Murphy, Johnson can’t finish practice


News and notes from the Raiders open locker room session Thursday and post-practice press briefing from coach Tom Cable:

— Not sure it’s anything that could threaten their status for the game yet, but starting wide receiver Louis Murphy (hip) and cornerback Chris Johnson (groin) could not finish practice because of injuries and their status will be re-evaluated Friday.

If Murphy’s condition is a factor for Sunday, it would mean an increased role for Todd Watkins and perhaps even Javon Walker, because Chaz Schilens still isn’t practicing likely won’t play, either.

— Cable said Russell outwardly appears the same as always, but that he can see a difference in the way he is going about business.

“I actually see the same demeanor in terms of not letting things get to him but I’ve seen a little more attention to some things, which is good,” Cable said. “He’s in here early, he’s working at it. The fact that he’s had a chance to look at it after Sunday and take some responsibility for those kinds of things. It just adds to his motivation. He’s got to get better.”

— Cable said his starting offensive line would be Mario Henderson at left tackle, Chris Morris at left guard, Samson Satele at center, Cooper Carlisle at right guard and Khalif Barnes at right tackle.

Which means that Robert Gallery, limited in practice for the second straight day, is looking at a post-bye return against Kansas City Nov. 15 unless Cable pulls a surprise as he did the previous week with Barnes starting over Erik Pears.

— Cable is hopeful to see running back Darren McFadden (knee) and wide receiver/return specialist Nick Miller in action after the bye, but the fact is neither player is doing any hard running or cutting, doing most of their cardio work treadmills and stationary bikes.

“It’s where they’re at this coming Monday, as we start the bye,” Cable said. “Cause you really look at it as a two-week process for them to play. If it goes through the bye and we’re on that Monday of Kansas City, then I think that’s a real question. I’m not sure they would be ready at that point. But if they’ve got the full two weeks to do it, I think they can get that done.”

Miller, who made the team as an undrafted free agent out of Southern Utah, will have waited at least half a season to make his debut.

It’s rare a team would hold a roster spot for that long without putting the player on injured reserve _ even more rare when you consider the trouble the Raiders have had with their kickoff returns and punt returns.

“They put a lot of faith in me and I have faith in myself,” Miller said. “I know I can do it, so I’m just itching to get out there. If it was just play through the pain, I would. It’s not like that. If I feel pain I have to lay off, because that means (the injury is) still there. I want to prove to everybody I can play in this league.”

— Astute observation by defensive end Greg Ellis on regarding concussions in the wake of Roger Goodell’s testifying before the House Judiciary Committee about head injuries in the NFL:

“Yeah, it’s something that has to be taken seriously. And in most cases, it needs to get to the level where they are protecting us, the players, against our own selves. Since we started playing football as a little kid, you’re taught toughness, toughness, toughness.

“Some of us, if we can walk, we say, ‘OK, I’m good, I’m fine.’ My wife is getting on me all the time, ‘How you feeling, Greg?’ Well, I’m fine. ‘No, you’re not fine. Why are you doing this? There’s something wrong.’ But it’s just a conditioned thing. So, unfortunately, when it’s something that’s not going to be long-term, OK, it’s fine. But if it’s something where you’re talking about a head problem, then it needs to be supervised by somebody better than the players.”

— Free safety Michael Huff thinks the inability to stop the run has also effected the ability to get interceptions.

Huff had three interceptions in the first two games and none since.

“I think back then, we were stopping the run decently, so we made them throw the ball,” Huff said. “The main thing is us stopping the run and getting them in obvious passing situations to get the picks.”

Cable said Huff’s ability to be a more relaible last line of defense has been the reason for his return to the starting lineup.

“I remember when I first got here in ’07, (I saw) a good athlete, can run, can cover and all that, but he really just didn’t have that real `get after it’ in terms of a tackler,” Cable said. “When he got sat down last year and went to being a predominant special teams player, he really developed himself as a tackler. It has showed since that point, and he’s been very, very good for us this year.”

— LB Isaiah Ekejiuba was back at practice without limitations after being ill for two days with a stomach virus. Backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski missed practice for the second straight day with the same ailment.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    with all the b.s. this season it sure would be nice to whip phillip rivers azz

  • So I guess McFumble hasn’t gone into the Witness Protection Program, after all.

  • buckeyeraider

    Yes it would. Rivers is a good quarterback, but he comes off as a mouthy jerk. Hopefully, the Raiders are sick of getting clowned on by other teams, the media, and their own fans, and come out in a foul mood. Show some pride and backbone. They should realize they can play with SD, they were the better team for 58 mins. on opening night, and let em off the hook. Time for a little payback. Go into the bye with a little momentum. They need to match the intensity and physicality of that Monday night.

  • Uh oh, when Tom Bugel says he can “see” Russell taking a better approach to work, you know he means it! I mean, he could “see” the improvement in this team when none of us could. Do not underestimate this man’s supernatural power to “see” things the rest of us can’t.

  • Trivia, which Raider Head Coach can be attributed to this quote:

    “It worked in practice”.

    a) John Madden

    b) Jon Gruden

    c) Tom Bugel

    d) Lane Kiffin

  • CuzImaRaider

    Yeah they’ll come out in a foul mood, but it’ll subside quickly after 3- 3 n outs, and finding themselves down 21, then they’ll just mill around for the next 3 quarters in route to a 34-3 beatdown. errr?

    Then 2 weeks of garbage talk about how we’re gonna be good someday>

  • CuzImaRaider

    Oh yeah, phuck todd watkins, that guy wouldn’t even make another teams practice squad!! Ashlie Lelie says thats bunk!!

    Play Javon Walker, or atleast give me that contract to sit on the sidelines next year!

  • Raiders suck. Al Davis sucks. Non boycotting fans suck. You heard it. You know it.

  • 504 Raider

    LMFAO! Somebody out there check the 911 calls. I bet my house that when the first person showed up at 6:30 a.m. and saw JaMarcus there, they called the police to report a burglary.

  • # Mistabrown Says:
    October 29th, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Jhill, when you Oak & Priest put those matching sweaters on I bet you’ll look like Alvin & The Chipmunks.

    Thec can buy us those sweaters with the hundred bucks you owe him. Why don’t you pay him you welch!

  • Mistabrown

    Tom Bugel ?


  • Mistabrown

    C – Tom Bugel

    # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    October 29th, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Trivia, which Raider Head Coach can be attributed to this quote:

    “It worked in practice”.

    a) John Madden

    b) Jon Gruden

    c) Tom Bugel

    d) Lane Kiffin

  • Here’s the guy who claims he doesn’t call names immediately name calling. How does it feel to be such a complete total lying thieving hypocrite POS, you don’t even realize it?? It just comes natural.

  • Mistabrown

    Oh krap here goes the neighborhood. The village idiot has arrived. Did your meds wear off again ?

  • Mistabrown

    Oakglen, lets talk football. Jerry said your sweater got shipped via UPS yesterday!

    How is that trajectory doing thus far? Is Cable the guy? I know he is YOUR guy but should we ALL get behind him?

    Oakglen, are you drinking ?

    # Oakglenn Says:
    October 23rd, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    MR are you drinking?? If not, whatever you are on, cut the dose. As I posted earlier, Cable is 5-7 in his last 12 and 4-4 in his last 8. Coming from a team with a .250 over the last 5+ years, that is a good trajectory. He is doing a much better job than anyone since Gruden. Might be time to get behind what this guy is preaching.

  • Demon Raider

    At this point in the game, I wouldn’t mind seeing any signs of improvement at all or at least attempts at improving. If the current starters aren’t getting the job done, it’s time to start moving some bodies and trying out some of the other guys. I really wouldn’t mind seeing Javon out on the field as the #2 WR. I mean, he’s healthy and he can catch better than most of the WRs we got. It doesn’t hurt to experiment to see who goes where and to see how they’d perform. I like Cable as coach, but he is a Yes-man who needs to grow some balls and call things the way they need to be called. Right now, I want Cable to break Russell’s jaw to let him know how big of a disappointment Russell has been. For God’s sake, Russell is on the verge of being uttered in the sentence as Ryan Leaf. On 99% of his incomplete passes, Russell has no one to blame but his own fat ass. He needs to start being hard on himself when he makes mistakes as opposed to shifting blame onto his WRs. Yes, they dropped the ball, but it was a crap ass pass. Every pass play begins with him. I liked Russell and I wanted him to mature into one of the great QB leaders that we’ve had in the past, Gannon, Hostetler, Plunkett, Stabler, Lamonica. But now I can see that Russell only cares about the paycheck and not about the Lombardi Trophy. I say wake his fat ass up by suspending him without pay for Conduct Detrimental to the Team. Which is his playing like crap….

  • Haters-B-Gone

    I will be the first to admit that Russell has pissed me off beyond words..However for what it’s worth he’s gotten off the couch and started practicing at what I like to call Crack Head early. So I’m willing to give him at least another week to prove us wrong..Go R-A-I-D-E-R-S!!



  • Demon Raider

    The only question is whether or not he can keep this up and actually improve and put some W’s…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Again, its the organization that Al Davis has managed into the ditch.

    He doesn’t hire good coaches.

    He doesn’t allow the coaches to manage the players and instill real discipline.

    He signs players that are immature, talentless or both

    I think if Russell, DHB adn DMAC were on any other team…they would be decent players right now.


    Mike Tomlin and Bill Belicheck create lockerroom environments that instill discipline, professionalism and high caliber teaching.

    Their owners don’t sabotage any of those efforts.

    Its the Owner…it starts with him and ends with him.

  • Nnamdi21

    Yahoo has Sproles as a fantasy pick to run all over us.


    Real simple ladies. MIND YOUR ****ING GAPS AND RESPONSIBLITIES!!!!


    Quit getting out of position!!!!

    How may ****ing YEARS have you been playing MLB?!!!

    D LINE!!!

    Break their thumbs if they hold you like the Jets did!!!

    Get it together NOW!!!!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    I recognize that the Raiders will have a tough time winning as long as Davis owns the team.

    So, I am just going to watch the games and hope they compete.

    If they don’t compete (which is the norm)…no big deal..there is plenty of good football to watch on a weekend.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    What happened during that week long exercise to focus on the basics?

    These problems have been going on for years and years. Not just the past 6yrs…but also during many of those years in the 90s.

    Remember Ronnie Harmon killing us on 3rd and longs all the time….

    This has to do with how these schemes are designed and called. There is too much of a pattern. Again, the players change yet the results…including how the team looks during these losses…looks the same

  • raideredoutL.A.

    beating sd would make my year!

  • raideredoutL.A.

    walker is 10x better than watkins

  • raideredoutL.A.

    i dosen’t matter who returns kicks if u can’t block. schneider has been sorely missed. how bout that sc coaching staff, nothing but ex-pro assistants. schneider, bates, norton soon to be pro assistant.

  • raideredoutL.A.

    so did jerry see mcfadden doing cardio work personally or thats what cable told him. last he mentioned him he hadn’t seen him since before the texan gm.

  • Kirk


    Can you name a bad football team with a good offensive line?

  • gilbert

    Mrs,post 8,stfu,have you forgot how much mr sucks!Whining crybaby ,who will jump back on the bandwagon as soon as a victory occurs,(this week),cmon mrs,give me youre email address so I can send you some coupons for the RAIDER IMAGE ,perhaps a new jersey? In my opinion, youre a bright guy/gal,but JUNK as a so called Raider fan,period! wanna make a bet? Raiders over sd,an outright win,chime back in,mrs

  • Raiders4eve

    # Kirk Says:
    October 29th, 2009 at 7:32 pm


    Can you name a bad football team with a good offensive line?

    Can I say the Bears ????

  • Dude


    U sayn the Raiders win this week?

  • gilbert

    post 31,mr dude,YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I DO, RAIDERS will break the sd winning streak over us

  • Dude


    Based on what? What makes you say that?

  • Dude

    “None of youre business” LOL!!!!! Yeah, thats kind of what I thought. Well done! LMFAO!!

  • gilbert

    mrs dude,none of youre business,perhaps you should check w/ youre niner bookie for info, mr

  • Gilbert, you suck, Al Davis sucks, and the Raiders suck. Try and find a shred of evidence from the past 7 years to prove otherwise, moron.

  • gilbert

    post 34,thank you,all three of you ,mr and mrs dude

  • Dude


    Your just a typical dumb arse Raider fan, nothing wrong with that, I guess. Nothing like coming on a public Raider forum, posting something then when asked about it refuse to explain. LOL! Again, WELL DONE!

  • Gilbert, I’ll bet you anything SD wins Sunday, by at least 10. Don’t be stupid.

  • Dude

    Telling Gilbert not to be stupid is like telling water not to be wet.

  • Mistabrown

    I have 100.00 that says Gilbert is OakGlen.

  • Dude


    Good call. No doubt about it.

  • gilbert

    mr,you finally showed up,Im trying to figure out a way for the bet to happen,in a way for me to COLLECT! Lets see now,youve said youre in so cal,youre half brother is in the bay area,dude,right.So,may I suggest a middle man,someone we both trust,where emails are known,atc ps consider the bet/bets ps, raider o,brien,dakota,armond,oakglenn,jhill,dell,etc maybe we meet at Rickys in San Leandro and pay UP!!! RAIDERS

  • Cable said his starting offensive line would be Mario Henderson at left tackle, Chris Morris at left guard, Samson Satele at center, Cooper Carlisle at right guard and Khalif Barnes at right tackle.


    This is scarier than anything on TV this Halloween weekend.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Raider75 Says:
    October 29th, 2009 at 8:46 pm
    Cable said his starting offensive line would be Mario Henderson at left tackle, Chris Morris at left guard, Samson Satele at center, Cooper Carlisle at right guard and Khalif Barnes at right tackle.


    This is scarier than anything on TV this Halloween weekend.
    Its embarrassing. How do you go into the season with those starters…Henderson is the only guy that is a solid player. Get a pass with Morris due to Gallery’s injury.

    But Satele, Carlisle and Green/Barnes?

    Incompetent scouting/recruiting and coaching.

    Think the Giants would roll with something like that?

  • Dude


    I will bet you whatever you want as soon as you explain why you think the Raiders will win.

  • I love Greg Ellis comparing Tony Romo and Troy Aikman in the last article. Then he says Russell is more like Tony Romo. LOL

    Lets see…

    Troy Aikman – Fired up, coach on the field, get in guys faces = 6 Pro Bowls, 1 All Pro, 3 Super Bowls

    Tony Romo – Laid back, smiling, not to high or low = NADA DAMN THING

    Then Ellis says Russell is more like Romo. Why the hell would that be considered a good thing?

  • Hey, I will be happy if the Raiders win this week. I hope they win every week regardless of logic saying otherwise.

    However, a win this week would be like putting lacy panties on a moose.

    You can sexy it up all you want, but its still a big, sweaty, hairy, stinky, mess. Just like the 2009 Raiders.

  • Gilbert’s a typical homer. He has nothing to discuss. He’s just here to call a home run shot. He picked the wrong week.

  • It took Huff & Nnamdi a few years to develop, so don’t be so hard on JR now. Someone here said that we need to stop drafting projects, and draft players who are ready to contribute as soon as they get on the field. That’s is very true, we are not full of PBers, so we can’t afford that luxury.