Third quarter: Jets 31, Raiders 0



NYJ_David Clowney 35-yard pass from Mark Sanchez (Jay Feely kicks PAT), 5:28


— Thomas Jones rushed for 26 yards on the last play of the quarter to the Oakland 24-yard line, with New York having gained 222 yards and Jones at 116.

— Jets drive 66 yards in five plays to score, make it 31-0 on pass from Sanchez to Clowney over Chris Johnson, who looked back too late and allowed the ball to come underneath him.

Sanchez also had a 14-yard strike to Wallace Wright on third-and-7.

— Gradkowski gets cheers for a 20-yard scramble and drives Raiders into Jets territory before being hit by Calvin Pace and fumbling ball away. Mike DeVito recovers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • rooch

    As much a raider hate Warren Sapps words
    about how the Raiders play after a win.
    All I can say is, He speaks the truth.

  • Alis”god”(LOL, CAN’T EVEN SAY IT W/O LAUGHING), I never bought a Russell jersey. I was exaggerating. Sue me. But your name is Alis”god”, which makes you a first class retard. Just so you know. Are you watching this game?

  • ottocrat

    This is utter crap. The Raiders are complete garbage. Another wasted season.

  • raiderzride4free

    this team can suck it. im done

  • Bobby Bushay

    Yep, last week vs. Eagles DIDN’T mean a thing…

    With expectations coming off of the last 2 wins of last year, I would have to say that this is the most disappointing year of the six stink-o years that the Raiders have given to us.

    What, can they only play with heart, determination, urgency, etc a couple of times a year? I hope someone on the Jets gives them bulletin material, because obviously the coaches aren’t getting the team up.

  • rooch

    Im’a raider fan to the core. but I think anyone who has tix
    to any of the remaining games, should toss them.
    Don’t even bother to show up. Y support a offensive team
    that doesn’t even wanna try.

  • 16yearsold16yearfan

    Wow look at that bruce gradkowski he sure is great

  • ottocrat

    How are all of the myopic idiots on the Raider payroll going to spin this one?

  • I told you guys the sorry ass Al Davis Raiders would not capitalize on the Eagles win, didn’t I? But some of you are too stupid to accept reality into your lives, and bought into the kool aid drinking sunshine vomit spewed by idiot shills with names like AlisGod. LOL.

  • panzor

    so whats the odds that cable gets vaporized after the SD game next week?

  • You guys, there is someone here right now commenting under the name “AlisGod”. I could not make this up. Look at the previous thread, or just wait a few minutes and he’ll be on this one. Poor guy. He’s probably one of those “special” people that doesn’t sense humiliation, know what I mean?

  • 1981raider

    to report that 32milldoller robbery by russell the opd phone # is 510 als-ucks

  • “You can mark it down,” Seymour said on a Cincinnati radio show, “the Raiders will be in the playoffs. The Raiders are going to the playoffs.”

  • DarthPirate

    Time to sit back and observe the greatness of Bruce Gradkowski.

  • ohioraider

    Look, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: the greatness of the Raiduhs is in the futah. And, I mean, like way in the futah.

  • Are those of you who thought Gradkowski would make a difference starting to feel like idiots yet? If not, it’s about that time.

  • elguapo2010

    who sucks more? the raiders or teela tequil?


    Last week the defense won the game.
    Even the defense gets sick to death of Russell’s pathetic plays.

    Russell’s FIRST effin play was a fumble which led to a Jets TD.
    Russell’s second effin drive led to an interception which led to a Jets TD.
    Russell’s third effin drive led to an interception!

    ANY team faced with quarterback play like that is going to quit.
    Russell just plain sucks the life out of the team


  • utahraiderfan

    somewhere Jeff Garcia is laughing his a$$ off !!




  • ottocrat

    another TD. This is worse than the Giants loss.

  • 1981raider

    blow up the team the roster the front office start fresh just make sure nhamdi,jano,lechler,seymour,z miller are safe.

  • alisgod


    I am watching this game just as much as you are watching this game and following this game. It’s schytt. I’m a loyal fan win or lose ugly or not. As much as you hate the man, you still spends a huge amount of your time following his product. That is why he is your God and you just refuse to acknowledge it.

    that is …. unless you tell me your time is worth nothing….

  • JediSilver

    rofl i hope he stays on the bench

  • Kush

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! I have to laugh to keep myself from crying.

  • alisgod

    fck Jeff Garcia…if he was any good he’d be in the league. I’m just glad the folks who wanted Gradkowski can now shut up.

  • That’s the only thing Al Davis has been right about in the past 20 years, OhioRaider. The greatness of the Raiders is in the future. When he dies.

  • Ok guys, we’ve been punked! Ashton Kutcher just tweeted it. These Raiders are actually paid actors! True story.

  • Wow, I havent seen tackling this bad since kindergarten! WTF!!

  • JediSilver


  • DarthPirate


  • panzor

    at least were not tampa bay!


    Where is Norco Bob when you really need him?

  • Frank YoooooooLLL


  • Why is JaMarcus Russell smiling in the sidelines? Cause HE’S RICH B@TCH!!!!!


    Raider Fan in NYC:

    YOU are TOTALLY correct!

  • snnyjcbs

    The Raiders are worse than garbage and as I have said many a time they are SOFT. You have nothing but a bunch of PUNKS running around as football players.

    I hope they get blowed out 50 to 0. What ass starts 2 rookie wide receivers with a rookie QB anyway but an ass. I love when they show an overhead of the stadium, and the Raiders wonder why it looks like a ghost town.

    7 STRAIGHT YEARS OF NOTHING BUT GARBAGE FOOTBALL, don’t these guys have even an ounce of PRIDE. Bring back Gruden and give him a part of the team if you have to. Let him coach and when done run the team and give him complete control.

    This bunch of punks will not suck me in again and that I promise you. They cannot pass, they cannot catch, they cannot block and against thr run they PLAY IN SKIRTS.

    This 30 sum year die hard fan is done until further notice and I see men put in the Raiders helmets instead of the bunch of PUNKS they have had for far to many years now.

  • RaidingTexas

    Has the infighting resumed after a week off?

  • AlisGod, I’m just saying…

    Do you realize you’re in here commenting right now under the name Al is “god”? Is it registering? I feel bad. I shouldn’t be making fun of you. I don’t think you….understand, you know? You should be with your parents. Where are they?

  • biggest loss in history

  • AlisGod, NY just put up another 7 on god. LOL.

  • EMRaiders

    Next home game will be another blackout, with maybe the only difference being that the stadium will be empty. Maybe they’ll black it out online too… they should. No one should be allowed to watch this atrocity.


    Raider Fan IN NYC:

    YOU are TOTALLY corect!
    Russell sucks the life out of the team.

  • alisgod


    I am here following Your God’s product just like you are….understand?

  • Raider Fan in NYC

    Russell lost this game early. The rest of the team gave up after that bc every week is the same thing regardless of what happens russell will find a way to lose the game. I cant blame the D for just giving up I honestly dont think Id be able to go out there and bust my ass knowing my idiot lotto winner QB will just negate anything good done by someone else.

  • Monday morning prediction: “Cable fired as Raiders coach. Al Davis appoints The Hamburglar as interim coach!”

  • EMRaiders

    We need to sign a QB and have him ready to play after the bye. Any ideas?

  • elguapo2010

    grad just called time out. hey only 5 tds and a field goal to tie this thing.

  • No, AlisGod. It’s not the same thing. You see, I don’t believe Al is “god”. I believe he’s the douchebag loser getting his ass handed to him right now. You’re the one who believes he’s god. It’s not the same. One of us is living in reality. The other one thinks there’s nothing wrong with popping into a blog when the Raiders are down 38-0, and using the screenname, “AlisGod”. Get it?

  • alisgod


    Sorry but most of us here only go by ONE screen name….i know you have a hard time with that concept. Win or lose. I dont hide bro and I dont go change my screen name.

    Sackoshytt aka Rackolambs,

    How about them Niners today?