Only wins can avoid fade to blackout


So long as the NFL believes the sanctioned extortion of non-paying fans to be one of the bedrocks of its popularity, the only way the Raiders will be able to avoid embarrassing blackouts is to improve the product on the field.

There was a nice buzz to the Coliseum during last week’s 13-9 win over Philadelphia, one that went beyond the after-effects of, ahem, pregame tailgate activities.

The defensive play was emotional, inspired and mandatory, coming as it did after the previous week’s roll-over-and-play-dead effort in the Meadowlands against the New York Giants.

The Coliseum was as loud as its been since the first three quarters of the Week 1 loss to San Diego, and frankly, the parking lot was more full when I arrived than I expected.

Since the Raiders took over their own ticket sales, an operation driven primarily by CEO Amy Trask, having only two games blacked out in in each of the three previous seasons was quite an accomplishment considering the product on the field had a record of 11-37. But it’s clear there are as many people protesting with their checkbooks rather than utilizing their right to boo.

As it is, the Raiders might need to do something remarkable to avoid a run of blackouts to close out the season.

None of the remaining home games _ Kansas City, Cincinnati, Washington and Baltimore _ are particularly inspiring to the ticket-buying public unless accompanied by some sort of Raiders revival on the field.

Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear the league is beholden to the blackout policy despite an economy that makes it more difficult to get fans to the stadium.

“Absolutely. You know, it’s a very important balance in attracting people to our stadiums and continuing to make our games (available) on free television,” Goodell said in an interview on Sirius Satellite Radio. “And it’s been done for several decades. We’ve been through a couple of recessions in that period of time.

“And the blackouts are extremely minimal at this point. I think we have seven in the first 103 games. You want all of our games not to be blacked out but that’s not possible. And we’re the one sport that’s been able to stay on free television and we’re proud of that.”

Seven in 103 games. And three of them are in Oakland.

If it’s an Oakland problem and not a league-wide problem, the blackout policy will remain intact.

Fans have seen the occasional surprise like the one they got last week against Philadelphia. Then all too often it’s been followed up with a resounding thud. Coach Tom Cable believes he’s got the flat-lining thing corrected.

“As I told them, I’m going to assume now that you will bring the fight every Sunday,” Cable said.

Short of that, those fans in the Bay Area who watch the home games on television will be left in the dark.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    The Raiders just have to take care of their business.

    Al Davis has to give the coaches 100% freedom to design the game plan. Cable

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Man Schilens…might as well shut it down until after the bye. His injuries are going to end up ruining his career before it gets started.

    Can I PLEASE see Johnnie Lee Higgins in the game for a few snaps?!?

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Is that Myers kid still on the roster? You know, the Tight End Cable was excited about during the draft

  • jerryburger


  • Roch R

    For tomorrow’s game the Raiders need to stuff the Jets Running game, early and often. And the offense has to do their part tomorrow. A couple of first half TD’s to put the Jets game in Sanchez’s hands. Then let our secondary and our D-line take over.

    The Jets game plan shouldn’t be a secret to anyone, they are going to run, run, run. Especially after the 5 int game last week from Sanchez.

    And I have to give a HUGE shout out to my favorite Raider as of late… Thomas Howard!!!



    Every Raider fan has to say he’s been the best player on the field the last couple of weeks, and when the Defense is going it’s usually because he’s been making plays.

    Stuff the Run, Get Schillens going. And beat the Jets off the ball!

    GO RAIDERS! GO 53!

  • Nnamdi21


  • Kirk

    The good news is we finally have a fullback. The bad news is Fargas may start.

  • jerryburger

    whos tailgating tomorrow?!?!!!??!?!

  • Plunketthead


  • Plunketthead

    looks like Lame is on the hotseat already, again.
    He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory today and the volunteers are peeing their orange bloomers.

    If it wasnt for his daddy’s D, Lame would be lucky to get a job coaching at Arkansas High.

  • Raider fan in the middle of raider hater nation

    I dont think fargas starting is bad news. He seemed to liven things up with his aggresive running style

  • priesttj

    If these two youngsters can’t bring the pain on a regular basis, Fargas is going to become the starter again and who can blame Cable?

    They have to establish themselves as reliable quality starters in order for him to stick with them.

    The key to the run defense tomorrow is T kelly and the LBers, Kelly has to get consistent penetration and be disruptive in the backfield and the LBers fill the gaps and DO NOT overpursue.

  • Trolls 35 Raiders 0

    “Remember the plucky little pigeon who lined up and played special teams with the Raiders against the Eagles?

    And do you remember Marquis Cooper(notes), the Raiders linebacker who tragically died along with two others in a boating accident back in March?

    Raiders running back Justin Fargas(notes) believes they are one and the same. Fargas was asked on KHTK in San Francisco about the pigeon, and about how some teammates and Cooper’s mother believe that the pigeon was Marquis.:

    You 😳 better hope that Cooper doesn’t come back as a jelly donut!!!! JR :mrgreen: is sure to eat him 😆

  • priesttj

    Hey! Troll how ’bout some eticate you’re talking about some who’s passed on, show some home training.

  • jerryburger

    so no one is going tomorrow?? wheres the best tailgate ?!?!?!

  • priesttj

    Take your pick the entire parking lot is just one big party!!!!!!!!!!!……..it’s a Raider game……..period

  • jerryburger

    this is true priest!!! thats why im leavin the pad @ 7 to wait in line to get in the gates @ 8 and crack open these mf beeeeeers!!!! but im just sayyin, raiderfans.net threw a tailgate party one year and it was tiiiight!

  • jerryburger

    had homeboys from jersey grillin up the mf tri tips and every other thing you can imagine! another homeboy from buffalo racking up shots for everyone!!! twistin and burnin treeeez in the back with some crazy mfs old as my dad and I loved every single mf minute of it!!!

  • Nnamdi21

    Too bad about Greg Ellis. Looks like his knee might not let him play Sunday.

    Trevor Scott had a 2 sack game last year against the Jets and helped seal an over time 16-13 victory.

    May not get to shine if the run game gets going.

    Jon Alston has filled nicely for the injured Ricky Brown with a solid go against the Eagles, but New York is looking to tote the rock with last weeks 200 yd + rusher and a rookie QB who’s thrown 8 picks his last 3 games.

    Tommy Kelly could be showing some of the spark that made him the highest paid DT in the League at one point. A point in his career where he was recovering from season ending knee surgery.

    Its time to pay back with all out play.

    Stanford Routt filled nicely for Nnamdi Asomugha who’s eye injury won’t see him lose time on Sunday.

    Routt’s always prefered the outside as opposed to his more common place nickle slot and turned in teh best game of his career last week.

    Michael Huff needs to make noise again this week after a hot start.

    Injuries have slowed him, but nows a good time to shine lest bust talk ingnites anew.

    Johnnie Lee Higgins needs to redeem himself on special teams. Just catch it and go north and south as fast as you can.

    Javon Walker is apparently never going to see time so Heyward Bey needs to break out.

    Neither one seems terribly likely to happen…

    Louis Murphy needs to put together a game and show he’s matured past the roookie drops and mistakes that have kept him from rightfully taking his place as a young spark plug for a Raiders offense with out one of any kind.

    Get in the end zone…ALOT!

  • 860Todd Christensen

    2 of my buds are flying out for the DisCharger game on Fri, but I’m booked for 16 on Sat n 12 on Sun. The’re Doc’s, I’m not, life is so unfair!

  • rightnasty

    Wow, all that talk about real fans and fake fans. Real fans keep putting money into the organization when they’re making a half-hearted attempt to put a winning team on the field? That’s the Cub fan mentality. Wrigley makes money, the team chokes whenever it does make the playoffs, the fans talk about how loyal they are. They’re not loyal, they’re suckers for an organization that doesn’t care about championships. They’ve been taken advantage of over a century now.

    This is a business first and foremost, and like any other business, if you don’t have a good product, you’re not going to do well, simple as that. Especially when the team across the Bay is in first place. Now there can be no switching from Raider fan to Niner fan as far as I’m concerned, but neither does an organization deserve patronage if the owner has failed miserably six years in a row. Meanwhile, there’s never any talk about lowering ticket prices despite the soaring unemployment rate, recession, etc. Really, you have to keep buying tickets to be a real fan? Is that people honestly think?

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Game Time!

    All three phases of the game:

    Offense, Defense, Special Teams and that Pigeon

    Put forth the type of effort that you’re capable of. Consistent effort is what being a pro is all about and is all any fan can ask for.

    100% Effort and mental concentration. Results take care of themselves.

    Speaking of effort and consistency….

    JaMarcus Russell
    Louis Murphy
    The O-Line
    Tommy Kelly
    Kirk Morrison
    and whoever plays free safety

    All have been guilty of being up and down….today needs to be up for 4 QTRs


    LET’S GO RAIDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    John Marshall…keep mixing it up.

    Right now you have the entire league on its toes. I mean..

    40 years of man 2 man 43 base

    and only 1 week of zone blitzing, multiple looks etc..

    You can probably sneak up on every opponent based on the lack of film!

    Let’s give the Jets something to think about

  • BlackSunday32

    Come on ready to start cracking brews lets Go Raiderssssssss!

  • neilb

    morning all.

  • 4evaRaider

    Good Morning NATION!!!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    This team wins if the Russell gets rid of the ball quickly in the face of the Ryan blitz.

    In fact, I think the fact that the Eagles were blitz heavy forced Cable/Davis to revise the game plan. That’s a good thing.

    Keep it up this week.


  • 4evaRaider

    Lets turn the proverbial corner

  • neilb

    Just a quickie then I’m off to see LMN’s Liverpool get stuffed by Man Utd.

    Complacency is the foe today.Reading some site’s you’d think everything was okay and all the Raiders had to do was turn up.

    We have to play hard from the first whistle to the last.NO LET UP.

  • 4evaRaider

    hav e fun Neilb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4evaRaider

    Let loose the Hounds of Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neilb

    Morning 4eva….

    Or to put it another way….

    “You have to play this game like someone just hit your mother with a two-by-four.”

    Dan Birdwell.

  • neilb

    Cheers 4eva…..back later…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Raiders defenders were almost giddy in the aftermath as if they’d been unchained.

    Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who missed much of the game with vision problems after being poked in the eye by DeSean Jackson, said he’d spent considerable time lobbying for a change-up only to see the Raiders revert to their usual style on Sundays.

    “Maybe he’ll see it actually works, and we’ll stick on it,” Asomugha said, referring to defensive coordinator John Marshall. “He said he might get hell for it, but he’ll keep it going. The element of surprise got Reid, who said he’d been outcoached.
    Come on Al. LET THEM PLAY!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams






  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Right tackle Winston Justice and right guard Max Jean-Gilles both said they were caught flat-footed, never expecting to see linebackers and safeties coming their way.

    “They did a lot of things we weren’t expecting,” Justice said.

    “We just weren’t prepared,” Jean-Gilles said.

    When was the last time you heard an NFL team readily admit they’d been had?





  • BlackSunday32

    Y is Seymour questionable it said Illness ?

  • Good morning Raider Nation!!!!

    Amazing what a victory will do to energize the fan base, I’ve been up for almost 2 hours already!!!

    As with the Giants game, I am more worried about the quick backup RB than the big, physical , grinding starter. Jacobs was ineffective against us, but Bradshaw had his way. We can stop Jones, but I am worried about Washington.

  • This is the first time in 3 weeks that the casino’s actually have a line on the Raiders to win straight-up. The last two weeks, the Raiders were such huge underdogs, they didn’t even put a moneyline bet out there (sad to say that rarely ever happens).

    I’m off to do some “research”, I’ll be back after the game. My prediction:

    Raiders 24 Jets 3, Sanchez benched at halftime, Huff pick 6.

  • alisgod

    Morning nation,

    It’s been a good week to be a Raider Fan. Wins have been far and few so yeah we had a right to feel good when we win.

    Today’s game I think is going to be closer than we think. the Jets still ahve a good LB and DB corp. I think the team that makes the least turnover wins today.

    I’d say the game is decided by 3 point or less. Obviously if we win, I dont care by how many points.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Just stopped in to give my 2 cents worth of a prediction:

    RAIDERS 27
    Prop Planes 23

    We stop them on last drive again!

    Out of here.
    Cable Bombaye!

  • GAME DAY!!!!! Stay disciplined on defense, make some plays on O, how’s about some big returns on special teams! EXPECT TO WIN!!!

  • It is time for the defense to SMASH THE RICH KID!

  • raideredoutL.A.

    last time i was anxious 4 gametime was the denver game. offense has to play big.no turnovers.stop run. we win. 16-10

  • bwk223

    GAME DAY Raider Nation!! I’m from the East Coast (NJ) and go to school in New York City. I have been hearing all of the talk radio BASHING the Raiders, claiming last week was a fluke, saying they can run all over us… NOT TODAY RAIDERS!!! It’s about time we string two good games in a row and come out with a big victory. Play with speed, play with heart, play with your head and we will win this game.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    hearing the autumn wind makes me wanna suit up, super pumped already! C’MON RAIDERS!

  • Raider 17
    Jets 13

  • Richochet

    Oakglenn Says:
    October 24th, 2009 at 12:33 pm
    # Richochet Says:
    October 24th, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    ..lying ass dog.

    You WERE ON THIS BOARD AT 11:30. Game starts at 1:00.
    Who the hell would be at home, ON A BOARD, POSTING STUPID CRAP, instead of being at the game, tailgating? BBQ’ing?

    You’re a phony fake.

    Your above post states 12:28 yet my clock timed to GMT states 12:20. So I actually posted with over an hour and a half to get in the stadium. And I live about fifteen minutes from the stadium, and I can just walk in. So, I left with plenty of time even tho it was a 1:05 start. In fact, even tho I left later than I wanted, I was still there to watch Donovan McNabb go thru warmups, being I had never seen him play before and I really wanted to see him close. So, once again, for the MILLIONTH TIME NOW, IT IS YOU, who has been once again PROVEN to be the liar and the fraud. And if you want to talk about what McNabb did in warmups I can tell you. And that is something only someone who is in the stadium, on the sidelines, would know. Loser POS.

    you’re a liar, OakDork.

    Worse yet, what you’re saying is that you prefer to be home, POSTING ON A BLOG, INSTEAD OF BEING AT THE GAME? who the hell is so sorryass sad that they CHOOSE POSTING HERE, INSTEAD OF BEING AT THE GAME??

    Save that idiot “15 min away”..Even if you do live in the degenerated area that surrounds the stadium (dude, NOTHING 15 min away from Oaksty coliseum ISN”T a dump) there is traffic getting there..then there is getting in and parking. Then you go and get in a line to get inside the coliseum. Then it’s the proceedings getting to the seat.

    You’re a liar, Oakdork, or the sorriest wimp on the planet who actually chooses THIS BOARD OVER BEING AT THE GAME WITH FRIENDS.

    What? No friends? lol..you don’t MEET UP WITH ANYONE??


    What? Sit by yourself? Which is it? Regardless, you’re either a LIAR OR THE SADDEST SAP ON THE PLANET..

    What a geek, LMAO..by HIS OWN ADMISSION.

  • jhill

    DHB – 2 catches

    Crabtree – 1 catch