Another streak on the line


Beating the Chargers seems unlikely, given on response of the oddsmakers who have made the some 16-point favorites last time I looked (they’re pretty good at their job) and the Raiders’ own play of late.

But it seemed unlikely the Raiders would beat Kansas City two years ago, given their nine-game losing streak to the Chiefs and a staggering 19 game run of defeats in the AFC West. Both of those streaks came to an end when the Raiders prevailed 20-17.

In Week 4 of that season, on Sept. 30, Oakland beat up the Miami Dolphins 35-17, rushing for 299 yards, ending a 12-game losing streak on the road.

For what it’s worth, Justin Fargas helped put away both of those games with big second halves, gaining 139 yards on 22 carries against the Chiefs and 179 yards on 22 carries against the Dolphins.

A big by game Fargas (or Michael Bush, or both) would seem mandatory if the Raiders are to end their one remaining streak. The San Diego Chargers own a 12-game winning streak over the Raiders, with Oakland last winning 34-31 on Sept. 28, 2003.

A few other facts regarding the series and the streak before I had off for a the better part of the day to a fall baseball tournament:

— The Chargers have scored at least 21 points in all 12 games. The Raiders have never scored more than 20. They lost 24-20 in Week 1 this season.

— The Chargers have won by an average of 15.0 points (they are plus-180 in the 12 games). The average score is 28.25-13.25.

— The Chargers won by more than seven points nine of 12 times.

— The Raiders held a 54-31-2 advantage in the first 87 games of the series.

— San Diego running back LaDainian Tomlinson is 39 yards shy of gaining 2,000 career yards against the Raiders going into his 18th game. The Raiders won four of the first five against San Diego when Tomlinson arrived.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Branch is doing very well, but think of how much more he can do if he wasn’t being blocked by a TE, FB, or even an Olineman. He is 204 pounds max, and has great speed. Let him him play FS ( deep S), and he can do a lot more. IMHO

    Mitchell who is 6’1 220 can play better at the LOS if he uses his strength & body. Both Ss love contact, so let’s put them both on the field.

  • Branch & Mitchell at Ss!
    Draft a Hard Hittitng LB, and a Nasty DT!
    I also think we need another CB. CJ is not the answer.
    That should fix this soft Defense!

    Draft a RT, RG, and a C!
    Hire a HC with Exp, and that should help the entire team.

    Fire Cable and his staff! They are a joke!

  • I don’t doubt it, Raiders4eve, re: Oak and Priest. They are at the peak of their desperation. It’s never been this bad in Oakland.

  • 408,

    They use him at Goal line situations most of the time, so he needs to play more. He needs to learn how to read the Offense & cover.

  • r8rpaver

    hows it going o….been a long time

  • Raiders4eve

    Why is watkins still playing in this team?

  • r8rpaver

    O you going to the game tomarrow…..or are you still to cheep to spend the $

  • Thec07

    You can draft all those great positions this team would still be horrible why? The coach would be hogtide by the owner. Mr. Davis, rid it out into the sunset, but your days of relevance are over. The raiders = laughingstock in all of sports.

    The Fans deserve a better product…

  • Thec07

    How ridiculous is it to draft a player based on his 40 time? Who thinks of this stuff? That whole concept is isanity, and never works.

  • Thec07

    stupidest team in america…. Your Oakland Raiders….

  • Thec07

    In all actuality it should be stupidest organization in america….

  • R8,

    Dude, you know me. I’m very cheap, and I have school.
    How is your daughter, and your family?

  • Thec07

    Mr. Davis, trask, herrera, taylor, and whoever else is in the front office need to retire from the game.
    Go take up golf, leave football to those that are capable of running an NFL franchise.

  • Raiders4eve

    Raider O Says:
    October 31st, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    They use him at Goal line situations most of the time, so he needs to play more. He needs to learn how to read the Offense & cover.

    Dude, stop being so optimistic, Al doesn’t know how to track a true SS, it’s called Strong Safety not track safety, TS is Oakglenn in Castro lol. MM impressed Al in his speed as SS I think he ran a 4.4 plus his YouTube kimbo style. I think he is a waste of pick period. That doesn’t mean he might not be decent but that’s not today not next year neither. A second rounder needs to be ready right away isn’t Loadholt starting for the Vikings?

  • r8rpaver

    all are doing very well… to bad i cant say the same thing for or football team…

  • R8,

    Where have you been? Hope all is well.
    How is the dog doing? Still jumping in the pool at night?

    I started school. The family is good. We are taking the little one T&T tonight.

  • LMAO @ Track Safety!!

  • I just want to see what Mitchell can do. He may be able to start now.
    Start him at FS, and let’s see what he can do. Huff is playing well, so we can use him as our 3rd S.

  • We need a hard Hitter on the team, and Mitchell proved be can hit in camp before he got injured. Also don’t forget about the Great Youtube video that got him drafted in the 2nd. Best marketing since Got Milk!! lol

    We need someone to hit, it’s football! Branch loves contact but he is 204. Mitchell is 220.

  • R8,

    This team is very young, but it lacks Coaching, Oline, DTs, and a true nasty & physical LB.

  • If Mitchell doesn’t play well at S, then put him on the Alston program. Have him add 15- 20 pounds and let him play LB!

  • Mistabrown


    Rob Ryan doesn’t work anymore. We dont draft players then run science experiments with them at different positions. Obviously we didnt have a need for a S but AL ignored OL and D-line and snatched him up anyway.

  • Culebra

    I see that 1st round picks tend to be crap shots. Any team would’ve loved to draft McFadden in the 1st round. I mean Jerry Jones was salivating over DMC and had to settle for his back up. The team environment has to play some role in the development of a young player.

  • M Lonetree

    Start “Missile Mike” Mitchell at QB in a Wildcat. He might leave the ball on the ground but whoever he collides with will pay the price of the contact!!!!
    WhyTF not?

    Kijana McFade ain’t gonna tote the rock this year. MBush doesn’t work it and Effing Fargas is the pile of dust at the end of the run. O-line is outta whack. JRuss has issues.

    Let Mikey try it and see if he likes it.

    grasping at straws is a way of life sometimes.

  • Terrapin

    Which Raiders squad is going to show up this weekend? Inquiring minds would like know.

  • Nnamdi21

    Beating the Chargers seems unlikely, given on response of the oddsmakers who have made the some 16-point favorites last time I looked (they’re pretty good at their job)


    True, BUT…read a story last week about how Ods makers are losing their azzes because of all the massive blow outs, so maybe they DON’T know their jobs as well as they thought!

  • Despite multiple top 10 draft picks over the last the last several years the Raiders fail to have a player in the Top 10 according to Jersey sales.

    None of these high profile picks have become superstars.

    5 QBs in the top 10. None of them named Russell.

  • Kirk

    Until Al Davis starts drafting linemen in the first round, we will continue to suck. I dare you to name one bad team that has a good offensive line.

  • Nnamdi21

    Kirk Says:
    October 31st, 2009 at 7:31 pm
    Until Al Davis starts drafting linemen in the first round, we will continue to suck. I dare you to name one bad team that has a good offensive line


    The Jets, the Bills the Eagles all have had good lines recetnly and under performed mostly, like us, have suffered injuries.

    Henderson, Morris, Satelel, Carlisle, Barnes / Green

    I understand what you mean about getting some line guys, but we haven’t really seen much of Oaklands starters this year…

  • priesttj

    Kirk, name a better LT than Mario H. this year. There aren’t many OLG better than Gallery. After one bad play Barnes played well. Gotta get guy’s healthy.

    IMO I’ve seen every senior QB this year and maybe if I saw Russell in college with them all I can think of one that I would draft ahead of Russell…….maybe Bradford. the best QB’s in college are two freshman Barkley and Luck for Stanford. Russell was easily as good if not better than the rest at LSU.

    We play the SD Chargers and they once had a young QB they drafted high in the 2nd rnd he would have gone muc higher but he was only 6 ft. tall. Anyway he was highly touted but struggled mightily his 1st two seasons and the coaching staff grew restless and traded for another QB named Phillip Rivers and discarded this young QB eventhough he kept Rivers on the bench for two years. Well they found a way to get rid of this young QB because they were paying his understudy too much money. So this young up and coming QB left discouraged and went to a team that had only made the playoffs one time in their history. He came there and was greeted by a young offensive wiz named Sean Peyton who further refined his skills and put the right tools around him. He is now one of the most prolific QB’s in this leagues history.

    His name Drew Breees, his story is somewhat similar to a lot of QB’s who took time to develope. Steve Young, Jim Plunkett, Eli Manning and a whole host of others who had the word BUST attached to their names until they finally put it together. Now they are potential HOF’s. In many cases it just takes that kid time to realize exactly what it takes to be great.

    I FIRMLY believe that Russell’s name will be added to that list. Yes he has frustrated me with his immaturity but it’s not like I didn’t expect it because I did. But I see a tremendous talent who just hasn’t put it together yet. But all the signs are there that he will be a great one and wil lead tis team to Championships.

    Call me crazy if you want, but I see it and it’s just a matter of time………..period

  • priesttj

    The guy who runs this blog tried hard to convince every reader that Al Davis was forcing an underachieving LT on Kiffin and Mario Henderson would never be a player unstill Kiffin left and Mario has shot straight to the top of the class. He IMO is in a class with the young great LT’s in this league.

    Tvyon Branch looks like he could be the next great SS to play for the Oakland Raiders. Michael Huff is in the process of becoming everything the Raiders could want in a FS. Mike Mitchell is a very fortuitous luxury we have. Same as Stanford Routt at cover corner. All this defense lacks is a dominant MLB who both commands and demands greatness from this defense.

    Losing Rickey Brown has hurt us badly at SLB we just do not have the depth. If you go back to that play when he got hurt this defense has been very inconsistent since that play.

    I love DMC as a talent but we just need the coach to realize who and what he is. As I said even the dumbells in here will understand why Fargas is important to this team before the season is over. Those same people will see why Chaz is easily as important to JaMarcus Russell’s confidence when he returns.

  • priesttj

    Has anyone seen hyde or hair of NoMoreFargas since Fargas’s return?

    Where my young blood Brien? who cursed me because I supported Fargas. Just wait until Russell starts to play well on a consistent basis you’ll see less and less of a lot more of the braggards.

    Brien, the Preist has love for ya’ young blood. No one reminds me more of me when I was in my youth than you.

  • Kirk

    Sorry, guys, we need to draft some talented linemen. Both of our lines suck.

  • AirRade


    How are the youth performing in your opinion??

  • NoMoreFargas

    Always read whats written even gave Fargas his props for Philly game , life long Raider fan and never root against a Raider doing well, just hoped Bush and Dmac could outplay hardworking less talented back I was wrong. And the effort vs the Jets game killed me that they would go right back to playing awful.

  • RaiderRobG

    CHARGERS 52-3

  • NoMoreFargas

    Plus whats the point of knocking one of the few guys who tries.

  • priesttj

    NMF, my hat is off to you my friend. You could not have been more honorable. You’re a man’s man.

  • priesttj

    The young players are the reason for what we’re seeing on a weeek in week out basis. This period that we’re going through right now is extremely difficult. But this is a part of the process of becoming what we want this team to be. Russell has taken longer than anyone would have wanted to start to see the light but better late than never. Now it’s just his consistenet application to detail. He must spend more time in film study and in intense conference with Hackett to get better. There is no better QB coach in this league.

    Russell’s timming and confidence was devastated when Chaz went down and the young guy’s just haven’t given him consistent production. You can see he doesn’t trust them. Now when all these mitigating factors start to evaporate you will see an offense capable of exploding at any moment instead of imploding.

    On Wednesday Russell took his first major step forward when he acquiessed and showed up at the office for film study at 6:30am. That must become the norm for his maturity to eventually manifest itself. His talks with Mr Davis as well as others who want to see him succeed are starting to sink in. So we’ll see…

    But to answer your question youth is killing this team and a lack of confidence that they can determine who wins is crippling them.

  • JB

    Until a REAL leader steps up, nobody will follow. Seymore & Asomugha can lead the defense but there is no one for the offense. It should be the QB but that’s not happening anytime soon.

  • priesttj

    JB, the kid had back to back decent games until his meltdown vs the Jets. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

    I’ve said many times that by midseason the league woud see what the Raiders have at QB and I stand by that eventhough everything is crumbling around me. I’ve watched this kid for 6 years and I know what type of player he is and he hasn’t shown what he’s capable oof yet, but he will. Wednesday restored my confidence in that opinion. It may be a few weeks later than what I projected but it’s coming.

  • M Lonetree

    Good for you BHP. Keepin’ the faith. I too have believed that the kid could be the greatest Raider QB ever. Thus far he has shown me NOTHING. NOT A THING to back my belief. A man’s gotta be hungry to do it. All I’ve seen are shrugs of “Whatever”.

    Anyway, hope the kid pulls through and excels. And sure wish you had been listened to about CJ rather than DMc.

  • Raiders4eve

    I FIRMLY believe that Russell’s name will be added to that list. Yes he has frustrated me with his immaturity but it’s not like I didn’t expect it because I did. But I see a tremendous talent who just hasn’t put it together yet. But all the signs are there that he will be a great one and wil lead tis team to Championships.

    Either u r on crack or u r Al Davis n if u r u should hire a GM n top notch coach Al n yes I wouldn’t call u Mr Davis cause u deserve no respect from us da true Raider nation fans. With Al interferance we will never win u moron don’t care who we got, this 2009 not 1970.

  • priesttj

    M Lonetree, you have no idea how hard I tried in fact i ruffled some feathers over CJ. But it is what it is. DMC is not a lost cause he is just being miscast. If they continue to run him inside he will have a short career. he is just too high cut and you must have extreme cutting ability to last like that. Ala OJ Simpson and he is just too straight linish.

    Russell biggest problems are he has gotten by on physical tools so long he never had to put in the amount of work that it takes at this level. And now he’s starting to understand what it takes. He will never be a Drew Brees type. But he can be an Elway type or Terry Bradshaw. Before the years is out you’ll see what I mean. But the young WR’s need to bail him out sometimes and they’re just not up to the task right now. There are tons of TD’s that happen in this league where the reciever just makes a play.

    Case in point the final TD Fav-Rey threw vs the 49ers the WR made the play. He never gets that from our guy’s NEVER.


  • He Hate Me

    Darren McFadden is a bust Raider Fans! Simply because, well,…he cant run the football down the field.

  • 4evaRaider

    Good Morning NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neilb


    Damn it !!! It’s 4 in the am !! Go back to bed !!

  • It’s 3am. Fall backward. Jerry’s time stamp should adjust to it by some time in February.

  • Hello Diehards. May Jeezus have mercy on us!

  • 4evaRaider

    Today is the day of REDEMPTION!!!

    The dis-chargers stole 1 from us in Oakland…we was robbed.

    Our slide ends 2day.They know they can beat those powder blue guys.

    The Jets disaster was a slap in the face 2 every fan.

    Cable needs 2 call his best game…let our running game loose…

    We are due and we are owed

    GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!