The bottom 10 vs. Jets


Ten notable developments of Sunday’s 38-0 loss to the Jets at the Coliseum:

1) Tom Cable didn’t sugarcoat it. While the entire team is responsible for a loss of this magnitude, there was no trying to sell the notion that the problems of JaMarcus Russell had to do with everything but JaMarcus Russell.

Game-opening fumble? Russell should have checked it down. Interception thrown under pressure to Jim Leonhard? No good explanation. Interception in the end zone on first-and-10 intended for Todd Watkins?

“Just threw it up there,” Cable said. He said Russell was “out of sorts” and noted, “I just did not feel like at that point he gave us the best chance to have the success we needed to have offensively and made the move.”

2) Russell calmly disagreed with Cable’s assessment.

On the fumble, Russell said he was supposed to check down and didn’t have. The interception to Leonhard was because a defender had “crossed his face” and the one by Revis came when he was trying to allow Watkins to “make a play.”

Never mind that it was first-and-10 and he threw it up for grabs.

Russell acted like he knows the job is his until Cable is told otherwise.

In 79 possessions with the Russell at quarterback, the Raiders have 14 turnovers and have scored 14 times with nine field goals and five touchdowns.

3) Cable has now coached 19 games for the Raiders and has lost nine times by three or more touchdowns.

All the talk of carrying the fight for every play fell on deaf ears a week after Philadelphia. Whatever is in the DNA of this team to allow itself to be blown out on a fairly regular schedule still exists no matter how hard Cable tries to exorcise it.

4) The Raiders gave up 316 yards rushing to a team they knew beyond any doubt was going to run the ball. No trickery, no deceit, just a lot of hammering away at a defense that knew what was coming.

And they were helpless to stop it. The 316 yards was more than they ever gave up under six porous run defenses under Rob Ryan and the most since they gave up 319 yards to Seattle on Nov. 11, 2001, a night when Shawn Alexander gained 266 yards on 35 carries.

Cable didn’t see the sense in holding one particular area accountable.

“I think when a team runs for 300-plus it’s everybody,” Cable said. “I don’t know that you say it’s just up front, it’s the backers, or its this or that. It’s everybody.”

Bill Callahan, by the way, is a hell of an assistant coach. Always has been. His offensive line took the Raiders apart, he got a Gatorade bath afterward and refrained from proclaiming his opponent the “dumbest team in America.”

5) The crowd of 39,354 was the first sub-40,000 (announced) crowd since the Raiders returned to Oakland and the lowest for an Oakland Raiders game since Oct. 27, 1968 and a 37,083 total against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The actual fan count was much less. At one point, there was a 7-Eleven ad on the big screen that included uproarious laughter from the actors, and it was a little creepy to hear the guffaws echoing through a more than half-empty stadium while the home team was getting blown out.

6) Chaz Schilens was too sore to play, and wide receivers continue to be a non-factor. Russell was completing 24.3 percent of his passes to wideouts with one touchdown and five interceptions. Make that six, with Revis getting another one.

Louis Murphy dropped a third-and-3 slant on the Raiders second possession, killing a drive. Darrius Heyward-Bey caught two passes for 28 yards and dropped a late fade that could have ruined a shutout and there was much rejoicing.

He is, after all, just one catch behind Michael Crabtree, who had five receptions in his debut.

“It’s good to catch the ball. I had two catches today,” Heyward-Bey said. “That was a positive thing during the game. We just as a group we have to do more.”

Either Javon Walker is on triple-secret probation or he is the worst receiver in the NFL. Otherwise, he at least gets a shot.

7) Cable made two unnanounced changes to the starting lineup that had zero effect. Michael Huff took over for Hiram Eugene at free safety, and Barnes assumed the right tackle spot (for the first time in his career) from Erik Pears.

Barnes was the tackle on for both sacks recorded by the Jets.

The point is, Cable doesn’t have a lot of moves to make with regard to the lineup to shake things up that will make things any better.

Afterward, he talked about how it would help to have four key players back _ running back Darren McFadden, Schilens, left guard Robert Gallery and right tackle Cornell Green.

Truth is, the Raiders weren’t exactly tearing it up when McFadden and Green were around. As for Schilens, it’s been almost 11 weeks since he got hurt and it’s tough to know when he’ll make a real impression.

8 ) Michael Bush is running out of time to make a move. For all his running/receiving skills, Bush hasn’t gotten the requisite work to make an impression or done enough with what he’s received to merit more.

When McFadden returns, he’ll get the same deal as Russell and Heyward-Bey _ big money, lots of playing time. Cable likes Fargas better than Bush.

9) Chris Johnson isn’t playing nearly at the level as he did last year. This time David Clowney beat him on a 35-yard touchdown play, with Johnson recovering too late and giving up the score. Yes, he gets lots of work because of the presence of Nnamdi Asomugha, but he got it last year as well and parlayed it into a $4 million signing bonus.

10) Brian Schneider, where are you?

Special teams can be up and down from year to year, but the fact is they were very good for most of the time under Schneider last season and have awful with the exception of Shane Lechler’s punting and Sebastian Janikowski’s kicking this year.

Included in Sunday’s disaster was an opening kickoff penalty on Brandon Myers (illegal block) which caused the Raiders to open at the 10 _ a prelude to the Russell turnover.

Johnnie Lee Higgins returned one punt for minus-1 yard and let another fair catch fall, a play in which he raced up to the ball and was fortunate it didn’t take a sideways bounce and hit him for a fumble. Jonathan Holland had no kickoff return longer than 17 yards.

The worst play? Punter Steve Weatherford raced 16 yards for a first down when it was apparent film study had shown the Raiders would be running the other way and paying no attention to him.

“The whole thing this week was to make sure the ball was kicked, regardless of the situation and we just didn’t do it,” Cable said. “We took our eyes off the punter, got into the return too soon and everybody turned and ran.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • BS Detector

    Richochet Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 9:36 pm
    9er Guy Says:
    October 25th, 2009 at 9:36 pm
    How did the 49ers go from winning the first few games in the start of the season to losing every game since?

    When you play a team who’s vastly over rated, who’s win’s came against teams that were total garbage, which gave the 49ers the impression that they’re 3 wins we’re admirable, instead of hardly earned.
    And then they played teams who’s not vastly over rated.

    Quite simple, actually.
    This post is on the money! Kudos to Ricochet. Let ’em have it bruh!

  • Silver-n-Smac

    Richonuts says:

    Yes, yes, I know..as stated, it “stings” that you got your sorryass handed to you on a platter


    The above statement illustrates, exactly, why you are an ass-whipe.

    You say that I got my ass handed to me on a platter? In other words “I” being a Raider fan.

    And what does that make you exactly?

    If “I” the “Raider fan” got my ass handed to me on a platter, what exactly are you?

    I’ll tell you what you are. You’re a worthless pile of crap.

    In your ignorance, you just (for once and for all) illustrated for us all, that you are anything BUT a Raider fan.

    If you were, you wouldn’t make an asinine comment like that.

    And oh by the way, you’re DAMNED RIGHT I hurt when the Raiders lose.

  • BlackSunday32

    I like Fargas as a no 2 of course we would need a no 1 rb but we have problems everywhere no fire and are we that bad at wr or is it the qb play . How many whiffs on 1# drafts when a bust LT who is a solid guard is you’re best 1rd since Nhamdi
    wow. Gallery,Huff,Mcfadden,DHB, wow . So glad DHB was in that pro-style O in college cause he sure picked up the pro game fast.

  • LA to TheBay

    “That’s what Fargas is all about, and it’s about time Raider Nation wakes up and realizes that THIS is they type of football player we need more of”

    I agree completely. That’s why I mention guys like James Harrison.

    And all week I said start Fargas. The only bright spot out of the Sunday debacle I can think of is that Fargas ran well and ran hard.

    Hopefully its starting to sink in woth these guys. Like Fargas said “you can’t spot ’em 14 points,” and that’s essentially what Russell did.

    He is responsible for the two drive starts at his own 4 yard line. Yeah, Barnes is a joke at RT and he got hammered on that play, but as a QB, you have to have the clock and you must get rid of the ball. The 1st INT I have absolutely no explanation for. Even if there was no defender there, it would have been 5 yeards short of Miller.

    The guy makes unbelievable passes and the guy makes unbelievable passes, if that makes sense.

    He needs to be consistent and his time is running out.

    For the Raiders to salvage the season, they must compete in the remainder of their games.

    I don’t care if they go 0-9, if they show up in every game and have the other team knowing they played in a football game and can go to sleep at night knowing they tried as hard as they could, the season is salvageable.

    Short of that, we’re awaiting next year’s debacle.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    Anyone want to bet that Al Davis goes for the uncapped year. Per Florio, JaMarcus’s cap hit and money due next year can be reduced from 15 mil to 3 mil, and AD can admit his mistake and cut Russell. If I was JR, I’d be saving up some of that unearned money.

  • Al’s approach of trying to slap a bunch of pieces together and hope for the best has got to friggin stop.

    We need an identity. Are we an offensive team (Saints, Colts) or are we a defensive team (Ravens, Bears, Steelers)?

    No more hiring a 3-4 defensive coordinator to run a 4-3 scheme. No more signing DTs and trying to play them at DE. No more trading for zone coverage DBs and trying to fit them into a predominantly man coverage scheme. No more signing noodle armed vets like Garcia and asking them to run a vertical offense. No more hiring buffoons and asking them to coach the team.

    Al Davis acts like a kid that has ADHD. Just stop the madness! Hire a head coach that can run his own offensive and defensive schemes, hire coordinators accordingly and let him have input as to what KINDS of players he needs to run that scheme.

    No more defensive coordinators that claim to be Defensive Head Coach!

    Put a little stock in college production, work ethic and personality when it comes to the draft. Don’t draft the kid that couldn’t catch in college to be a WR. Don’t draft the kid that people said didn’t have the drive to be an NFL QB. (Insert your own McFadden trait if you so feel the need….but remember, you will pay lol).

    Draft some guys that have heart and are students of the game instead of guys that look good on youtube.

    Stop ignoring the DTs and o-line in the draft.

    Find a new medical staff.

    Stop giving losers like Walker and Hall huge deals.

    Come on damn it!

  • RaiderYYZ

    Canadian Raider fan here. I’ve followed the team since the 93′ season when I got the fluke chance as a 12-year-old at first-row 50 yard-line tickets to the regular season game against the Bills in Buffalo.

    I was a HUGE Hostetler fan, and the combination of him coming to the Raiders that year, as well as “Rocket” Ismail who began his career for my home town Argos made my afiliation an easy one. I went to Buffalo that day with 8 fathers and sons, and there was randomly a single pair that was right behind the Raiders bench. Seeing “Hoss”, the “Rocket”, Tim Brown and Al right in front of my eyes was amazing.

    Obviously the majority of my time as a Raider fan hasn’t been a great one with only 1 SB appearance, and recently some of the most frustrating teams to ever watch (and this coming from a Toronto Maple Leaf fan).

    However, with all that being said I am still an Al backer, and will take on any of those who are not. I am a HUGE fantasy football participant and have to defend the Raiders daily on the message boards. At least most of you here are ALL Raider fans, with just differing opinions on the team separating you.

  • Silver-n-Smac

    Hey Richonuts:

    So it only took Alex Smith 3 1/2 -4 years to put together 1 half of good football.

    Congratulations on a great draft pick.

    Hey Richonuts:

    Where’s your Niners’ #1 draft pick from last year?

    Oh yeah, that’s right – he’s on the bench doing nothing.

    I can go on. . . just tell me when you’ve had enough.

  • Silver-n-Smac


    Simple question for you:

    Do you actually believe that you know more football than Al Davis?

    Simple yes or no answer will suffice.

    The man has made his share of bad mistakes, but, anybody in here who answers YES to that question is a moron.

    Actually, you are a moron, so I already have my answer I guess.

  • The Big Banana

    Russell needs to learn that, as the QB, you are responsible for the offense. You are the leader and, therefore, have to accept the blame as well as the accolades. I’d have trouble with his statements even if he did play well in spite of the rest of the offense. But that isn’t even the case. He didn’t play well. So his comments are even more troubling.

    Man, I have a REAL hard time with his statement about Watkins. You don’t throw your receivers under the bus like that. What’s going on in Russell’s dome? He needs to be smacked around. Someone needs to grab him by his helmet grill and rip him a new one.

  • exlaraiderseasonticketholder

    posting too fast. lmfao

    Kiffin having a bad week too:

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP)—Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin has been reprimanded by the Southeastern Conference for criticizing officials who worked the Volunteers’ game against Alabama.

    Commissioner Mike Slive said on Monday in a statement released by the league that Kiffin violated the Southeastern Conference code of ethics.

    Kiffin complained Sunday that officials failed to penalize Alabama’s Terrence Cody for unsportsmanlike conduct when the defensive lineman removed and threw his helmet after blocking a field goal on the last play of Alabama’s 12-10 victory Saturday.

    This is the second time the SEC has reprimanded Kiffin.

    Slive said further violations of SEC policies by Kiffin will subject the coach to additional penalties, including suspension.

  • ottocrat

    Zach Miller on JaMarcus Russell: “Hopefully it will fire him up so then it doesn’t happen again, that he’ll work that much harder.”


    A recurring theme indeed. He’s a fat, lazy, loser who doesn’t give a damn. He’s stealing money, and Al’s an idiot for letting him do it.

  • LA to TheBay



  • LA to TheBay

    This team needs leaders and all it has is a bunch of projects and guys like Zach Miller who would shine anywhere else.

  • Silver-n-Smac

    Dakota says:

    We need an identity. Are we an offensive team (Saints, Colts) or are we a defensive team (Ravens, Bears, Steelers)?



    Well said. We absolutely lack any identity at all. I thought we had one last year. It was clear that we do one thing really well, and that is run the ball.

    So what do we do, drive after drive? Open with a play-action fake. Guess what? The play action does nothing when you don’t actually run the ball with any consistency.

    The Jets’ game plan yesterday was exactly the Marty-Ball type of game plan we should be employing EVERY single Sunday until JaMarcus proves he’s ready for more.

    Theh Jets learned their lesson last week. They let Sanchez lose the game for them and they learned quickly that he’s not ready yet. So they realized they run the ball well and stuck to it.

    If the Raiders stuck to their running game, they may still lose more games than they win right now, but, I guarantee you we’d be in every game.

    You don’t go down 21-0 ten minutes into a ball game when you commit to a run game.

  • RaiderYYZ

    Here is my opinion on the franchise…

    Al is his own worst enemy and we all know how he likes to draft. He wants to hit the home-run every time, instead of hitting a single the other way. Evidence of this can be seen with Nnam, Schilens, Miller…

    This drafting style comes with its risks obviously because talent alone doesn’t win in the NFL.

    What is happening to the Raiders this year shouldn’t surprise anyone. They didn’t throw a tonne of money at anyone, just brought in veteran gus like Greg Ellis to try and help the young players on the team develop. They are starting 2 rookie wr’s with now Todd Watkins #3 until Chaz comes back.

    Yah, should Al have drafted more conservatively in recent years? For sure! However, Gallery hasn’t worked out, before him Stinchcomb didn’t work out. Gallery coming out of school was as much a prospect as Ryan Clady. I can’t blame AD for taking McFadden over him based on what happened with Gallery (I think he is a great guard, and a guy we can win with but still has to be considered a relative bust as a #2 overall pick).

  • RaiderYYZ

    In JaMarcus’ defense…

    Yes his work ethic seems to suck. Yes he has had a brutal season. Yes it bothers me that he hasn’t accepted any blame for the team’s problems in his comments to the media.

    That being said since he’s been here he hasn’t really had the opportunity to be successful. No QB in the league that doesn’t have natural scrambling ability would be able to be successful on this team right now. Jamarcus is under pressure virtually ever snap. He’s throwing to basically 3 rookie wr’s as starters right now who are all still learning how to play in the nfl.

    The combination of the solid running game and wr play that was present at the end of last season (Schilens/Higgins) is gone. The O-Line is a joke, especially with Gallery not in there.

    Yesterday I saw 2 QB’s have horrific games who are considered “elite” players in the league.

    Eli Manning and Matt Ryan, who going into yesterday were sacked less than 5 times combined I believe turned the ball over 5 times and completed less than 50% of their passes. They both were under constant pressure and didn’t get much production from there running game. This is the exact set of circumstances that JaMarcus has had his entire career.

    I am not sold on JaMarcus in a good or bad way. However, I can’t judge him based on this team right now. When he developed chemistry with wr’s, had a solid running game and decent O-Line play (last 6 games of last season) he completed about 65% of his passes and threw 6 TD’s against 2 or 2 INT’s I believe.

    I will not judge him as a player entirely until he is in a position to be successful.

  • DKnight007

    Dakota Says:
    October 26th, 2009 at 12:39 pm
    Offseason plan:

    Trade for Kolb, hire Fassell (best we can hope for), draft o-line and LBs, sign the best NT on the market, get DHB a hand transplant.

    ^^^^^^^First things first…..Al Davis needs to take a back seat and hire people like Holmgren, Bruce Allen, Cowher, Parcells, Gruden to turn this ship around!

    Trade for Vick or Kolb to be the QB next year!

    It won’t happen though….because Al Davis doesn’t listen to the fans or care what they think.

    Do you know how many fans called the Raiders headquarters and office in Alameda and demanded Jon Gruden be hired! Trust me…the phones were ringing off the freakin hook over there and did Al Davis listen??

    Probably not….because he doesn’t care about the Raider Nation of fans!

  • DKnight007

    Firing Cable now will NOT matter one bit. Only thing that should be done now as far as a coaching standpoint is Tollner needs to call the plays.


    The stubborn old senile delusional man himself Al Davis!!!

    He needs to give up on making all the day to day football decisions of this organization…..one and for all!! Or this team will NEVER get better! NEVER!

    The last move the old man should make this year is trading for Michael Vick or trading for Kevin Kolb! They would be cheaper and better than any other QB we have now. Then at the end of the season hire Holmgren as the GM/PERSONNEL MAN.

    Then Holmgren should hire Bruce Allen as the capologist and then Holmgren should hire Jon Gruden as coach or Cowher and let them do their thing and exercise all the losing demons this franchise has all over them! Gruden or Cowher would probably work wonders with Vick or Kolb as their QB.

    Thats the only way things will turn around for the Raiders franchise…..PERIOD….END OF STORY!!

    Realize it morons!