Murphy, Johnson look good to go


A few news and notes from a quick press press briefing Friday with coach Tom Cable:

— Wide receiver Louis Murphy (hip) and cornerback Chris Johnson (groin) made it all the way through practice, making it likely both will start when the Raiders visit the San Diego Chargers Sunday.

Murphy and Johnson both did not finish Thursday’s practice.

— Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, after missing two days with a stomach virus, was back at practice and made it all the way through, although he said he still feels a little shaky.

Gradkowski said he had a temperature of 101 degrees Monday, missed practice Tuesday and Wednesday, and was headed to get an I.V.

— According to unofficial tackling stats on NFL.com, strong safety Tyvon Branch leads all safeties in tackles with 55.

Part of that has to do with too many runners breaking into the secondary, but it’s also true Branch has been one of the Raiders’ most sure tacklers.

“Tyvon missed a couple last week, but for the most part he’s been very consistent and is playing extremely well, he and (Michael) Huff both have been very good in their time in there,” Cable said. “Tyvon’s played all year, been good at coverage, good at tackling, done a very, very good job.”

Cable conceded Branch has played so well it hasn’t afforded a lot of opportunities for Mike Mitchell to get on the field. The Raiders play with a single high safety and strong safety who plays closer to the line of scrimmage, and both Branch and Mitchell are more suited to being in the box.

He said the Raiders have attempted to get Mitchell on the field by playing him as a linebacker in some nickel packages.

— Official injury designations_ WR Nick Miller shin (out), RB Darren McFadden (knee) out, T Cornell Green (calf) out, LB Ricky Brown (ankle) out, TE Tony Stewart (chest) doubtful, WR Chaz Schilens (foot) doubtful, LG Robert Gallery (leg) questionable, DE Greg Ellis (knee) questionable, WR Louis Murphy (hip) probable, CB Chris Johnson (groin) probable, DT Gerard Warren (ribs) probable.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SLAB

    I can’t take this much longer.

  • Mistabrown


    Go Raiders!

  • Richochet

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 11:31 am

    CJ, Banana & Richochet don’t think it makes a difference if Russell finally shows up early, takes the blame and decides to put the work in? (previous post)

    pretty sad. I don’t expect him to transform from turd to superstar overnight, but it’s progress and possibly a sign of better things to come from him in the future.

    You don’t get it.
    Doing what he should have been doing for the last 3 years? Just showing up? And to you, that’s progress?

    Remember the “Well, I keep hearing I don’t do what I should in training camp. I don’t put in the extra time. I don’t apply myself. I don’t study. I don’t come to camp in shape….I KNOW..I’ll have a “private” session with the receivers..yeah…THAT WILL SHUT EVERYONE UP.

    Except it wasn’t “private”..because he made sure he told everyone..and no one showed.

    but hey..I’m just SURE that, at that time, you state “It’s progress”.

    All this is, is JR doing the least amount possible because OBVIOUSLY HE’S BEING TOLD TO DO IT.

  • Glad to see Chris Johnson is finally out of the burn ward after getting torched last week.

  • Is it too late for Southwick to save this season? Clearly Seymour was referring to Danny when he made his playoff prediction…

  • Mavs-Lakers…tonight on ESPN

    Yeah baby!

  • Man I hate my job sometimes….

  • Dakota,

    You mean when you have to sell Grandma’s jewelry because she didn’t pay off her loan?

  • No, that part is fun…making g-ma’s cry because they pawned their family jewels for the meth or oxycontin always makes me happy.

  • LA to TheBay

    Slow here today.

    Raider fans are dropping like flies.

  • LA to TheBay

    The Warriors, huh?

    What league do they play in?

  • The Warriors game the other night about killed me. I am too scared to get excited for games these days, if you hear of any 29 year old’s in Las Vegas having massive heart attacks, that will be me.

    I feel defeated as a fan. By the time I go through the process of being excited, frustrated, than pissed off and enraged, I am pretty wiped out. No euphoria or at least excitement or hope, nope just the same old-feeling of dispair and hopelessness.

    Wish, rinse and repeat.

    On that note, Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

  • I thought Halloween was tomorrow.

    Free Palestine!
    Fire Cable!
    Legalize it!

  • 4evaRaider

    It sounds like you need a Calgon moment Vegas =)

  • inonewordraider

    who cares if schilens sits, we got DHB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DHB is a Decoy!

  • Cable is killing this young team with his play calling and bad Oline!

  • Later Nation!

  • raiderpete

    Unfortunately it doesn’t matter. This pathetic team will blow it on Sunday. Last Sunday was the beginning of the end. If this team does end up winning on Sunday, then I will be even more pissed. It just means that the team quit last Sunday. If a team does that and is able to get away with it, then the coach must go. I will never forgive these pathetic losers for what they displayed last week. I literally apologized to my daughter for taking her to that game. The worst display I have ever seen.

  • As of today…which pick was worse…Huff or DHB?

  • LA to TheBay

    Because its so slow, and I’m a total narcissist, for your reading pleasure, the best of LA to TheBay!

    1. LA to TheBay Says:
    October 12th, 2009 at 11:19 am
    Deep within the bowels of the Legion of Doom (Oakland Raiders Headquarters – Alameda, CA), the Supreme Commander of the Silver & Black ponders the catastrophe that is the 2009 season.

    The Dark One wonders if the season can be salvaged and if the Land of Oak can be left behind for the pristine, fortified walls of a new fortress being built in the City of Angels.

    Meanwhile, Tom Cable, The Supreme Commander’s minion, has arrived for his weekly meeting and dreads being terminated from his position and sent to the dregs of the UFL.

    Al: Dammit, Tim, what happened to the gameplan we discussed?

    Cable: Well, actually Mr. Davis, I, uh, followed it to a T. Seven step drop, go deep, four man pressure on the opposition’s quarterback.

    Al: Curses, Ted, don’t you realize that when I tell you to do something, you disregard it, install a scheme and gameplan that makes sense and win despite me, only to have your contract traded in the off-season and have a shot at a contender with a real front office?

    Cable: Sir, I don’t think –

    Al: Never mind, you’re too feeble minded to understand. We’re making a change at quarterback. Herrera!!

    Herrera: Mr. Davis, I’m standing right behind you.

    Al: I know that fool, I just felt like screaming at someone. Get Jeff George on the line. Now that’s an athlete. I can spot them just by looking, you know. Guy throws on a rope. Anyone have anything on his 40 time? Sure it hasn’t changed too much since 98. That was only, what, 2, 3 seasons ago? Why we ever benched him I’ll never figure out.

    Cable: Thank God, because I’ve been wanting to bench Russell for weeks, although –

    Al: Bench him? I might as well promote him to head coach, seeing as how incompetent you are. No, of course not. JaMarcus is a great player. I want George as our #2 guy. To serve as a mentor of sorts. His kind of pride and poise and commitment to excellence will surely rub off on Russell. I’m telling you, that kid’s the next LaMonica! After watching his combine tape, Herrera here had to change me twice!

    Cable: (sigh) Sir, I think I’m losing my grip on this team. It’s obvious they’re quitting out there. Apparently Merriman is on the trade block and I strongly recommend we take a look at hi-

    Al: Merriman? Ha! Not a superior athlete. Haven’t you seen his 40 time? It’s a disgrace to athletes. Of course you know I can spot them just by looking at them. Absolutely not. Promote that kid from the practice squad – the DB – tell him to put on 30 pounds and get ready to suit up as our 3rd down pass rusher, I’m converting him to defensive end.

    Cable: Mr. Davis, I can’t sit idly by while you drive this team into the ground. I feel like hitting somebody right now.

    Later at the press conference:

    Cable: This team is right there, people. Write whatever you want, but we’re about to turn this thing around.

    Reporter: Tom, I just got a Twitter update from Adam Schefter saying Al Davis has replaced you with Art Shell. Reported he’s to run the Bed & Breakfast offense.

    Cable: That’s nonsense. More media bias against the Raiders.

    Mike Taylor sheepishly walks toward Cable and whispers something in his ear.

    Cable: WHAT?!!!!

    Cable throws his chair into the crowd, breaking Tim Kawakami’s face. He then strikes Taylor in the jaw and has to be restrained by club security and is escorted out of the building where he sees Rich Gannon at the bus stop, eating and apple and reading the paper.

    Gannon: Told ya so

  • M Lonetree

    Assumptions to be passed onto the Ghost of McFade.

    Son of Nolan, unable with a Ray Lewis defense in Baltimore to stand at the top of the league, now in Donkeyland has a team which gives up no points and no third down conversions. A team that was dead to last in the NFL a year ago. Son of Nolan a genius? Elvis Dumervil the godsend of burros? Not a chance. Coach Josh has perfected the Belicheatisms to a new level.

    Donaghy proposes expose book on NBA. Book deal killed just prior to publication. He, the lone gunman according to the NBA and the Feds, said he ain’t alone. Naw, the multi-billion dollar industry of the NBA and the multi-billion dollar contracts with the television industry wouldn’t have a thing to do with killing that book before publication would it?

    As John Madden has uttered before, “Who were they (the refs) talking to in the dugout?” (If you don’t know the Immaculate Screwing then you don’t understand the reference.)

    Who was Walt Coleman talking to?

  • JerryMac…

    The burning question is, did Russell bring the doughnuts at 6:30a.m? After all it is doughnut Friday, right?

  • 909RaiderLifer Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    The burning question is, did Russell bring the doughnuts at 6:30a.m? After all it is doughnut Friday,

    We are unsure if he brought doughnuts, but he did pull up in this vehicle that morning:


  • LA to TheBay

    Outside the Legion of Doom (Oakland Raiders Headquarters – Alameda, CA), a posse is forming and growing more restless by the second.

    Most are jaded Raider fans, some just lost and disillusioned, reaching out for something – anything – to make sense anymore. The once-proud army of the Silver & Black has been vanquished by inferior athletes with slower 40 times four times already this season, and only five games in.

    Away from the gathering media horde, two stealthy figures are waiting for their moment to strike.

    Gannon: OK, Tom, you got the ski masks, right?

    Cable: Uh, they were all out at Big 5. I guess snowboard season’s coming up, so all those punk kids cleaned ‘em out. I got these though, which I think will work just as well.

    Gannon: Are those what I think they are?

    Cable: Yes, Denny Green, they are what you think they are. So you wanna be Hillary or Barrack?

    Gannon: Do I look like I want to make a total fool of myself? Hillary, of course.

    Cable: I have face paint too, in case we want to look intimidating.

    Gannon: We’re two grown men dressing up in masks ready to break into our former boss’s office, Tom. I don’t think we’re in danger of intimidating anyone.

    Cable: Suit yourself, Rich – I’m rockin’ the war paint.

    Gannon: Is that mascara?

    Cable: Yah, my wife left some behind when she packed up her stuff. Stop looking at me like that. What’s the count?

    Gannon: Hard count, baby – on three, OK?

    Cable and Gannon (unison): Ready, break!

    Gannon: One….two….three!

    Former Raider head coach Tom Cable and his sidekick, former Raider All Pro Rich Gannon come flying out of a tinted vehicle, almost as if in slow motion. Some of the growing mob see them as the second coming of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. For those over age 12, Cable and Gannon look like middle aged men playing dress up, complete with bandanas and fatigues, shouting their heads off, ready to storm Alameda HQ.

    To be continued….

  • LA to TheBay

    The last time we saw our heroes, former Raider head coach Tom Cable and his sidekick, former Raider All Pro Rich Gannon, they were storming the Legion of Doom (Oakland Raiders Headquarters – Alameda, CA) with the hopes of burning it to the ground and starting all over again.

    Gannon has to stop several times to sign autographs for adoring fans, reminiscing of his days as journeyman quarterback turned perennial Pro Bowler. Tom Cable has to stop several times and sign autographs for those who appreciated his work on ‘Rosanne.’

    The fanfare has ended and the mission resumed.

    Cable has slithered his way through a vent and into an airshaft, trying to penetrate the fortress unnoticed.

    Gannon: Uh, Tom?

    Cable: Yeah?

    Gannon: Fred the security guard here remembers me from my playing days. He says he’ll just let us in the front door.

    Cable: Don’t you think that will be less dramatic?

    Gannon: We’re two grown men dressed up in camo and war paint, I think we got dramatic covered, buddy…. (sigh) amongst other many other more regrettable things.

    Cable: 10-4, Rich, let’s get this bastard!

    Gannon: Uh, yeah….thanks, Fred.

    As the two enter the building, they notice it’s been turned into a virtual ghost town. The mounting chaos outside has driven all reasonable people from the facility. Which means Davis is sure to be here. The duo smells blood. Time to strike.

    As they near Davis’ office, a team of his personal storm troopers, led by assistant John Herrera, form a circle around the duo and prepare to converge.

    Herrera: Get them!!!!!

    Gannon easily sidesteps his would-be attackers by delivering sidearm style blows to their heads and solar plexuses. Cable is intent on simply bludgeoning them with a balled up fist, breaking jaw after jaw like they were made of glass.

    After all the assailants lie bruised and bleeding, strewn about the floor, Cable and Gannon look at each other and give the thumbs up.

    Herrera (quivering): P-please don’t h-hurt me, guys. We were always tight. You know I was just taking orders from Mr. D-D-Davis. You know how that is.

    Cable: Infidel!

    Cable unsheathes a ninja sword and slices Herrera’s head clean off and shouts to the heavens.

    Gannon: Jesus Christ, man you didn’t have to kill him! F*ck, you cut the bastard’s head clean off. And where did you get that sword? You’re f*cking crazy, Tom.

    Cable: Damn right, so don’t fook with me, Rich. Let’s get this pr;ck.

    Gannon: Wait, how do we get in his office? You know he’s got the place lined with steel and a bank vault lock.

    Cable: Uh, shoot, I don’t know.

    Gannon: Weren’t you supposed to game plan for this? I thought you were gonna put together a strategy of some… (sigh). Wait, never mind.

    Cable (verge of tears): What do we do, Rich? What do we do?!

    All of a sudden, a slick figure drops from the ceiling and lands without noise in front of the duo.

    Cable: Oh my god, who is that ninja-like figure?

    Gannon: Well, its none other than Nnamdi Asomugha, All Pro cornerback for the Washington Generals, er, Oakland Raiders.

    Asomugha: Listen guys, I just got back from teaching the inhabitants of a small African village how to read, write, process complex equations, and interpret algorithms and heard that you guys needed some help, so here I am.

    Cable: But why would you wanna help us? The old man’s paying you like 14 mil a year.

    Asomugha: Quite true, but I’ve been wanting to play for a contender too long now, and I can’t stand the unprofessional, quitting, loser atmosphere around here. Time to start over. Hit reset. If I didn’t restore that orphanage in Mexico or donate to various charitable causes the world over, that money would mean next to nothing. I want a title. Here are the codes to get in. Good luck, gentleman – I’m off to speak to the UN about the escalating crisis in Somalia. (speaking into wristwatch) Beam me up.

    Asomugha vanishes in a particle beam right before the eyes of our intrepid heroes.

    Cable: Wow, that guy is amazing.

    Gannon: Shut up, fatty, I’m almost done with the codes. Aaaaaaannd – we’re in.

    With the hiss of hydraulics and gears clicking, the steel reinforced door opens.

    Cable: where the Hell is the old fart?

    Al (off screen): Here, you oafs!

    Cable and Gannon look up to the ceiling to find Al Davis strapped into and powering up some sort of rocket device as the ceiling retracts to expose open sky.

    Al: You’ll never defeat me, losers. As always, I’m ten steps ahead of you!

    Cable: Fook, I just can’t win!

    Gannon: Don’t worry, stupid. Al can’t manage the team without a headquarters, can you old man?

    Al: Silly fools, I’ve already planned the move to Los Angeles and my secret lair awaits. Have fun giving each other – what does my grandson say? – HJ’s, beeeeeyotch!

    Davis laughs hysterically as he flies away in his rocket chair.

    Gannon: Well I’ll be damned.

    To be continued…..

  • Dakota….LO effin L..

    I think Russell’s doughnut rig would have nicer rims, 24’s or perhaps 26’s….

  • Russell showed up at the facility at 6:30 am…probably because he was drunk and couldn’t find his way home.


  • “Murphy, Johnson look good to go”

    Yeh, they’re all suited up and ready to lose, as usual.

  • Boss Raider 650

    Russell showed up at 630am on Wednesday-maybe the first time he ever showed up that early. We will win for sure now.

  • What they didn’t tell us was that Russell left two hours early at the end of the day after showing up a half an hour early!


  • Mistabrown

    Dont kid yourselves the ONLY reason JaBiscuitsAndGravy showed up @ 630 is because Cable lied to him and said there was free continental breakfast.

    FK u Russell you lazy overweight overpaid glob of goo!


    Russell, three years into his thirty million effin dollars showus up for extra work.

  • FunkyBathWater

    LMFAO!!!!!! Mistabrown now that’s hilarious …….jabiscuitsandgravy wow!! Lmfao!!!!! My stomach is chruning please stop it!!!


    Jerry, your blog is screwed.
    We should all send Jerry an email telling him that.
    Or we could all just not log in.

  • utahraiderfan

    LA to thebay, that is great stuff. LMAO !!!

  • LA to TheBay

    The Dark One, Supreme Commander of the Silver & Black, has just relocated the team to City of Angels and jettisoned head coach Tom Cable and his sidekick former Raider All Pro Rich Gannon are on a mission of vengeance, in hot pursuit of their former employer.

    The Dark One is meeting with the Sleazy One at a secret location somewhere in the Southland.

    Roski: Al, welcome. I haven’t been this excited since I went BASE jumping in the Congo for my 65th birthday.

    Al: I haven’t been this excited since Super Bowl XV. That was the finest hour in the history of the Oakland Raiders. In fact, I need to be changed. Herrera!!

    Roski: Um, Al – wasn’t Mr. Herrera decapitated in the melee in Alameda yesterday?

    Al: Why, yes. Yes he was. Wish I coulda done it myself to be honest. No matter, I’ll have you change me when we’re done. Let’s talk luxury boxes.

    Roski: We can do that. Uh, luxury boxes that is. Plenty of ‘em. If I know one thing about Al Davis, it’s that he hates the NFL and doesn’t want to share any of his hard-swindled, er, earned money with them. I know you’ve been after this for 30 years, Al and I want to make it happen for you.

    Al: Fantastic.

    Roski: You’ll see by this miniature replica of the stadium that it seats 70,000, has a state of the art video board, internet café, team museum, and torture room – for your enemies of course.

    Al (tearing up): Fantastic. Can we get this done, Roski? I need to be for sure. Oakland is already on the verge of a riot. I can’t announce a move and have the deal fall through.

    Roski: I’ve already had my people softening up the City of Industry. They’re ready to go. Plan B is similar to what I did with the Staples Center downtown. I’ve already purchased a small piece of the ghetto in South Central Los Angeles. I’ll kick the slime out and give them all kinds of incentives to relocate to the Antelope Valley, where they can move right into my planned communities. Built ‘em over a toxic spill site. Half price.

    Al: You are one cut-throat son of a b;ch, Roski, and a fine young man.

    Roski: Uh, Al, I was born in ’38.

    Al: Like I said…..

    Meanwhile, in the baron strip of desert that stretches across Southern California, Cable and Gannon are starving and dying of thirst, hunting down the Supreme Commander.

    Gannon: Dammit, Tom, you fat fart, where the hell are we?

    Cable: If I’m still pretty up on my Spanish, that nice young Mexican boy told us that he saw Al Davis heading South in his rocket chair. This way.

    Gannon: What did he say?

    Cable: “Orale, puto. Ay, estas un gordo muchacho.” Which means ‘hello, sir. My name is Gordon.’ Then I said can you tell us where the rocket went. He said “Dios mio, que tonto. Gimme 20 bucks, I tell you.”

    Gannon: FAAAAAAAHK!!!!

    To be continued…….

  • LA to TheBay

    LA to TheBay out.

    Be good, Nation.

    More of my greatest hits tomorrow.


    Russell is starting?


    Man put an ad in a paper for a wife.
    He gets over a thousand replies and they all say the same thing: You can have mine.

  • ottocrat

    The football prognosticator on the Razor & Mr. T just said that he had a source who told him there was basically a team-wide revolt against the old man when we beat the Eagles. The coaching staff basically said: ‘Screw you, Al. Where making our own gameplan.’ And, they informed the players who were all in agreement. Now, I’m not saying that I believe this dude. But, it would be cool if that were true.


    Russell is starting?


    The only thing to stay in Russell’s head for longer than twelve hours is a cold.


    Russell is starting?


    Russell still can’t figure out a very thin playbook?
    No problem, tell him it’s a menu.

  • ottocrat

    Sorry. I meant ‘…We’re making our own gameplan…’ Gawdamn grammar!

  • At least they sold the game out down in Dago. Which means I can be miserable at home watching the Raiders, rather than having to venture over to the local dive, an being miserable there. Not to mention the $20-$40 bucks I leave there.

    The game(s) in your area: http://www.the506.com/nflmaps/

  • Ottacrat, that team wide revolt really lasted, didn’t it? Besides, I don’t buy it. Every now and then Al will let his coaches do things their way. Then the sight of winning someone else’s way will make him sick, and he’ll never allow it again.


    According to Russell he’s been working hard.

    Russell should ask for a raise.

  • Dammit, why’s CBS letting Al push them around? I want Gannon covering the Raiders. We’ve got Fouts and Enberg. I almost fell asleep just reading their names. I think when our game get out of hand, like in the 2nd quarter, I’m going to switch over to GB/Minn.


    Bada-Bing…You’re on fire tonight….

  • The Big Banana

    There needs to be a task force to find out who exactly is responsible for Russell’s stupidity. I mean, how did this kid graduate from elementary school? American needs answers! Who are these teachers?


    You know what the heaviest thing in the world is?

    A woman you no longer love.

    You thought I was going to say Russell with a jelly doughnut right?