Cable hopes to prod a better effort


News, notes and quotes from Wednesday’s open locker room and post-practice press briefing from coach Tom Cable:

— The only two players players coming off long-term injuries that have a chance to play against San Diego, according to Cable, are left guard Robert Gallery (broken fibula) and wide receiver Chaz Schilens (foot).

Gallery practiced in warmups and drills and got in a few reps. Schilens is still “real sore” and didn’t practice at all. It’s conceivable both could be back after the bye.

— Running back Darren McFadden has been a ghost since his minor knee surgery. He hasn’t been seen in the locker room during media availaibility since being injured nor has he been on the field during initial rehab stages during practice with the athletic training staff.

McFadden will be inactive for his fourth game, and it’s no slam dunk he’ll be back after the bye following the Chargers game.

— The Chargers have morphed into a passing team in part because of injuries on the offensive line as well as the health of LaDainian Tomlinson. With scatback Darren Sproles more suited to getting into pass patterns, joining wide receiver Vincent Jackson and tight end Antonio Gates as targets, San Diego plays a different style than the run-heavy teams primarily responisble for 12 consecutive wins over Oakland.

With the Raiders playing better against pass-first teams, San Diego could play into their hands much the same way Philadelphia did.

Coach Norv Turner stressed he wasn’t willing to abandon the run and believes the Chargers must get better at it if they hope to reach the postseason.

“We do have a talented group of receivers and we have a quarterback who is playing at a real high level, so certainly we want to be able to throw the football,” Turner told Bay Area reporters by conference call. “But to be the kind of team we want to be and continue to grow, we need to be able to run the football.”

— With the Raiders ranked 30th in run defense, Cable isn’t about to assume the Chargers will come out throwing, regardless of their more wide-open style.

“Based on what we’ve been through a couple of times now in terms of run defense, we’d be fools not to think they would try to run it,” Cable said.

— Some nighmarish rushing defense numbers _ the the Raiders have given up 200 or more yards rushing in three games (214 to Denver, 220 to the New York Giants, 316 to the New York Jets) and has lost those games by a combined score of 105-3.

The Raiders have given up 11 rushing touchdowns, tied for St. Louis for the most in the NFL, and have given up 133 touchdowns in 103 games (winning 26 of them) since the start of the 2003 season, the most in the NFL.

— Defensive end Richard Seymour was at a loss as to why the Raiders were struggling with a skill as fundamental as tackling.

“It is such a basic thing and obviously we need to do a better,” Seymour said. “We need to do a better job in practice. Maybe we make practice live, I don’t know.”

Cable was asked if he would consider live-tackling and said, “If it gets to that point, absolutely.”

After giving up 316 yards on the ground, you wonder what “that point” would be.

— Cable went to his farm roots for an analogy about playing with the kind of electricty the Raiders showed in Week 1 and again later against Philadelphia.

“You look at the first San Diego game all the way up to the last 2 1/2 minutes,” Cable said. “You look at the last drive on both offense and defense at Kansas City, you look at really the entire game in Philadelphia, and if you set that film aside and look at it, there’s a much different . . . electricity . . . If you look at the other four games you see a different team. As I told them, ‘it doesn’t look like you have a cattle prod up your rear.’ ”

The answer?

“To me, that’s making sure that we’re doing it right,” Cable said. “Eating, sleeping right, taking care of our bodies, doing all those things. We’ve had good effort on Sundays. But there’s a difference in having good effort and playing with the electricity you talked about.”

An inference that perhaps a few players have been staying out a little late and eating a little too much, perhaps?

— Turner on Russell: “Well, for young guys, the expectation is always there that everyone wants you to go out and play completely mistake-free, and that’s not going to happen. That’s how you grow. You go out and play and you have those experiences, and you learn from them. That’s part of, unfortunately, being a young quarterback.”

Turner is paying little attention to the 38-0 pasting the Raiders took against the Jets, instead focusing on the win over Philadelphia the previous week and a 24-20 season-opening win over Oakland, with Rivers finding Sproles for a 5-yard scoring pass with 18 seconds remaining.

“The Jets started two of those drives in that first quarter on the 3- and 4-yard line. It’s tough when you get down by 14 right off the bat,” Turner said. “I watched the Philadelphia game very closely in all three phases. The Raiders in that game were as physical a football game as you’re going to play in this league.”

— Khalif Barnes said he usually gives a loss 24 hours of “mourning” before he moves on, but that the Jets’ loss lasted a little longer. He has since put it aside and is focusing on outside linebacker Shaun Phillips, who got his first two sacks of the season last week against Kansas City and has 9.5 against the Raiders for his career.

“I know Shaun a little bit from playing against him at Purdue a couple of times,”’ Barnes said. “ To me, he’s just as dangerous as Merriman. He’s fast, he’s elusive, he’ll sneak on the edge, sometimes try and lull you to sleep and then he’ll hit you, he’s good with his hands.”

— Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson delivered a triple crown of cliches in his conference call with an “it is what it is,” a “one game at a time” and a “we can only control what we can control” in a matter of a few sentences.

— Isaiah Ekejiuba missed practice with a stomach ailment, and was joined by quarterback Bruce Gradkowski. Others who have missed time for the same thing include tight end Brandon Myers and defensive end Richard Seymour.

Cable said all players have been examined to make sure they don’t have the swine flu virus and that no coaches have been affected.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • VanHeathen

    I heard the Jets sent over two game balls to the Raiders Locker room, one for Old Al and the other for Jamarcus. They couldn’t have done it w/out the 14 points JR gave them in the 1st qtr…pathetic!

  • NorthernD

    Cable said. “Eating, sleeping right, taking care of our bodies, doing all those things.

    What about eating your vitamins?
    The Hulkster says all you little Hulkamaniacs have to eat your vitamins too…

  • NorthernD

    Now it all makes sense.
    Cable learned to coach by watching Wrestlemania.
    He rammed Hanson’s head into the turnbuckle.
    Everyone has the script he’s going to run. The other teams pretend not to know what’s coming.
    The refs get distracted and look the other way at the crucial moment.
    Then, just as the fans start counting them out, Cable will tear away his shirt to screams of the fans and the Raiders will the game…

    Or maybe they always play the bad guys…
    The Iron Sheiks of the NFL.

  • Cable needs to be fired! He is a joke!

  • Try Some Reality

    Another good O-line coach wasted just like Callahan. Both of these guys should have been kept as O-line coaches.

  • How can we play 2 good games, and not show up for the other five?
    We played The Chargers & Eagles well, but the rest of the games we were invisible!

  • Try Some Reality

    So, first there was the walk-through during camp. Then there was “1..2..3..Get Better!” Now the players just need to take care of their bodies and eat & sleep better. Is this a football team or a rehab facility?

  • How do you allow this to happen Al? We are a joke! Get a coach a real HC with exp! You can’t live forever. You need help, so hire a HC who can help you with this young team.

  • M Lonetree

    Yay fibulae and cattle prods! Yay! That oughtta sell some tix to the next home game.

    The Ghost of McFade, not a wisp nor a whisper, just a whimper and then gone. WTF is up with that young phantom? Kijana Carter redux?

  • LMAO @ 59.

  • Nnamdi21

    M Lonetree Says:
    October 28th, 2009 at 11:06 pm
    Yay fibulae and cattle prods! Yay! That oughtta sell some tix to the next home game.

    The Ghost of McFade, not a wisp nor a whisper, just a whimper and then gone. WTF is up with that young phantom? Kijana Carter redux?


    OMG was thinking exact same thing.

    HOPING we get better. Our O line with Barnes may eb better at toting the rock and with Gallery back, who knows?

  • # texguy Says:
    October 28th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    MR, not that I think that the raiders will win this weekend, but you sure seem to enjoy patting yourself on the back after they lose.


    That’s right. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I’ll be a “real fan” again when Al’s gone. In the meantime, my prediction is that we suck every single year. And why shouldn’t I take pride in being right? Get off my nuts, moron.

  • Nnamdi21

    The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 29th, 2009 at 1:08 am
    # texguy Says:
    October 28th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    MR, not that I think that the raiders will win this weekend, but you sure seem to enjoy patting yourself on the back after they lose.


    That’s right. I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I’ll be a “real fan” again when Al’s gone. In the meantime, my prediction is that we suck every single year. And why shouldn’t I take pride in being right? Get off my nuts, moron.



  • Nnamdi21

    Actually the Raiders WILL win this week end.

  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning Nation!!!
    Taking care of their bodies and eating and sleeping well…hmmm, sounds like we have to do once we turn 30…





  • NorthernD

    los raiders de don rober Says:
    October 28th, 2009 at 12:05 pm
    2 weeks ago we had a gambling discussion going on. DHB vs Crabtree, and how many games it would take crabs to surpass DHB…so…DHB 7 games 4rec 64 yds…crabs 1 game 5rec 56yds….pffff, so much for thar comparison.
    How about this proposition. How long before SF backup QB Alex Smith throws more TD passes than JaMarcus?
    No wait…Nevermind…been done…OR
    Does Crabtree snag more passes this year than all the Raider WR’s combined???

  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning Dirt Lot…yup, living healthy doesn’t necessarily mean living longer. But you’re right, you’ll die healthier.
    As for the SF comparisons…as sad as that is, I am one who deos not care what they do on the other side of the Bay! They can all disappear for all I care!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    I think the Raids will be competitive against SD.

    While it’s impossible to pick them to win any game with JR at QB, I expect them to give the Chargers a battle.

    The Raider DL won’t be facing a very good offensive line. In games against the NYJ, NYG, and even Hou, they faced a very good offensive front and were blown out. Against the weaker offensive lines of the Eagles and KC, they were able to keep the score down and the game competitive. That was the case for the first 45 mins against SD as well.

    It’s doubtful the Raids will win. It’s doubtful the Raids will score more than 14 points. Still, this is a game that can be competitive well into the contest if the defense hasn’t completely gone in the tank.

    Pretty sad that the season has disintigrated to the point where just being competitive is a moral victory, but that’s the current state of this team.

    You simply can not win games with an offense this inept. Any lead by the opposition seems insurmountable and it makes watching the games almost unbearable.

    I’ve stated before that for the Raids to be competitive again, they must be able to put together some drives and actually score some points.

    Job number one has to be to build an offensive line.

    It all starts up front and the Raids simply don’t have the horses there to get the job done.

    In all honesty, the Raids aren’t ever going anywhere with JR at QB. I don’t care if he gets in shape and suddenly develops a work ethic. The truth is Russell isn’t bright enough to be an effective NFL QB. He’s a certified moron.

    At best, he might be able to effectively manage a game or not lose a game, with a very competent cast and good coaching supporting him.

    Regardless of Russell’s failures the Raids must build an offensive line foundation. I don’t think the RBs are too bad and the WR/TE corp, although young and inexperienced, has potential.

    So put together an offensive line, and take it from there.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The Raids must take that step, and they have to take it in the right direction.

    It’s almost a certainty JR will go down as one of the biggest busts of all time. Either way, the Raids have to put together a good offensive line so JR or his successor has a fighting chance to succeed.

    This crap of scoring 10 points a game has to stop.


    repost (above) by RAIDERMAN99 yesterday.

    excellent. couldn’t agree more

  • NorthernD

    Just insert any other rookie WR’s name for comparison. Jeremy Maclin, Kenny Britt, Percy Harvin, Nicks, Collie, Knox, Wallace…

  • hwnrdr

    Yup…couldn’t agree more! I keep hoping that one game I’ll be watching and I see an offense that scores like NO. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  • Running back Darren McFadden has been a ghost since his minor knee surgery.
    McFadden has been a ghost since being drfted!!!
    The Chargers have morphed into a passing team in part because of injuries on the offensive line….
    They’ll be a running team this Sunday!!!
    Trade McFaddy for some run stopping!!!!



  • RaiderRockstar

    Graddy is sick? we might see Charlie Frye in there by halftime … which might not be a bad thing

    Jerry Mac & David White both thought he was the most impressive QB in OTA’s & training camp

  • RaiderRockstar

    How about this proposition. How long before SF backup QB Alex Smith throws more TD passes than JaMarcus?
    No wait…Nevermind…been done…


    ouch. i haven’t thought about comparing the busts across the bay. Alex Smith threw more TD passes in one half than Russell has in 7 football games. that stings! it burns!

  • hwnrdr

    If we pull this one off, I just may call in sick on Monday….haha! No, wait…got to rub it in my bosses face (he’s an SD fan)…but…we’ll see. Can we really use “on any given Sunday” for this team?

  • RaiderRockstar

    I honestly hope this is Cable’s most conservative game as far as playcalling.

    run, run and then run some more.

    throw in a reverse to DHB or a HB option pass from Bush to Miller. maybe a few dumpoff passes to Gary Russell or Mike Bush. Zach Miller if he’s not doubled

    JR chucking passes downfield = loss. If he feels the pressure and can’t escape he needs to throw the ball away or take a sack. turnovers will kill us.

    play field position. use Jano & Lechler. We need Ike on ST! Tony Stewart is banged up too. Brown is out. Sam Williams needs to be a leader (gasp) because Sproles is a dangerousd return man. we saw that in Week 1. Maybe Mike Mitchell will have an impact there?

  • BlackSunday32

    My run heavy game plan vs SD Run every play whether wildcat with Bush at qb and Fargas at rb to reverses to DHB and letting Lechler boom all day long. Sounds crazy but gives us better chance than 3 and out a no time possession next game time it how long from when D get off the field to 3 plays and bam back out there.GO RAIDERSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    20 points (week 1) is the most we’ve scored all season. the dolts can’t run the ball or stop the run

    the Raiders strong suits (if we have any) are running the ball and pass defense.

    We should be able to shut down Rivers. Tomlinson & Merriman were essentially non factors in the first game. they are done imo. We need to focus on Sproles & Gates. keep Nnamdi on Jackson all game long. CJ can handle Chambers.

  • RaiderRockstar

    good morning AM crew!

    Dirt Lot, Hwnrdr, TW and others.

    Gabby, where’s the coffee? lets get it goin’ here little missy

    what are your thoughts on the OAK/SD game fellas?

    do we even have a chance?

    if we get blown out, will it cost Cable his job at the bye week?

  • hwnrdr

    My thoughts: I believe that this game is winnable. We are supposed to be a run first team, but it seems like that we pass more often. Maybe because Cable is trying to gain Russell confidence, maybe not. I think confidence will come when the game is not decided on him.
    As for Cable’s job…if we do get blown out, Al loves to dump coaches at bye. I hope not, because who is out there that would want to come here? No one.
    But to answer your question…yes we do have a chance. We just have to play like we did opening night and 2 weeks ago!
    And hurry up with the coffee Gabby!!! LOL

  • LA to TheBay

    In Wednesday’s meeting of the Oakland Raiders, Head Coach Tom Cable is going over the gameplan for Sunday’s contest against the Chargers and has tape of that team being played for his squad to review.

    Cable: OK, as we can see here, people – the Chargers have morphed into a pass-happy team. To defend them we’re going to need pressure.

    Morrison: So is Marshall going over our blitz packages later?

    Cable: Uh, no. Seymour, Ellis, Kelly, and (sigh) Money will be responsible for that.

    Ellis: Can we please stop calling this fool ‘Money’?

    Cable: I tried, but Mr. Davis insists if Warr– Money insists. Richard, we need to keep our composure, so no hair pulling.

    Someone in the crowd: Tell that to your wife, she probably wouldn’t be too happy!

    Cable: (sigh) I heard that, Mr. Davis.

    Cable wipes his face in frustration and tries to shake it off.

    Cable: Offense. Now listen, the Chargers don’t have much of a pass rush and their big nose guard, as you know, is out for the season, so, our plan of attack will be—-

    Fargas: Pound the rock!! Play action!

    Team (unison): Yeah!

    Cable: Uh, no. Actually, we’ll be, um, airing it out. Our first play will be five verticals guys.

    Russell: Who got curly fries?

    Cable: Now listen, people. This is a big game, so you have to make sure you don’t party all night. Eat right and get the proper amount of sleep the night before or else we’re gonna get barbequed out there.

    Russell: Who got BBQ?

  • RaiderRockstar

    Raiders WR Chaz Schilens not practicing today, still questionable 10 weeks after foot surgery.

    -David White (twitter)


    come on Heyward-Bey. we need you brother!

  • LA to TheBay

    Raiders WR Chaz Schilens not practicing today, still questionable 10 weeks after foot surgery.

    -David White (twitter)

    If only we had a vetran wide receiver….

  • LA to TheBay

    I wonder if he’s healing correctly.

    I had the exact same injury in high school, left 5th metatarsel. No surgery.

    I broke it running on an uneven surface. The first few days, it hurt like hell and I couldn’t walk on it.

    Within a week, it was sore as hell, but I could get around with the aid of a walking cast.

    Within three weeks, I was jogging lightly.

    Within five weeks, I was jogging, running, and cutting on it.

    At the time, I was playing hockey, which is a different sport and does require less impact on the foot, but still plenty of movement and the ability to “crossover,” or place one foot across the other, then cut off the foot to provide a burst and repeat the motion.

    Six weeks later I was playing in a playoff game, crossing over, skating hard, jumping, diving, blocking shots, etc.

    It would seem to me it’s not healing well or they’re being overly cautious. Chaz is sorely needed for this team.

    If its a question of avoiding contact to prevent reinjury and being lost for the season – understandable.

    If its still sore and he’s just not ready to go on it after 10 weeks?

    Man up.

  • hwnrdr

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    October 29th, 2009 at 7:20 am
    Raiders WR Chaz Schilens not practicing today, still questionable 10 weeks after foot surgery.

    -David White (twitter)


    come on Heyward-Bey. we need you brother!

    He had his chance and dropped it in the end zone!!! But you’re right…

  • LA to TheBay

    That drop by DHB was inexcusable.

    Its a seemingly meaningless TD, but in a 38-0 game, you have to have SOMETHINHG to build from.

    Going over and complaining to the official will not get it done either and just makes you look like a fool on a catchable ball.

  • RaiderRockstar


    Schilens is still “real sore” and didn’t practice at all. – Jerry Mac

    we do have a veteran WR. 3 of them. Walker, Higgins & Watkins. too bad Higgins is labeled “for ST use only” and Walker is in the doghouse. Watkins wasn’t good enough for the Cardinals & Falcons practice squads. I think now we know why.

    Pretty sad to think that Ronald Curry, Ashley Lelie & Drew Carter would be upgrades over Walker, Holland & Watkins on our 53 man roster. who woulda thunk it?

  • RaiderRockstar

    I was against the signings of Jerry Porter & Matt Jones prior to preseason …

    now i’m thinking “why not?”

  • LA to TheBay


    “If only we had a vetran wide receiver….”

    My attempt at sarcasm.

    And you’re absolutely right.

    Higgins is physically ready to go, but not mentally.

    That shot he took, by Weddle I believe? I know it was the safety, really jarred him upstairs more than anything, IMO.

    It was a perfectly thrown ball. Right on him, into a tight window.

    The problem is, the pass was telegraphed, and the safety had it on his radar the whole way.

    JaMarcus owes Higgins an apology and a ‘get well soon’ card, some chicken noodle soup and a teddy bear or something.

    Walker is just in the dog house, plain and simple.

    31 other teams would look at their WR group and start Walker, Murphy, and Higgins in the slot.

    I see the logic in rolling with you rookies to gain experience if you have nothing to play for except a learning experience.

    Otherwise, if you’re trying to win games, you’re really left praying that your offense turns the corner and your coaching up of young guys is up to par.

  • hwnrdr

    Dam, I still wish that Carter did not get hurt last season. I would have loved to see what he could have done to this offense!

  • LA to TheBay

    Bo, was that you I saw asking for directions to the local high school at around 2:50 PM?

    Shame on you….

    …for not inviting me.

  • Attention, confused, unwed, undereducated American teen girls! Want to assure you get pregnant and contribute nicely to the dire teen pregnancy stats the fundamentalists and moral crusaders are always trotting out as evidence of humanity’s debauched downfall?

    That’s easy: Just live in a state where fundamentalist religion dominates! Turns out your odds of getting knocked up in one of America’s sanctimonious, sexually uninformed flyover states are much higher than, say, in an educated, godless liberal city, presumably because a higher percentage of folk who live there shun birth control, have god-awful/nonexistent sex education and are generally terrified of their bodies, sex, and sticky slippery things that go bump in the night. Isn’t irony fun?


  • LOL

  • LA to TheBay

    When people elect politicians based on a ‘value system,’ they are truly lost.

    Most politicians preaching church and family and values seem to be the ones getting caught in airport bathrooms tapping their feet, looking for some action.

    Also ironic are those who are duped into believing their candidate is the champion of change and will take them to the promised land. Meanwhile, the escalation of a war is being contemplated and insurance comapnies should be sweating a public option for healthcare, one that will never happen because whatever bill they pass will be watered down to the point where you wonder why anything was passed at all.

    Tragic, really.

    I guess I shouldn’t talk because I have a closet full of Raider jersies, Madden 10, and NFL Game Rewind. Let’s not even get started on all the goodies my girl’s mom bought from QVC, and my mom’s unhealthy obsession with Dancing With the Stars and whatever else the networks tell her to watch.

    We’re all victims of the consumer culture. And if you’re not, you probably live in a log cabin in the woods and you might as well be the unibommer (not sure if that word/comment will be modified, hence the mis-spelling).

    Oh, and go Raider (Becker).

  • LA to TheBay

    Now, back to the game.

    The Raiders can beat the Chargers by duplicating the physicality they displayed in week 1 and the scheme they used in week 6.

    The key will be to get started early, and limit the number of points left on the field, and ELIMINATE careless turnovers.

  • Gallery is back, lets hope that means we actually can run the ball again…

  • Nice treatise LA. Gop Raiders.

  • ^Go