Raiders-Eagles a blackout


The Raiders game Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles was officially declared a blackout, failing to sell out 72 hours before kickoff.

It was the Raiders’ second consecutive blackout and 71st since the team returned to Oakland in 1995.

The Raiders have not faced the Eagles since the return season, and snuck a sellout just under the wire in their second home game, a 48-17 victory over Philadelphia after trailing 17-0 in the first half.

In that game, capacity was just over 50,000 as the stadium was still being remodled to its current capacity of over 61,000.

Two weeks after the Eagles game, the Raiders had their first regular-season home blackout in a 34-14 win over Seattle, with capacity raised to 54,000 with the addition of some bleachers that weren’t ready yet for the Eagles game.

The Raiders have been televised 44 times out of 115 regular-season games since returning to Oakland but had had rebounded in that area since taking over their own ticket sales, with just six blackouts from 2006 through 2008.

Bay Area fans will instead get Arizona-Seattle on the Fox affiliate.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


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    bydavidwhite Chaz Schilens does not think he’ll play at all, not after one week back from foot surgery.

  • give #2 three series, if he can’t move the team, put in Gradkowski or Frye. neither will do worse than russell.

  • 24

    Gee we’re blacked out…what a shock. And I was so excited to see us lose again. Oh well…Thank God theres always the next game.

  • Davis will get the finger when he sees the stadium half filled Sunday.


    Crude Earl Says:
    October 15th, 2009 at 3:05 pm
    Hey JaMeatloaf……1-2-3 Get a Burger


    easy now remember your cholesterol. just don’t order the fries and get prune juice instead of the soda. =)

  • buckeyeraider

    Do you guys think it’s time Cable stood up in front of the team and gave the drill Sgt speech from FULL METAL JACKET: “I have tried to motivate private Pyle, and I have failed.I have failed because all of you people have not helped me motivate him! From now on when he screws up, I will not punish him, I will punish all of you!” I get the feeling some of you people on this blog would enjoy the image of Russell’s teammates holding him to a training table, and beating his ass with pillowcases full of soap.

  • Ghost to the Post

    I will be glad that most of you fair weather fans won’t be at the game. It makes it easier to park. Thanks

  • BornInOakland

    They will announce the “crowd” at about 51,000 but the fact is there will be only about 40,000 bodies in the seats and probably 32,000 in the 4th quarter.

    Born In Oakland, fan since 1975, and I am glad I am spared seeing the Raiders on TV this weekend.

  • Just Win Baby

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Russel’s last game. He is going to get killed behind this line.

  • djohnnyg


    You are full of crap. The reason people are boycotting is because the Raiders GAVE UP on US. Did u read what Pierce said? The team is a bunch of quitters, and quitters like that DON’T DESERVE SUPPORT.

    Granted, if the Raiders were at least TRYING then you might have a point about “fair weather fans”, but when a team QUITS they don’t deserve diddly squat, and the ones that continue to hand money to them for QUITTING are the real idiots. Al Davis is laffing his ass off at lemmings like you.

    I care about this team, and because I care, I realize the ONLY THING to get the Raiders to change, is to hit them where it hurts and send a message that we as fans will not tolerate a bunch of pathetic quitters.

    Was Antonio Pierce lying??? If you saw the game you KNOW he wasn’t.

  • karjc911

    A “scrimmage” game… whew thats harsh. But unfortunately, I will say that last sunday’s game against the Giants was the first time in a long time that i said f**K this game and ill do some work on my laptop. So sad…

  • new englandraider

    yeah, just when you think that they’ve hit rock bottom, they grab their shovels and start digging

  • raiderdav

    who in their right mind would pay to go see this pathetic team, they are going to get their a$$es handed to by the Eagles, BOYCOTT THIS TEAM LETS MAKE A STATEMENT, COME ON GUYS BOYCOTT THIS CRAPPY PRODUCT…..MORONS ARE THE ONES WHO ATTEND MORONS.

  • Nnamdi21

    Come on Raiders!

    I wonder if Khalif’s going to play? He’ll frikken have to if some one else gets injured…

    Maybe he gets plugged in at guard…

    I hope Russell’s upright enough to hit Chaz 10 times for 3 TDs…

  • kelloggss

    OMG? Go to Church,go fishing,mess with the wife..play with yourself..ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN WATCHING THE RAIDERS GET A FOOT IN THEIR A**!

    EAGLES 44-6,if Chaz plays 37-13…YOU WONT BE MISSING ANYTHING!