Miller ready to go


A few news and notes as the Raiders concluded practice, Tom Cable met with the media for less than three minutes and buses arrived to take the team to the airport for their game Sunday against the New York Giants:

— Tight end Zach Miller practiced without limitations, passed all tests relative to his concussion and is listed as questionable, but expected to start.

— A lengthy list of players declared out of the game _ RB Darren McFadden (knee), LG Robert Gallery (broken fibula), WR Nick Miller (broken shin), RT Cornell Green (calf), and FB Oren O’Neal (ankle).

— S Michael Huff did not complete practice with a quad bruise and will be re-evaluated in New York. He is listed as questionable.

— Whether Huff is ready or not, Cable said Hiram Eugene, inactive for the last two games with a calf injury, would start at free safety. Eugene and strong safety Tyvon Branch (hip) both participated fully in practice and are probable.

— Cable said Khalif Barnes would be active and be available to back up at both tackle spots. Barnes hasn’t played right tackle in an NFL game.

“Good this week, and it will get better,” Cable said of his adjustment process. “He hasn’t had many reps, but yesterday and today looked pretty good.

This may mean nothing except how they lined up in a pre-practice drill, but at one point Mario Henderson lined up at left guard inside of Barnes.

— For what it’s worth, it was another good week of practice.

“Similar to last week in terms of preparation, good work all three days,” Cable said. “Today, very focused, good execution in all three phases.”

— It’s not the first start for Michael Bush _ he opened in the backfield along with Darren McFadden and had a ?-yard run on his first carry _ but he’ll have a chance put himself in position to be the Raiders lead back with a big day against the stout Giants.

“They’ve got a great defense up front, and their secondary’s real good, as well,” Bush said. “It’s fun. It’s on of the things I was looking forward to. I just have to make sure I’m on my ‘A’ game.”

— Another day of Cable working with the offensive, an area he clearly made a priority this week.

“He got us right,” center Samson Satele said. “I feel like we’re going to come out there and fire off the ball.”

Satele was originally signed to be the Raiders’ starting center, but was beaten out by Chris Morris. It will be his first start with the Raiders after starting all 16 games each of his first two seasons iwth Miami.

“I can’t wait to see what I’m made of out there, what I can do,” Satele said. “ We’ll see how I do. I want to do good. I’m well rested.”

— Eli Manning took some first team reps for the Giants Friday and will be a game-time decision. The Giants defense will be missing defensive lineman Chris Canty, linebacker Michael Boley and safety Aaron Ross with injuries.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    sad but true…

  • priesttj

    Hey! Johnnylama, yeah he had OK stat but have you ever seen Walter bring us from behind for a win.

    AW, couldn’t carry Russell’s jock strap if he could he’d be playing right now and we never would’ve drafted Russell. If some of you had Brains you probably still couldn’t figure out what the hell’s going on. Whew!!

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    The Raiders will win. Russell will throw for 400 yards and 5 TD’s! Russell is one of the smartest QB’s to play the game. Al Davis is a genius. His decisions are some of the best ever made concerning scheme and personel. Again Russell is a HOF type QB. Also Russell works really hard and has never been fined. Cable never touched Hansen, hansen is a liar! Why am I saying this?