Halftime: Jets 24, Raiders 0



NYJ_Shonn Greene 8-yard run (Jay Feely kicks PAT), 5:51

NYJ_FG Feely 39 yards, :03


— Feely’s 39-yard field goal capped a 76-yard drive with three seconds left in the half. You can bet the Jets will do nothing but run the ball in the second half _ a good test of the Raiders’ defensive will in a game that looks lost.

— Bruce Gradkowski’s first series went three-and-out. Incomplete down the right sideline to Louis Murphy, incomplete short to Gary Russell (dangerously close to a pick going the other way) and a short gain to Zach Miller short of the first down.

— Greene caps a 93-yard drive with an 8-yard run, one play after racing 26 yards with a pitch to the 8-yard line.

— With Russell still wearing his helmet and Bruce Gradkowski throwing passes and jogging the sideline, getitng loose, the Jets convert a third-and-5 pass to David Clowney (no pressure) for a first down.

— Raiders forced to punt after Russell throws late, over the middle on Jets blitz. If Dwight Lowery hadn’t slipped, it might have been interception No. 3. Raiders actually picked up blitz initially and gave Russell adequate time.

— Following 16-yard run on fake punt, Raiders force again force punt . . . this time he kicks it. Higgins fair catch at the 10-yard line.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • elguapo2010

    they need to show the raiderettes more and the raiders less!

  • Love how patient you guys are with Gradkowski. If this were Russell, you guys would be going nuts. Raider fans are the dumbest people on the planet, bar none!!!

  • Put in Frye!

  • DarthPirate

    Well that was fun while it lasted. He needs to know there’s a guy coming behind him.

  • Frye, Frye, we want Frye.

  • Frank YoooooooLLL


  • RaiderNationPA

    Can we forfeit the rest of the games?

  • Kush

    The WCO is what got us to our last SB. Al Davis doesn’t like it, that’s why we don’t use it more.

  • Dmac20

    trmr jamarcus gae the momen tum away. if the raiders would have started this game with gradkowski at qb I guarantee this game would have a tottaly different outlook than what it has now guaranteed.

  • At least Grad is playing with energy and emotion.

    He will make some mistakes as well, but I hope they leave him in the rest of the season.

    I am tired of watching Russell’s big, sloppy azz.

  • Kush

    Why don’t we ever try to strip the ball from opposing backs the way they always seem to do to us?

  • jhill

    I answered that already England!

    Do you agree with passing the ball on the first play of the game from our own 10 yd line?

    That 2nd INT was a bad play call and a bad decision by Russell, right? PA fake on 1st down? I just ask WHY?

    Tell me how you feel about Watkins vs Revis? Would you call those plays?

    I have a problem with the playcalling. You have a problem with the QB. It’s not that hard.

    Gradkowski or Frye are not going to make things any better man. That’s all I’ve been saying. Russell looks like the rd youngest QB in the league, yet our playcaller calls plays like we have Manning or Brady.

    The one thing I was hoping for with a QB switch was a change in how we attack. All we still see are deep pass plays.

    What do you see the other team doing? Run Run, throw it away. Just like we did last week, right?

  • on his first PR day as a Raider in rookie year at a mall around Fremont/Newark, Russell leaves many kids waiting in line for a autograph because his allotted time was up. it was a good indicator of how he would perform on the field in the future

  • DarthPirate

    Doesn’t matter what QB we put in. As long as that old vulture is still perched in that box, we will suck.

  • Gradkowski sucks. 24-0.

  • Dammit! Why couldn’t Russell have defended that better? Russell couldn’t keep up with him. Russell sucks in pass coverage!!

  • alisgod

    We have to be a running team just like NY and let the D win the field position. This loss today is on both the Cable and Russell. They destroyed the intensity of the team right off the bat.

  • DarthPirate


  • jhill

    RaiderNationPA Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    I’m tired of hearing that this is a talented team. If the Raiders are really as talented as everyone says, there is no way, no matter how bad a QB or scheme, we would get blown out and manhandled so frequently.



  • # djohnnyg Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    Real Madden,

    I was KIDDING about change of scenery. Jeeez.


    I’m sorry, Charlie Murphy. Let me make it up to you. The stickiest of the icky…

  • panzor

    4 turnovers + uninspired play = another blowout

  • panzor

    can Shane Lechler play QB?

  • djohnnyg

    Real Madden,

    I was KIDDING about change of scenery. Jeeez.

  • EMRaiders

    Ok, put in Frye now… there’s gotta be some talent at QB somewhere!

  • lefty12

    oh,well,at least all the negative haters will be happy for another week.they’ll be able to be on here spewing their bs and making those that actually like the Raiders more miserable than they already are from watching this team.have fun anti Raider crowd.

  • Can we just forfeit the season already and save me some Sundays?!?! I cant wait for Thanksgiving so that Fox or CBS posted the lowest numbers ever for a Thanksgiving football game. I hope Al slips in the tub and dies. Was that too harsh?!?! :0\

  • Alis”God”,

    God is down 0-31. Nice screen name, jackass!!!

  • jhill

    Gradkowski and his Jeff Garcis act is not the answer!

    That last TD that Sanchez threw was another classic example of how far we have to go! That ball was underthrown but the 4th string WR made a play on the ball.

    Made a play on the ball …. made a play on the ball … made a play on the ball!

  • There’s somebody commenting here right now with the screen name, “AlisGod”. I’m not joking. Scroll up. He’s not even embarrassed! Unbelievable. What’s this world coming to?


    If Lechler can play QB he can’t possibly be any worse than Russell.
    The guy just sucks the life out of the team.
    It doesn’t matter who plays QB now because the team gave up.

  • aloharaider


    Come on. Let’s not get all pissed off and discouraged. Those of us who have been die hard fan for the past 30 years know that this game is no surprise. Al has ruined this team and this is just another example of bad coaching, bad talent, horrible organization. Last week was a fluke. This week is a true indicator of what our team is; We’re terrible. We had a week to prepare, so did they and look at the result. Yes, Russell isn’t a very good quarterback but teams don’t get blown out week after (every other) week when the team doesn’t suck all around.

  • Alis”god”(LOL, CAN’T EVEN SAY IT W/O LAUGHING), I never bought a Russell jersey. I was exaggerating. Sue me. But your name is Alis”god”, which makes you a first grade retard. Just so you know. Are you watching this game?

  • alisgod

    Mrs. good thing is you still worship him….how is that JR jersey you bought doing bro?

  • 1981raider

    news flash cable just made some changes jrussell new starting right tackle and janikowski starting running back and randy hanson qb lets go raiders hope the changes work.

  • raiderdav

    wow they are back to playing man to man, LOL a joke i tell you, AL figure that hes man to man will stop the jets. game was over after russell turnovers, wow AL sure loves to lose

  • elguapo2010

    they should put the raiders on furlough days every other sunday


    Screw the haters.
    Mr GFY.

    This team IS better than it looks.
    They just quit playing every time because Russell’s amazingly bad play sucks the life out of them.
    What are they playing for? They’re just waiting for Russell to screw it up.

  • jhill

    Exactly Aloha!

    You and RaiderNationPA are EXACTLY right!

    You guys should post in here WAY more often.

  • alisgod

    at least we dont have to hear about Gradkowski anymore.

  • djohnnyg

    C’mon. I’ll bet that even if the Jets told the Raiders exactly what play they were gonna run, Raiders STILL couldn’t stop them.

  • Dark Forces

    We should have Lechler punt the ball to our receivers instead of forward passes. Talk about the vertical game! We couldn’t be doing that much worse, seriously.

  • wishbone

    Sapp was right all along. He said the Raiders were done after week one. This organization is done as long as Al is in charge. Doesn’t matter who the coaches are, who the players are, who the janitors are or who the freakin parking attendants are. It is the same old crap because its the same old fart running it. Right now I would love to take Al’s dirty diaper and shove it down his dumba&& throat. As for you idiots who continue to go to the games and continue to give Al your hard earned money, you are part of the problem. Things will NEVER change or get better as long as Al is alive. Keep on drinking the koolaid boys & keep on losing. This team is not all bad, but it is run so horribly that success is impossible.

  • Does anyone know what the number for the Oakland Police Department is? I want to report a $32mil robbery by JaMarcus Russell!

  • DarthPirate

    Time to sit back and observe the greatness of Bruce Gradkowski.

  • Ok guys, we’ve been punked! Ashton Kutcher just tweeted it. These Raiders are actually paid actors! True story.

  • wishbone

    Last week the Raiders got just plain lucky. They managed to cover up the stench that is really the Raiders. Don’t be at all surprised if they don’t get lucky again this year. We now can look forward to watching Al choose whoever is the fastest, strongest or biggest arm. May as well just choose something from the zoo cuz it will be a lot cheaper.

  • raiderdav

    someone should get ANTONIO PIERCE on the line and have him talk crap to this high school team again, WOW LOl J e t s JETS JETS JETS , gotta love it lol

  • djohnnyg

    What the hell happened to the run defense???

    This is so pathetic it’s unbelievable.

  • wishbone

    If they don’t score it will be the worst home shutout loss in Raiders history. Perfect for the 50th season anniversary. I encourage everyone to call into the KSFO post game show and express your feelings because this organization is robbing every Raider fan. The players quit today yet still get their ridiculous paychecks.

  • djohnnyg

    Heywood-Gay just dropped TD RIGHT IN HIS BREAD BASKET!!!