Cable reaction to end of assault investigation


A transcript of Tom Cable’s reaction to the Napa District Attorney’s office deciding not to charge him with assault in an alleged altercation with assistant coach Randy Hanson:

Q: Reaction to the District attorney declining to press charges yesterday . . .

Cable: OK, the whole experience was interesting to me, humbling to me. I’m obviously very thankful that the authorities did the the throughness that they did in terms of getting the facts and all that. Other than that, really, my family and friends, really supported me through it. Never let it become a distraction because as I mentioned many times, I just had a lot of faith. I knew what happened, and it’s just amazing what happens. Like I always tell you guys, I respect what you have to do, but it certainly got made out to be more than it needed to be. But it’s done, and now the focus is even moreso on the next opponent, which is the Jets.

Q: Would you consider civil litigation on your part for some of the things that were said?

Cable: For me, right now, it’s just worrying about football, it really is. It has to be that way. I was very adamant the whole time that I new what had happened and trusted the system. So for me, it was just to keep coaching and it’s nice to have this behind me.

Q: Nice for the DA to go out of his way to explain everything, rather than just decline to press charges and let it go . . .

Cable: Absolutely. I think that all the speculation and opinion and whatever that was said, I thought the DA did a tremendous job in really laying out exactly what went down.

Q: Are you glad to not have to answer questions about it any more?

Cable: Yeah, again, as I said, I knew what was going on. I never meant any disrespect to any of you or anything like that. It’s a process that has to run its course.

Q: Why did you choose not to answer questions about it instead of going in and clearing it up with law enforcement?

Cable: Well, because I felt, because if I do that, I’m getting involved. I become part of the turmoil, part of the issue, and it grows. That’s not what I’m here to do. I’m here to be the Oakland Raiders football coach and get this team to win and turn it around. That needed to be my focus and I think it was. I think we handled that the right way.

More to come shortly on football matters, including a possible setback for wide receiver Chaz Schilens . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • LA to TheBay

    More to come shortly on football matters, including a possible setback for wide receiver Chaz Schilens . . .


  • Brien the Grand Guru

    Setback for Chaz? Ok we will be fine let’s give it to Farglass 30 times so he can gain 80 yards with no TDs. But hey he ran hard in doing so lol



  • Brien the Grand Guru

    # LA to TheBay Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    I won’t argue that Fargas is not effective in the red zone, however the team in general is not particularly effective there either. My point was, compare the stats, since you place value in them.

    Even without the red zone TDs, would you argue that another Raider running back has had a better performance this year?

    The stats are all similar, almost identical. They’re all under 4 a carry and Fargas hasn’t fumbled. When he got the nod, the team won.

    Effective? Hell Farglass is non existent there! Uh yes I can name better performances by Bush and Dmac in game, we just tried to force the issue with Russell too much when we could have killed them that first half by running it down their throats.


  • 4evaRaider

    Hey Jhill…thankx 4da link =)

  • Brien the Grand Guru

    Dont worry you guys Farglass will have the best production out there on sunday like he did when he gained 16 yards on 11 carries in Houston lol

  • Brien the Grand Guru

    Anyhow its Friday………a beautiful Friday at that so its time for your ruler to leave for the day. Hope I dont get too drunk. I may stop by tomorrow to grace you people with my presence.

    Take care and Just Win

  • LA to TheBay

    “Dont worry you guys Farglass will have the best production out there on sunday like he did when he gained 16 yards on 11 carries in Houston lol”

    He also had the best production out of our backs that game as well. McFadden finished with negative yardage and Bush fumbled a routine screen pass.

  • tulare31

    “a possible setback for wide receiver Chaz Schilens . . .”

    WTF? Tell us now..

  • Kirk

    Bush needs to start with Russell at fullback. Fargas should be the backup.

  • ottocrat


    WR Chaz Schilens couldn’t finish practice Friday, his return Sunday is now questionable, Raiders coach Tom Cable said.

    Fri, 23 Oct 2009 20:14:05 +0000

  • M Lonetree

    I read some time ago that in old Rome there was a penalty for suing someone falsely or frivolously in a demeaning manner. The complainant would be burned alive and the complainant’s counsel would be boiled in oil. Certainly kept litigants on their toes as to what to try to sue someone for.

  • ottocrat

    Dude could be a star wideout, but he’s too fragile. That’s probably why he slipped to the 7th rnd. It wasn’t a bad risk for the Raiders to take, but it’s hard to say that it’s going to pay off at this point.