Satele to keep job as starting center


News, notes and quotes from the Raiders’ bye week practice, open locker room and press briefing by coach Tom Cable:

— The Raiders expect to be at full strength on the offensive line when they resume play Nov. 15 against Kansas City. Right tackle Cornell Green will practice with no limits starting next week and said he will be ready to play.

Robert Gallery will be back at left guard after being out breaking his left fibula in Week 2.

When those men return, Chirs Morris, the starting center who moved to left guard when Gallery was hurt, will be a reserve player at center and guard with Samson Satele retaining the job as starting center.

Satele conceded catching on the the zone blocking system took awhile, especially after missing OTAs following shoulder surgery.

“Now, I got this offense down,” Satele said. “Now I can just go and run with it and get the starting job back, and it’s my job to lose I guess.”

“It’s more a techinique thing. I was still in my power reaches instead of zone reaches so once I got that down, Cable saw it, and I handled it pretty well, like you said. I didn’t take it in a negative way. It took me about four weeks into the season and I’m right back in it.”

Said Cable: “When you evaluate his play and Chris’ play when Chris was the center, it surpassed it. He’s been really a bright spot for us lately.”

— Cable said he expected Darren McFadden to play against Kansas City, but hadn’t thought ahead to if he would return as a starter or be utilized in combination with Justin Fargas, Michael Bush or both.

— The Raiders used the initial bye week practice to clean up problems in the first eight games.

“Every thing that we did in practice today and everything tomorrow will be directly related to what the negative issues have been thus for the first half,” Cable said. “So it is very much focusing on just us, and where we’ve had problems and where they need to get cleaned up and trying to get some cleared some things cleared up for certain individuals.”

In what might be a bigger upset than beating the Eagles, the Raiders managed to finish a practice related to all their negative issues in under two hours.

— Rookie wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, with five receptions in eight starts, continued to shrug off a lack of statistical production for what he believes is truly important.

“It’s just frustrating when we lose. Point blank, end of story,” Heyward-Bey said. “I didn’t come in thinking no crazy numbers or anything. I just want to help the team win. We’ve only won two so I’m not helping.”

Heyward-Bey, reviewing his own play through eight games, said his weekly evaluations have been good.

“I haven’t made the plays I want to make, but I’ve definitely been solid looking at my grades that come out of the game,” Heyward-Bey said. “I’ve been very solid. There’s always room for improvement with the whole receiving corps. We’ve been all right.”

— Speaking of grades, here was Cable’s response to grading how he’s done as head coach the first half of the season: “A C-plus, at best. I just feel like, obvious issues that are out of our control, I’m not an excuse guy, but I think not having enough people healthy on offense has really hindered us, and I think I have to take responsibility of being 2-6. So that’s the bottom line.”

— Wide receiver Chaz Schilens said he is currently at about the same point in his recovery from a broken metatarsal as he was the week of the Jets game before being forced to back off because of soreness.

“I just did a little too much and that’s really all that happened,” Schilens said. “So we just backed off, doing a little bit at a time, being as careful as I can be.”

Given that he’s already been the focus of one press release saying he’d be back against the Jets, Schilens didn’t want to look ahead to Nov. 15 and speculate.

“Right now I’m just taking it day to day, so if I wake up tomorrow and it doesn’t feel any worse, I know we’re good,” Schilens said.

— Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said players amongst themselves had talked about the possibility of bringing in wide receiver Chris Chambers after he was cut from San Diego.

“The guys were like, `He could help us,’ as far as injuries and those sorts of things,” Asomugha said. “But I guess Kansas City got him.”

The Chiefs claimed Chambers before the Raiders had a chance. It’s doubtful the Raiders would have claimed Chambers anyway, given that his $2.4 million salary is part of the package. Cable indicated the Raiders probably wouldn’t have made a run at him even at a lesser price had he cleared waivers.

— Asomugha, the Raiders well-read cornerback who has used the words “apocryphal” and “sententious” in quotes while talking with reporters at various times, was stumped by “opprobrium,” the five-dollar word the Raiders dropped into a press release about allegations against coach Tom Cable.

Opprobrium is defined as “public disgrace or ill fame that follows from conduct considered grossly wrong or vicious.”

“Don’t know that one,” Asomugha said.

— Asomugha played police officer Ken Shaw in the season premiere of “Friday Night Lights” on DirecTV, a small role in which he brought a troubled teen to the football coach at East Dillon High School.

He said the whole process took about three hours and was shot early in September and that the shooting time was only 30 minutes.

“My sister is a big fan of it so she watches it all the time,” Asomugha said. “I never really got into it. I saw a few episodes. I love the movie so I was familiar with it from that standpoint.”

— Gallery was leaving practice to pick up his wife at the hospital after the birth of their daughter Hayden on Monday. It is the couple’s first child.

— Wide receiver Shaun Bodiford (5-foot-11, 186 pounds, Portland State) was added to the practice squad while Brandon Rodd was cut. Bodiford has had short stays with Washington and Green Bay.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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