Seymour (sort of) guarantees playoffs


News, notes and quotes following open locker room and a post-practice briefing from coach Tom Cable Wednesday as the Raiders prepare to host the New York Jets at the Coliseum.

Defensive end Richard Seymour was baited into a light-hearted guarantee that the 2-4 Raiders would make the playoffs this season.

Seymour appeared on Two Deep Zone 1530 Homer, a Cincinnati-based radio show hosted by Artrell Hawkins, a former teammate of Seymour’s with New England in 2005 and 2006, and former Bengals corneback Charles Fisher.

When asked about the Raiders outlook for the rest of the season, Seymour went into a lengthy answer about changing the culture in Oakland, ending by saying, “there’s no better uniform in the NFL than seeing that silver and black. I’m sure you guys can agree with that.”

The rest of the exchange went like this:

It’s certainly recognizable. Now, are you guys going to the playoffs?

Seymour: Are we going to the playoffs?

Are you going to the playoffs? I want a yes or no answer.

Seymour: You can mark it down. The Raiders will be in the playoffs.

The Raiders are going to the playoffs?

Seymour: The Raiders are going to the playoffs.

What was he supposed to say to an old teammate?

Not exactly Joe Namath guaranteeing the Super Bowl, but it beats, “things are pretty fishy around here” or “I’d like a trade as soon as possible.”

Cable had no problem with one of his defensive stars expressing his postseason thoughts, especially one who has been there before.

“You’re not going to get anywhere until you start to believe in where you’re going,” Cable said. “It’s good to stick your neck out a little bit but know with that comes the responsibility of backing it up.”

— Chaz Schilens practiced without limitations and Cable said he’d wait through the rest of the week before determining whether he would start, but anticipated he would play “a ton.”

— Fullback Luke Lawton practiced fully after missing the Philadelphia game with an ankle injury, but not surprisingly, Cable said Gary Russell would retain the position of starting fullback after catching five passes for 55 yards and getting high grades from the head coach for both his run blocking and pass blocking.

Those who were limited in practice were right guard Cooper Carlisle (ankle) and defensive end Greg Ellis (knee), both who will be monitored throughout the week but are expected to play. If Carlisle takes a turn for the worse, Cable said Paul McQuistan would be the probable starter at right guard.

— Those who did not practice were WR Nick Miller (shin), LB Ricky Brown (ankle), RB Darren McFadden (knee), LG Robert Gallery (broken fibula) and RT Cornell Green (calf). The only one with even a shred of a chance to play is Gallery, who more than likely will be out another week and possibly not return until after the bye.

Tight end Brandon Myers also missed practice with the stomach flu.

— According to Stats, LLC, the Raiders had 14 blitzes on pass plays after having 20 blitzes through the first five games. On those plays, quarterback Donovan McNabb was 3-for-11 for 97 yards and was sacked three times.

Unlike the Eagles, who are rank 30th in the NFL in rushing attempts and are quick to bail on the running game, the Jets are ranked second in rushing and third in attempts per game at 33.5. The ability to blitz rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez will depend on if the Raiders can slow New York on the ground enough to create second-and-long and third-and-long situations.

“We’ll see. We will see. We just want to be on the offensive side, attack them,” linebacker Kirk Morrison said. “Sometimes as a defense we sit back on our heels. We have to change it up. You have to do something. You lose three in a row you have change up. We got on the offensive side a little bit.”

After seeing the Eagles and Donovan McNabb go up top, Cable is expecting a steady diet of Thomas Jones, the New York running back who rushed for 210 yards last week in a 16-13 overtime loss to Buffalo.

“I think first and foremost as much as Philadelphia wanted to throw it first and run it second, the Jets will be just the opposite,” Cable said. “They hang their hat on it, they’re good at it. (I) kind of heard they want to take something off that quarterback. Well that means you’ve got to put it somewhere so you put it in their two runners’ hands. They’re very good, very good offensive line, very good running team.”

The Raiders are already doing their best to downplay the blitzing of the Eagles. Cable told the New York media by conference call they blitzed “seven or eight” times.

— Rookie wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, who has two catches for 36 yards in six starts, understands there will be added scrutiny to hs stats with Michael Crabtree ready to play for the 49ers Sunday.

“I’m aware of it, but I don’t care about it. Because I can’t sit there and worry about what people are gonna write about comparing. I need to worry about what the Raiders are doing here, how we’re gonna win this division, how we’re gonna go to the playoffs, how we’re gonna reach our goals. So I can’t worry about if I’m compared to somebody else. If I sit there and worry about that, I’m not worried about the right things.”

— Film of a pigeon accompanying the Raiders down the field on a kickoff return made for an amusing highlight, but struck a few players as something more significant.

“You see that pigeon?,” Green said to teammate Sam Williams. “That was Marquis.”

Indeed, even the mother of Marquis Cooper, the Raiders linebacker and special teams standout who was lost at sea on March 1 and presumed dead, thought the same thing.

Williams checks in with Donna Cooper regularly.

“She said, `That was Marquis out there with you guys,’ ” Williams said. “That was something else. I just saw it on the field, wondering why it was there. Once I saw it with us, covering the kick, it was special.”

— No recent updates on the media line at the office of Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein on the alleged attack of assistant coach Randy Hanson by Cable. And it’s not as if Raiders players are overly concerned if their coach will be charged.

“You would think that would have been a bigger issue, just considering the allegations,” defensive end Jay Richardson said. “You would think that would be like a bigger thing. But it hasn’t been at all. No one’s talked about it. He hasn’t talked about it. We haven’t talked about it . . . we’ve got so much on our plate, we’ve got enough to worry about.”

Cornerback Stanford Routt said he conceded he’d had some communications with Hanson, who was in charge of third-down packages when he was a rookie second-round draft pick. He said he is not aware of any consitent communications between defensive backs in Hanson, either in person or by computer.

Hanson’s attorney, John McGuinn, told the NFL Network Raiders defensive backs had been corresponding with Hanson by computer for help on defense

“I can tell you that ever since training camp I have had a phone conversation with him or two, but as far as players calling him, asking him for this tip or that tip or whatever you want to call it, I not that I know of,” Routt said. “I know he’s helped me out a lot in the nickel and playing in the slot, with my improvement and awareness in the slot, so I’m always going to have a good relationship with him, you know what I mean?

“I remember, we were playing the Broncos or Chargers, he may send me a text message saying, `Hey, watch out for this play, they like to do it.’ I don’t’ really let what happened get to me. I don’t take sides on anything like that.”

— Jets coach Rex Ryan said he won’t have the same feeling coaching against the Raiders without his brother Rob there as defensive coordinator, but added there is no animosity between the Ryan family and the organiation.

“Rob, certainly, he loves Al Davis. And I don’t think there’s any bad blood at all from our family heading to the Raiders, and all that,” Ryan said. “The Raiders were great to our family and Al Davis was great to my brother.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    RaiderDogg Says:
    October 22nd, 2009 at 10:08 am
    Damn I go away for a while and I come back to find that Brien has been elevated from General to Grand Guru! Did I miss a ceremony or something?
    Yeah, I think the ceremony is called “account being banned”.


    Brien the Grand Guru Says:
    October 22nd, 2009 at 10:18 am
    October 22nd, 2009 at 10:08 am

    i live an hour and 10 minutes from the stadium in san diego. up untill sunday there was no way i was going to the game. i just want to puke everytime those f-ing chargers beat us.

    i traveled to oakland for the monday night game this year and must say i am optomistic about our chances.

    i guess that’s why i keep catching myself browsing craigs list for tickets.

    what do you guy’s think GO OR NO GO ?????


    You better go rep that silver and black MFker! Its a GO god dammit! I would travel to SD to see that game but you know what……it will be Halloween weekend and dammit it will be wild down there. Someone like me will get too plastered and end up in some small town in Mexico

    Don’t StubHub got tickets?


    my wife’s friend invited her somewhere and she told her she couldn’t go because we would be in sand diego at the game. lol

    i live on the border give me a call i’ll get some pesos together and we’ll go to meow- meow that’s my favorite bar in mex.

    no chopin though just kabo wabo and squirt. and a gang of ho’s

  • Brien the Grand Guru

    # RaiderDogg Says:
    October 22nd, 2009 at 10:26 am

    The Raiders better be paying extra attention to playing their gaps and more run blitzing this week, cuz if they think the Jets are going to come out throwing the ball they have been smokin.

    The Jets will run the ball on every down until the Raiders stop them. The Jets have simplified the playbook for Sanchez and are hoping that the Raiders revert to their old ways of not being able to stop the run so they don’t have to rely on Sanchez in a pressure situation.

    I saw something on Sunday that I hadn’t seen since week 1 against the Chargers. The D-line was shifting, creating mismatches, and stunting all over the place. If I don’t see more of the same for the remainder of the season I am going to blow a fukking fuse!

    Couldnt have said it better myself Dogg. They ill try to pound the rock with Jone who is having a very good year thus far. Last season he destroyed the Raider defense and I know Brian Schottenhiemer is looking at 2008’s film over and over.

    It was a shock to see the Raider d-line not be so damn predicitable. This must continue for the rest of the year if we dont want to be a 10 plus loss team again.

    But dont think NYJ wont try to pass the ball. They didnt trade for Braylon Edwards so he can be a blocker. I’m proposing that Marshall designate Aso to him the whole game no matter where he lines up. I just dont think Routt or Johnson can deal with that guy.

  • Brien the Grand Guru

    lol ULE……………cant do it for next week but good look bruh. Havent been to mexico in about 3-4 years.

    I’ll be here in the Bay trying to get it going. I’m going to get super blitzed on Thursday the 29th, then get more faded on the 30th then I’m going for the homerun swing on the 31st. On sunday morning I plan to wake up drunk as hell and collect my balance back with an early brew getting ready to watch Indy beat the shyt out of SF and then watch us take SD down. Sounds fun dont ya think?

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    “On sunday morning I plan to wake up drunk as hell and collect my balance back with an early brew”

    Always the best medicane.

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    After today people I will no longer be known as Brien the General. There shall be a new name to honor my ascension to the throne

    BadMood, as you can see I already talked about doing this. My Coup d’etat is working quite fine. Had nada to do with getting banned.

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    RaiderDogg, no ceremony for my coronation. I’m a real leader. No time for celebration for the GURU has much work to do

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  • Brien the Grand Guru Says:
    October 22nd, 2009 at 10:39 am
    # Brien the General 510 Says:
    October 20th, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    After today people I will no longer be known as Brien the General. There shall be a new name to honor my ascension to the throne

    BadMood, as you can see I already talked about doing this. My Coup d’etat is working quite fine. Had nada to do with getting banned.”

    I knew a change was coming, it just crept up on me. Congrats on the elevation proclamation. With great power comes great responsibility.

    You’re right about Edwards, although that Monday night game was more of an aberration than the norm for Edwards. I would like to see Nnamdi shadow him just because he is their #1 guy, but I don’t see that happening. The Jets will put Edwards in motion a lot to create mismatches, knowing that the Raiders very rarely shadow anyone. Maybe after last week, Marshall will have more autonomy and will prove me wrong. I would love to see it.

  • Maddens Raiders

    @ #5 jupe –

    that was pretty funny dude, but honestly I don’t think it has to do with the tree at all. This guy is a winner and just can’t help it. So what if we’re 2-4, hell we have to have confidence and if it’s coming from the mouth of a champ like this, then so be it.

    N A T I O N

  • RaiderRetribution

    We have leaders!

    It seems for so long it was just Mr. Asomugha.
    Now we have Mr. Seymour as well as Mr. Murphy providing leadership for the Raiders on & off the field!

    We can make the playoffs. We are only one game out of a wild-card spot.

    We are 2-4, last spot has multiple teams at 3-3 with the Jets being one of them.

    We need to focus on and defeat the Jets this Sunday!

  • RaiderRetribution

    One concern we must be aware of is that Roger Goodell has a history of suspending players inspite of no indictments or verdicts from the legal proceedings.

    So if he does I hope he makes a one game suspension quickly (before the bye, which means the SD game more than likely, unless of course he chooses to suspend both Edwards & Cable for the same contest this Sunday) so we can get it over with.