Russell says he cares


JaMarcus Russell is a bottom feeder among NFL starting quarterbacks in the following statitical categories _ completion percentage (41.3 percent), yards (378), touchdown passes (1), average gain per pass (5.04) and passer rating (39.8).

While there’s no statistical measurement for it, fans at the stadium, as well as on call-in radio and blogs like this would would add he’s also dead last in emotion and body language.

Russell said Thursday to assume he doesn’t care because of the way he looks would be a mistake.

“If you look at it all the time, even though we score a touchdown or two, I clap, go give the guys praise, but you never see me (getting too excited),” Russell said. “My coach in high school always told me to stay on an even keel, that way, nobody will ever read you, they will never know what you’re thinking about, how high you are, how low you are. I think that’s their opinion about how things go on but they really don’t know what’s going on in my mind.”

Russell insists he hasn’t lost confidence.

“Not at all. When things don’t go the way you want them to go, you dig down and go to the fundamentals,” Russell said. “From that (point), you pick yourself up because that’s mostly all it is when things happen like that, you kind of get out of whack and forget your fundamentals.”

Russell said playing fundamental football will bring the offense back on track and eliminate the “pressing” that coach Tom Cable talked about Wednesday.

He appreciates Cable’s public stance that he hasn’t considered changing quarterbacks, but feels he’s earned it.

“I worked to be that guy. If you look at it closely on film, things aren’t as bad as people make ’em out to be. The Denver Broncos are an NFL team. They have some defense to cover some things up, and that’s when you come up with throw away balls . . . I practiced to be that guy, from beginning to end.”

When the Raiders faced Houston last season in Week 16, they came in having lost three straight games and were playing out the string with a 3-11 record.

Seemingly out of nowhere, put together one of their best efforts of the season and beat the Texans 27-16.

The Raiders drove 64 yards in eight plays the first time they had the ball, with Russell hitting Chaz Schilens for a 20-yard touchdown. He was 3-for-3 for 41 yards on the drive. It was the first time in 55 games, dating back to 2005 when Kerry Collins was quarterback, that the Raiders had scored a touchdown on their first possession.

Oakland immediately did one of its patented give-backs, with the Texans marching 71 yards to tie the score, but the first touchdown established a level of confidence that carried throughout the game. By game’s end, Russell was 18 of 25 for 236 yards and two touchdowns and Justin Fargas had 93 yards on 22 carries on a rainy day.

“When you look at it on film, it’s like, everybody’s out there, joyful, going out, there, moving around, flying around to the ball, making things happen,” Russell said.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • jawhatthefukareyoudoin…lol

    I yell that at LEAST five time a game, just for Russell…

    Don’t even have a guess on how many times I yell that at the D or the Fat Man……

  • By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (CP) – 18 minutes ago

    HOUSTON — Houston cornerback Jacques Reeves will miss Sunday’s game against Oakland after breaking his right pinky finger during warmups for practice.

    Alrightttttttt! Maybe 2 catches by WRs this week!!!!

  • Einstein

    “Russell said Thursday to assume he doesn’t care because of the way he looks would be a mistake”.

    Oh yeah, ok JaKenneyRogersRoasters, as if that cool looking “brohawk” is considered business attire.

  • Raider Headbutt

    I would love to get into their practice and shave that brohawk. Just like those clips from jacka$$ with the clippers and the jaws music

  • What the hell does it take to get in indictment in Napa? Arrest Cable already for pete’s sake! It is almost game day!!!!!!


    you can come up with a new name for JaPoatroast EVERY TIME YOU HAVE DINNER.


    October 1st, 2009 at 3:49 pm
    you can come up with a new name for JaPoatroast EVERY TIME YOU HAVE DINNER.



  • Einstein

    # Raider Headbutt Says:
    October 1st, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    I would love to get into their practice and shave that brohawk. Just like those clips from jacka$$ with the clippers and the jaws music


    Lol, I know exactly what you are talking about.

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    What a load of crap! JR could really give a schhit. He’s got his in the bank. The rest of the world needs to get a life.

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    The other 10% please keep up the good work, I am reading, but these other total retards just clutter everything up with thier name calling and general idiocy.

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    If that dumb f**k russell care he should release himself.So that other qb can start.You fat dumb f**k can you just stay away!!!This how dumb Russell going to do in houston this week.He’ll throw 2or3 int,get sacks 3 times fumbles 3 times,throw like 70 yards not just one play the whole games.Have a qb rating of 15% and the score be houston 21 oakland 6.These 6 points come from the D.WTF!!!

  • shipit2daddy

    No more must every Raider fan have to make up their own personal derogatory nickname for our prized quarter back, #2, Jamarcus Russll. No, no, no, because now we have a winner: The Big Deuce! Yes, yes, it is perfect.

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    Good morning Nation!

    Today is a great day, and a great weekend awaits us with a win.
    Practice like you play and success will follow.

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    Anyone have JaDumbo yet?

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    i hope he proves all the doubters wrong. i hope the team proves all the doubters wrong.

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    he cares about all the food he eats, he doesnt give a flying f*ck about anything only the buffett line and getting his guranteed $$$…jawalrus is worse then ryan leaf

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    Ricochet said:

    “He’s just about that slow..and that’s no joke.”

    For the first time ever I actually agree with you.

    JaLoser is a dumb,lazy,…..well you know…