Possible setback for Schilens


News, notes and quotes from the Raiders practice and media availability sessions Friday:

— Wide receiver Chaz Schilens couldn’t make it through practice because of soreness in his left foot, putting his status in jeopardy for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets.

“We don’t know if there’s anything wrong, so we’ll list him as questionable for the game,” coach Tom Cable said. “At this point, we may know something this afternoon or tomorrow, exactly what our play will be. But he’s a little sore today. So we shut him down.”

Schilens, according to Cable, had been running with the first and second team and that if was good to go, the snaps would be divided relatively evenly along with rookies Louis Murphy and Darrius Heyward-Bey.

— Defensive end Richard Seymour did not practice because with a stomach issue similar to the one which caused tight end Brandon Myers to miss two days of practice. Myers practiced Friday and Cable said he expects Seymour to be fine Sunday.

— Players listed as out for Sunday are LG Robert Gallery (broken fibula), RB Darren McFadden (knee), T Cornell Green (calf) and LB Ricky Brown (ankle). DE Greg Ellis (knee) did not practice and is listed as questionable but is expected to play.

Listed as probable are RG Cooper Carlisle (ankle), FB Luke Lawton (ankle), CB Nnamdi Asomugha (eye) and Myers (stomach).

Defensive coordinator John Marshall conceded the Raiders blitzed more than usual against Philadelphia but perhaps not quite as much as the players thought.

“We kept it going through the game. What happened sometimes is you call a pressure but mbecause of formation or something you get checked out of it,” Marshall said. “I think what they remember are how many huddle calls were pressure oriented. Because of formations or whatever might be happening offensively you might be checking out of it. So you don’t really run how many you call during the game.”

Marshall’s assessment of the effectiveness of the pressure against Philadelphia:

“We liked the success of the pressures from a pass standpoint. The thing I didn’t like is that what can happen to you on pressure situations is they popped a long run on us,” Marshall said. That happened just because we had a pressure on and they blocked it.”

— Punt return specialist Johnnie Lee Higgins, averaging just 3.6 yards per return with a long of 19 after returning three for touchdowns last season, thinks better days are ahead.

“It’s not going to take me to break one all the way. I could just break one for 10 yards, some positive yards. That’s how it’s going to start. Me, I was out there trying to make every play. But it’s going to take a five-yard gain, a seven-yard gain, a 10-yard gain.

“And before you know it, it’s going to be that 80-something yard touchdown, that 60-something yard touchdown return. So, it’s just, just be patient.”

— Cable took exception to comments made recently by former Raiders defensive tackle and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp, who said recently that the Raiders are at their worst after they do something good, an inference that they’re sure to collapse after a win over Philadelphia. Cable said he wasn’t sure who had said it, but brought up the comment after being asked if the Raiders could be overconfident against the Eagles.

“That’s someone who really doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about,” Cable said. “I mean that, you can quote it just like I said it. For us, it’s learning from it, how to do it again, it’s not about confidence, it was the lesson that was there, and take it and use it now. That’s what the hope is for this weekend.

“What do we have to be (over) confident about? We’re 2-4. We have to be confident about going in, playing this opponent Sunday and trying to be 3-4.”

— NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had this response regarding the Cable investigation during a Sirius Satellite Radio interview with Adam Schein and John Madden:

“Well, you know, we’ve monitored it very closely. I just got brief reports last night that the D.A. is not pursuing anything further. We’re going to look at and understand his decision a little bit more closely, make sure that we get all the details and if we think there’s merit, we will continue to pursue it. If not, we’ll make a decision at that point.

“But I think one of the things we’ve learned from all this is you’ve got to have the facts before you start making judgments and we’ve been trying to follow that closely, making sure we have the facts before we make a judgment.”

Reading between the lines on that one, it’s tough to imagine Cable getting anything more than a slap on the wrist. He’s not going to be suspended because of negative press.

— Marshall, who declined comment throughout the assault investigation, answered a few questions following its conclusion and is glad it’s over. Marshall was one of three assistant coaches in the room, along with defensive backs coach Lionel Washington and assistant coach Willie Brown, and was interviewed by police.

“We’re happy for Tom that that’s off his back,” Marshall said. “It never has been an issue. It has never, ever been talked about at any staff meeting or even among coaches.”

When asked if he was pleased to have the truth come out, Marshall said, “I think you always have to be happy when the truth comes out and it prevails. Sometimes it’s tough. I think it’s always great when you win
doing the right thing . . . I felt in my heart it was just a matter of getting all the facts cleared up by the DA or whoever does that stuff.”

— The Napa news greeted by a collective yawn in the locker room.

“Maybe it’s over for Tom, maybe it was something he was thinking about, and it’s over for the media somewhat, but for us it was ever really a distraction because he never brought it up to us so guys never went into games thinking, ‘Oh, what’s going on with Cable?’ or into practice,” Asomugha said. “I think in training camp guys were wondering a lot, but we put it about us at that point.”

Asomugha said it never seemed to be an issue with Cable because of the coach’s ability to focus on the task at hand.

Said tackle Mario Henderson: “It was like, O.K., personally, that’s good, but it never was a distraction. In other words, he didn’t have to come in here and say, ‘Guys, I didn’t get charged.’ He didn’t have to do that because it was never a distraction.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • I disagree with you on Baltimore! They have an offense, and they still have a good defense. It’s not great anymore, but it’s still good.

  • The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Oakglenn, are you serious? We win 8 or 9 of our last 10?

    Sure. Isn’t that what the great Raiders team have done?? Caught fire and rolled into the playoffs?? The last Super Bowl team was 4-4 and then won 9 of it’s last 10 before the Super Bowl. The 1980 team was 2-3 before winning 13 of it’s last 15. I’m with Seymour. We run the table or win 9 of our last 10. Nice.

  • MR,

    I said 7-9 remember!

  • yo MR… sup bro?? Ill go on record say we win out 12-4 RAIDERS win the SB… LOL.. Don’t mean its gonna happen but I have a dream… 😛

  • # Raider O Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    I disagree with you on Baltimore! They have an offense, and they still have a good defense. It’s not great anymore, but it’s still good.

    Baltimore has dropped three games in a row. Who knows, by the end of the year they might be circling the drain.

  • I used to say 9-7, but I stopped that by the 3rd preseason game!

  • 408, I respect that. At least you have the balls to back up your hype. These clowns like Oakglenn, preist, Al is fraud come in here every single day to tell us how good the team is, then you ask them for a prediction and suddenly they’re mute. It’s because they have no more faith in the team than I do, 408. They just like to read their own Raiders shilling comments, hoping maybe someone from the Raiders will read it and hire them to towel Al off after movements.

  • MR.

    I appreciate your passion and know that many in the NATION feel the same way you do about Big Al.. I love the guy and take comfort in knowing he wont be around 4 ever.. Till then.. Ill ride it out like a murder beef…

    1 NATION!!!!!! 4 LIFE

  • armond

    raider o i disagree about the dline. its pretty good just need to make a decision on kelly next year. id rather see someone else if possible but he should play better no doubt. i like warrena s a backup but 5 mill may be too much since we have to pay seymour. ellis sey richarson(2 sacks) scott matt s. dez warren is a pretty good rotation. kelly just needs to be consistant. cj isnt a backup, he is a good cb.

  • BTW

    I hardly post any more cuz all the whining that has been going on in here lately… It’s the same fools posting the same BS then when we win theyre back on the d1ck…. I read all the time tho I skip certain post…

  • Plunketthead

    Cable is ten times the coach little Lame is.
    Lame sabotaged the team for a year after his “I wanted to be a swine coach but Al said no” Tantrum.
    Lou hotlz said Lames nickname as a kid was helicopter because he was always stirring things up.

    Cable rocks!! JR, Dmac, DHB and the rest of the team will start jelling.
    Al knows how to build football teams and you dont.(its a fact)
    Raiders 27 wannabees 17

    Thats all

  • Nnamdi21
  • priesttj

    Why do you guy’s let this fool rope you into these predictions? As if he has right to request this from you.

    MR, whatever you think is what YOU think stop trying to provoke people into something their not obligated to do just to satisfy your ignorant ass.

    If you guy’s want to make predictions fine, but don’t let this RAT force you to do something you feel uncomfortable doing.

  • Armond,

    I like Ellis, but I think he is 34. If he keeps playing like this, then he should retire as a Rsoder when be wants to. Sey is great, Scott & Matt S have potential, and all the rest are backups at best: TK, Warren, Jay, and Bryant.

  • *Raider

  • BHP,

    I predicted 9-7, 10-6, and 7-9 so far. Who knows what I will predict next. Maybe 8-8! lol

  • We have Talent, but we are missing:
    – DTs
    – LBs
    – C, RT, and RG

    After we fix these issues, and we should start with the Oline, then this team can be a conteder. JR, DMC, and DHB are not the problem. IMHO

  • armond

    yeah o but what u have understand is bryant and jay are young guys who can develope plus all of our guys arent going to be starters. i agree about warren and kelly. id keep warren but at a cheaper salary but would look to improve on kelly if he doesnt step it up. i already said id like to draft a dt next year and look at kampamn in green bay then move sey inside where kelly is. unlikely but thats what i would like. lets remember that some guys dont “get it” until their
    4th year. i thibk people forget how young we are.

  • armond

    as much as i get down on kelly i feel we need a beast mlb more than his replacement. when u really study our defense the run problems become more apparent with the lb’s. we have no thumper in our bunch. imagine this d with a true mlb with morrison and howard on the outside. as much as we may want a dt we need lb’s more. we can always get a 2 down dt for run assignments without spending 2 much.

  • djohnnyg

    Seymour is just trying to fire ’em up that’s all. I like it.

    We all know if the Raiders finish 8-8 it would be a huge improvement.

    I’m good with that, but I don’t have much faith they’ll do it.

    I want to believe, but I’ve been burned WAY TOO MANY TIMES in regard to this franchise.

    Part of me could see Raiders winning 21-10 against Jets, and another part of me could see Leon Wshington running for 218 yds. and Sanchez throwing six td’s.

    Our offense is very weak.

  • djohnnyg

    …and I don’t know what in the heck we’ll get form the D week to week.

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    The difference between a stud MLB and a MLB like ours is the way they hit. Watch Lewis from Ravens. He is like a missle. He commits and goes. Our MLB tends to set and wait. Big, big difference.

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    Real MR thought you were no longer a fan? You are so bandwagon it’s pathetic…

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    Okay I am an Al guy and willing to predict. 9 – 7… theree you go. starts with a win on Sunday… go ahead and log it. It’ss golden… Raids For Ever… 9 – 7

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    9 – 7

  • I predicted 8-8 or 9-7 if they could get by the Cowboys who I thought might be struggling by Thanksgiving.

    I had wins over Houston and Denver, but a loss to Philly.

    So far I am off by 1 game.

    However, this team is not as good as I thought they would be and a bad game could send them into another 3 or 4 game skid.

    But hey, I was wrong about Philly hanging 40 on them last week so who knows?

  • will go to a funeral in a few minutes the perfect weather for that kind of stuff, gray and rainy…

  • raiderzmaverick

    Raiderz gotta get rid of these people like Hanson. He probably was whispering in Mr. Davis’s ear how Kiffin was secretly plotting against him while telling Kiffin how Al was trying to fire him.

    Probably trying to do the same thing this year to break up the Raiders. He tries to destroy the Organization and make it seem like he’s just trying to help “well I guess the silver lining was that this was over on Thursday so they can prepare for their next game”…he was creating this distraction for weeks, blatantly lieing and now he’s “happy this distraction is over”. I bet there are more like that in this organization which generate the “internal insanity” which is known in Raiderland. I think Mr. Davis has a couple anti-social types close to him that he listens to which have been throwing this Organization in turmoil for too long.

  • 4evaRaider

    Good Morning NATION!!!

  • raiderzmaverick

    I say if we play to win (like last week) rather than play conservative “not to loose” we do WIN! Open up the offense. Let the defense run wild. It can’t be worse than when we don’t try anything different. We tried something different – it worked last week. Keep putting in new “wild” ideas and let’s see what happens!

    Raiders all the way!

  • neilb

    morning all.

  • neilb


    Goes back to what Russell said earlier in the week.You’ve got to win with the mind as much as the body.

    Go on the field trying to win rather than playing not to lose.

  • neilb

    football’s on…..later.

  • Mistabrown

    LMAO @ MR getting Oakglen to predict the Raiders run the table or win 9/10………..hahaha

    # Oakglenn Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    Every game to me at least is a winnable game. SD, KC, Cinn, Wash, in Dallas, in Cleveland, Baltimore are all winnable games. The only really tough games to me right now, are in Pitt and in Denver. Now, things change during the course of the year, with teams playing well, injuries, guys emerging. But you want an answer: We run the table or at least win 8-9 of our last 10. How’s that for a prediction??

  • Mistabrown

    And it gets even better when priest realizes his left tit (oakglen) makes a huge mistake and damage control ensues….LMAO @ these derelicts (priest & oak).

    Priest pleading with his drones not to let MR trick them into anything…HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    # priesttj Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Why do you guy’s let this fool rope you into these predictions? As if he has right to request this from you.

    MR, whatever you think is what YOU think stop trying to provoke people into something their not obligated to do just to satisfy your ignorant ass.

    If you guy’s want to make predictions fine, but don’t let this RAT force you to do something you feel uncomfortable doing.

  • Mistabrown

    Priest, whos the fool here the guy that made the boneheaded prediction or the guy that got the bonehead to make the prediction?

    Im going with the former.

    # priesttj Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Why do you guy’s let this fool rope you into these predictions? As if he has right to request this from you.

  • Go Buckeyes!! They need an offense!

  • Only no life losers like fistabrown and sad dumraider would take stuff like that seriously. Pathetic.

  • mcfaddenswaggon

    The past has proved to us, that after a win like the the raiders usually come out flat. Lets hope this doesn’t happen sunday.

  • There is really only one game left in the season. This game. Win and we have something to build on. Lose, and we have big problems.

  • No More Infield or Trolls

    Hanson = Worm-tounge in the Lord of the Rings.

  • The O Mock Draft for next year will be posted soon.

    Great Talent for OTs, Spikes or McClain for MLB/ SLB, and there are a few Dlinemen that can help us.

  • Mistabrown

    Oakglen, why dont you just own the retarded krap you say in here on a daily basis instead of lying and name calling. Things might get better for you if you do that but I can see you dont have that in you.

    As far as your comment and MR getting you to say it and then priest trying to do damage control it was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on this blog.

    Keep up the bad work Oak, you’re a class clown, fraud,and the village idiot.


  • Mistabrown

    Another brilliant statement. Six weeks into the season and this is the final game..

    Oakglenn Says:
    October 24th, 2009 at 10:09 am

    There is really only one game left in the season.

  • Mistabrown

    Oakglen, did you get a warm fuzzy feeling in your underoos when priest tried to pick you up off the floor last night?

    MR, was shooting fish in a barrell last night.


  • Mistabrown

    I have tried to make a deal with Oakglen to end this but he refuses so I’ll just keep making a fool of him.

  • I think you guys post to each other so much that you developed some odd relationship.
    You are always talking about the other person, if he hasn’t been here all day, and you have more arguments than married couples.

  • Buckeyes have no Offense!

  • # Mistabrown Says:
    October 24th, 2009 at 10:34 am

    I have tried to make a deal with Oakglen to end this but he refuses so I’ll just keep making a fool of him.

    I don’t make deals with known liars who are sociopaths. That is the definition of fistabrown. But how bout dem Cleveland Browns, right fistabrown???