Schilens says he’s ready


Maybe it was because someone was tired of reading about all the losses leading up to the 13-9 win over Philadelphia and the struggles of JaMarcus Russell.

Or that the media needed to be reminded that the Raiders have been playing at something less than full strength, which serves as some kind of explanation for an offense that has scored 32 points in the last four games.

It could have been their way of keeping up with the 49ers, with the local news dominated by stories of No. 10 overall pick Michael Crabtree playing a role in this week’s game against Houston.

Whatever the reason, the Raiders actually issued a press release Tuesday to repeat what coach Tom Cable had already announced the day before _ that Chaz Schilens was returning to action after recovering from a broken left metatarsal sustained eight weeks ago.

(The release also duly noted the absences of left guard Robert Gallery, Cornell Green, Darren McFadden and pointed out that Nnamdi Asomugha missed much of the Eagles game after being poked in the eye).

Mind you, Raiders often don’t issue press releases for the signings of their own players, and the philosophy regarding when players return or don”t return is usually kept as vague as possible.

There was not only a press release, but the Raiders even put Schilens in front of the cameras, recorders and notebooks Wednesday _ something normally reserved for quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

If Gallery, McFadden and Nick Miller return following the bye, it could merit a parade.

“Hopefully, (I’ll bring) a little more physical nature and a positive attitude for right now,” Schilens said.

If Schilens can recreate the kind of chemistry he had Russell during training camp and a preseason game against Dallas, it can be a huge help. Schilens could see from the bench how opponents regard the Raiders passing game.

Toward that end, Schilens said he has been working with Russell over the past two weeks to regain their timing. In the preseason game against the Cowboys, Russell threw five passes to Schilens in the first quarter and all were complete, which doesn’t include a pass interference call that set up a touchdown.

“Really, what I see is they don’t respect us, our pass game, they don’t respect us very much, and we’ve got to earn that respect back,” Schilens said. “We were in the preseason, but we’ve got to get that back.”

Schilens, who hoped to be back for Week 2, said it took eight weeks for the bone to heal and that it was important to make sure it didn’t happen again. He said he didn’t know if he will start or how much he will play.

But Schilens can sense the importance put upon his return, and that’s OK with him.

“I feel if they’re going to put me out there it’s my job to go out there and make plays. I’ve always said that. If they’re putting me out there they have confidence in me, and I’m not going to go out there and not do my job,” Schilens said. “So yeah, I need to go out there and make some plays and help the team win.”

No sign of Gallery during the Raiders media window Wednesday, meaning his “questionable” designation is probably optimistic.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson Says:
    October 21st, 2009 at 1:37 pm
    MR, if anything the NBA owes the Lakers an apology for being so phobic after Magic admitted he had HIV. They basically forced him to retire until the sports world could catch up with his personal integrity.

    Most courageous example from an athlete in my lifetime.

    Karl Malone is still on one of my lists for trying to block Magic’s comeback.

  • Bo’s BMI is 23!


    What is the big deal if Seymour said we are going to the playoffs this year? Good!!!! Someone on this team needs some balls. Good for him he is champion of course he is aiming for the playoffs. I wish the other players on the team would do the same!


    i’m with you i like seymour he play’s hard. and he has a mean streek which is something i admire in a player.


    October 21st, 2009 at 1:38 pm
    dakota start a pro or against cable list.

    count me as an emphatic against !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Big Banana

    If Gallery, McFadden and Nick Miller return following the bye, it could merit a parade.

  • Dakota Says:
    August 18th, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Sorry guys, this is probably not what you want to see right now! Here are some recovery times for soccer players that have broken metatarsals…anywhere from 10 weeks to 21 weeks on a broken 5th metatarsal!:

    Michael Owen (2006): Fifth metatarsal – predicted 6-8 weeks returned 17 weeks later
    Wayne Rooney (2004): Fifth metatarsal – predicted 8 weeks returned 14 weeks later
    Gary Neville (2002): Fifth metatarsal – predicted 6-8 weeks returned 21 weeks later
    Ashley Cole (2005): Fifth metatarsal – predicted 6-8 weeks returned 12 weeks later
    Steven Gerrard (2004): Fifth metatarsal – predicted 6-8 weeks returned 10 weeks later
    Danny Murphy (2002): Second metatarsal – predicted 6 weeks returned 21 weeks later
    David Beckham (2002): Second metatarsal – predicted 6 weeks returned 7 weeks later
    Scott Parker (2004): Second metatarsal – predicted 8 weeks returned 34 weeks later

    Hmmm, it has been about what, 10 weeks?

  • How much is Schilen worth anyway

  • ExLA, I’m going to guess that since Magic wasn’t a heroin user, that he became HIV positive by having unprotected sex.

  • AlisGod, if Seymour so much as mentioned Raiders and playoffs in the same sentence, he’s high. Don’t try to spin it.

  • M Lonetree

    Chaz, good on yer for coming back to help out. Could take some heat off the rooks.
    Yet I look for the Raider run game to tee off on Sunday. The Jets anchor in the middle is no more. A 3-4 without its nose guard is just an empty shell waiting to be broken.

    (sorry to mention Raider football as I know that y’all would rather discuss NBA subjects)

  • NoPassingZone

    NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP! Irrefutable evidence is mounting that the NFL refs do not call the games evenly. Now I’m definitely not blaming bad officiating for all our troubles…but we have enough problems without having to overcome biased officiating.

    Perfect example:

    Chris Johnson scores, goes to his knees in celebration – 15 yard penalty. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81321465

    Eddie Royal scores, goes to his knees in celebration – no penalty! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61t7M7r_o3c

    How many times have you seen a player go to his knees (in praise, or not) and not be flagged? Now I don’t agree with the penalty, but if you’re going to call it, then be consistent with it!! I can’t count how many catches ruled TD’s I’ve seen that were more questionable than Murphy’s TD, even the same night. We get screwed unporportionatley than any other team. In my opinion, it’s not just poor or inept officiating. I have seen the most asinine calls, that are never called against any other team called against the Raiders. How may tuck rule calls have we seen since the snow job? I’d like to get a list of completely absurd penalties called only on the Raiders. Not to dwell on it as our main problem, but just to call attention to it as a reality. Remember one of our receivers last year was called for taunting for merely slowing down before crossing the goaline??? Compare that to the nauseating obnoxious displays you see 30-40 times every Sunday that are never flagged.

  • LA to TheBay

    Chaz, you’re presence is sorely needed.

    Russell will now have an option in the red zone.

    Miller must be used more effectively there.

    JLH as well.

    But, in order to get there, we must execute and move the chains.

    Is it me or is Chaz Shilens the most overhyped, anticipated Sophmore 7th round pick with 15 catches savior in the history of sports?

    At 6’4″ with a 4.40 and 40″ vertical, the guy is a beast. Hopefully he can produce and stay healthy.

  • LA To TheBay,

    Chaz lured Russell onto the practice field by leaving a trail Golden Corral coupons from the locker-room to the field, then he ambushed him with the promise of a gallon of cookies and cream ice cream if he would throw 25 passes to him…works every time.

  • LA to TheBay

    Good to hear he’s been working with Russell for two weeks.

    Begs the question what the hell have Murphy, Heyward-Bey, Watkins, and Higgins been doing?

  • TrueRaider

    I will be so mad if DHB starts over Murphy or Schillens, DHB needs to be the third wrs, how many of you guys think AL Davis will tell coach Cable to start DHB and Schillens instead of Schillens and Murphy?
    Can you guys imagine how that might effect Murphy’s confidence. I remember Jerry Potter saying he never respected the Raiders because of the ways Raiders treated Tim Brown, Murphy would never respect this organization if he gets benched for a guy who only had 2 catches.

  • TrueRaider


  • LA to TheBay

    “Chaz lured Russell onto the practice field by leaving a trail Golden Corral coupons from the locker-room to the field, then he ambushed him with the promise of a gallon of cookies and cream ice cream if he would throw 25 passes to him…works every time.”


  • LA to TheBay


    I have a feeling Murphy and DHB will start, and they will sprinkle in Chaz in certain packages.

    I’d like to see all three on the field. Well, actually, I’d like to see Shilens/Murphy/Walker.

    Murphy is too valuable to the offense not to have him out there. I think Cable realizes this, despite his comments a few weeks ago saying Shilens would take snaps away from Murphy.

  • LA to TheBay

    I think its a good idea to do the whole press conference bit.

    Primarily because I want the Jets thinking “Shilens, Shilens, Shilens” and get Fargas, Fargas, Bush, Fargas, Shilens, Fargas.

    The run game will be key and stopping the Jets running attack on the flip side.

  • 17 Bob Trey O

    To my fellow members of the Nation, some tips and suggestions on how to make it through the season. I’ve bled Silver & Black for more than 30 years and these are some of the things that might help.
    1. Drink.
    2. Think of this year as near the middle of a 24 game preseason.
    3. Drink more.
    4. Don’t be afraid to mix pharmaceuticals with the alcohol. In moderation, of course.
    5. Drink. A lot. After all, you can’t take your liver with you.
    6. Start a pool on which week Cable gets canned. (Get the bye week, it’s almost a lock)
    7. Did I mention drinking?
    8. Don’t smoke the ganja? Start. Nothing wrong with some short term memory loss these days.
    9. A little heroin can make that bottle of Crown Royal go a long way.
    10. Write it off as karma catching up with Al for all those times he ticked off the Commish.
    11. Don’t smoke the ganja? Start. Nothing wrong with some short term memory loss these days.
    12. At halftime, if we’re down by 30 or more points, stand on your roof with a cinder block tied to your unit. Throw the cinder block off the roof. The second half won’t hurt so bad. I haven’t tried this one.
    I hope these ideas help and good luck to us all. I know its only Wednesday but I’ve already started the Crown Royal therapy.

  • LA to TheBay

    Our coach can’t even count….
    And I can’t spell.


  • NoPassingZone,

    Your comment just has a word in it that tripped the moderation alarm. Re-read your post and take out anything that comes close to a swear word….

    Except ass, that always gets through.

  • LA to TheBay


  • NoPassingZone

    I’ve re-read my posting and the only words i see that could possibly be confused with a swear-word are: asinine and tuck as in “tuck rule”. Becker?

  • I am certainly glad that they lifted the prohibition on the word shoes…

    …that was a strange trigger word imo.

  • Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

    The most disappointing and lackluster player in the AFC West this season has to be Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

    Yes, Russell is coming off his best game of the season, a 13-9 win over Philadelphia. Still, that doesn’t acquit him for an overall horrid start to the season.

    Really, saying Sunday’s game was a bright spot for Russell is an indictment. He completed only 61 percent of his passes, even though the Raiders were being very cautious with him and having him throw high-percentage passes. When Russell was unleashed, many of his passes were off the mark, which has been the biggest problem of his young career.

    For much of the season, Russell has struggled in every aspect of the game. He has completed 45.6 percent of his passes, which is the lowest in the NFL among full-time starters. He has thrown only two touchdown passes, compared with six interceptions. Russell’s passer rating of 51.0 is the lowest in the league among full-time starters.

    For four straight weeks, Russell couldn’t push Oakland past the 200-yard mark in total offense. This was supposed to be the year in which the No. 1 overall pick in 2007 made major strides. So far, the argument could be made that he is regressing and that has to be disturbing for Oakland.

    Again, Russell has shown some flashes, but overall he has struggled in a vital season in his development in Oakland. If Russell’s disappointing ways continue, the Raiders probably will be breaking in a new starting quarterback next season.

  • alisgod

    Bill Williiamson apparently forgot to read the latest article on Al Davis. Sorry to break it to you but JR is our Starter next year unless he goes to jail.

  • LA to TheBay

    Posted by ibabuzz.com’s LA to TheBay

    The most disappointing and lackluster writer on the internet this season has to be ESPN.com hack Bill Williamson.

  • 24

    I feel like I called it regarding thw success of the Broncos. I thought McDaniels would be a good coach and I thought Orton would be a great system fit but I didn’t expect the play of their defense and a 6-0 season so far. this makes things tough for the Raiders.

    I have predicted that Norv would eventually destroy the Chargers and so far I’m correct as we share the same number of wins. its only a matter of time. We SHOULD beat them in our rematch finally.

    The Chiefs are rebuilding.

    As of right now…I stand by my Raider 6-10 record until we prove we can be consistent. JR needs to play better, McFadden needs to play better, a WR needs to step up and the defense needs to not play Al Davis Defense and stick to the real Marshall Plan.

  • Besides I am having way more fun on profootbaltalk you can things like shoes!

    Sensitive little guy of a mod we have in here would cry like a little girl if she had to mod the PFT web site.

  • Beating the Eagles was nice but can we put together back to back wins?

  • alisgod


    It is so amusing sometimes that the national guys dont know shcytt about the bad teams in the league. i believe it was 2 weeks ago that Tom Jackson was on espn radio saying we may go 0-16 this year.

  • Jerry, All that blabbing and only 3 Schilens quotes? We care to hear more from the players than your sarcastic opinion Jerry.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder
  • Frank YoooooooLLL

    17 Bob Trey O…………funniest stuff I’ve read here in a long long time……….short term memory….hahahhhahah………… Re: Seymore and playoff coment, what the hell its better than whinning like a little 49er and keep loosing, maybe we can catch a wave.

  • Duct Tape

    Just heard on PTI that R Seymour has “Guaranteed” a playoff spot for the Raiders….


  • Unless he learns to throw and catch, I don’t see it this year.

    Maybe in the following seasons.

    Duct Tape Says:
    October 21st, 2009 at 3:26 pm
    Just heard on PTI that R Seymour has “Guaranteed” a playoff spot for the Raiders….


  • Dakota…

    Had my wife look into Al’s custom doors that you posted on yesterday. (She is an estimator for a door co.)

    Those doors and the side panels would run you at least $15,000.00 just to manufacture, she can only guess on the labor without prints at another 2-4 grand.

    Keep saving your beer cans…lol

  • alisgod

    duct tape, go listen to his interview and it may get you excited.

  • Labor for install….

  • Thanks 909, lol.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Plunketthead Says:
    October 21st, 2009 at 3:40 pm
    Is this where Al is gonna retire to or are the Raiders on the move again?
    As I said yesterday, the Coachella Valley includes the desert communities of SoCal including Palm Springs, Indio, Desert Hot Springs etc. My parents live there. Only 70 miles to the New L.A. Stadium.

  • Plunketthead

    I bet Al paid 12 grand installed

  • Plunketthead

    Is this where Al is gonna retire to or are the Raiders on the move again?

  • TrueRaider

    # Duct Tape Says:
    October 21st, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    Just heard on PTI that R Seymour has “Guaranteed” a playoff spot for the Raiders….

    Looking at our schedule, we can win the next five games if JR completes 60% of his passes and our defense plays solid all quarters. Jets, SD, KC, Cin, Dal are really easy games if we play the we played against SD and Eagles, lots of passion and physical. Schilens would help alot only problem is our OL needs to step it up big time along with Jabust. So if we win next 5 games we would be 7-4. Next we will have 5 games remaining, we lose 3 and win two against Was and Cle, we end up with 9-7 record maybe at best we are in the playoff through the wild card.

  • Frank YoooooooLLL

    I dont know if Al still has his home in piedmont, but my dad used to do all the painting maintinace work there, I would say around the late 60’s thu the 70’s i believe. I only seen them once but he had a pretty nice set of front doors, oak with carved raider emblem, my dad usually varnished them doors sometimes twice a year. Funny thing is my dad could care less about any sport let alone raiders or who al was.

  • LA to TheBay

    As I said yesterday, the Coachella Valley includes the desert communities of SoCal including Palm Springs, Indio, Desert Hot Springs etc. My parents live there. Only 70 miles to the New L.A. Stadium.
    That venue puts on a hell of a concert, too. Rage Against the Machine tore it up.

  • TrueRaider

    We have to win the next five games
    Jets vs Oak 10-21
    Oak vs SD 24-21
    KC vs Oak 3-28
    Cin vs Oak 20-24
    Oak vs Dal 17-13

    If we win these 5 games we will be motivated to win at least 2 games maybe 3 out of 5.

  • LA to TheBay

    Just heard on PTI that R Seymour has “Guaranteed” a playoff spot for the Raiders….

    I like that a veteran leader stepped up and came right out and said it. This is exactly what I wanted to see from Seymour in addition to his play on the field (which has been stellar).

    Whether it happens or not, we’ll see although it seems doubtful. Keeps players honest though, holds them accountable.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Before you question the distance, per mapquest:
    1 hour 36 minutes / 91.22 miles 45 minutes by helicopter.