Raiders official statement


The Raiders statement as read by Mike Taylor moments ago:

The Raider organization waited patiently for a comprehensive legal process to conclude and now this matter has been resolved. Our focus has been and remains on the New York Jets.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Ryan


    I’m proud of you for staying out of the whole politics talk, KNOWING IT SHOULD BAN YOU FROM THIS SITE!

    It’s best to keep your opinions to yourself since it is pointless to try and sway people on a anonymous blog.

    I, for one, am happy nothing came of the Cable thing.

    I am a Cable fan. A fellow Big Sky Conference guy, who has been a life long Raider fan, just like me.

    Hopefully, last week was the beginning of Cable starting to get his way with the direction the team goes.

    As far as JaPidgeon, I’m still holding judgement until he has his other security blanket (Chaz) to catch balls.

  • Total sham. There’s plenty enough to put this in front of a jury. DA admits there was a heated altercation, admits a jaw was broken, admits Hanson fell due to Cable pushing, angrily, the mob of people that were separating them…there is easily enough here to put in front of a jury. And look at this DA, I’ve never seen someone speaking in so much disbelief in their own words, it’s as if he can’t believe what he’s saying. He looks nervous. A reporter just asked him if this decision was politically motivated. I think the answer’s obvious, despite what he says.

  • Reporters are grilling him now on what I just said…about the fact that there was an altercation, and this empty suit responds by saying that if Cable reached Hanson, there’s no reason to believe he would have assaulted him! CAn you believe this? We’re getting a front row seat to how the justice system really works right now. If you’re going to assault somebody, make sure you’ve got money.

  • ggraider

    Real Madden Raider: This charge is so flimsy that the only question is why this took so long. Battery requires the intent to inflict the injury. If he admitted that Cable didn’t punch him, then there is no crime, period. The Napa DA has a lot more ‘splainin’ to do.

  • Richard Bentley

    For you supporters of him, the alleged victim in this episode is a punk and a spy and a backstabber. He had trouble with Kiffin and he had trouble with Cable, because of his underhanded actions. Therefore he most probably will wind up with another broken jaw (or worse) at the hands of someone else.