Final: Jets 38, Raiders 0



NYJ_Shonn Greene 33-yard run (Jay Feely kicks PAT).


Have to bail on blog notes until later because of added print responsibilities today . . .

Worst home loss ever. Previous worst margin was 41-7 (34 points), most recently in Brett Favre game on Dec. 22, 2003

Go ahead and vent.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 17 Bob Trey O

    I’m gotta agree with Seymour- the Raiders are going to the playoffs. I’ll do him one better, I’ll say when. Somewhere around 2017 or 2018

  • Thec07

    Worst ORGANIZATION in the world….

  • lefty12

    how dare Cable say his QB screwed up.how dare T.Howard say it was demoralizing when the team was down 14-0 before the fans that were there got in their seats.they don’t know sh!t.they should ask all the experts on here.after all,most of you know so much more than them.

  • lefty12

    actually it went as i thought.he moved the team-something the big bust didn’t do.we all know Gradkowski isn’t a great QB,but regardless of what you perceived,he looked better than your boy.
    Priest-while it may be true your choice for QB may have lost faith in his WRs,it is also obvious the whole team has lost hope with the super bust we have playing QB.

  • jhill


    Is that YOUR attempt at being a smartass? LOL!

    What happened to sticking to football.

    What happened to you while Gradkowski was playing? Didn’t quite go the way you expected, huh?

  • Thec07

    Mr. Davis give it up….
    Retire and give all 11 of the positions, and titles to someone who is capable…

  • Thec07

    Worst ORGANIZATION in the world….

    Highest degree of ineptitude in the history of sports.

    Team is ran like a fantasy football team, with a 80 year old ego maniac at the helm….

    My son in law said a few years ago, the raiders wont be good for a decade, i shrugged it off, but he was right….

  • jhill

    Uh, I think you might be the only person saying that Lefty. Gradkowski looked better than Russell? LOL!

    First pass was underthrown to an open Murphy. I guess you like the way Gradkowski underthrows more so than Russell?

    His 2nd pass should have been a pick to a DLINEMAN, lol!

    Moved the team? When? You mean his Garcia imitiation? You like that better than JRuss’ spin move last week? LMFAO!

    Great pocket awareness on that fumble, right? What about the other 2 picks that the Jets dropped that were clear paths to the end zone?

    Gradkowski didn’t do anything or you would have certainly been in here telling us about it, WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING! Just like you were here telling us #2 was bad.


  • There really is nothing left to say about this team. Jerry, can you start doing movie reviews, or something?

  • Thec07

    We are 3 decades removed from the 70’s….
    How many NFL teams still run the organization
    the same way they ran it in the 70’s???????

  • priesttj

    Lefty12. I’m quite capable of admitting when Russell really stinks it up. But he was not alone in his endeavors our WR’s STINK. That endzone pass to Watkins was his to make a play or at least be a factor in breaking it up. These guy’s just don’t compete for the football IMO. I get that Russell is struggling mightily and have adlitted as much many times. But I would love to see him with JLH and Chaz instead of these two jokers. Give him Boldin and Fitzgerald and tell me he wouldn’t be much better? These WR’s are a factor in his confidence. We’re playing TWO ROOKIES for crying out loud. Why is he so accurate to ZM and the HB’s. I’ll tell you why ZM competes for the football……….period

    Hell did Sanchez light it up today?? but he won 38 to ZIP!!

  • Thec07

    Mr. Davis retirement party….

  • Has anyone seen the new Coen brothers film?

  • Thec07

    Everything starts at the top. If we had a modern NFL organization, a lot of what we see would not be happening. Mr. Davis you were great but its time to ride into the sunset. We need lots of C4 to implode the building in alameda…

  • ny-raider

    I got to watch the game out here east coast ( live in Long Island-I got mercilessly abused but don’t care because I have always been and will always be silver and black). The stadium looked ridiculous as empty as it was, but I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to watch this live. Pure torture. For those calling for Cable’s head, I laugh at you. Do you really think Cable has anything to do with this other than being a puppet put in place to do Al Davis’ bidding?

    No respectable coach will go there. Any coach who does take the job does so knowing that they will be doing Al’s bidding. It is a waste of time until Al takes that big black and silver elevator into the sky.

    Then perhaps we can get a non-interfering owner with some sense to attract a decent GM and head coach tandem. Then, and only then, can we begin to re-build. Because then, and only then, will we be able the draft picks be made by someone with football knowledge that has been relevant in the past 25 years; to be able to finally re-install winning attitude in a place that drew me to be a raiders fan when I was 5 years old and winning was in fact tradition.

    I was disgusted today. Laughing after getting your head handed to you in your own house? I hope Sanchez enjoyed his f’ing hot dog. Looked like a move Jafatass would have pulled.

    P.S. I give Cable respect for actually pulling Blubberbutt outta the game. You know he is going to hear about it from the crypt-keeper. I just wish he was able to put Garcia in.

  • lefty12

    Jhill,if you remember right,i said Russell should be benched to SEE if he was the problem.are you going to deny the off. functioned better when Gradkowski was in?sure,the rookie WRs still dropped balls,but the team moved the ball,something they didn’t do when Russell was in the game.DHB was thrown the slant you always demand,and it worked.it seems as if our young WRs are letting the bias of the officials really bother them.the Def. was terrible,but i is also obvious the team is frustrated by the terrible play by the supposed leader-J.Russell.

  • Thec07

    Its official today was blow out sunday…
    If you lost today chances are you were blown out….
    No consolation to raider fans, next home game will have less people. norvell is sarting to figure it out for his hapless afc west team. Hope the D shows up, and keeps them under 30…..

  • priesttj

    I would love to see Gradkowski start for two games and see what happens. Then I would like to see Russeell with a healthy JLH and Chaz and Murphy or Walker and see what happens.

    I’ve watched russell for the better part of 6 years and I know what this kid is capable of if you put the Talent around him. He can be dominant. But he’s playing two freakin rookies. Those were not poorly thrown passes to Watkins and DHB but if you watch the WR’s you’d think they were. Terrible ball awareness.

  • lefty12

    Priest,you keep saying the WRs aren’t helping the QB and that is true.however,it is a 2 way street-the QB,who is in his 3rd year,isn’t doing anything to help his 2 ROOKIE WRs.how many passes have the WRs had thrown to them where they could stay in stride and make a catch.not many if any.sure,they are dropping passes-just as all rookie WRs do,but the QB isn’t giving them the greatest passes either.

  • jhill

    Yes I am going to deny to offense functioned better with Gradkowski in there. What do you mean by that?

    Slant pass to DHB for 4 yds? Is that what you call moving the ball? I prefer the 24 yd pass that Russell completed to him, lol! Cmon!

    Gradkowski had three 3 and outs and a fumble in his first 4 possessions. Are you serious??!?!?

  • new englandraider

    wow, what another horrible loss. i must say though, in my opinion we can not, i repeat CAN NOT blame this on jr. this is only his 23rd career start. 23rd. when the man has time to throw the ball he looks decent. you can see potential. outside of that 1st int, the other 2 to’s were not his fault. he barely completed his dropback and was hit 4 the fumble. 2nd int was on watkins. how the hell was he falling down on that? if murphy dont drop the slant early, jr would’ve been 7-11. not too bad considering he hardly ever has time to throw, and when he does our wrs drop the frickin ball. would be nice to see what this guy can do with some halfway decent wrs and of course a little protection from the oline. but i will say it again, he doesnt look so bad when he has time to throw the ball

  • lefty12

    Russell had 3 turnovers in his 1st 3 possessions.at least 3 and outs don’t give the other team the ball on the 4 yd line the 1st 2 possessions of the game.

  • lefty12

    i listen to the guys on TV,i listen to guys on the radio(Flores),i listen to the coach after the game-they all say the same thing-the QB isn’t doing his job and the turnovers are his fault.all these people have been doing this for their whole lives.yet i’m supposed to ignore them and take the word of a bunch of people posting on the internet over them?get real!!!!!!!!

  • Thec07

    Game attendance; 39,354….Lowest attendance for home game since 1968

  • priesttj

    Lefty12, there is no question his play is affecting this team, I heard it in T Howards voice they are tired of it.

    That’s why they need to see if the backup can change the mood. It certainly didn’t work today but maybe it will if he starts.

  • BS Detector

    lefty12 Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 8:00 pm
    i listen to the guys on TV,i listen to guys on the radio(Flores),i listen to the coach after the game-they all say the same thing-the QB isn’t doing his job and the turnovers are his fault.all these people have been doing this for their whole lives.yet i’m supposed to ignore them and take the word of a bunch of people posting on the internet over them?get real!!!!!!!!
    I listened to all of that stuff today and not 1 person said it was all JaMarcus’s fault. So put down the pipe and stop making sh1t up to back up your argument. And please don’t be like those other idiots and use known idiot Jarrod Cooper as your “source”. Anyone that quotes him might as well be quoting Sean Salisbury. How stupid can people be?

    Does JaMarcus suck? Yes. Is it all his fault? No. Get real bro and stop lying, it makes you look like a fool.

  • jhill


    You say you were watching the game, so I’m sure you saw that play early on where Russell went deep to DHB after scrambling and buying time.

    DHB stopped his route when the DB cut him off instead of running through that and drawing a penalty or going for the ball.

    Right or Wrong ?!?!?!

    Did Murphy drop that slant on the 2nd series, yes or no?

    Were you happy with the effort Watkins gave on that pass in the endzone, Yes or No?

    Should Cable have called a pass or run to START the game from our OWN 10 YD LINE?

    See, the fact that you can just brush these things off makes YOU the one who doles out excuses. The fact that you have no issue with Cable having a game plan that does not play to the strengths of this team is what I call excuses. The QB? Puh-leeze. And by that I mean Gradkowski too. First play off the bench is a deep pass to Murphy?

    Run the damn ball dude! It’s early 2nd qtr!

  • new englandraider

    how many 3rd down pasees have been dropped? quite a few. if these guys hold onto the ball drives would continue. b4 i said had murphy not dropped the slant and watkins over the middle, they guy would’ve been 8-11. wtf is wrong with that?

  • priesttj

    Jhill, all left sees is Russell he is my boy but sometimes he’s ignores some obvious facts. These rookies really suck and that pass to Watkins that was intercepted in the endzone was on Watkins, plain and simple. If Gradkowski starts he’ll see what we mean.

  • new englandraider


  • new englandraider

    YOU’RE POSTING YOUR COMMENTS TOO QUICKLY. F OFF WITH THAT SIT ALREADY. I POST AT 8:02 it comes out as 8:13. back to the future

  • # Thec07 Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Game attendance; 39,354….Lowest attendance for home game since 1968


    Al deserves it. Keep the boycott going, everyone. Make him drown in his own misery until he retires and hires a real GM.

  • jhill

    Look Lefty,

    I’m not going to sit here and keep going back and forth with you on who is the worst QB on the team. The answer is ALL OF THEM!

    Like I’ve said a million times, I really don’t care about the QB position, I care about the whole team. A QB change is the equivalent of sweeping the dirt under the rug. This team does NOT lose 38 and 48 to nothing because of the QB. 17-6, 21-7, 14-0, or anything like that, yes.

    But these blowouts say a lot more to me.

    Sorry but why not put your defense on the field first if we won the toss? Why do we have a penalty to start the game? Why do we run the ball from our own 10 yd line? Didn’t he learn anything from the Denver game? Geeze!

    You, I, and the milkman know the QB position is an issue, so why do we KEEP seeing play calling that acts like we don’t have an issue at QB?

    THAT is what I’ve been trying to say!

  • Thec07

    Real MR,
    Mr Davis need to hire a GM, and fire all those lackeys, yes men, and hangers on. George Atkinson

    needs to retire, and take a nap. He doesnt seem as drunk as last year but he is a buffoon….

  • los raiders de don rober

    Hey, at least the game was over by halftime and I could stop worrying about the Raiders and started watching competitive football in other channels…How in god’s green earth did this sorry organization beat the eagles last week?

  • Richochet

    Well, it’s a general concensus.
    Depending on who you talk to, the owner sucks, the offense sucks, the defense sucks..it’s the qb’s fault, it’s not his fault, it’s the WR’s fault..nope..not theirs..D line? yeah, but how bout the dbacks? them too..play calling? coaches fault/Al’s fault..neither of them at fault..back to qb/Wr/Oline/dline/…

    Let’s make it easier.


    your punter and FG kicker..THAT’S IT.

    Yeah, LMFAO at you dweebs…’IT’S RUSSELL’..it’s NOT RUSSELL..geez..how freaking sorryass pathetic of a group can you be? Only thing worse is if you had racist posters on here..oh..my bad..you do, Jhill.

    Yeah yeah..it’s all because some of you pansies are so damn insecure that you don’t CARE if the Raiders suck..just as long as YOUR ARGUMENT isn’t proven wrong..too slow to realize IT ALL SUCKS..yeah..fools..Russel is the worst qb in the league. You have NO WR’s worth a damn. Your d line is horrendous, even with SeeMeMour..Dbacks can’t defend a group of old ladies..coaches are tokenheads..Oline can’t block the sun…

    AND THE FANS CONTINUE TO PROVE YOU’RE THE WORST FANS IN THE NFL..likely won’t sell out another game for years to come

    face it..from top to bottom? YOU SUCK!!

    Now..get back to your “It’s not Russell” “It is Russell” “I hate admitting I’m wrong”..”You’re always wrong”

  • vegas raider Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Al is to blame for the “Macro” state of the team, but the players could at least deliver a better product to the fans.


    What the hell are you talking about? “Macro” state of the team? Listen, shills. You’re not going to fool anyone after a loss like today. If you’re not willing to pony up and admit that Al Davis is responsible for this debacle, then get the F on.

  • priesttj

    Lefty12, so you agree with me that it’s just a bad combination, And not Russell alone? because that’s all I’m saying, he is struggling but he needs a lot more help from the players around him.

    We don’t have any playmakers at WR……….period and it makes him look much worse.

  • los raiders de don rober

    i could care less if they bench jamarcus. changing one guy wont help this team. it sucks. they play in so many blow-outs they are kind of expecting it….

  • Trolls 35 Raiders 0

    See post 240 for the truth 💡

  • lefty12

    Jhill i have to wonder what a great football mind like you is doing on here.shouldn’t you be getting your game plan for next Sat. or Sunday ready?you obviously know more than the people who are paid to do this for a living.you mention plays ROOKIE WRs aren’t making that some Exp. WRs don’t make.you never acknowledge the QB should have thrown the ball more inside or outside or deeper.you ALWAYS blame the ROOKIE WRs.if the QB led Watkins more to the left,the DB couldn’t have intercepted the ball.a good QB puts the ball where only his Rec. can get it,he doesn’t just throw it up and expect his Rec. to make great catches.

  • Noshadowking

    Yeah the whole playcalling isnt as important as the execution is complete bs. Yes executon is key as in people dropping passes or running bad routs is killing drives but at the same time how bout good play calling to give some of these guys confidence. Seriously if we had Drew Brees, Peyton Manning etc back there then yes we could rely on the passing game but we dont. So Cable needs to be calling running plays until the running game wears down the defense a bit. We have rookie wr’s out there. Does anyone seriously think they have a ton of confidence when every drive is relying on them to catch 15-20 yard passes to keep a drive going. Now if its 3rd and 3-4 and have gotten a few first tons from rushing then maybe some of these guys would get some confidence back. The 2 calls taking away receptions for Murphy I really think have shatttered his confidence completely. At half time even if your down 3 td’s you have plenty of time and can come out rushing. Man its not just Al Davis messing this team up guys

  • los raiders de don rober

    we have the cheapest coaches in the nfl. we have no scouting department. let the rest take care of itself.

  • priesttj

    Jhill, post#234 true dat!! That is my point exactly.

    Cable is a retard.

  • BS Detector


    why are you so mad?

  • new englandraider

    f you richochet. you just said we have no wrs and that our oline sux. which both are very true. i’ll ask you this. what qb would succeed with this group of wrs and this oline?

  • jhill

    Ok Lefty ….

    I see your points, and you won’t have to worry about me pumping up #2 any longer. It’s all about #5 going forward until #2 shows … well it’s all about #5 for now so forget about #2.

    This team is just a QB away from doing something.

    Our HC is doing the best he can.

    Our rookies WRs are not as bad as they seem.

    Our RT and RG situation doesn’t need fixing.

    Bush is a bona fide back waiting on a QB.

    And our defense will be able to stop the run more consistently once they get a QB who can actaully play the game.

    Got it!

    Don’t know what I was thinking.

  • Thec07

    Who is responsible for putting this so called product on the field? the ORGANIZATION.

    Mr. Davis <——-The ORGANIZATION

  • lefty12

    Priest,you heard Howard.it is obvious the team got down after the first 2 series we turned the ball over-the here we go again thing.he also said he sees Russell working and insinuated he isn’t seeing any results.at this point in time JR is dragging the team down.is it all on him-no.but he is being paid to lead the team and as of now i don’t believe the team believes in their leader.it also didn’t sit well that after he was pulled,he was laughing on the sidelines.

  • Thec07

    You could have superman play qb, put the flash at running back and the raiders would still mess it up…