Gradkowski in at QB

Bruce Gradkowski replaced JaMarcus Russell at quarterback with 5:45 left in the half and immedately lofted a deep pass down the right sideline that was incomplete to Louis Murphy.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Timmah

    How is that not PI???

  • Kush

    Gradkowski’s first two throws didn’t look much better

  • Dmac20

    bout time

  • Dmac20

    the league is upset the riaders got away with the win against philly so they’re making up for it today. we get worked on calls evrygame man.smh When things happen loke that all the time it becomes more than coincidence.

  • BornInOakland

    Go GRAD GO!!!! See ya, Russell.

  • raidermarty

    Here we go with them just giving up now…..

  • DarthPirate

    Nice drive there Raiders.

  • PaleRaider

    I’ll bet money that Grad knows more of the playbook than JaBlubber

  • PaleRaider

    No turnovers = progress

  • PaleRaider

    Wow, at least Chicago is matching us for futility, losing 28-0 to the Bunguls.

  • DarthPirate

    Gradkowski has been amazing so far. I think we found our new franchise QB guys!

  • Nnamdi21

    On that 1st TD 4th and goal you have Sam Williams and that Ivy league rookie in on D.


    You know what? If you’re going to quit don’t even bother going onto the field. Just go home.

    You’re an embarrassement to the name and the game.


  • http://none The Real MaddenRaider

    ….Wow. Gradkowski was awesome, guys. 3 and out, 2 of them nearly picks. So far, downgrade from JaMarcus. It’s the organization and the scheme, you idiots. But keep living in denial.

  • Dmac20

    Wow. Gradkowski was awesome, guys. 3 and out, 2 of them nearly picks. So far, downgrade from JaMarcus. It’s the organization and the scheme, you idiots. But keep living in denial.


    Naw trmr that pass to murph was a PI the guy wasn’t even looking at the ball and slapped murphy in the face before the ball even got there.

  • 17 Bob Trey O

    I’m gonna run out of JD at this rate.

  • Kush

    The run was clearly working in our favor on two straight drives. Then we mysteriously abandoned it. That is clearly Al Davis’ meddling.

  • jhill

    LOL Lefty ..

    The Jets must be playing HS football.

    Jones has 16 rush attempts already! Must be nice!

    Cable is clueless!

    First play with a sub QB is a deep pass?

    2nd play is a pass too?


  • lefty12

    come on defense-grow a backbone~!!!!

  • EMRaiders

    Hate to say it, but the Raiders are moving to LA!

  • DarthPirate

    The problem is NOT JAMARCUS!

  • DarthPirate

    Oh, and another thing. We are so damn dysfunctional that we don’t have a kickoff returner. WE CAN’T EVEN PICK UP SOMEONE TO RETURN KICKS!!!


  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    Wow jamarcus looked bad on that last drive didn’t he. Oh you’re telling me that wasn’t him.

  • lefty12

    Jhill-stick to talking football instead of trying to be a smart arse like some others on here.it’s easy to stick to the running game when the oppositions QB GAVE you 14 points.

  • jhill

    LOL at the announcers …

    Sanchez is playing great, but he’s not being asked to do much?

    Sanchez hasn’t done squat!

    Our frickin inexperienced ass coach has given him the medicine he needs.

    Can you see it now?

  • http://none The Real MaddenRaider

    Every camera angle they show has about half of the seats empty. Al Davis is a douchebag!!! ha ha ha ha!!! He deserves every bit of the misery, until he croaks.

  • http://www.myspace.com/imchino Darth Raider

    I think you guys are wasting your energy and emotions by complaining about our play. It is very clear now that our management is the sole reason why we will NEVER return to greatness. Al, get your sh*t and get out! :0)

  • manassamauler

    bench the wideouts and put 9 guys on the LOS to runblock and just run michael bush for the rest of the game.