Schilens says he’s ready


Maybe it was because someone was tired of reading about all the losses leading up to the 13-9 win over Philadelphia and the struggles of JaMarcus Russell.

Or that the media needed to be reminded that the Raiders have been playing at something less than full strength, which serves as some kind of explanation for an offense that has scored 32 points in the last four games.

It could have been their way of keeping up with the 49ers, with the local news dominated by stories of No. 10 overall pick Michael Crabtree playing a role in this week’s game against Houston.

Whatever the reason, the Raiders actually issued a press release Tuesday to repeat what coach Tom Cable had already announced the day before _ that Chaz Schilens was returning to action after recovering from a broken left metatarsal sustained eight weeks ago.

(The release also duly noted the absences of left guard Robert Gallery, Cornell Green, Darren McFadden and pointed out that Nnamdi Asomugha missed much of the Eagles game after being poked in the eye).

Mind you, Raiders often don’t issue press releases for the signings of their own players, and the philosophy regarding when players return or don”t return is usually kept as vague as possible.

There was not only a press release, but the Raiders even put Schilens in front of the cameras, recorders and notebooks Wednesday _ something normally reserved for quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

If Gallery, McFadden and Nick Miller return following the bye, it could merit a parade.

“Hopefully, (I’ll bring) a little more physical nature and a positive attitude for right now,” Schilens said.

If Schilens can recreate the kind of chemistry he had Russell during training camp and a preseason game against Dallas, it can be a huge help. Schilens could see from the bench how opponents regard the Raiders passing game.

Toward that end, Schilens said he has been working with Russell over the past two weeks to regain their timing. In the preseason game against the Cowboys, Russell threw five passes to Schilens in the first quarter and all were complete, which doesn’t include a pass interference call that set up a touchdown.

“Really, what I see is they don’t respect us, our pass game, they don’t respect us very much, and we’ve got to earn that respect back,” Schilens said. “We were in the preseason, but we’ve got to get that back.”

Schilens, who hoped to be back for Week 2, said it took eight weeks for the bone to heal and that it was important to make sure it didn’t happen again. He said he didn’t know if he will start or how much he will play.

But Schilens can sense the importance put upon his return, and that’s OK with him.

“I feel if they’re going to put me out there it’s my job to go out there and make plays. I’ve always said that. If they’re putting me out there they have confidence in me, and I’m not going to go out there and not do my job,” Schilens said. “So yeah, I need to go out there and make some plays and help the team win.”

No sign of Gallery during the Raiders media window Wednesday, meaning his “questionable” designation is probably optimistic.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Just hope that Chaz doesn’t let himself get “JLH’d” on one of Russell’s high and wide passes….

  • Raider Dell

    TrueRaider Says:
    October 21st, 2009 at 3:46 pm
    We have to win the next five games
    Jets vs Oak 10-21
    Oak vs SD 24-21
    KC vs Oak 3-28
    Cin vs Oak 20-24
    Oak vs Dal 17-13

    If we win these 5 games we will be motivated to win at least 2 games maybe 3 out of 5.

    Your comments earlier today said “we have no pro bowl players(maybe one) on our current squad” and now your predicting possible wins versus the teams you mentioned above in your comment.

    What is it. Are we lousy team with no Pro Bowlers but, we can possibly win 5 games or are we just good enough to win a few more games.

  • 17 Bob Trey O

    Thanks Frank. Gotta keep that sense of humor or it gets too depressing, ya know.

    Any news from the Napa D.A. yet?

  • TrueRaider

    Raider Dell

    Ok, so if you read my earlier post I was replying to Ductape thoughts on Seymours idea of us making the playoff. All I am saying is that if seymour is thinking that we can make the playoff we need to win the next five games. Btw, none of the teams we playing the next weeks were mentioned in my earlier post regarding pro bowlers.

  • Raider Dell


    Fair enough, but my point is all teams don’t have at every position a true Pro Bowl player. I also know in your comments you stated so, I like what you said, but not for the reasons you gave.

    I would say to you, look at all 31 teams and tell me or think about how many exceptional players each team has(Pro Bowl) type. You will see with the league and the parity that exsists, no team can boast more than 4-5 of those type of players.

    I believe Gary Russell, it’s heart, determination and preparation that makes the difference from a team to wins and losses, and the playoffs and Super Bowl.

  • silvershark

    let’s face it. it was 1 win for crying out loud!

    7 years in a row We have won a game like this and everybody becomes optimistic. It never changes. But it always seems to be enough for most fans to believe this team has great potential.

    Russell still looks like garbage. Do not mistake His performance. Because of His usual miscues the Raiders were only able to muster a mear 13 pts. Take away Murphy’s great blocks and Russell throws for 130 yards with 2 ints! producing 6 pts.

    The defense was the difference all the way! Russell continues to struggle with the basics. He is grossly inaccurate. Come on!!!! The running game worked because fargus refused to go down easily. He is not like Mcfad who falls on a dime, not to mention fumbles ALOT! Yet most of you can’t wait for him to come back, WHY?

    You think Chaz is coming in saving the day? WHY? This Kid has 22 catches in His career and He is being hailed as the saviour! Come on!

    Russell will not magically improve because a WR with 22 catches is in the game. Russell would struggle to throw to jerry Rice.

    After this fails I can’t wait to hear the next excuse when Chaz doesn’t help the Raiders score points. Russell has been offered every excuse known to man! So when Chaz doesn’t catch the balls thrown 10 feet over His head or stands wide open down the field waving His hands and arms( DHB does this all the time,) Looking for the ball and Russell checks down to a player behind the line of scrimmage, or if He actually does throw it down field Chaz will have the pleasure of watching the ball grossly inaccurate spiraling to a water boy out of bounds!

    Do you realize Russell have never completed a deep ball ( thats in the air!) for more than 38 yards! 38 in the air! My god! This arm of the ages, the cannon of an arm and this Guy UNDERTHROWS DEEP PASSES!

    Just proves that arm strength is overrated! Accuracy, Intteligence, savvy, intangelbles, passion, Leadership, hard worker,Touch on a throw, mean much more!

    Russell has none of those above mentioned traits!!! NOT ONE!

    This team will go no further than the once or twice a year improbable wins we have seen for the last 7 years. Until We address the QB situation.

    Disagree me if you choose to, but I have 7 years of facts on my side. Oh’ and Russell makes it very easy to prove my point.

    Expect the Jets to come in and expose The real Raiders once again.

    When We get a QB who can read a defense, throw accurate, lead the offense with intelligence, shows the passion through hard work, then you will see back to back wins.

    Or if God forbid Al davis dies!