Cable gets character reference _ from Kiffin


You’d think things couldn’t be going much worse for Raiders coach Tom Cable, given the Randy Hanson affair, a 2-6 record, a non-productive future of the franchise at quarterback, an ESPN story detailing a history of violence toward women and a club press release saying they’re going give a serious look at the allegations.

Never fear, Lane is here.

Lane Kiffin told Bay Area News Group-East Bay columnist Cam Inman that Cable deserves to keep his job at least through next season and seemed surprised by the ESPN story, calling Cable “a first class coach and a great person.”

This is the same Kiffin still involved in a process attempting to recover the remainder of his 2008 salary for being fired “with cause” and parlaying his ouster into a better gig at the University of Tennessee.

Kiffin’s support will either be a strike against Cable or have no impact at all. It surely isn’t going to help, although from the sound of it Kiffin would surely consider Cable for a job on his staff should he suddenly become available.

A link to Inman’s column is here.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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