bowie picks that year were 49ers safety Deshon Goldson (No. 126), Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain (No. 137), Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston (No. 142) and Giants tight end Kevin Boss (No. 153).

Players on their own roster still around taken after Bowie are defensive end Jay Richardson (No 138), fullback Oren O’Neal (No. 175) and defensive back Jonathan Holland (No. 254).

Bowie’s legacy will be as the guy who was traded for Randy Moss.

As much heat as the Raiders have taken for dealing Moss, they did the right thing for their team at the time. Don’t fool yourself. Moss was never going to be the player for the Raiders he was for the Patriots. Or for many other teams in the league, for that matter. The fact that other teams didn’t offer a first, second, or third round pick means they had no faith Moss would be productive, or that perhaps his best years were already behind him.

I admit I fell into the latter category, considering Moss a jump-and-catch receiver who never paid much attention to route running, having reached this opinion talking not only with NFL personnel types in relaxed atmospheres at the NFL scouting combine but also having on-the-record conversations with people like Tim Brown and Rod Woodson, whose opinions I respect.

At the press conference when the Raiders signed Richard Seymour, Al Davis said, “Randy Moss was great here for us. We couldn’t satisfy Randy, that was our fault. He’s a truly great player. The idea when you get a great player is to make him happy and satisfy him.”

What Davis didn’t say was that Bill Belichick was able to provide that environment, while Davis, with his turnstile of head coaches, assistants and offensive systems, created exactly the kind of environment that would turn Moss away.

If you’re going to take on a quirky superstar, you’d better have the proper supporting cast in terms of a personnel department, coaches and teammates.

Otherwise, you wind up with John Bowie and have no one to blame but yourself.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    Tom Rathman used to work with McFadden on his ball security. I hope new RB coach Kelly Skipper does the same. Skipper was the TE coach the last 2 years, right?

    Must have done something right with Zach Miller!

  • RaiderRockstar

    MRF: draft Tim Tebow in Round 4 or 5.

    Tebow can sit his rookie season and learn from Tollner & Hackett while Russell continues to fail and disappoint

    2011 Tim Tebow starting QB with a full arsenal of weapons on offense: McFadden, Bush, Heyward-Bey, Murphy, Higgins, Schilens, Miller & Myers. Henderson, Gallery & Morris on the o-line as well.

  • maddenraiderfan


    That would be so awesome if we got Tebow.
    With Mcfadden we could run the option or wildcat all day long.

  • edward teach


    Yeah, just readin’, mostly. Only place I know of where I can get my Raider fix and commentary and analysis of world and national affairs at the same time.

    32 degrees in the City of Trees (Boise, Idaho – home of the grossly overrated Boise State Broncos) this morning. Don’t imagine it’s much warmer in your neck of the woods…?

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Adam Schefter has reported there might be no penalty for cutting a player during the uncapped 2010 year. Hear that JaMarcus. Better improve soon!

    By the way, I’ll be happy to eat my words because I want every Raider to succeed.

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post

  • autumn wind

    Why dose the media aways pick on the raiders about this deal? lets look at the other side of this deal, what the heck did the raiders give up to retain Moss from the Vikings? Nobody talks about that.

  • ohioraider

    Alisgod and Silver n Smac you make me howl with laugher. Your uncritical support of this trainwreck of a team will reward you with a lot of frustration and heartache. On when Alisdead or Alisoutofthe picture will there be light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Snoopy

    Al Davis taking responsibility for his problems… Really I was shocked to hear him say that about not satisfying Moss-y.

    Well as much as I have a philosophy of “The Fish Sticks From the Head” And am encouraged when Al admits fault like that. Here I can’t agree with Al taking responsability for Moss never progressed here.

    Moss is a milly mouth loser. And he will never wear the ring.

    Sorry but in a fight along with 52 other teammates you don’t decide to take some time off because you disagree with the commanders.

    So while your team is dodging pot-shots you’re A.W.O.L. taking Tequila Shots…

    Thats a major, major violation and it’s inexcusable no matter how big of a supposed Super-Star you are or think you are.

    Am I wrong and Mossy may one day get a SuperBowl ring? Sure I ain’t a prophet but my hope is he doesn’t and for the looks of things like the Chargers and Patriots it’s OVER… They had their time & that time is over.

    At least the Pat’s took advantage of their time unlike the Chargers who didn’t.

    So good going Al. Even in these times of despair with our beloved Raiders, there is “In My Opinion”, Hope!

    Play well, Play Hard, have Fun & WIN!!!