Garcia’s miscalculation


Jeff Garcia explained himself on the syndicated Fox Sports radio show hosted by Chris Myers and Steve Hartman, and while a lot of the problems he identifed with the Raiders have been said elsewhere, it’s not like he came into camp like a force of nature only to be ignored and pushed aside.

Here’s a transcript of what Garcia said.

And here’s what I think about what Garcia said and his brief time with the Raiders.

Garcia never bought in. He looked like he had a case of contract remorse moments after he signed it.

So when Garcia says some of his teammates looked as if they were simply collecting a check, he could count himself in that group because he was never on board.

It seemed strange from the outset that Garcia’s locker was nowhere near Russell’s in Alameda. He was in another area near Darren McFadden and Oren O’Neal, while Russell was out of reach of conversation near Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye.

When the Raiders got to Napa, Garcia did all the requisite interviews about being a competitor but willing to “help out a young guy” and then promptly had a calf injury. It was similar to a calf injury he had the previous year in Tampa Bay, when coincidentally, the Bucs were courting Brett Favre. Not long after the Favre issue was resolved, Garcia was back on the field and helping Tampa win games.

While Garcia was unable to practice, he was still fine to join the quarterbacks during sessions off to the side where quarterbacks coach Paul Hackett went over the finer points of the position. It was at that time where Garcia could bring the level of focus to a new level, challenge Russell along with Hackett, and attempt to push him to greater heights.

It wasn’t possible, because Garcia was seldom there. Hackett would be with Gradkowski and Frye, and Garcia would be elsewhere, and it wasn’t rehabbing because he did most of at different times.

When Garcia walked to and from practice, he looked like a 12-year-old whose dog had run away. When Garcia didn’t return with the team following the Dallas preseason game for “personal issues” I thought he was really considering his future in Oakland. Both Garcia and Cable denied it.

Garcia was out with the calf injury so long he got in only one brief series in the third preseason game and a little more time in the fourth. And it’s not like when he played that Garcia was lighting it up. In fact, Russell had a surge in his play toward the end of camp and looked like he was starting to get it.

When the two quarterbacks were on the field at the same time in Tampa Bay the previous year, it was Russell who walked off the field with the win and Garcia who threw a huge late interception and was sacked on the final play by Greyson Gunheim.

Without being overly harsh, Garcia questioned Russell’s work ethic during the radio interview and didn’t think it was fair to have so much put on his shoulders. That Russell wasn’t ready physically or mentally.

Garcia didn’t say he was told directly he would never be the starter, but it’s clear he assumed his chances of playing were zero. He felt Russell would at least be good enough to keep him on the bench.

I think Garcia is starting to have the same regrets about getting out of his contract as he did when when he signed it.

As much as Garcia thought Russell might not be ready, he couldn’t have foreseen it would be this bad through three games. Had Garcia stuck around, the outside pressure to play him would be overwhelming. Cable, whether you want to believe it or not, has gained a pretty good reputation within the building of lobbying Davis. And as much as Davis would hate seeing his future quarterback have to take a seat, the outside scrutiny on his poor play would have turned up the pressure.

If you don’t think Davis pays attention to what’s said, then look no further than Rich Gannon or the way local columnists are called to the carpet on any issue critical of the owner.

Garcia may have had a chance to play, after all.

He bailed out too soon.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Dmac20

    Chuuurch jerry, chuurch.(:

  • ragin

    Cuz Garcia is a quitter….

  • wcraider

    Some very interesting and valid points that most didn’t seem to want to make during training camp about Garcia. I still believe he would have been cut but who knows, we might have been willing to carry four QBs, we have done so before.

  • Nice, Jerry. Blame Garcia himself for being released. If Garcia was dogging it, it was because he really wanted to play here and knew once he got here that he wouldn’t. Probably figured he could work Al with the veteran angle. Little did he know that Davis’s number one goal right now is proving Kiffin wrong. And as soon as he takes Russell out of the lineup, Kiffin’s laughing so hard he can be heard from Tennessee.

  • Jay

    Yeah Jerry, as if the fact that it was never a competition in the first place had anything to do with it. It would not surprise me at all if Al signed him, giving him the impression that he would have a chance at starting and then pretending that the conversation never took place once signed. I highly doubt that Jeff would have signed with the Raiders if he knew up front that he would never have a chance to start.

  • W B

    Let’s not forget the money issue. I’m sure Garcia would have been taking a pay cut to come back after saying, “If I’m not going to start I’m leaving,” a month ago. Garcia will wait for the next QB injury for his name to pop up again.

  • MacRaider

    Garcia blows, what the hell has that guy ever won?

  • 64th Ave. White Boy

    Good insight, thanks Jerry.

    Garcia gamed himself out of a job, but he’ll probably land somewhere.

    I was just always surprised Davis would sign a guy who can’t throw more than 20 yards.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we’ll ever win until we run some version of a West Coast short pass offense.

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    Two atta boys and a pat on the back, Jerry
    Keep giving us insight like this and I might start thinking about removing your name from the hateraid list.

    Repost this for an overnighter thread so we can argue with you know who all night long.