Raiders live chat on Tuesday at noon


Are there answers to the Raiders’ struggles? Join Jerry McDonald for a live chat as he discusses possible solutions to the Raiders’ troubles during a live chat on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at noon PDT.


Jon Becker

  • Mistabrown Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    J Richardson didnt record a single sack or tackle until week 4.

    I could repeat it for you but you have wood for a brain…look it up.

    # Mistabrown Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Is Richardson hurt or inactive I dont remember seeing him for a couple weeks.

    If Nnam is out on the corner and they don’t throw at him, he has no tackles, int’s or passes defended that doesn’t mean he wasn’t out there now does it?? Unless you are some ego centric wood head like you said. But go Brady Quinn!! Right mista browns fan!!

  • Nnamdi21

    OFL71 Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 6:07 pm
    A lot of good points about our young skilled positions,however none of it matters until we address the O-line.Keep Gallery,Henderson and scrap the rest!





    RNS Exclusive:

    At this point, the news of Darren McFadden’s knee surgery and subsequent loss for 2-4 weeks is really no loss at all.

    He had a tear to the meniscus in his right knee worked on Tuesday.

    Eric Pears, Samson Satele and 3rd string center / guard Chris Morris are manning the O line.

    Coach Tom Cable may be overly optimistic about left guard Robert Gallery’s return from a broken leg and left tackle Khalif Barnes viability.

    Barnes will have to be “retrained” to take over right side duties for the injured Cornell Green, who’s calf injury could be a sort of blessing since he’s one of the worst starting right tackles in the game.

    He could be out 2 weeks.

    Former Denver Bronco tackle Eric Pears didn’t “wow” anyone after replacing Green late 3rd quarter Sunday.

    Till then he’d under performed as Gallery’s replacement at left guard.

    He’ll likely be at right tackle come this weeks match up at the New York Giants.

    Khalif Barnes who’s never played a regular season snap as a Raider after coming over this off season from the Jags was promptly injured in the pre season.

    He was very vocal about wanting to compete for his traditional left tackle spot before suffering an ankle injury.

    Truth be told, by the time Barnes is recovered, retrained and ready to go, Gallery and Green should be healthy.

    Even with Gallery, the Raiders under performed in the running game.

    Bright spot unnoticed, the aforementioned left tackle Mario Henderson looks legit as a blind side protector.

    Until a few spots of this Sunday’s game, Russell’s had time. Too much time.

    He’s holding the ball a fraction too long.

    His rookie receivers are erratic to say the least.

    His timing with Bey and Murphy is non existent.

    Its going to take repetition.

    Painful, painful repetition until it finally clicks.

    It looks like Al Davis is willing to wait for it too.

    Its been 6 yrs already.

    Whats another season?

    McFadden is another story.

    Granted, the O line is a shambles and right now and the “home run hitter” has received little to no help in springing him.

    Have no illusions.

    Darren McFadden is a legitimate football talent, but running him behind this line is like driving Ferrari down a dirt road.

    Bashing him repeatedly into the line seems to be the epitome of stupidity, especially when you have 250 lb RB Michael Bush, but, it seems there are concerns Bush can’t hold onto the football.

    Not really an issue since McFadden couldn’t either.

    Combined they have nine fumbles in their young careers.

    Name your poison.

    Bush would still seem the clear choice as he is almost never tackled for a loss, slyly finding more yardage, slipping tackles and falling forward.

    With McFadden, its mostly double digit yards or dropped for a loss.

    You can tell by his stats which happens more.

    Could it be the lack of contact this off season is part culprit for the Raiders inability to hold the ball?

    The logic of not damaging your backs had merit, but the fact is it’s a contact sport and these two look like they need reps running the gauntlet and fighting off tacklers in strip drills.

    Why Bush is being used this sparingly is speculation of course. But odds are, we might see Justin Fargas get 3/4 ths of the carries against the Giants this week.

    Likely for right around last games average of 2.4 yds.

    Oaklands anemic O has been blamed on Coaching, terrible play calling / mis allocation of assets, lack of intelligence on behalf the players running it and plain old sloth.

    Likely a combination of all of the above.

    This is a very young team with a lot of raw talent and a lot to learn not only about football at this level, but about themselves.

    As it stands right now, this is not a team.

    It’s a collection.

    Until they find the spark that unites them, until they find the anger and pride to no longer tolerate coasting players and constant losses, that exactly what this “team” will get.


    Until they get a taste for victory and an intolerance of failure, they will continue to fail.

    But, odds are, with this much talent assembled in Oakland, odds are, somethings GOT to click right?


    Only Al Davis, in his dark heart of hearts thinks he knows for sure and like it or lump it, he’s steering the ship.

    Is he a mad man? Deluded past recognizing his method is the madness behind Raider debacles or is he smarter than all of us, piecing together an array of young talent that once it gels, will become a formidable game winning force?

    Not sure what odds you’ll get on that but one way or another we’ll all find out.

    Its just a matter of time…

  • OFL71

    It would serve us well to get a real MLB as well.
    Howard is good,and needs to stay at WS,Morrison is as well but needs to be moved to the Sam,we need a real MLB and just watch our run D flourish

  • Nnamdi21

    “Not a team, its a COLLECTION”


    I’ll bet most of the players on that team couldn’t name half of their roster or even recognize everyone of the 53.

    These guys seem like they don’t even talk to each other.

  • OFL71


    “These guys seem like they don’t even talk to each other.”

    no doubt,”team”is an elusive word in the East Bay…

  • Nnamdi21

    Man! What a drag.

    Its easier to hide the fact you slack if no ones calling you out.

    Talk about breakin some jaws.

    If I’m bustin my azz and some dirt bags shuckin and jivin and coastin by?

    Beat down central.

    I’d ridicule that fool down the road…

  • OFL71

    I wish the players who actually care could feel the passion and disappointment of the real fans.
    Even more so I wish the hacks that crowd our roster and our staff and front office could do the same and just go F themselves.
    Dark days for me right now.

  • Chris in NY

    Richardson is like 5th on the depth chart at DE. It’s not like he’s getting many opportunities to produce.

    After getting slammed all off-season I’m really pleased with how the d-line has stepped up. Ellis and Seymour are kicking butt and Shaughnessy is definitely going to be a player. Scott looked good for the most part. Richardson is valuable because he’s capable of playing DE or DT. Warren and Kelly are far better than anyone gave them credit for. It was the DEs and LBs that were killing us in run defense last year.

    The Giants game has blowout written all over it on the surface. But, if the Raiders play as well as they did vs. San Diego, the Giants overlook them and we catch a few breaks in the turnover battle, it’s still an any given Sunday league. Plus the Giants are a little banged up with Eli Manning and some other players questionable. The Giants have historically played down to their competition, although that hasn’t been nearly as much the case under Coughlin.

    The keys will be stopping the run on defense and the o-line giving JaMarcus and the backs something to work with on offense. If we were to somehow pull this one out, it’d probably require a TD from defense or special teams and would be something like 17-14 or even lower scoring. Cable may have to go into Kiffin play calling mode and work the clock from the first snap of the game on to try to keep it close and see if we can somehow steal one.

  • Aussie

    The National Football Post are reporting that Justin Miller has been cut and that Langston Walker is back for a trial…..

    Has anyone read about this elsewhere?

    There is nothing on the raiders.com transaction page.

  • Chris in NY

    “We’ll chat again next Tuesday after the Raiders stun the Giants.”

    Love the optimism Jerry. Keep it up.

  • OFL71

    Chris in NY…
    The NYG D-line against the Oakland O-line…
    it’s gonna be UGLY

  • That RaiderNationStation guy’s an idiot. Same old deal. We can’t blame Al till “we find out”. Find out what? We’ve sucked for 6 years, and there’s been only one constant all of that time. We found out. The RNS guy is just a shill pretending to be a pragmatist.