Not looking good for Schilens

No sign of wide receiver Chaz Schilens as JaMarcus Russell took the field with some of the receivers to get loose before today’s game against the Jets.

A friend who works as a game-day employee for home games tells me he arrived at the Coliseum at the same time Al Davis was making his entrance. A fan asked Davis if Schilens was going to play and Davis replied that the wide receiver was still injured and not going to play.

Another fan expressed enthusiasm for the increased frequency of blitzing that helped dominate the Eagles’ passing offense, and Davis said, “We didn’t blitz. We attacked.”

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • http://blstb.msn.com/i/55/90A2853B6CFBCC2AFC987BB18B832.jpg vegas raider

    Shut it down until after the bye.

  • alisgod

    gotta love Al…we didnt blitz we attacked….Whatever Al but the QB must go down.

  • dave r

    right on vegas shut chaz down and crabapple has as many catches as DHB and hes only played a half of football

  • Richochet

    Of course Crabtree has as many catches in one half..oops…correction…after 10 seconds of the second half…MORE COMPLETIONS in one half, plus 10 seconds than Bey has in 6 GAMES..because Al the Idiot picked the wrong guy…as usual..as expected.

  • lefty12

    dave-who cares!

  • dave r

    i care that the only reciever thats worth spit right now is murphy JLH played good at the end of last year but that concussion i think has messed him up so far

  • Kush

    Your team is getting blasted 21-7 Rack-o-schit. That’s all that really matters right now as far far as the Whiners and your precious little Craptree, “The steal of the draft”, in your words. Pathetic.

  • Richochet

    lefty12 Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 11:57 am
    dave-who cares!
    No, what you mean to say is “DAMN..how did we pick Bey? Do I feel stupid, or what? I sure hope no one brings it up.”

    So much for that, lol.

  • http://FunnyAsACrutch TVs Anson Williams

    Just attack, baby.

  • dave r

    im not going to get into a wide reciever debate lefty i know crabtree and dhb dont play the same position i was just stating a fact about dhb can u honestly say u like r recieving core right now and with chaz out for probably till after the bye we need a break out game from these guys asap

  • lefty12

    Dave-Craptree is playing the same position as Murphy,not DHB.btw,everyones hero Murphy has more drops than DHB.don’t be one of the fools who is writing the guy off after 6 games.

  • dave r

    1thing is for sure though murphy does have to hold on to the ball dhb needs to get seperation russell gotto improve his accuracy i think points r gonna be at a premium today and we neeedgood production from these guys

  • big pep