First quarter: Jets 14, Raiders 0



NYJ_Thomas Jones 1-yard run (Jay Feely kicks PAT), 12:54

NYJ_Mark Sanchez 3-yard run (Feely kicks PAT), 4:20


— Jets Steve Weatherford looks at retreating Raiders special teams and runs up the middle for first down on last play of quarter, gaining 16 yard. Special teams captain Isaiah Ekejiuba wasn’t looking until it was too late.

— Raiders defense holds up it send _ forces three-and-out following JaMarcus Russell’s second interception.

— Russell throws post to Todd Watkins in end zone, covered by Darrelle Revis like a blanket. Revis gets end zone interception. That’s three turnovers in the first quarter.

Ruins drive that included 19-yard pass to Tony Stewart and consecutive 17- and 9-yard gains by Justin Fargas.

— New formation _ Fargas splits wide, Gary Russell single back, runs a yard for first down.

— In the afterglow of a 24-yard completion to DHB, Russell, under pressure from David Harris, throws ill-advised pass directly to Jim Leonhard, who returns it 44 yards to the 4. Mark Sanchez scores on a 3-yard run.

— Johnnie Lee Higgins races up for fair catch, can’t get there, lets it go _ lucky it didn’t bounce right into him. Raiders open at 14-yard line.

— Nnamdi Asomugha missed a tackle on David Clowney behind first down stake on flat pass to left on third-and-3, Clowney gains 11 for first down. On next third-and-4, Raiders string out Jones and force punt.

— Michael Huff at deep safety for Jets second possession.

— Ugly drop on Raiders second possession. Russell throws a slant to Murphy for first down plus additional yardage. He drops it.

— The Raiders handed the ball to the Jets on their first play from scrimmage at the 4-yard line. Khalif Barnes, a surprise starter at right tackle, was beaten by Calvin Pace, who forced a fumble from Russell. It took the Jets four plays to score _ all runs from Jones. Jones finally made it through on fourth-and-goal.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • utahraiderfan

    JaCarcass throws a pick in the end zone. thats 3 turnovers on him !!

  • Exactly my point, Jhill. I AM watching the game, and Watkins didn’t even jump for it. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  • neilb

    It’s got ugly very quickly.

  • EMRaiders

    When will we learn?…

  • Bobby Bushay

    Here we go again – no intensity, no urgency. Case in point – fake punt for a first down. Most high school teams wouldn’t let that happen…

  • Fake punt in the NFL = ZERO respect for the opposition. Good game plan by Rex Ryan thus far.

  • jhill

    jhill Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 2:01 pm
    Lefty …

    Are you watching the game?

    I can’t wait until you guys can see the highlights of this.

    Fargas busts off 2 great runs! 2nd and 1, deep pass to Wakins for a pick.

    I’m going to let you watch the play and tell me what you think about Watkins effort, or lack thereof on that pass, lol!

    JRuss was PISSED!

    My commentary on it goes to Cable. Vertical deep pass when the running game was just smashing the shyt outta them????

    Everytime Cable goes to the vertical game, something happens. Either a bad throw, a drop, or a bad route. I mean the guy is out there hoping for Murphy’s law to kick in and way, well we have to complete one.

    Just like the first play of the

  • utahraiderfan

    Then special teams let punter run for 1st down !!

  • If Russell sucked much more he could be a porn star

  • neilb

    …..and I’m not talking about those awful uniforms.

  • bwk223

    gradkowski please…

  • The only offense the Jets need: Putting the ball in the hands of the Raider offense.

  • neilb



  • utahraiderfan

    Defense doing good job. Russell is killing them. Who does he play for ? the opposition ?

  • Did Russell draft himself, guys?

  • lefty12

    Jhill,ya i’m watching the game.i am also watching the WORST QB in the NFL.you can make all the excuses you want,you can blame Cable all you want,but the reason this team is inept is the QB.this isn’t high school.you MUST pass the ball.we can’t because of Jamarcus Russell.

  • Don’t get your hopes up. Al will not allow Cable to continue running the ball like this.

  • RaiderNationPA

    Raidernation pa your an idiot. The raiders don’t deserve fans with the product they put on the field. You’re right bay area fans don’t deserve this franchise we deserve better. If the raiders actually played like a team maybe people would actually show up, who wants to pay 1,000 dollars for season tickets just to see this team win 5 out of 16 games and get worked by 14 points in the first quarter to a team coming off 3 straight loses?? F outta your a loser just like the team fag…


    GFY Dmac20

    You don’t know the first thing about being a fan. Between game tickets, plane tickets, and hotel, I spent about 600 to see one Raiders game at Oakland. So shut your worthless mouth! And please change your name to Fargas25

  • DarthPirate

    FU Higgins.

  • The Jets pulling starters on defense with phantom injuries because they know Russell sucks.

  • Told you.

  • We could have ran the ball more on that drive. Why not run till they stop it? Again, Cable knows he has to be sparse with the running plays. Al wants to throw that ball.

  • raidermarty

    RAIDERS keep killing themselves.Russell is floundering…

  • Grad is warming up!


  • jhill

    Ok, let’s review this, lol

    Opening kickoff, a PENALTY puts us inside the 10 yd line!

    1st play of the game, CABLE calls a vertical pass play, Barnes never touches his man, and his man causes a fumble.

    2nd series, Murphy drops a slant pass on 3rd and 4 that was wide open for a big play.

    3rd series – Cable calls a PA pass and has JRuss turn his back on the Jets defense, lol! You can only imagine how that turned out.

    4th series – 2 HUGE runs by Fargas prompts CABLE to call a vertical pass to the end zone. I’m not going to even say anything about the effort from the WR b/c it is just what we expect a matchup of Revis vs Watkins to go, lol. IT WAS FUGGIN 2ND AND 1 CABLE! RUN THE BALL DUDE! THE RUN IS WORKING DUDE!

    5th series – Fargas busts off a HUGE run. Cable calls PA pass plays off of that with the QB CLEARLY in press mode now. Almost turns it over AGAIN with no one open!

    Gradkowski NOW warming up!

  • PaleRaider

    Dumbest team in America….

  • IndianaRaider

    Someone call Ryan Leaf and see if he wants to play, I’d bet money he could play better than Russell, lmao.

  • utahraiderfan

    Bruce warming up !!!

  • lefty12

    it looks as if we might bench the big clown.we just might have a chance yet.

  • RaiderNationPA

    NIce Gradkowski is warming up. This is what we need. Bench Russell and let him think about it and know that there are consequences for sucking that bad. Let him come back next week and earn his spot back.

  • jhill

    The defense is BALLING!

    Now let’s see if we can lose the vertical game now that we FINALLY can see Gradkowsi!

  • Kush

    looks like we’re benching Jawalrus

  • utahraiderfan

    Did jacarass get hurt ? Bruce warming up !!!!

  • The entire upper deck is empty. Way to go! Boycott is on!!!

  • DarthPirate

    I like it! I also like how Gradkowski is warming up. People are about to realize what the real problem is.
    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 2:13 pm

    The entire upper deck is empty. Way to go! Boycott is on!!!

  • jhill

    OK, Lefty …

    Now let’s see if the QB change everyone calls for makes the difference?

    I’m VERY interested to see if losing the “BIG ARMED” QB changes the playbook to more short stuff. Let’s see if Gradkowski can throw a ball the WRs won’t drop.

    And let me say this now, I AM rooting for this guy!

  • PaleRaider

    At least Leaf had fire! JaRetard would only feel fire if he contracted gonorrhea.

  • Kush


    I have picture, no sound though.

  • gradkowski isn’t going to change anything. It’s our gameplanning. It’s al’s meddling. You’ll see.

  • EMRaiders

    Let’s not get our hopes up. Remember, there’s a good chance Grad won’t be any better. For the love of God I hope he is, but I’m not sure…

  • jhill

    Does anyone see Hackett warming up on the sidelines?

    Is he stretching out his playbook, and loosening up his headset?

  • jhill

    lefty12 Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Jhill,ya i’m watching the game.i am also watching the WORST QB in the NFL.you can make all the excuses you want,you can blame Cable all you want,but the reason this team is inept is the QB.this isn’t high school.you MUST pass the ball.we can’t because of Jamarcus Russell.


    OK, lol!

    You can blame the QB all you want, lol!

    We are about to see.

    You are really telling me that it’s the QB fault that the kickoff team got a penalty on the OPENING play?

    Are you telling me that you agree with the first play call of the game?

  • utahraiderfan

    I don;t think they are putting in Bruce. Al is just playing with us !!

  • RaiderNationPA

    Of course every fumble goes out of bounds. Thats just our luck.

  • lefty12

    Jhill,that is all i’ve been asking.let’s see if Russell is the problem or not.actually the deep passes might be more effective if we can complete some short-intermediate passes.

  • EMRaiders

    Wow. I love the Raiders.

  • IndianaRaider

    lol MR

  • Kush

    # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    gradkowski isn’t going to change anything. It’s our gameplanning. It’s al’s meddling. You’ll see.

    I actually agree with you for once MR. Fargas was running at will against their O-line. The decision to go away from that and keep trying to throw it down the field has Al Davis imprint all over it.

  • PaleRaider

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 2:24 pm
    God damn, JaMarcus. Why can’t you play better defense? come on, tackle, JaMarcus. Tackle!

    Bro, how friggin retarded are you? The Jets get the ball inside the 5 twice courtesy of JaManwich, and you come to his defense…why? Must be a mancrush.

  • jhill


    It’s as simple as looking across the field, man!

    The Jets are not asking Sanchez to do anything but hand the ball off. High School? Cmon!

    Like last week, it’s better than turning the ball over. Give you defense a chance to make plays on the rookie QB.